And So It Shall Rise

by Viktor C. Lesson

Before we get into the ideas I wish to present in this article, please indulge me in an exercise of imagination. Imagine that you have come from work, hung up your coat, etc. You walk into the kitchen, open the refrigerator to find a bite to eat, and then proceed into the living room to relax after a hard day. When you walk into the living room, you immediately see a person very close to you lying on the floor in agony, dying. Consider now what your reaction would be.

What if, at first, you did nothing at all? You next perform CPR and it doesn't help, or you try to call an ambulance but the phones are dead. Do you keep doing what you know isn't working, no matter how long you stay at it? Do you give up? In other words, for these last two questions, do you just let them die? Of course not! You keep trying different ways to assist until you either save the person or, if death is inevitable, at least have the peace of mind of knowing that you exhausted all possibilities!

Now, apply that same imagery to our race, which at this moment lays bedridden, wallowing in agony from a disease that rapidly progresses. Will we continue to use old ideas and ways of life to try to resuscitate our race and the mentality to preserve it? Will we give up? Again, will we let it die? To continue to use banners and titles that turn away so many of our folk from their natural racial instinct is putting us at the risk of extinction whether we realize it or not.

Some of the more gung-ho racialists may say that such banners separate cowards from warriors, but do they want to risk racial extinction by refusing to take measures to effectively recruit warriors? Cowards are not born, they are made, as are warriors, and either can be pulled to the other side. It is up to the racial warrior to see to the preservation and promotion of his/her race by any and all means necessary, even if that means letting go any or all ineffective banners and affiliations. The Seišr Paradigms (§ 30), a wellspring of Nordic philosophy and wisdom, says that once we have learned the way we must "with compassionate bearing, help all ascend (evolve) upward by example, goad or teaching." We have to find whatever works to breathe life back into our folk.

What I am presenting to you is a revolutionary idea, one that may arouse antipathy within the White Survival Movement. I call us to retire the National Socialist banner. From the very onset of holding this banner up, members of our own folk turn away in disgust, sadly, an overwhelming majority of them. We can disregard the racist bias of the anti-White news and entertainment media. However, we must combat with all of our intelligence and might the nihilistic attitude that infects our people. When we approach fellow Nordics with a presentation of good ideas in a context toward which the media and their education has conditioned them to feel disgust and antagonism, can we be surprised that they turn away?

Of course, we do not ask for the death of the National Socialist ideal- only its "genocide" Hollowood false-image baggage. Rather, let us employ the propaganda methods of Adolf Hitler himself to get our movement going. Our banner is our most visible identification and a part of propaganda. Hitler states that,

"the purpose of propaganda is not to provide interesting distraction for blasé young gentlemen,
but to convince, and what I mean is to convince the masses."

Our ultimate goal is, to convince the White masses to rally behind us. In the last hundred years have we done this? Are the masses rallying behind us? Do we have victory? No, no and no. So what do we do? Do we keep doing what hasn't been working, or change our tactics? Again I quote Hitler:

"When there is a change, it must not alter the content of what the propaganda is driving at, but in the end must always say the same thing. For instance, a slogan must be presented from different angles, but the end of all remarks must always and immutably be the slogan itself. Only in this way can the propaganda have a unified and complete effect."

(This and the above quote are from Mein Kampf pg. 185).
Editor's Note: vanquishing, ravishing, resettling, executing and driving mass-racial-guilt into the conquered German peoples was not enough for the conquerors. The ability to study their own past was also removed from them. To make sense of the times through independent thought or reflection was not permitted individuals. The book Mein Kampf, still permitted outside Germany, was banned and illegal to own or even view in their libraries. Meanwhile targeted racial and other propaganda messages continued unabated since this horrible war.

So our slogan, defined by Webster as "a phrase or word expressing the spirit or aim of a party, group, or cause," can be presented at a different angle so that it will be easier for our folk to accept. Only by making things easier and safer will we be able to convert the masses. Did the Christians convert the masses in Europe solely by antagonistic means? Of course not, they co-opted many European heathen traditions (Yule, Easter, rites, etc.) so as to make the transition less difficult. We have to use the means that our enemies have used to bring us down, to build ourselves back up. We have to fight fire with fire.

Hitler also talked about the rising of a new movement, fresh and full of life, to combat the old and destructive world-views (capitalism, communism, etc.). So it is time that we give the racial movement a new title, a new face, a revival that will open the hearts of the enslaved so that they will work and fight alongside us. We can't afford not to do this! We have to instill the revitalized spiritual elements that will see to our victory. Though the angle of our promotion will change, the ideal itself will not.

Probably one of the biggest obstacles to our movement's progress has been the belief in a coming race war. Even good people tend to think that any efforts that we make now are irrelevant because war will come "any time now." This idea can make otherwise dedicated racialists pull away from this or that means of promoting the ideal because they think "well, it doesn't matter, your time is coming." Others think that everything will be peachy "when the race war comes," while still others get anxious and try to start it.

