Coarse Bread and Comely Children

by Duncan Edmister

Eugenics is the science of species improvement through deliberate, methodical intervention to help Nature select the best and most fit of every species to reproduce. It has been greatly improved in animal husbandry to produce disease-resistance and higher milk, meat, or egg production and in botany and agricultural science, plant eugenicists have produced sunflowers with improved protein content, soybeans adapted to almost Arctic conditions, and high-protein potatoes. Since the fall of the Realm, however, it has been almost unheard of to advocate or encourage improvement of humanity. After all, that would violate a basic dictum of all Middle-Eastern religions, that man is more than an animal and somehow beyond the processes of Nature. The science of eugenics is not even taught today in most schools of higher learning, but one of the great monuments to German eugenics remains and can be ordered from National Vanguard Books or NS Books (both in "Sources.") It is Racial Elements of European History by Dr. Hans F.K. Günther and published by Landpost Press.

Early German eugenicists extolled theories which built upon a dictum of Johann Wolfgang Goethe, "die Hauptsache ist, dass die Rass rein bleibt, so werden wir ein Volk! So werden wir eine Einheit, und so nur werden wir fáhig das Grundelement des Urvolkes der Germanen zu erhalten und zu steigern." This means, "the important thing is that the race remains pure: in this way, we become a people! And only in this way will we be able to preserve and enhance the German character." Eugen Fischer wrote that a healthy woman should have eight or nine children. In 1913 eugenicist such as Fritz Lenz, first Professor of Racial Hygiene at University of Munich went beyond Fischer and the already low German birthrate, the two child family. He recommended that German women of good health have, "...a minimum of fifteen births per mother" in the belief that a healthy struggle for survival is necessary to assure the continuity of a people. If no other event did so, staggering losses of the fittest young men in the battlefields of World War I proved Lenz correct.

While many Whites today might well be astounded by recommendations for such a high birthrate (just think of the swimming pools, sports cars, hot tubs, and cd-players they'd have to forego), it's worked for the Amish community in the U.S., who still have intact communities. The world's nonwhite birthrate remains high. In the U.S. sixty or seventy years ago, when White families averaged over six children, there was little economic pressure for cheap non-white labor in the orchards and fields and a really practical reason for even the most corrupt capitalists not to promote open Third World immigration. What worked for Germans a half-century ago may yet bear application today. When we see the round, light eyes, fair skins, and sun-lit hair of pure White children, do we not see Nature's finest "product" and is it not deserving of a future?

As you will learn in Gunther's work, there were extensive eugenic practices in the U.S. before the collectivist-Zionist victory in the War of Aryan Liberation. German scientists admired laws extant on U.S. law books in several states which mandated sterilization for mentally handicapped, genetically physically deformed (such as spina bifida victims), and those with syphilis and other chronic diseases acquired by a newborn in the birth canal. These regulations differed from state to state, but had the same intent, to cull through sterilization those unfit to reproduce, resulting in a healthier, more capable society. Even as late in the alien takeover of this nation (which effort was consolidated in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve Board) as 1940 Mississippi Senator Bilbo introduced legislation to send 2.5 million blacks back to Africa.

National Socialist leadership introduced several programs which built on this eugenic knowledge. Loans that were forgiven after the fourth child, medals for successful childbearing, and special emphasis on health combined to increase and improve the German people. As a modern researcher, who spent his life unraveling the truth of the Third Reich, Ernst Zündel told our interviewer in the Yule '94 edition that NS leadership also took pains to educate Germans to make the correct genetic choices and to consciously breed upward. Through propaganda, visual displays impressing the public with the beauty of Nordic children, and lectures on race which were delivered in educational seminars for all strata of society, the leadership encouraged the fairest, lightest, most long-headed and evolved of Germans to have more offspring. The same standard is tacitly acknowledged and validated by most racially aware White males. Even the least Aryan, dark, short, slant-eyed, or round skulled of them want nothing more than a Nordic woman with whom to mate. Little do they realize that such crosses can only retard the racial-eugenic progress of the White gene pool. Only, as Gunther wrote so eloquently, encouraging and supporting the pair-bonding of Nordic women with their Nordic men can restore any element at all of the White races which is purely White and shares the least physical traits with non-Whites.

In addition to measures designed to improve eugenic health, NS leadership also stressed what today would be termed "health food", or natural, unprocessed or minimally processed whole foods. "Vollkornbrot", a heavy bread including kernels of whole grains, was promoted as being the basis of this diet. Preventative and curative medicine were promoted as sports programs, natural healers, and mid-wives all shared a place in the health care professions.

