Rorschach in the Sky
Littleton, Jonesboro, Serbia, and beyond. . .

Hermann Rorschach was a pioneering Swiss psychiatrist, who died in 1922. Best known of his writings and contributions to the field was the invention of a test, which took his name. Its purpose was to allow the diagnostician to analyze how the disturbed patient projected his own mental and emotional content and processes onto inkblots, which were produced, initially, by making a design on one side of a sheet of folded paper and then pressing the two sides together with the still wet ink between, creating a stereotyped image. To the diagnostician, it might be significant that the same inkblot would be termed a tiger by one patient, an iris flower by another, or a weathered piece of driftwood by yet another. The inkblot, intrinsically, had none of these meanings. It was a classic participant/observer phenomenon, where the form had the meaning with which the mind of the observer invested it.

In the 5/1/99 Huntsville,AL Times, an article reported that a local lady, Melinda Tsang, who is an amateur photographer, was "moved by the holy spirit" to find biblical motifs in cloud forms, many photos of which appeared in the article. Melinda, recently converted to the Living Word Church, run by a local health food store vendor, has one of them tagged where the Big Boss's hand is supposedly reaching out to take that of a child. It looks more like two lobster claws, as no finger, knuckles, or other hand-like features are visible. In fact, the figures very little contrast with their background. On the same photograph, anyone could have outlined any mass of lines as any known object, but this is what the 'spirit' told Mrs. Tsang that it was.

Now, we've all seen shapes and faces, sometimes even stories in the clouds. My personal favorite, being a parent, is that of my ten year old son. His very scientific theory is that, when ships or airplanes disappear into the Bermuda Triangle, they and their passengers become clouds. In proof of this, he often points out to me perfectly credible ship or airplane-like cloud forms.

Our interpreter, however, also has been highlighting 'faces' from cloud photographs, then using bits of Judeo-Christian scripture to "prove" that this is what she is "seeing."

For a child to see a kite, ship, or Barbie doll in the sky (yes, I raised a daughter first), is not uncommon. What is unusual, and indicative of the three Middle Eastern universalistic warlike religions, is how they bend every event, every coincidence, every finding of science, to try to "prove" what can never be proven, their faith in unseen forces and the Semitic spiritual heritage. They use it to "prove" that theirs is the only way to salvation, the only way to buy fire insurance to assure oneself a comfortable afterlife.

For my kids, raised as Pagans, we often saw the Hammer of Thor, the Spear of Odin, or Valkyries on Their horses. The very real difference between us and them is that we did not take this to mean that everyone should be able to see such things, nor that these divine messages would exist for just anyone. We would have no impulse to try to force children of other faiths to pray with us in schools, nor to force them to join our church that it might supervise their parents' home-schooling curriculum, as is the law in Alabama's church-state whoredom.

Taking the Rorschach phenomena into corollaries can be inter- eating, too. A terrible shooting incident occurs at a high school in Colorado where two misfit, drugged-up boys take firearms and murder classmates and teachers. Each faction with an agenda callously uses the incident to "prove" that its own solutions should be forced onto societies with yet more laws and more officials and bureaucrats with which to enforce them.

The pseudo-"pro-family" lot of Christian lobbyists, like Christian Coalition, used the fact that the boys' mothers both work to explain the shootings. Rather than blaming falling wages due to union-busting legislation, the deliberate exporting of jobs to the Third World, and open borders, which allowed a swelling of the ranks of the labor pool and have driven down almost all salaries, forcing moms to work in order for the families to survive, they pull a classic conservative maneuver- blame the victim. A great many moms would like to be at home. A great many dads would like to spend fewer hours at the office, and have a partner at home who runs the domestic side of life. This is no longer possible for most since the 40-hour week and overtime have been circumvented by legislators who act as agents of the Chamber of Commerce, but neither can be there and provide a reasonable standard of living, so they blame her or both parents for a situation which they've otherwise supported. Another element here is the Judeo-Christian need to punish anyone for 'sin'. Since something went terribly wrong with these boys, but they were either killed by the SWAT teams, or, as in the official version, killed themselves, the system then seeks those other than the perpetrators to blame for it. So a witch hunt began, with the Jefferson County D.A.'s office investigating both sets of parents (as if they hadn't suffered enough) for prosecution. Can one be more mean-spirited than that?