Defense of folk or response to the constant stream of violent attacks against Whites by non-whites may be inevitable and noble. We must consider what any attack on the 'others' does: it accomplishes nothing for us and feeds the racist, anti-White propaganda apparatus. Again, the Seišr Paradigms state this: (§ 53) "'The warriors' choice first make,' saith she, 'the good steel to arms, the high ground to hold, the early march on slumbered foe. To fight well who chose poor position is fool more than fighter. Well picks the spear man his ground and the bowman his hillock. Then fight who must. The stubborn wight an ill-chosen stand may make. For warriors be ignorant or old, but rarely both.'"

We need to have to hope, and trust in the incompetence and corruption of our enemies and chose our moment carefully. One salient possibility is that they will provoke a civil war. In the Grudge Report an internet website, an article featured the La Raza (the race) convention of Mexicans and other Hispanics in Chicago in 1999. They call all the states incorporated into the US after the Mexican War "Aztlįn." When they breed seven children per family, the call to resettle and recapture this territory cannot be dismissed as idle talk The Black Liberation Army and Jewish Defense League are ignored by a corrupt and thoroughly infiltrated ATF and FBI. They flaunt automatic weapons, and the Chinese ship weapons to black street gangs, especially through Los Angeles and San Francisco.

No doubt a major conflict will come and we shall have to make the "warriors' choice" to recognize it and seize it. We will not predict this war. We all swore up and down it was going to take place in the 90's, it didn't. Ku Klux Klansmen have mulatto grandchildren and beer-soaked former racialists drool over the rear end of Jennifer Lopez. Middle aged middle class Whites who grew up with real education from segregated schools pay dearly for season tickets to sporting events where black athletes are pampered by fans and coaches and urged onto White coeds and cheerleaders. The average racialist is no more prepared for the power outages, lack of food, and breakdown of infrastructure which accompanies a civil war than any other American.

Many said it would be in 2000; it wasn't. In fact, Thomas Jefferson first postulated the race war concept more than 200 years ago! He said that he felt if the races were mixed, America would collapse in a vicious race war. He could not have predicted that capitalism itself, encouraging non-white immigration to provide cheap labor along with the mass-adoption of non-Whites by Christian couples, has dramatically increased the numbers of unassimilable masses in our midst. Ironically, Internationalist Finance Capitalism may have overplayed its hand. Flooding a nation much more quickly than the new hordes can be assimilated, and with those who can never be assimilated almost guarantees their exclusion and their own resulting militancy and a backlash by the swamped natives.

Have hope that we will see our homeland in the future, for America is the twin sister of the Roman Empire and the psychology of history will not allow her to last much longer. Like the Germanic tribes of yore- the Goths, we sit and wait for the moment to push it all down, but we will not be the sole destroyers. As with Rome, America will have eaten itself alive from within, so that a small band of rebels will not have to struggle hard to strike the final collapsing blow.

My point of stating this is to let you know that you can stop worrying about this. Stop focusing so much of your energies in "preparation" for this war that may not happen for generations. Be prepared for any emergency, of course, but quit wasting so much valuable energy on the propaganda of the race war! We won't scare the masses into loving their race. We have to present them with racial ideals in a compassionate manner as befitting to the racially empathic Aryan paladin.

Another obstacle to our movement is hate. This is not a good emotion, and any amount of justification can't change that. The more we focus upon hate, that is, hatred of our enemies, the more we are taking away the love we need to be giving to our own. No successful movement has ever made hate a foundation, or even a motivation, for its progress. Only through racial empathy shall we succeed.

A man lying in bed, dying from cancer does not, in most cases, actually have hate for the cancer cells' themselves. No, he realizes that they were allowed to grow inside him because he did not live a healthy lifestyle. He didn't eat right, he smoked, he worked around radioactivity, etc. Whatever the case, he realizes the cancer does what it does and he cannot change that. He can only work to purge himself of the cancer, through surgery or chemotherapy, and then live healthily if and when it is gone. The more that we focus on uplifting our race the more empowered we will become and evolve to a point where we shake off our parasites like a dog with fleas. Focusing our emotional energies away from our own people toward others drains us.

Why do you think the Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations, and Trilateral Commission and their pawn governments have been able to keep such a stranglehold on all of our lands? Because they find us an enemy other than themselves and constantly antagonize them and us into constant conflict. Adolf Hitler recognized this tactic by Jewish oppressors "….I…. see the craftiest trick of the Jew, calculated to distract the general attention from himself and to others. While the Bavarian and the Prussian fought, he stole the existence of both of them from under their nose; while the Bavarians were cursing the Prussians, the Jew organized the revolution and smashed Prussia and Bavaria at once." (Mein Kampf pg.194)

So we have to make the choice not to play their game. To stop fighting against blacks, Mexicans, 'Them,' etc. and start fighting for ourselves. We will have to emulate the steps of the cancer patient: start living a healthy lifestyle so the disease will purge itself!