Having done my own informal market survey, it appears that Aryan children make an impressive impact in the world of advertising. I remember viewing the M&M candy commercials which jingled, "melts in your mouth, not in your hands." It stuck to most of us exposed to TV in the '50's onward when Campbell's Soup used "m.m., m.m., good. That's what Campbell's Soup is, m.m., m.m., good." Both commercials featured Aryan children who appeared happy and I believe that for this reason the Oberjuden in charge of the mass propaganda machine of TV had them discontinued. I still run across ads which use the beauty of pure White children to sell products occasionally. The Washington State Apple Growers show a blond lad eating an apple outdoors with the simple caption, "Everybody enjoys a good product." It seemed to apply to both the boy and the apple.

We shall not see Realm type policies anytime soon, as the White world is ruled entirely by Zionists, COLIFIC (Collectivist Oligarchic Internationalist Finance Capitalism), or Communists. We cannot realistically expect to acquire political power in the foreseeable future to implement our policies. Meanwhile, we see White males portrayed by Hollywood media masters as insipid, impotent buffoons. An example of this kind of mass-conditioning is "The Simpsons", a cartoon designed to destroy White family life and created by graduates of Tavistock Institute training. What good would our movement have accomplished if even millions of childless Whites in their 30s and 40s seized their own economic and political destiny and paid millions of non-Whites to leave their state? Actually, the only future our people have ever had or now have is our children.

All that we can do for now is to encourage other Aryans to have as many children as they can afford and to make certain that our own children make good genetic choices in finding mates (hence the importance of learning the most basic facts of race from Gunther's book). We can preserve the memories of our Folk, books which we teach to our children to make them propaganda resistant. We can raise as large families as we can afford and teach them National Socialist values so that there will always be amongst the White population those who are not willing sheeple, but who have the core of values and knowledge to become leaders, the infrastructure of a new White civilization which surely arise from the ruins of this declining order.

Coarse Bread

This journal certainly does not have all the answers to all the complex questions which confront our Folk. We can provide some small pieces of the puzzle, such as suggesting where to locate resource materials and information for self-sufficiency and alternate, objective history, in our Sources section. In the same spirit, we'd like to offer a simple recipe for a coarse bread, similar to Vollkornbrot.

First, let's make a dry Bread Mix: 2 cups toasted wheat bran

2 cups toasted oat bran

2 cups toasted rice bran

(all these are available from any health food store and some larger up-scale supermarkets: toasting can be accomplished simply on a stove top in a frying pan with no oil by using a spatula to rapidly stir the grains while the eye is on medium heat- quickly, gently toast- not too brown, just enough to give the bread a nutty flavour)- then, to the above, add the following:

1˝ cups rice polish

1 cup wheat gluten

2˝ barley flour, whole

1˝ high lysine cornmeal

1˝ whole wheat flour.

This dry bread mix will make a few loaves of high-nutrition bread, with great vitamin, mineral, enzyme, and fiber value. Now, on to making bread with our mix:

˝ cup melted butter or margarine

1 cup nonfat buttermilk

4˝ cups of Bread Mix [from formula above]

˝ cup honey

2 tbsp. Rice Bran Syrup or Blackstrop Molasses (optional)

2 tsp. salt

1 tsp. vanilla extract (real)

2 tbsp. active dry yeast or one cake of moist yeast

Mix well in bowl and add up to another cup of mix if too moist. Let rise at least 2 hours in greased pan and bake in preheated oven 70-85 minutes at 275 F. This should yield two loaves.

The Shape of the Future

Since last edition's 20+ page discussion of the different prophecies concerning the human and planetary future many readers, especially some learned ones, have written with their own views of what the future is likely to hold. These are not random and seem to group around a few themes. Below are some of the main currents of prediction which you advanced.

Scenario I : An elite forms of highly advanced persons who do the same kinds of meditations, 'link up' mentally and somehow cause everyone else to save the environment, conserve resources, and limit their population. This is the view advanced by Dr. Ravi Batra, the Indian economist whose fine economic work we reviewed in the Yule '94 edition. It is common in most of the Hindi tradition including the latest spinoff, "Siddanthom" advanced by the late Jost Turner and Marshall Govindan, under whom he studied.

