Pitfalls in Mate-Selection

If ever there is an area where self-destructive behavior results in lasting, or permanent damage, it is mate selection. Viewed cognitively, behind most emotional decisions or states is value system, goal-attainment or other forms of that map of reality which we construct. In an era when domestic violence (and not just amongst non-whites) is at an all-time high and most relationships, even those involving the raising of children, are not enduring, it may be constructive to outline some of the assumptions which drive the making of wrong choices, the selection of people with whom a relationship is deleterious to one or both involved.

     Pitfall # 1. Opposites attract, so be sure to find someone as different from yourself as possible- physically, temperamentally, and in lifestyles. Where have we heard this message over and over again?- Could it be Cary Grant and Doris Day? Hollywood and all the advertising agencies which, whether in print media or broadcasting, surround us with messages of mixture, give the impression that it is somehow aesthetically deficient for two blond people to be seen together, or two olive complected people- how anti-nature. And if we really understand NS, the fact is that everyone is color-coded. There really are different temperaments associated with the different physiognomies, whether it's Nordic stoicism or Mediterranean sensuality (The Racial Elements of European History by Hans F. K. Gunther, Ph.D., a leading National Socialist anthropologist explains temperaments), the appearance does to a degree belie temperament. This in no way denigrates one race over another. It is to say that best compatibility for evolution is within one own folk group.

     Pitfall # 2. I've dated (am dating, etc.) one type of person, but that's not the sort I'd marry. Fact is that we are conditioned by and influence in turn, those with whom we associate. If we associate with one type of person, say, one driven by sensuous appetites, sports, beer, superficial knowledge, apolitical, then we attract precisely that same sort of person, because we are drawn into the places, events, and lifestyles to which they and others of their acquaintance, will expose us. Like it or not, you usually find a serious relationship exactly where you find a less than serious one, so aim high, at the type of person whom you hope to eventually attract, even when you date.

     Pitfall # 3. Looking for a challenge, someone to reform, redeem, save, change, etc.

     Pitfall # 4. Early Judeo-Christian programming teaches us to expect and attract failure, misery, and those who would gladly visit it on us. Subconscious assumptions of worthlessness, deserving to suffer, life-is-supposed-to-be-hard, or 'I am bad (dirty), so I deserve her (him), or can't do any better for now. .. ."

     Pitfall # 5. Self-appointed missionary- similar to challenge (3)- looking for someone to upgrade mentally, racial-genetically, someone below you so as to feel good about all the neat things that you can teach (show) her (him), of which he (she) had been deprived. Also manifests as making up for negative early upbringing by nurturing as a father or mother to the mate.

     Pitfall # 6. Accepting alien media (superficial) criteria for how to evaluate worth of a person of opposite gender, as in "Wow, you should see his house (job, car, etc.)!" or "She's a 10 with a perfect set of- -." At a more subtle level, it can be expecting perfect teeth, no pot belly, or the absence of stretch marks. If you don't believe that such things drive selection, look over the personals or date-line section of your local newspaper- advertisers often specify attributes which sound more like they plan to buy livestock than spend time with a person of the opposite gender.

     Pitfall # 7. Great intimacy, earth moved, so he (she) must be The One. Fact is, what you regard as 'chemistry' may have as much to do with perceived power or fertility from media conditioning cues (6) as any real compatibility. It may also have a lot to do with the partner's skills, which may have been honed in hundreds of risky, shallow encounters, than any caring, relating, or capacity to be the person with whom you could grow.

We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Please remember that we are not universalists and do not believe that the principles contained herein would be of benefit to "all mankind." We trust the ingenuity and resourcefulness of other peoples to come up with their own evolutionary strategies. Ours assumes self-control, limiting one's consumption of natural resources and production of offspring, not overrunning and exhausting the earth, and other ethics of a distinctly North European flavor. This work should certainly be shared with other North Europeans. All we ask is this: if you copy this work, have the honor to use it whole, as this is more representative of the greater body of spiritual writings from which it is excerpted and will avoid the taking of parts out of context.

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