Autumnal Equinox 105

Winter Finding

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It is that time of year when the days and nights are of equal length, the Autumnal Equinox. In ancient times in our Folk-home, Northern Europe, the cross-quarter day was a time for the Folk to make serious preparations for winter. In the tropics or sub-tropics, where many of our Folk live today, whether in Australia or Alabama, Summer may be the season of trial, in the 95N heat and 90% humidity. Sun-stroke or skin cancer are as real to us today as was the very real fear of freezing in days past. If anything, winter in the sub-tropics offers a welcome respite from the merciless glare, heat, and insects, for all of which we are ill-adapted.

Yet, in its original sense, Winter was a time of trial. It was a trial to have enough wood chopped, peat cut, or coal dug for heat and it was a challenge to have dried the fish, smoked the meat, ground the meal and hung the rafters with dried fruits and root vegetables, like sugar beets, which would, combined, assure adequate food. I see Winter as synonymous with what it means to be an Aryan. The Aryan developed either the very high forehead and round skull of the Baltic peoples, or the very long skull of the Nordic or Atlantic, in either case representing the increased brain size and weight necessitated by the difficult climate. It is ironic that the Dutch, mostly Atlantic-Nordic, are the tallest people of Europe and that, generally, Europeans closer to the poles are larger. The uncertain food supply, harsh climate, and lack of good farmland (in Finland, a grain exporter, only 11%) should have resulted in a small, hearty, undeveloped race, like the native Siberians, not builders of trans-oceanic ships and hydroelectric dams. The difference was the higher evolution of the Aryan branch of Whites.

Winter was, yes, a time of trial, but it might seem to beg the question as to how it could have fueled higher evolution. An answer can be found in an unlikely path. The Aryan year was bi-polar. In the Summer, with its constant light, Folk worked fantastic hours, harvesting, fishing, farming, tilling, irrigating, contour plowing, building, and so forth. In the two to three months of near constant darkness, there was little to do indoors but mend nets, carve wood, quilt, make arrows, sew, craft spears, and other handi-crafts. This was also a time to play all manner of board games, including chess, to meditate, to write, to study, to expand oneself in myriad ways during the long intervals. Was this not, along with the mechanical ingenuity and foresight, skill in planning and preparation, what spurred development? That our Folk are portrayed as rude savages by christian chroniclers is belied by the fact that Charlemagne, one of the first christian tyrants, according to those same chroniclers, burned several volumes of Pagan lore which his Medi-terranean and Jewish masters found offensive.

So, winter was a challenging adversary, punishing those who would not, or lacked the mental wherewithal to prepare for it with death, and assuring the higher evolution of the survivors in a ruthless natural selection. Yet it was also a time of concentration, during which family, clan, and hofr were busy with socially rewarding and advancing activities. It was a time of bar-renness when the very forbidding nature of Northern Europe sealed it from too many of the alien elements who swept in from Far Asia and darkened the Center. It not only allowed on the planner and foreseer to survive, this climate also rewarded people with a good sense of direction and good communications skills. A wrong turn into a blizzard or unnavigable portage could be fatally costly, and men did hunt throughout the winter to supplement the stores. Without a good memory and the ability to translate complex information about climate, crops, and weather from generation to generation, the hard, scarce soil would fail to yield crops. Thus, winter was challenge, concentration, and the goad of evolution, all at once.

We are, in our times, beset by a different type of Winter, a barrenness of the spirit, a challenge to the very existence of the Folk. It is a winter of values lived and a freezing, the negative face of concentration, of what is most valuable in us. I visited friends recently, who are racialists, one of whom is an Odinist. On the television was a 'white' homosexual hollywood star who had made his reputation playing in a mostly black show, whose purpose is to demean White civilization ("Living Color"). He was clad as a woman, in lingerie, with ponytail and making exaggeratedly feminine gestures. My first thought was that, if this is the best that we can do, people with at least parts of the consciousness still supporting the most degenerate offal of Hol-lywood, then we are in very sad shape indeed. The winter of the spirit has chilled us very deeply.

I began to think how we might prepare ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically for the commonly assumed collapse of the System. Part of that spiritual preparation is simply in being what we purport to be, actually living it. No christian would call herself that without at least some bible study, some immersion in the sources of Judaic thought. No Buddhist would consider himself that without having known the eight paramitas or having learned at least part of the Tripitaka. No yogin would consider herself as such without actually doing Yoga.

