Social Survival Skills in Today's World - Practical Advice

1. Never overstay your welcome, whether with friends or a job. Be alert to whether you are actively, constructively interfacing with those around you and energy is flowing mutually. If it is not, it may be time to move on.

2. If need arises to talk about your neighbors, say only positives, or nothing at all. Take care of your property and possessions and do not seem to burden them, nor to be nosy about their doings.

3. Don't trust everything you hear. If something looks, or seems, quite strange to you, verify it through other sources. In the meantime, suspend judgment until your know enough to decide.

4. Don't give personal information about your neighbors to your friends.

5. Don't give personal information about yourself to Strangers. Don't let people you don't know overhear you in private conversations. Realize that very few people are known really and even supposed friends, if they do not share your views or values, may be strangers to you more than you realize.

6. Share with other persons who are working on advancing their own personal evolution and uplifting the human condition. Persons with that alignment take joy in what you have already accomplished and are not jealous of it. Healthy persons honor the life-force in you and are supportive of you.

7. Betrayal --- if someone betrays you once, you're a fool to trust them again. "Righteous betrayers" will be sure they are right unaware that they have joined what they fear most to harm what they think they are protecting. An individual who stands openly alone from the human herd invites betrayal especially by ignorant, cruel and greedy persons. Learn to live quietly and effectively so not to invite unnecessary betrayals from such people.

8. Everything you know need not be shared with everyone you know. People are acquaintances or friends due to different types of connections. It is neither necessary nor helpful to share just anything that pops into your head with anyone with whom you are relating. Keep in mind your shared interests and dwell on those. Remember that, as a Pagan and advocate of White survival, as are many readers of this site, your views are not tolerated in a world that encourages every blonde to only marry outside race and mass immigration of anyone but a European into Europe, a world run by interests working toward genocide. Therefore, be cautious and be open only with a few trusted friends.

9. Your Instincts are usually right. The trick is listening to them and heeding them well.

10. Realize that most of humanity has been duped into creating or protecting images as if these were something real. If you challenge this in anyone who is not truly seeking truth, you put yourself in danger. These people will do anything including kill you to protect their images or concensual views of anything they decide is reality.

11. Image based on building concensual realities knows no Personal Honour. This is what makes confronting it most difficult or dangerous. The Aryan way of our ancient Folk has always been based on Personal Honour. For this reason, we are particularly unwelcome in this present time.

12. Learn about the effects of anything you consume. Many consumables sold or given to you are designed to create amnesia or diminish your thinking abilities.

13. If you can only exercise a little, work to gradually return your spine to its full length. Clear breathing and stretching to return spine's natural health are among the most vital ones to your well-being.

14. When you are in trouble, you learn who your friends are and which ones never were (or you learn their limits).

15. As you are invaded and stripped, your identity clarifies.

16. There's a time to open your mouth and talk to people and a time to keep your mouth shut. Learn the difference. The workplace is not a place to open up your personal life to a great degree. While you may meet some good people there, many in a cutthroat, snakepit office or shop floor environment will take any personal trait or interest which deviates the least bit from a TV conformist image of what you "should" be, exaggerate it, and use it against you. You can make plenty of friends outside of the workplace.

17. Never accept gifts from people you don't know. Their ulterior motives are always in their interests, not yours.

18. Don't buy things from people you don't trust: these could be defective, or, worse, stolen.

19. Don't own any furniture that's too big for you to move by yourself.

20. Don't let people do jobs in your home who don't always clearly have your best interests at heart.

21. If you know your lifstrana (lifestream, genetically-similar persons, who are your extended family), work inside your own group when you are able.

22. Your dignity can't be taken from you. You lose it only when you give it away.

23. You are not your body, your name, your image or your possessions. Some of these present or express aspects of how an individual's being presently interacts in relation to others and the earth. None of these contain or are your essence although they image how the people today tend to see you.

24. Don't let people you think are "friends" install things on your computer. If anyone wants to put some new software on it, ask why this is necessary, and, run it from a DVD drive instead.

25. Friends respect your property, your privacy, your security, and your interests. They show this in myriad ways. Those who pretend to be friends and violate any of these areas, are not true friends.

26. Friends who don't respect your right to different religious, social or political beliefs should not be trusted with further information about you or access to you. They can be compromised if their beliefs, social grouping, or political grouping takes precedence over personal human kindness and respect. Their own superstitions can become deadly in favor of those their groups' affiliations may choose to hate.

27. Never assume, if you live in a technologically connected world where money is more important than life and accumulation of material things is valued, that anything about your security is private.

28. In a world where people are each taught to take collectively instead of contribute individually, it is more common for something to be removed by taking than accepted when you might give it freely for benefit of others.

29. Until we live in a place where our individuality is nurtured and cherished in people, don't draw attention to yourself. Being of service to others doesn't involve being flashy or showy. It involves a quiet giving oneself away.

30. Our way teaches that, "In a Peaceful Healthy Land, each one's advantage is yet another's too." Realize well what kind of land today you live in and conduct yourself practically in your current surroundings.

The Gambanreiði Statement, printed since 1979, is offered as an on-line journal at

We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Please remember that we are not universalists and do not believe that the principles contained herein would be of benefit to "all mankind." We trust the ingenuity and resourcefulness of other peoples to come up with their own evolutionary strategies. Ours assumes self-control, limiting one's consumption of natural resources and production of offspring, not overrunning and exhausting the earth, and other ethics of a distinctly North European flavor. This work should certainly be shared with other North Europeans. All we ask is this: if you copy this work, have the honor to use it whole and avoid the taking of parts out of context.

Comments are encouraged and welcomed. Your input and submissions are important to us.

Updated on 06-10-2001

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