In this view, elevating common people, as in utilitarian and ns societies, is useless. Only a non-Aryan view of the Nietzschean Superman (Übermensch) is cultivated. The Siddha is supposed to be beyond all mortal restraints and the presence of many Siddhas is supposed to lead the world upward from its bottomless mire. At a fine arts exhibit recently, one of our editors ran across a practitioner of Kriya Yoga (the practice group which advocates this line of reasoning and has infiltrated NS circles and lured people in by posing as Odinists ["Wotanists"] while remaining true to Hindi thought). This pony-tailed remnant of the '60's performed his poses during the (otherwise serious and high-brow) exhibit, then revealed in conversation that among other activities, he was the local gay-rights organizer. Asked about the myth of Baba Gi Nagaraj (whom Jost and other agents hold out as a real, corporeal, 2000 year old Siddha), Ponytail was quick to share some literature from his Kriya Yoga group (note the K-Y initials?) describing this "king of serpents" as a disincarnate spirit, somewhere between ancestral hero and demigod, not a real, breathing person, as the Govindan faction of yogins claim him to be.

Recently, the Jew-wannabee sects have had their go at this concept. A David Hudson of Phoenix, Arizona, a wealthy rancher, claimed that a white powder found on his property in abandoned gold mines had magical powers. He claimed that it is a group of rarely (but naturally occurring) Palladian metals, such as salts of iridium, and that in a long-term research effort his group have learned to produce these. These rare precious minerals, he claims, have been found in the substances secreted from the palms of modern Hindi miracle worker Sai Baba (whom the KY set admire). According to Hudson, whose autobiography is being ghost written by the same lady who wrote Kathy Lee Crosby's, it is possible to produce thousands of "siddhas" and the effort is already underway. Indeed, according to Hudson, the inner Hindi theocracy feed persons like Sai Baba herbs from that subcontinent which are naturally rich in precisely those rare minerals. This is alleged to give the elite who consume it resistance to ageing, perfect psychic powers, and the ability to biolocate (think one-self somewhere else and appear there). [In a lecture, Hudson referred to two books about this magical powder, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and The Keys of Enoch. Hudson has scientific case studies of Palladian metal supplementation, including apparent reversals of terminal cancer and AIDS. He swears that it has naught to do with religion and that the thousands of persons involved in the pilot project at present are a cross-section, not advanced Yogin, although they can now do the same tricks.]

Even if Jost, Ponytail, and Hudson, who claims that this was an Egyptian secret stolen by ancient Jews, are right, what is the relevance for the rest of us? If India, Sri Lanka, and Tibet, all of which have boasted priesthoods of highly advanced practitioners of "higher evolved" abilities are any example, societies with advanced theocracies can be highly dysfunctional. In Tibet, they were unable to predict the destruction of their homeland by Communist Imperialist China, or they would have relocated the temples and their cultural treasures in advance of the invasion. Likewise, were India to have advanced in the 1,600 years after Baba Gi (were he real) had allegedly attained his enlightenment, it might have been less susceptible to plunder by the White Hebrews of the British Empire.

Scenario 2. This was implied in the prior edition as the premise that the world is simply too advanced in decay and that a cosmic reckoning is at hand. Only after a Ragnarók type conflagration in which most of humanity is destroyed, can Nature reclaim its own. This premise is the precise tone of a 16th Century C.E. prophecy by an English Pagan folk-healer and prophet, Mother Shipton, who was ritually murdered by Judeochristians in a burnt sacrifice to Loki (Jehovah) in 1561. (her prophecy appears later in this issue)

Many National Socialists who are aware of transmedial contact achieve during halcyon days of the Reich know that the Aldebaranians and Pleiadians were claimed by Maria Altische and Sigrun, the two mediums of the Vril Society, to have placed the Nordic race here to uplift the world and will visit destruction on it at the time of our decline. While no one associated with this journal has had direct contact with any surviving Vril members, one who is involved with another Nordic esoteric tradition was aware of the above. In support of an extra-terrestrial origin is the fact that the long skulls, light eyes, skin, and hair cannot be explained as mere 'mutations', like "blondism."

For the Nordic race to come to exist may require an extra-planetary explanation. After all, Mongoloids in Siberia and the tip of South America have lived in climates similar to some of the harsher climates of the North for as long as human habitation can be confirmed there, yet have not produced these physical characteristics. Moreover, many such societies, just as in our Lay of Rig, record Aryan founders of their noble class or their culture. This memory could even be found in the Toltec nobility, whose sacred history of a White founder endured until the time of the Spanish conquest.