To the liberal gun-confiscators and their Kosher Konservative New World Order lackeys, the shooting incidents are "proof" that the mere presence of and availability of firearms is the problem. Gun confiscation would prevent further bloodshed, according to them. By their same logic, the hundreds of lives wantonly and unnecessarily taken by FBI, BATF and other federal hit squads would justify disarming them. Numerically, it's an easy comparison: Feds- over 100 unarmed, innocent victims at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Wounded Knee, and dozens of other staged 'sieges.' The BBC-TV documentary on Waco, which was aired on HBO the third week of April showed the view through a spotter plane. (The British government had an airplane and observers in the area from their intelligence services because several English subjects were among the burned and dead.) The FBI tanks tore holes through each side of the building in order to allow wind to blow through. A tank drove through to the kitchen- a sunken area where most of the children had been hidden for safety (through wall microphones, the feds knew where the kids were being sheltered)- where it pumped in CS gas, a chemical agent for use on the battlefield to smoke out enemy soldiers from fortifications, in 29 times the known lethal concentration. Then another tank was clearly visible, firing incendiary shells into the buildings to begin the blaze. Their logic also leaves out the more than two million times a year that gun owners foil a robber, burglar, or rapist: the corporate media simply ignore this 'other' gun record.

By the liberals' logic, the FBI and BATF should be disarmed, since they have proven themselves murderously irresponsible with firearms, as FBI snipers even gunned down several adults who tried to flee the church with their hands up. And the liberals don't even examine the question of how Uncle Saul punches with his right arm, the military (the left being law enforcement/ domestic repression).

During and since the Iraqi war and in attacks on Serbia, U.S. bombs and missiles consistently strike civilian life-support, infrastructure targets. They can explain away a stray bomb or missile here or there as a natural and unfortunate consequence of war, when these kill civilians. Yet when U.S. bombs destroy an aqueduct, water purification, or sewage treatment works, the result, in Iraq after the Gulf War, was the destruction of several hundred thousand Iraqi children- right by the 'Book'- especially Joshua. Do we hear the same liberals, or their VFW U.S.-world policeman counterparts condemn this irresponsible use of force? How many of them have even examined the fact that most of these overseas actions are occurring without the Constitution's required vote for war? They seem to be happening by executive order, which is the same thing as a royal decree, a non-democratic process.

Conservatives and liberals quite often go for the same anti- liberty programs. Like opportunistic feeders in the natural world, one can catch the shadows of their black feathers as they circle over the funerals of the Littleton victims. School uniforms are a simplistic approach to improving academic performance and avoiding violent incidents. Both sides have argued that, if kids couldn't visually identify themselves as 'goths', as the two gunmen were said to be, kids wouldn't be forming cliques and would not have the subsequent rivalries, leading to violence. The one-worlder liberals love the enforced uniformity and egalitarianism; after all, school uniforms were de rigueur throughout Warsaw Pact nations. One- worlder conservatives like the idea of an enforced and disciplined mass of future minimum-wage zombies, as in their many "free enterprise" utopias, such as Malaysia and Singapore.

The religious zealots use the school shootings to establish the fact that, back in the 1950's, when most American schools included prayer, there were no such violent incidents. They completely ignore other factual comparisons, such as the fact that most of those kids had at-home mothers, and dads who spent, on average, 9 hours a week less at work. More of the dads were union and all the present loopholes for employers, like classifying any worker targeted for unpaid overtime "salaried" as an "administra- tive or professional" worker, had not yet been perfected. Both parents were simply home more.

They also ignore the fact that the Serbian troops who have committed mass murders in Bosnia and Kosovo all grew up wearing school uniforms and starting the day with a prayer. This practice, outside U.S.S.R. and the GDR, was not uncommon- there was school prayer, and bible study, in Romania and Yugoslavia always had a different version of communism. Do the daily school prayers make the employees of Columbia's drug cartels any less vicious? Did they make Haiti's government officials any more upright or democratic?

Clearly, there is another explanation for the alienation. Certainly, loss of parents, as the wealth of America has been shipped abroad is a major factor. Another major contributor to the alienation which spawns cliques with a negative or destructive motif is racial integration. People naturally want to belong to a tribe, to something larger than themselves and their families. Where the tribe has been completely destroyed, the community church gave back the impression of a tribe, becoming an artificial community, founded upon mutual subscription to Semitic mythology and eschatology, but one in which members helped and befriended each other. The greater, larger affiliation is always biological. It is normal to belong to a racial group and to think to oneself the standards which attend that affiliation.

Denied their natural, biological tribes, the teenagers create new, artificial ones, such as "goths" or "alternative". Denied real work in dumbed-down education, designed as it is, to promote the interests of the lowest intellectual elements, young White men assert their manhood in self-destructive ways sometimes, like the weapons and explosives which these kids used. One factor which has been a common denominator in almost all of these school shootings has been that all the perpetrators listened, around the clock, to "gangsta rap," whose lyrics, emerging from hypnotic rhythms, encourage students to shoot their fellow students, commit rape, and disrupt schools.