Yet, in Odinism, we find people who can afford beer and cigarettes, but not to order a volume of the Eddas, nor the very necessary interpretations of scholars like Rydberg and Dum├ęzil. The person born into a christian community does not have to work very hard to absorb Judaic values- they are everywhere! The tales of Jewish mythology are absorbed from the environment in a Capit-alist-christian dictatorship, the walls of Jericho, and the genocidal exploits of Joshua, all right there for anyone with the stomach to read. Yet, how many of us have read the Havam├íl? How many, even now that it is readily available, and will be sold, at cost, will bother to turn off the tv in order to work through the Sei├░r meditations ? Many of the people whom we have attracted throughout the Odinic movement are accomplished in mental powers and often received messages even before knowing the sources, from the Go├░anum. That is well and good, yet such people may tend to think that the personal revelation supplants or obviates the Folk tradition. Really, a vibrant, resilient Folk religious tradition is one which includes both the perceptions of the modern seer, hence our inclusion of this in the Fall 105 Gambanrei├░i Statement, and the psionic perceptions of Folk past. It is this linkage, this long, his-torical binding which gives us the strength to resist the Fimbul (Great) Winter of which the Vala spoke.

We cannot control the external environment to any large degree, whether it is race-mixing or drug abuse. We can control what media we chose for our own children to see. We can chose not to support entertainment media which degrades our Folk. We can make certain that our children see us chosing to live Folkish values. We can show them that what is out there that is sick or degenerate is that to which we do not subscribe.

We can steel outselves, with our traditional foresight, against the time when the System collapses in America and is likely replaced by a right wing Christian polygot dictatorship, when even shipping a voluem of Rydberg across state lines is a criminal offense, by making certain that the Folk Infrast-ructure is built now. We must preserve all that we can, whether the truth about the Third Reich, or the real record of segregation in the U.S., which educated White and non-white children far better than they have been taught since forced integration. The truth, in a time of the spiritual frost, hides in the corners, if we bother to put it there. The danger is that not enough of us may take the time, trouble, or resources to store the seeds of renewal.

There is every reason to suppose that the System will survive whatever dysfunctional and unnatural pitfalls it has set for itself and will simply mutate into a worse monster, whose popularity will be shorn up by invading yet more unfortunate countries than Iraq or Haiti (who's next- Belize?) The System has dual-citizenship ADL members who hold jobs in the FBI and other branches of the secret police apparatchika and there is now a covert war against White Pagans. In the near future it predictably will become overt and officially, openly, sanctioned, led, no doubt by a scathing article or two in Reader's Digest in order to condition public opinion.

Winter of the spirit threatens to sap all our spiritual energy with the mere necessities, keeping a job, paying bills, raising children, running a household. If one accepts that an Aryan is just an animal with a different skin, coat, and fur, perhaps an animal existence is warranted. If one looks, however, at the grand sweep of Nordic history, at the people who founded the great Hellenic and Roman civilization, the great Indic civilization, we are far more than animals. As what the Leader termed "culture creators," our loss, or the loss of the products of our consciousness, which would amount to a loss of our true natures, of our identity, would mean that the Earth's sinking into interminable barbarism and degeneracy. The chill of the spiritual season of barrenness is dispelled only when we take the time and make the commitment to preserve our identity through arduous self-development and the preservation of our intellectual artifacts.

Beyond that, our own space secured, we must venture to meet others at what ever level of development and consciousness, other Aryans, to help show them the way to turn the challenge of this winter of the spirit into a time of concentration, not ruination. It requires many of the same skills and faculties as we had to possess in the past. We must be industrious, vigilant, and learn what to value. We must bother to read a great deal in order to give ourselves that Aryan education which is denied us in most schools. We must also work on direct methods of personal development, like the Sei├░r and other systems of practice uncorrupted by alien thought, in order to advance our consciousness so that our counsel is valued and our very presence amongst our Folk taken seriously.

Winter survival and its role in furthering the evolution of our Folk were consequences of working with what we were given, which may be the greater fact of Aryan consciousness. A good example is that of the Aran islanders who, until early in this century, hunted sharks for the oil for lamps and used sledge hammers to break up the ground in order to grow potatoes. Working with the long nights of winter and the hardships of a harsh climate, our Folk used the time to become competent, hence the epithet on a Swedish tomb of the 10th Century C.E., wherein a lady was described as the "most clever" in her district. Taking what was given, what exists in our initial circumstances, can lead us to wisdom. If you are bound to a person of lower evolutionary level through a love obsession, use your repute with others to counsel against such obsessions. If you are a fearful, timid, and short-sighted person who cannot think of another's needs, much less use very adequate resources to benefit a larger good like the folk, force yourself to act as if you are greater, grander, more noble, and perhaps you will, in turn, become all of that. If you were deeply embedded in the System and have heavily invested in and are indebted to it, disvest yourself, cut useless consumption, while there is still time. If you are tied to a superficial job in a superficial and unnecessary area of commerce, like delivery of gift baloons, take classes in plumbing or auto repair- compensate by learning something for a future with no birthday clowns. In any life situation, one can chose, even after many wrong or de-evolutionary choices (often dysgenic as well), to a different script, a different ending or conclusion. That is the awesome power of the Aryan intellect, the adaptive genius which can salvage something, even if it is only advice to others to better ones own performance.