This scenario supposes that Nature herself would reclaim biological diversity from an excessive human monoculture as surely as would She visit on hordes of starlings who choked out other bird species some sort of pathogen to which they are particularly susceptible. Alternately or simultaneously great geological or astronomical events could occur to depopulate large portions of the planet, for example, a sudden shift of the earth's poles. A further extension of this logic is that then the Pleiadians or Aldebaranians would return to reestablish the natural Aryan nobility throughout much of the world, the same as saw the building of pyramids, Greek temples, and the rich spirituality of the Wu-Sun people, which initiated classical Chinese civilization. Their presence is confirmed by the Tarim Basin mummies from Western China, who, over three millennia old, have long skulls, are tall, and light-haired. Even the Mormon journal, Reader's Digest carried an article about this archeological find in its 8/94 edition.

Scenario 3: Many of you wrote in that it was unlikely that Nature, the Earth, or civilization itself were capable of rising above the descent into non-White barbarism and chaos, that there had been long periods of local and decentralized government with isolated societies and little trade or contact between groups. These are thought of as Dark Age periods. To this school of thought belongs the supposition that there are no transcendent forces with an interest in what happens to the world.

This is similar to the Sarkarian view (Yule '94, article on Batra) of an intrinsically cyclic historical process wherein such a dark age would in turn yield yet another civilized era. Those of a conservative frame of mind who speak of defending "Western Civilization" should ponder evidence that West was already a quasi-Semitic civilization, not worth defending.

'Western Civilization'- does it exist? Is it worth saving?

Let's look at the record. First, its leading elements imported non-Whites as quickly as possible as servants, slaves, mistresses, etc. The only racial purity or isolation was accidental: as quickly as the transportation and communication permitted, the ruling interests of the West from the Industrial Revolution onward have progressively advanced the movement and mixing of alien peoples, motivated by greed and/or a disrespect for the dignity of labor.

Second, whereas even primitive societies usually dispatched dissidents or criminals quickly, like in Islam, where the tradition was beheading at the mosque at noon on a Friday, in England until 1839, ritual public torture before large crowds was practiced (supervised by an Anglican priest, who ended the "event" by displaying the severed head from a raised platform). The ritual was a form of sacrifice to Jehovah a.k.a. Jahwé, the primitive Hebrew war god and voice of the sulphurous pit (his original place of worship in the volcanoes of the Sinai). The ritual was called "hanged, drawn, and quartered". In it, the victim was hanged by a weak rope so that he or she was merely stunned. The victim was then bound to a gurney and the external genitalia (nipples and labia majora in women) were cut off, then burned in front of the victim. The high churchmen or government officials doing the "hands on" justice, then "drew" the entrails from the victim, slitting the abdominal cavity and using an iron hook to pull them out and collect them in a bowl. Pagan oral lore fills in a blank as to what use they were put in relating that the attending jurists and churchmen often ate of the liver, spleen, or other organs publicly. Then the victim was 'quartered', pulled apart by having horses or oxen attached to each limb. Finally, as mentioned, the head was held aloft.

Whereas the burnt offering of the genitalia was to appease the Lord of Hosts, the same as ruled over the slave-trading houses child labor textile mills, the blood sacrifice was to "His Son", as Christ was always the archetype demanding blood sacrifice. It was all in the service of demented alien gods. It was, likewise, a crime punishable by burning at the stake to forecast the weather in England until 1859. Burnings at the stake were another form of holocaust, burnt offering to Jehovah, as is found in many Old Testament books, particularly Joshua. The practice continued into modern times.

A practical reason for bombing Dresden was that it was an artistic center in which a great deal of statuary from Greco-Roman antiquity was stored and studied. The problem was, as Hans Gunther proved in Racial Elements of European History that deities and heroes of the classical world were viewed as Nordic, and traces of yellow paint were still detectable on the hair and blue paint on the eyes. So, while a spiritual motive for the Anglo-American immolation of an unarmed and demilitarized city was that of making a burnt offering to their Hebrew god the practical reason, as at Waco, was to destroy inconvenient evidence. The actions of a terrorist government in destroying the evidence of its crimes by bulldozing a clear zone around the Davidian church and breaking through the wooden walls with T-60 specialized flame-thrower battle tanks to start the fire is that of any felon in keeping his victims from testifying. It was repeated as the ATF cordoned off a large area and removed still undetonated explosives from the Murrrah building after the Oklahoma City Bombing. Yet, the character of burnt offering is evident in this story, too. A day-care center was started there the week before the explosion, ensuring that when the bombers, members of ATF, Joint Task Force 6, and Mossad had destroyed the building(1), children would be immolated. Was it done only to create public outrage and pass the "Anti-Terrorism Bill of 1995", or was it more in the tradition of Waco, Dresden, and the Tokyo fire-bombing which caused over 110,000 deaths, a ritual offering?

