Gambanreiði Statement - Man's Bodies Assembled

Gambanreiði presents our North European Shamanic
Cosmology, Understanding & Sight of Man's Bodies

These Bodies are part of and express — an individual's:
& Conscious Health

Connecting Parts of a Man, we present:
The Body of Vapors
The Body of Fibers
The Auric Body
The Mechanical Body

The Body of Vapors is seen as a diffuse juxtaposition of immaterial vapors not necessarily in shape of human body, but roughly that size. In some persons of great force of personality and accomplishment, can be larger than physical body: in the timid or underachieving (under self-realized) or seriously ill, can be a lot smaller.
In this body one can "See" infections or injuries as a red or brown, gray, or worst as a rust-colored mist. The Healer calls upon the Gods to change the color through bringing in a ray of gold, light-blue, or white light to heal the body at this level. The healer may also seal the Body of Vapors with a disc of green light, promoting self-healing.

The Body of Fibers All beings are connected by the Web of Wyrd. All living things have a body of energetic fibers, not in the electromagnetic spectrum, but in the energy we call Brind  . This body should be of white, transluscent fibers, clean and shining. The fibers can be dull or stained, needing the Vitki or Berend to clean them with her Intent, or through directing the healing fire. A very few of the Vitkar go the additional measure and reweave the broken fibers of serious illness or of injury in order to promote and catalyze healing in the cocommitant physical body. The person often commands a particular body type as part of their reentry into this life, hence the association of this "fibrous" body with Litr  , the Godly or "fated" appearance, the character shown in the physiology and physiognomy. This recognition is even reflected in such older healing arts as phrenology.
Litrorðr- Litr   is the force that one can project outward, using it for leidandr-   what we today would call “remote viewing” and the dopplegangr , for those who can project an etheric double, is seen as sending forth from this point, centered in the upper chest, near the lattisimus dorsi, or lymphatic glands. It is also the “heart” not in the sense of one’s physical heart, but as the etheric “heart” or Assemblage Point, at about heart level, behind the right shoulder blade, where the different bodies, the Body of Vapors, the Body of Wyrd (Urd), the Auric Body, and the Mechanical Body all are tied in together.

The Auric Body This is the body which is concentric with the physical body, but whose emanations can extend outward from it quite a bit. It has multiple layers and generates colors, outward from the physical body. There are some modern machines which actually scan the person for the auras and correlate them to the Indian ("wheel") visualization of the breathing, pulsing energy centers, the orðr, that the East Indians see as wheels spinning within the body, just as we Northern European Shamans See them as pulsing and breathing at different rates.
But the Vitki, Vala, or Berend   Sees the aura primarily as a diagnostic device, because also the aura shows the emotional and mental state, not just the physical one. The emotions of agape, agora, anger, angst, or joy all have corresponding colors.
A clear light shining out from a person several feet indicates great peace and spirituality and clear mental focus.
A magenta light indicates Higher thought and sensing, tied to the realm of the Gods.
A dark red aura indicates a person always looking for something to become angry about, a grayish aura indicates depression.
With practice, discernment, and correlating what is learned from Seeing the auras with what is learned through other explorations of the bodies of a person, the healer learns to see specific systems as well as the general outline of the body. By Willing the body to change, or making requests for the health of the person to the God or Goddess most closely correlated to the patient, the healer can intervene at this level also, watching for improvement in the aura.

The Mechanical Body At this level, our bodies show the subtle energy of how we are held in consciousness by all other beings and in self-regard. The mechanical body shows like an anatomical model for sculptors or a "crash-test dummy". It is in the shape of a person but composed of rods, cones, wires, a very simple assemblage.
Here, the Norse healer may See a black cone of self-destructiveness, a gray rod of deprecation by others or enforced debt-slavery and unremitting work. He may See a dark red rod of deliberate thought or sorcery-infliction, as when a middle-aged lady had a large red disk over her uterus. It turned out that a coworker, whose affections she had not returned 3 decades earlier, had hired a Voudoun priestess to curse her. Both the unrequited coworker and the Voudoun lady had since passed on, but the curse had remained. The patient could not conceive because she had no fallopian tubes! She had multiple cysts removed from her uterus and they'd grown back. She suffered endometriosis. When the alien disc was removed, this pattern of illness never repeated.

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