The winter of the spirit closes in on us. The nights take on a certain nip, and even the Ionosphere condenses a bit, incidentally improving distant radio reception. Matter solidifies and people, driven by comfort or necessity are driven indoors to an extent. Perhaps the Aryan mocks the hardship and embraces, in Nietzschean freedom, the cold, the heat-robbing air. Perhaps he is the one who welcomes cold, solitude, and the quiet after insects sleep, as the preconditions of higher thought.

Spirit creates its own conditions, though, if we, who at least have a glimmer of how to nurture it, do so. Within the house, even when we cannot afford to keep very warm, we can cultivate the Spartan physiques of those who love discipline, as the key to further possibility. We can cherish effort and make reading, learning, and communicating with colleagues a priority. We can preserve the renewal of spiritual life, its spark, in the simplest decisions, like steaming vegetables and preparing whole grains for our childrens' supper, so that healthy food becomes the endemic and favored taste, sparing them later health problems. We can choose, quite simply, to purge our environments of media which do not nourish higher consciousness or actually impede it. We can reclaim our spiritual lives, just as the Folk, the brave and gallant Folk of the Oera Linda B├│k, simply by the acting of choosing and then doing our spiri-tuality. If the Fates smile on a family and give it good location, share the family time of a weekend by hosting a kindred meeting. There is no more impor-tant family time than that reserved for Folk events. Nor can children learn of Folk consciousness in any other way than seeing sharing, daring, building bridges and creating a second community with those of similar commitment.

So, even in the winter of the spirit, we can be resourceful. We can use the hardship of this time to focus ourselves on preservation and sustainable efforts for the present and future. Just as the warrior uses ever-stalking death as a resource to make him live with more immediacy and intensity, so he will use the crushing circumstances of today to further our cause. A Pagan knight is grateful for the difficulties, for they point to what is possible. Just as the man who committed the Sei├░r to memory as he sat, daily, in an open pit of mud and death in an American concentration camp, and then saw the man who taught it to him starve to death, he transformed his circumstances through an act of heroic will with no assurance whatsoever that what he learned would be remembered or that he (due to his SS uniform) would survive the systematic torture and beatings to bring the knowledge into re-birth as it stipulated, in our time. All his later life he bore a scar about the throat where he would not remove the silver Thor's Hammer which hung on a chain there, weakened, sick, starved, a black MP took his club and twisted the chain until it dug into the flesh. Still Paalo would not remove it, nor explain it to his inter-rogators. He laughed at death, fearing only the death of the spirit, the suppression of the soul. His final freedom was to deny his captors that final surrender. Yet I have seen the 'warrior' who has yet to host a Folk function, who fears every contact with the only people who care if his son has a future; how far have we descended? Were the heroes of the Reich a mere anomoly, a larger-than life few who left no spiritual heirs?

That is the key, the Folk of iron will are the only ones who can nurture the seeds of change. Only in the person of heroic will and the determination which looks past circumstance, can the seeds of life slumber through the long desolation of this time. For now, let us enjoy to cool evenings, the relief from heat and glare, and let us build, quietly, correctly, sustainably, that infrastructure of spirit wherein higher evolution may slumber within us until its awakening in a Fourth Reich, the herald of a new Golden Age.

We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Our Folk traditions are older than you are and, unlike today's media, do not contain distortions to fit current alien beliefs. If they don't fit you, respect our Folk and our Gods enough to leave them alone and find another theology that is your own! These were our homes and our kinsmen who were burned, shot, frozen, villified and forced to flee for our lives. Millions of our diverse ancient peoples died and it is illegal even in our homelands today to let our old people speak to us truthfully of what they know and experienced during these bitter times.

Please remember that we are not universalists and do not believe that the principles contained herein would be of benefit to "all mankind."
We trust the ingenuity and resourcefulness of other peoples to come up with their own evolutionary strategies.
Ours assumes self-control, limiting one's consumption of natural resources and production of offspring, not overrunning and exhausting the earth, and other ethics of a distinctly North European flavor. This work should certainly be shared with other North Europeans.
All we ask is this: if you copy this work, have the honor to use it whole, as this is more representative of the greater body of spiritual writings from which it is excerpted and will avoid the taking of parts out of context.

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