An Ošinist/National Socialist Perspective on

Life, History, Faith, and Events

Our Purpose

This Website exists to implement the personal and collective effectiveness of racially conscious North Europeans who are concerned with preserving our genetic and intellectual heritage.

Recognizing the failure of the heavily indebted, crime-ridden, multi- racial states of this epoch we constructively recover Aryan culture and its implications for a healthier world. We hope to provide a forum for those of our readers who can add something to the discussion of alternative societies.

We discuss the natural and native sacred traditions of Europe and their implications for us today. We explore not only the sacred past, but the sacred present, visions and inspirations of Aryan priests, priestesses, and seers in our time. Together, we shall explore what it is like to practice our ancestral faiths in daily life.

We take a look at the business of living, how we can each be more functional, more in command of our time and other resources and therefore able to make a greater contribution to the survival of our racial community. Rather than vague discussions of goals on which all would agree, like raising personal capabilities and consciousness, GS will try to explore the practical methods, the how- to of realizing your higher potential. Areas explored will range from survival skills to esoteric and spiritual practices.

We will host detailed discussions of economic strategies and political issues as they affect Folk. In addition to the very necessary criticism of Western Civilization in its entropic phase, we seek real, working alternatives which we, as a Folk, must define if they are ever to be realized.

We shall, from time to time, focus not so much on other races, but on our race, its origins, what it should aspire towards eugenically, and, the ultimate taboo in the "racialist" movement, its corruptions. GS will always search for ways to report on lost Aryan knowledge, teachings and scholarship, which will be of value in understanding our North European past, the faiths and folkways of our ancestors.

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