New Age? As Piscean as it gets!

If you are a somewhat metaphysical Oðinist, you might come to believe that, when something or someone comes before your path, there might be a reason for this. You don't flatter yourself that it is some sort of super-transcendent reason, which might make you incredibly important: that would be the work of the ego. You don't imagine that it is on your shoulders to unravel the Gordian knot of every falsehood or to carry the burden for consciously chosen human ignorance on your personal shoulders.

That said, when something slaps you in the face enough times, especially something which is lacking in logic or in which easy answers and feel-good euphemisms have been substituted for the search for truth, exposing the posturing becomes a compelling task. So it is that I have always rubbed shoulders with the New Age set. It is not that I can talk with angels, although I do think that I know what other life forms need, like listening to my tomcat, Mr. Silver. It is not that I have the self-importance to be able to simplify every human transaction with a blessing and wish away pain or embarrassment. Rather it is that I like natural, unprocessed food, and enjoy much of space music. In those two tastes, I've run across the New Agers. I've also worked beside many of them.

I became really suspicious of the New Age type of person, when I attended some teacher workshops back in the late 1970's. I was on the staff of a special school for mentally and emotionally disturbed adolescents. We had workshops on appropriately dealing with these kids' outbursts and there we were to learn the forbearance to stolidly permit one's paternity and mother's occupation to be questioned several times a day.

Almost all the teachers and therapists were from upper-middle-class homes. Almost all the kids were from poor families or fragments thereof. As our therapists / 'facilitators' took us through the exercises, we were supposed to role-play the sorts of stimuli which came with the job from our 13-18 year old charges. Invariably, personal material from some of the teachers spilled out. I noticed that, when anyone confessed to a problem or intractable situation, like ' I have to work two jobs to pay my rent, so I'm tired on the ward all day,' (the rare, working-class teacher), the reply went something like this: 'You chose this situation for your soul growth.' Another person teamed-on, like piranha on a feeding frenzy, 'What do you think you did in your last incarnation to earn you this much struggle in this one?'

It was classic blame-the-victim practice. It all came back to me a quarter century later, as I was speaking to a couple of members of a metaphysical center about joining forces to launch a new feature magazine. One of them, a woman, assumed that familiar pose, 'I don't want to hear your difficulty with the last start-up>' (she'd asked) Her body position was arms wrapped tightly around and gaze leveled down for a critical look, as if to say, 'How dare you tell me about this problem.' Finally, the words were a series of 'so why did you try to make this work if you knew all that about it?' Of course, no one knows all the ramifications of a difficult or sticky situation, when he goes into it. Forewarned, none would go into it in the first place, but the question implied that I somehow knew (magically?) what would happen in the end, but had conspired, perhaps just to unload it on her, to undergo it anyway.

New Agers pretend at being kind and compassionate but even the simplest explanation of difficulty or problem is met with this kind of flak. As I listened to her, it took me back to the previous sessions at the special school more than two decades earlier. What mattered to the New Ager is class warfare, the ability of upper-class kids to criticize the others who inhabit a different space. There, paychecks can be fragile and there is always more month than income to cover it. For them 'consciousness' is just another bauble of a privileged background, like sports cars and hot tubs. Of course, the New Ager lavishes 'love' out there, away from the less fortunate people of similar background. They 'love' and worry over the migrant worker, and rush to contribute to any disaster in the Third World, while ignoring the poor of Appalachia, or even repeating jokes written for Black TV comics by Jewish scriptwriters, generalizing long-ago rare cases of cousin intermarriage with jokes about 'inbreeding.'

There is little in the New Ager's experience which cannot be better addressed with a clich' or euphemism. When one of them reported to me a few years ago and a client came in who had obviously gotten up on the wrong side of the bed, she used 'active listening feedback' to assure him that everything was all right. After a while, he angrily retorted, 'Will you please quit telling me that you, 'want to do whatever will make me happy' and straighten out my account?' (After hearing about three soothing sentences of her mumbo-jumbo, I did.) Afterward, she told me I didn't need to interrupt and resolve it because she was 'putting the conflict into a higher light and raising it to the Christ consciousness.'

Here, very economically stated, were two of their favorite phrases. I told her that the man came to us because some of his fields had been incorrectly data-entered by phone number instead of zip code. The man did not come in for a massage, but to have his problem resolved. I was reproached for 'forgetting the human element in the transaction.' I reminded that the most 'human' thing to do was to let this client go back to his organization with one less loose end to worry about, using hardheaded business sense.

