Preparing to Do the Meditative and Advisory Paradigms



For Johannes, Paalo, and Ragnar, who taught it with
no thought of return, who gave freely to the Folk to
the end,
thank you; the ship has almost hove to shore.

For best results, do this preparation before each Seiðr Paradigm Meditation.
The Seiðr Paradigms are done one-at-a-time, a single paradigm per session, and are meditated upon sequentially.

Become relaxed, sitting, lying, or resting comfortably with the eyes closed.
Roll the eyes slightly upward toward an imagined point on the back of the forehead between the eyes and an inch above the midpoint of the eyebrows.
Breathe in through the nose, expanding the abdomen consciously.
Breathing deeply, and slowly, observe your breathing, relaxing the muscles and picturing all the tensions of the body grounding through you to the earth beneath where you sit or lie.
If thoughts or feelings do arise now, just observe them without reacting. Let thoughts emerge, expand, and dissolve.
Remain alert and let the thoughts simply come and then go from your attention.

This phase of meditation may take as little as five breaths for the experienced meditator, or as much as several minutes for a person with high ideophoria (internal talk, idea-manifestation).

[This completes the meditative readiness.
Ideally from here you would listen to a single individual paradigm.
Click here to learn the technique how to Do the Seiðr Paradigms.]

We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Under no circumstances should this ancient sacred work of oral tradition be altered, plagarized or with "expert" arrogance re-interpreted. Our Folk traditions are older than you are and, unlike today's media, do not contain distortions to fit current alien beliefs. If they don't fit you, respect our Folk and our Gods enough to leave them alone and find another theology that is your own!