Our ancestors had these very same concepts in dealing with the view of race. In matters concerning the other races they were not hateful, but were quick to protect their own. Œra Linda Bok, the ancient Frisian holy book and chronicle of the 4200-1800 B.P. era, uses a pseudonym for other races from its stories. These are "The Folk of Lyda" for Blacks and "The Folk of Finda" for Orientals. "The Folk Of Frya" signifies Nordics, hence Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid and they realized that non-Nordic Whites were an admixture of other elements with Nordics. On our relation with the three root races, we are advised in "Frya's Tex" (pg.9-10)

"Never attack the Folk of Lyda or Finda. Wralda (Odin) should help them so that the violence which went out from you should come back upon your own heads."

"So whenever it might happen that they wish advice or some or something else, go thus and help them. But if they come to reave; (i.e., to reap the fruits of your labor or take your land or brides) fall upon them with lightning fire."

"Whenever any of them craves your daughters for a wife and she would be that, remind her of her stupidity, though, if she will follow her whim, then let her go in peace."

"If your sons would have of their daughters, must you also do as you would with your daughters. Though neither the one nor the other may return; when they should bring outlandish habits and customs with them; and as soon as they are adopted by you, may I (Frya) no longer watch over you."

This attitude of Aryan nobility is also presented in the Seišr Paradigms (§22) "When choice presents, be kind. Less thought takes the kind man than one of guile, a freer mind and lighter step has he. Easier for self it is to release the higher act. Be noble, good, kind, where the helping furthers the Higher Life."

Be passionate but fair, forceful and swift to scour our sickness. No kindness to the world-destroying worm, no kindness show to the Sun darkening wolf. Act as the talons of the Gods in nature, vermin destroy lest they gnaw the slender thread of food."

And in Paradigm (§23) "In the scheme of things be kind when you can. When you cannot, be hard and in either case, be noble."

It is time we look to a higher road to achieve our goals, to open the minds of our folk any way we can. We are already willing to sacrifice our lives for our race, but are we willing to sacrifice a discarded banner which alienates the very people whom it would protect? Are we patriots to the flag, or racialists to the folk!?! Are we strong enough to lift ourselves up and forge a new path for our movement to travel down? We all realize that our National Socialism of today, for better or worse, is not the same as it was 50 or 60 years ago. Things change, people change, ideals and movements evolve- but one fundamental ideal remains the same- we have to struggle if we are to survive as a race. That is the law of nature.

Richard McCulloch put it best about the need for a "new" movement to arise in his book "The Destiny of Angels" (pgs.125-126)

"What Northernkind needs is a racial movement which appeals to the finest textured elements in its population, a system of pro-self kind thought and values which goes beyond morals and ethics to manners and esthetics. One movement cannot serve both the fine textured and the coarse textured, both the idealists, romantics and visionaries who seek the salvation and apotheosis of their kind through the achievement of independence, sovereignty and Pro-creation separation, and the crude, mean and vulgar for whom the movement and struggle becomes an end in itself rather than a means to an end, an outlet for their own. The coarse nature of the latter alienates and repels the former, who regard hyper-subjectivism with repugnance and divides the race. (The proponents of interracism- who totally dominate the mass media- portray all Pro- Northern- European racial advocates as motivated by hate. To the extent that their representations are correct- which is often subject to doubt- the Northerners who are providing the examples for these portrayals are hurting their race rather than helping it.) For both good and ill- a great potential fraught with great peril, a great objectivity is part of the nature and identity of Northernkind, inseparable from its exalted level of existence."

Please pay heed to Mr. McCullochs' words, for his voice shall echo throughout the voice of the new movement. To read more of his ideas and find out how to order his books, check out his website at

The banner must be laid to rest, but it's so much more than this. Our movement should enable every ideal that will preserve, promote, and evolve Aryan kind. Anything less is simply unacceptable. Our words and thought patterns must change, but our core principles will remain the same as embodied in the popular 14 words and those of Faith, Folk and Family. We know "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for our children," but how we do it is another matter altogether. We must do what will work, and by now we should have realized that flying the N.S. banner does not work! We don't have to dismiss the N.S. ideology, just the German-nationalist 1940's trappings. So we can save our race! It is essential to all that we claim to love!

This essay is not a plea for such things; it is a warning. Some believe we have been manipulated to keep the antagonistic banner all these years by our enemies because it would hold us back. If any were part of a deliberate misdirection, they should know that the new movement shall arise and it's glory shall be bright. Then the old shall be cast off like a shadow and our people shall rise in the healthy mentality they were born with so many thousands of years ago. By the Gods it will be done!