In all such cases, Eric Blair (George Orwell) correctly identified the principles of doublespeak and doublethink, such as, Love is Hate, Peace is War, and Freedom is Slavery. He was warning, in a code which the above events help to comprehend, of Christianity. He could have added Beauty is Horror for the many cathedrals which carried the deliberately contrived archetype of male sacrificial god, ideal brother, father, son, etc. in stained glass, while beneath the Christ's smiling visage the god of gore and blood sacrifice fattened on the tortures of dissidents and Pagans in the basements and dungeons beneath those same cathedrals. Compassion is Hatred. By creating a god-as-sacrifice, sympathies and righteous indignation (against one's own people, of course- remember, the goyim crucified "Him") could be aroused and directed as desired by the Council of the Learned Elders of Zion, who concocted the myth after it became apparent to them that the Zealot rebellion against Rome was doomed. They could win through religious subversion what they were unable to take back on the battlefield. The idea of a crucified savior was not new. Krishna (aks Chrishna), one of the Hindi trinity, was born in a stable and his birth was attended by three magi in a myth which predates xianity by a millennium. Mithra in the Cretan religion, and Prometheus, are both sacrificed through crucifixion and the adherents of the former symbolically ate "His" flesh (bread) and drank "His" blood (wine) 500 B.C., in Minoan religious culture.

The result was a culture built upon deception and duplicity. In the name of converting and saving "heathen", great and ancient civilizations were plundered and their men and women of knowledge tortured to death by the new Jews. The mythical sacrificial "savior" got even with the goyim as His priests accompanied conquistadores, redcoats, and destroyed the middle class in India, where the British East India Company reduced it to serfdom. The same Khazardic plan characterized our own conversion, as the class of freemen was disenfranchised, the local rulers swept aside and church-sponsored ("divine right of kings") centralized governments began excessive taxation and usurped the property, businesses, and lands of the Karlar caste, once the largest segment of Teutonic society, the farmer, artisan, freemen class. Wherever the conversion occurred, these became serfs, paying aristocrats rent on lands that their families had owned for dozens of Pagan generations. The West was always run in a Khazardic manner and its ruling elites functioned as nothing more than White Khazars- we know them as Christians.

This is how the West falls- because it was built upon so much alien, non-Western thought, as to not be worth saving. Think about it, in Scouting programs, to encourage father-daughter closeness (which any family oriented White Nationalist would support in a healthy context), the YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) offers the Indian Princess program. For bonding fathers and sons, the program is called "Indian Guides." Much of Scouting was based on imitating Amerindian culture. Why did millions of White participants go along with this? Because judeochristianity had already destroyed most of our own original culture, as when Charlemagne lured 5,000 Pagan leaders from across his large empire to "discuss" religion and had them beheaded, blood sacrifice to Christ. These men and women were living libraries of Wiccan and Odinic knowledge, from healers and seers. If a learned old man is a library, how many 'libraries' did the death-cult emperor burn down with their execution?

The West that conquered the tropics to fatten its speculators and nobility, the West that took millions of slaves to avoid paying White tradesmen, the West which systematically turned on its own bearers of its ancient wisdom traditions, burning them at the stake or sacrificing them in the Iron Maiden, or by hanging by wire from the genitalia until severed, this "West" was not western. It was living by an alien blueprint, becoming the Jews of biblical fantasy and legend. The West that sent its own children into factories to work, destroying families, whose White judges acted as Khazars and abetted breaking apart White families and castrating White males by automatically awarding child custody to the mother, was not Western in the sense of a great noble society like Sparta or the ancient Germans. A society of company stores, mass indebtedness and the progressive concentration of all equity, could not be the ancient Frisia of Thet Œra Linda Bók and was already non-Western. As soon as a middle class was created and common people had the time, energy and resources to become involved in public policy issues, the elites manipulated events to return us to a society with a small ruling caste and large underclass with a very small and powerless middle class, as in banana republics.

Thus it is no surprise that the entire West turned on the Third Reich precisely because NS was concerned with rediscovering ancient wisdom traditions and returning White societies to harmony with nature and preserving ancient Western values. Precisely because National Socialism was a movement to save and rediscover Western Civilization, the might of the West even armed and preserved its supposed arch enemy, the Bolshevik East to crush the Reich. This proves that it was neither 'western' nor civilized. Our policy must be to let it end, not to try to preserve or defend the West, but to rediscover what it should be and build anew from native ground, from foundations which arise from our own Folk-Soul.

