The Device

Tyranny and the Birth of Aryana

Have you ever wondered if the world had to be this way? Do our "representatives," our middlemen, represent the interests of the majority, the voters? Or do they just represent their own financial interests to whatever special interest or ethnic pressure group wants their vote? Do you feel that it is right that you are, by admission of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, paid less than one-fourth of the value that you earn, produce or create? Have you watched your once crime-free and peaceful city or town degenerate into a jungle of competing gangs, a rabble who connect with a seemingly endless variety of behavior-altering drugs with rape and robbery as a background theme? Did you notice that, or hear from older family members that, once America produced most of her own watches, shoes, clothes, automobiles, and electronic goods? Did you notice that, since the globalists have encouraged investors to vote for them by lowering the wage base here by sending these jobs abroad to the Third World and Pacific Rim nations, that not only are there fewer jobs for American workers, but that the jobs we are left with, the "service economy" jobs, pay less, offer no security, and have few if any benefits?

If you are a person with critical intelligence, you have probably observed much of what is asked about above. As most people, you may already feel overloaded with information from your job, from your family and friends, from just what feeble effort your energy level allows you to devote to the tasks of citizenship. You perhaps feel, like most people between 22 and 50, that the best has passed for the West and that it is all downhill from here. You have already seen this in the simple fact that you work longer and harder for less money than your parents did. There is no reason to believe that any political ideology that is popularly available will change any of this.

The short book linked below is an effort to find solutions. It is set in a fictional, but possible near future. Historian Arnold Toynbee once quipped that civilization hinged upon the race between catastrophe and education. Perhaps, to 'education', we should add the term "vision." It is hoped that the epic story of Aryana, born of the corruption and decline of our era, and emerging from a radically different vision of what is possible, of what can become, will both entertain and challenge your view of the world.

It doesn't have to be this way.

The collection of stories depict a world of continual surveillance, where the surveillance is even embedded into one's tissues and invades the body: this is the vision of The Device, first written for the print version of Gambanreidi Statement in the Fall, 1993 edition. Unfortunately, since then, we have seen far too many of the gloomy features of that then-future world emerge. Just as the Device, itself, is pictured as an implantable execution device, sophisticated monitoring devices are being used in airports to create comparative brain imagery to determine whether or not a flyer is angry, as if that might indicate a problem on board. Implantable chips, identifying the wearer, are being touted as a convenient and rapid way to avoid queues during travel and, for officials in Third World or politically unstable nations, to allow a rapid tracking by law enforcement in event of kidnapping. In the climate after this century's Reichstag Fire, the World Trade Center controlled demolition, additional abrogation of the Bill of Rights has taken place.

The world of the Device has largely come to pass.

The next short story is an effort at passing through that door, walking through the gates of totalitarianism and alienation, the twin themes toward which contemporary, early-Twenty First Century United States and much of the now-unifying Western powers are moving. In it, we try to pass beyond that barred gate to see if there might be, and hope that there shall be, inevitably, a better world to come.

The story of Aryana is the fulfillment of a challenge the late California National Socialist leader, Josef Turner, made to the readers of his very moderate, non-violent, positive pamphlets during the late 80's and until his untimely death in the early '90's. He challenged disgruntled, alienated Euro Americans to move beyond being "problem-oriented" and to become "solution oriented."

While Aryana was transmedially dictated from a parallel Middle Earth, quite similar to our own World, where it happened, transmitted to this one for us to know that it was possible somewhere, some time, it may await a much wider change of circumstances to happen here. Even if it cannot happen here, yet, this story shows us, North Europeans, living as we actually would live under real, earthy, National Socialism, not wedded to the German model, but merged with a Jeffersonian Libertarianism of a uniquely American sort. We are not, by nature, beings who need totalitarian rule. Great things are possible with freedom, but freedom must be a wide-set social agreement between self-responsible persons who culturally eschew external controls because they are self-possessed, self-restrained, self-disciplined, and considerate of the needs of others. Only with such beings can a Libertarian climate succeed.

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