The Gambanreiði Statement - Raven’s Gift, Frey’s Day 13™

Raven’s Gift, Frey’s Day 13th

The process will change you
The process will move you
If even you entered it with any hope of gain
You are not then the You who then hoped for it

And so he thought
The Transformation inherently transformative

As the Raven settled on the eve,
Seen by Sigrun ,
Croaked, a croak that shook the timbered lodge
And made the warm water ripple.

Resplendent in Her black cloak, She nodded toward its far corner
where the bath awaited and made it Mimir‘s Well
spoke through him in a torrent, another voice
he could not have stopped the Revision.

The Global Revision began
That 13th day Frey‘s Day
In the third month, Lencten
Seventy Seven Hundred and Nine years
After ancestors erected the standing stones at Carnac.

As the Revision had been Set to last for years
One hundred and Ten
On an eve in the fifth month, Shearing, in the Year 7705.

That no longer was the twisted dark vision of Apocalypse that drew
To itself through people‘s choices and alignments Apocalypse in
the Real
doing it that way would release a colossal wave of cosmic suffering
to radiate through all Parallel Worlds, all twenty-five of them,
and these must be protected,
the deficient coding
of humanity removed, or contained, OR
as They, the Wise Jotuns decided, Reformed,
Spake, so the Raven Spake,

All that is not love and light is illusion
All that is not in the Light is being filled with light, shot through with light
from its root of Being to its outward smallest manifestation
All its being of every dark being is burnt clear by Light
All cryptocracies
All Empires,
the dark minion of the cryptocracy with his arms and badge
all shot through by Light, all asking "why do I do this?"
All criminal conspiracies, dissolved by Light,
All humans-as-locusts, who stripped bare
the nurture of their homes and turned upon, displaced
from others homes the ones there living, shot through with Light,
returning, reversing and repudiating all Empires,
including those of genetic swamping through immigration
All exploitation,
and the Overgrowth, the numbers, which served the Dark alone
and buttressed all that is ill, and the stripping and subjugation of Earth
and the sundering of other species, all undone as sterility
moved through their ranks as once did plagues
All Domination, shot through with Light, Competition,
Deactivated by Light.
All cancers, all Alzheimers, rendered inert, impotent,
No longer causing suffering, rendered impotent by Light.

And as She spake all, beneath all, a whirring, a thrumming,
A deep-voiced engine at the heart of the Multiverse,
And silent times where priest was thrown silent by its profundity, rode
In the deep and strong vibration, shaking all that was not light from him
As through his voice She spake.

She showed how the gunman becomes to question the gun and its use,
the addict Sees that it is another force, fed by sating the habit,
and the dark plotter, in self-love with the unnecessary convolution of
his schemes, their emptiness made plain to him.

Her black head turned- Her obsidian beak pointed as She cast Her eye

over all manner of places of ill-practice.
She Saw the cozy sanctuaries beneath churches
ecumenical communities,
where children’s blood soaked stone floors
as men and women masked as beasts
and simply robed
worshipped sabbatical goat of Semitic imaginings
within the gaze of large dark lizards
and ritually killed innocence, stabbed with knives and dicks
on rude altars in subterranean spaces.
She spake, "Fill all these with Light that they no longer feed
their demonic god of blood or bloodied thorns."
And before me in the Well, was shown as She looked
great corporate business-churches turned to research centers,
billions of religion-industry
applied to technology,
clean and appropriate,
that the reduced population of a regreened world
would use in joy.

They thought it all out, the Call
was to a man of travels, of high culture
and great learning
the gyðja—
they both to go, to commune
atop a frigid mountain with the Powers
behind all appearance and materiality.
She faced the wind, the cold, and stood, stood silent and alternately
shouted the gathered worlds of the world weaver to the Powers
that asked to tune the course,
but he, serving the secret services, his stipend theirs, filed his reports
and stayed, vowing to vanquish with his hubris the reformers
of this plane, claiming it only for Man, who‘d botched the job.

As she Spoke to the Standing Goddess-who-was-Raven, those who pretend
the world revolves around them were exposed.
their narcissists illusions and self-important dramas fell apart,
No longer is energy fed to them
and who would feed illusions severed.
Forces that had entrained mankind vanquished

Jormagand was shown, with shining scales of Gold,
and gold his promised city.
Through entropy he shrinks into the grayness of his creation, the global monoculture.
For him there is no renewal, only the entropy wherein he swallows his
own being, insatiable even to himself.

When next the priestess comes to give report, many more lights
are seen, diversity returning,
as the distant Gold City promised
in spiritual materialism‘s cults
shrinks and dims.

And the Renaissance Man,
his sponsors sent their best:
dark spirits came at her, offering a blessing,
a peace, a meditation,
a touch, a conversation,
and had with them facts that only he had gathered,
trying, ever trying to divert the fated meeting.

But it happened, the peak, the massive Goddess, who wore the raven‘s wings;
two fortnights later came to speak into the Middle Earth Their findings
that the whole Nine Worlds be kept,
that Yggdrasil kept clean and strong,
spared the imagined Semitic fire
cursed upon unaware humanity by
its arcane cryptocracies.

All regrown, rewoven, Light spreading, as was Asked,
unstoppable, working through all worlds, across all times.

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