Many think that some sort of neo-conservatism might be the answer to national and racial salvation or preservation. Yet, in looking back from the current budget crisis, where the U.S. is over 21 trillion dollars in debt (the Congressional Budget Office will only admit to 17 trillion), we found a warning of death-by-debt in Bankruptcy 1995 by Harry Figgie. In it, the notion that Republican "conservatives" have tried to operate national budgets with constraint and to balance expenditures with revenues is belied. The greatest deficits were created during the administration of Ronald Reagan, where his 8 years in office resulted in 1.34 trillion, a far greater increase than his Democratic predecessor.

Part of the reason was the tax cuts for the rich, sold under the presumption of "supply side economics" by asserting that the moneys would be reinvested, creating new jobs, increased productivity, and a more competitive industrial sector. In reality, the moneys were invested in speculation and buying foreign-made luxury items. By reducing federal government income (taxes) from the rich and corporations, income became progressively less than expenditures, deepening the debt. Another legacy of conservatives was deregulation. In 1987, Reagan signed an executive order which deregulated the savings and loan industries, permitting depositors to give only their names and yet to be fully insured by the federal government's insurance corporation for $100,000 per savings account. Hundreds of wealthy investors made multiple deposits under bogus identities, directed the S&L's in which they had input or part- ownership to invest in risky or outright fraudulent ventures (such as over-valued real-estate which they already owned), then collected "default" insurance when the S&L went broke. Cost to the American taxpayer was the 1.45 trillion federal bailout of the savings and loan deposit insurance agency. Here it is- a classical instance of Capitalist redistribution of the wealth.

Deregulation was a disaster. Now, the neoconservatives in both houses of Congress are proposing that the federal government sell off its power-generating facilities, built and paid for with taxpayer moneys, to private investors. If these hydroelectric, coal, and nuclear plants become corporate assets, it will mean that the taxpayers who already bought them will pay higher rates (to generate profits- currently under federal operation, the facilities are run at cost in the public sector) for electricity on facilities which the public already own.

Such a series of events could become a cascade of barbarism as wealth is progressively centralized, the middle class destroyed, and brutal control over a vast, mixed-race untermenschen is imposed. Adding up all the current trends, the shadow government is working toward a 'Brazilification' of the West. Only one trend is missed by Figgie and other economic theorists. The prevailing logic is that the federal default on debt will result in a hyperinflation, such as Hungary, Poland, and Argentina experienced in the '80's.

At first, this seems plausible, given the collapse of currencies, but let us remember that most U.S. debt is owned by British and Dutch investors (followed in 3rd place by the Japanese). It is also owned by the wealthy elite here who, with the above are members of the Committee of 300. It would not be satisfactory to have, for example, 1.5 billion in debts to Chase Manhattan (Rockefeller's bank) or Bank of London (Rothschilds's) paid back in a hyperinflated currency, where $1,000 is needed to buy a week's groceries. Even when such a debt is paid, the real value, in purchasing power, might be only 50 million. No, the shadow world government are fully aware of the situation. The Federal Reserve Board was a device sold to the American public as a mechanism to regulate the monetary supply and interest rates and "prevent" deep recessions or depressions. It is ironic that few saw through this, since 16 years after the Fed's creation in 1913, the Great Depression began. The real task of the Fed is to guarantee that the big investors who own the national debt are protected against such a misfortune. During the prior depression, they cut the money supply so that hyperinflation did not occur. Instead, there was deflation, in which the purchasing power of the dollar actually increased. Large investors and speculators bought the devalued holdings of the small at around a tenth their pre-1929 value.

The bottom line here is that the West is Khazardic. Its mores, values, and even social interaction between people are not based upon the openness and honor which characterized ancient Germanic society, but upon the bible, which teaches deceit and Jewish values and the TV, which does the same. Both are hands of the same puppeteer. In both cases, the talk of peace, love, and universal brotherhood is a cipher for an agenda of destroying the remaining fragments of the White races through hybridization, the destruction of nature and the progressive centralization of wealth, redistribution by Rockefeller's America on a scale which Marx never achieve in the former Soviet empire. Only when we stop reading or watching their lies can it change. As of now, we have met the enemy and he is us. We are the Khazars.

1. The October 1996 issue of The New American magazine carries an excellent expose on some of the discrepancies in the government's allegations about Oklahoma City.