Yugoslavia was the mutant creation of Anglo-American one-world planners in the League of Nations after WW1. It, like Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia, was chartered as a nation without any regard to the existing lingual/cultural/ethnic groups. It represented a destruction of the natural tribe. When the East Bloc weakened, the tribes reasserted themselves.

The vultures, circling over the school victims, project some really strange Rorschach interpretations onto these events. On the Stan Solomon Show the evening of 5/4/99 on shortwave, a guest blamed it all on fluoride in the water. Another guest pointed out that, in a way, there might be a connection with fluoride, since Prozac is, in part, derived from fluoride.

Another flock of vultures simply calls for mandatory school prayer and the public, forced observance of Christianity, as a formal, state religion. This flock ignore the obvious parallels: why, in societies such as Columbia, Mexico, and Jamaica, where school prayer, and even public and school religious observances are found, are these societies riddled by drugs and official corruption, and their streets run by organized crime and machete gangs? Forcing official mass observance of Semitic religiosity only makes people more sneaky, as they circumvent an intrinsically contradictory morality: which Biblical example should a citizen follow, that of King David's rape of a minor child, Jesus' injunction to kill the man who refused to wisely invest his shekels (Luke 27), or the Sermon on the Mount?

Another call for action, besides the confiscation of firearms from citizens, is the repetitive Jewish refrain, which calls for the posting of a "cop on the Internet." The two students apparently accessed some politically incorrect web-sites, so there should be further censorship of the Internet they reason. How far would these state-tyranny advocates go to assure 'security?' Should they also confiscate and burn all the childrens' comic books, from Batman to Spider Man, which show an off-kilter, violent world?

If we as a society act on the intent of these projections upon the horror of Jonesboro or Littleton, then the same logical extensions should be used to declare motorcycles unsafe. All kids under 21 should have their motorcycles confiscated. All motorcycle dealers should be closed down and their inventories confiscated. If one takes their arguments to heart, doubtless, there are more kids who meet a tragic and violent death at the wheel of a motorcycle than ever at the hands of a classmate. And then, there are all those automobiles; look at all the adolescents who die in cars, especially with a fellow teen at the wheel. If we really want a safe society, confiscate the cars.

Again, the raw numbers of kids getting gunned down by other kids in these isolated incidents in Arkansas, Mississippi, Colorado, and Oregon don't even compare with the hundreds of kids killed in drive-by shootings. The drive-by shootings and drug- related shootings in inner city schools are among the black and Hispanic youth. There is no shock in a pattern which has always been in their culture, whether in Columbia, Nigeria, Jamaica, or Mexico, of organized gangs, large scale organized criminal activity among the youth, and lethal violence. The corporate media are playing these school shootings up for only one reason: the perpetrators are White and they want to have the secret police agencies confiscate all the firearms which are in White hands. There will be no house to house searching for firearms in the barrios or ghettos. There will be no massive disarming of Crips and Bloods. The law officers who will be assigned this will be afraid to try to search young inner-city toughs- these guys fight back.

In the final analysis, Ben Franklin's words in the early days of the Republic ring more true today than ever before, "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." The purpose of the second amendment to the Constitution, as the other amendments, was not to reserve power to the government, but to the people. For every household to be armed was the ultimate assurance, the final full measure to prevent a tyranny in the event that elected officials were too weak, too compromised, to corrupt or ineffectual to resist. The thought of what secret police agencies and federal bureaucracies would do in the absence of personal armament should trouble our sleep.

There is, ultimately, no Rorschach effect which adequately projects onto tragedies a patina of comprehensibility. They remain, at root, incomprehensible ciphers of random and reckless actions by disturbed and deranged individuals, just as have always happened. As societies become more rootless and alienated, it certainly creates the conditions in which more of those disturbed persons surface with their horrendous acts. With a data-connected, electronically surveilled world, what once was limited to local print coverage becomes instantly accessible and seems larger than it truly is. The myth that we can legislate our way to a perfect society is the most dangerous blot which we could project upon a civilization. We must admit our inability to control people, the presence of evil in a violent few, and that the alternatives, the creating of a perfect policing apparatus to control the aberrant few, would, in itself constitute a far greater and more widespread evil- one which was institutionalized and legitimized into legal practice and code.

It is better that we admit to imperfectibility, refuse such social engineering 'fixes' as racial integration, gun control, the war on drugs, no-knock warrants, and armed military intervention in the internal matters of foreign sovereign nations. Better it is that we do our best in small, tribal communities, which enshrine the same love of liberty that prompted the Bill of Rights. It is this sacred document which the vultures would pluck away from the body of a weakened republic as they misread their own projected model of reality in the Rorschach smear of world events.

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