New Agers make certain assumptions about the world, founded on double standards or political correctness doctrines untested by fact. In their literature or their company, you can find Bill Clinton described, from his numerological chart as a 'master teacher,' who reincarnated just to wake us slobs up. The chart's writer failed to note a very important other number, 49. That's right, as of 2000, 49 people intimately connected to the Clinton's have died under mysterious circumstances. Late Secretary Ron Brown's plane supposedly downed by a gust of downdraft: Armed Forces traffic controllers later leaked out that it was perfect flying weather in the Balkans that day. Presidential Counsel Vince Foster's 'suicide,' involved a man with a mortal gunshot wound who 'dragged' himself to a different spot for his body to be discovered. No other president of the U.S. has had so many people's memory miraculously wiped clean by the cleansing sponge of mortality.

There is our 'master teacher,' not as a guy who inserts cigars into an intern's internal cavities and then smokes them in the Oval Office, or who receives sexual favors from employees the age of his daughter in the same suite. No, this is a former Arkansas governor, whose brother, Roger, was arrested dealing crack cocaine by DEA agents out of the governor's mansion and described his brother Bill thusly, 'He has a nose like a vacuum cleaner.'

One wonders if the Chinese police state, which funneled millions into his campaign coffers from the likes of Evangelical Christian Johnny Chung knew that their contributions were buying us the best possible president. We all know that the goings-on in the nether world can pass human understanding. So it is that Bill Clinton descended from his master teacher and enlightener status long enough to pass and sign into law the 'Anti Terrorism and Enhanced Death Penalty Act of 1994.' Under the provisions of this crowning humanitarian treatise, American citizens and certain undesirable residents (always Arabs or Muslims) can be detained without trial indefinitely and have no right to confront their accusers. The tribunal is a group of secret judges. If you think I exaggerate, please, go to the nearest Federal Registry and check out a copy (just don't be conspicuous- you might be branded a 'patriot.')

The blinders are on in as many mundane as sacred assumptions. One bedrock assumption is that there was nothing, nothing in the Western tradition, which was in any regard similar to what they find in the East. Due to centuries of converted Christian Westerners' ignoring it or repressing it, such a conclusion may seem warranted. It is harder to find. So it was that I was teaching an elderly friend simple, s'su (that's a Finnish word, folks)-based exercises. They are designed to help restore the circulation of vital energy to the extremities and to generally ameliorate the effects of aging. Throughout, all that she could speak of was how a chiropractor friend of hers taught her this or that technique in yoga, which was similar. I asked why, if the yoga analogs worked so well, had she just now started to notice the tingling sensation in the arms as improved circulation, strength, and control returned to them. I had to question why highly enlightened beings like Yogananda, died in their '60's, just like the average population.

My purpose was not to disparage yoga, for it is a valuable discipline. It was, rather, to teach her that the techniques from which yoga later derived. They are still known today in some Celtic lands as wyda, or amongst the few in the North who remember them as sta'hagaldr, were part of the cultural baggage which the Indo-Aryans took with them during their eastward migration some four millennia ago. She has a permanent blind spot to any teaching that is not based in an Oriental or Levantine nation. I at one time have seen books about North European antiquities, which showed pictures of drinking horns, which show figures in the same positions and doing the same exercises as are practiced in the these two health systems even today. Some of the horns were at museums bombed out during the allied air operations of W.W.II.

While pretending that ever action and motive of theirs is somehow elevated metaphysically beyond the rest of society, the realities of dealing with a New Ager are very much prescribed by the Piscean agenda. A local preparatory school in Portland is run by a child of Light. While she, the exalted priestess, goes to meditation retreats in Thailand or puts a see-through mandala on the rear windshield of her Mercedes, her employees drive old cars and barely make their rent. A New Age leader spoke in glowing terms of buying a house as an investment and using it to set up a publication for her group's activities, newsletter, and so forth. When I tried to get specifics on how this would work, it was just a landlord, looking for tenants. If the New Age way of renting property would be to use a lease-purchase arrangement, the way she wants to manage it is as retrograde Piscean as can be imagined- just to rent it out and let someone else pay her mortgage.

While telling her flock that there would be economic collapse within a few years, she is privately buying up and renting out old houses, the least mobile asset and the first one to lose value, drastically, in a depression. She told her flock that there would be geological unrest West of the Cascades and to plan on moving by 2003. If she believed this, it would follow that owning houses would be a useless encumbrance. If she didn't mean the bit about flooding and economic collapse, why tell her querants at readings and associates? In economic terms, New Ager's behavior is solidly allied with the most retrogressive type of Capitalism, where capital investment and remote ownership are the norm. Clearly, what you believe and act on, and what you tell the shepple, who come for tarot readings and workshops, are two different things.

They assume that 'social justice' and 'open borders' are holy causes, but never examine why Mexican authorities in 1986 brutally detained and spray painted the heads of Chinese refugee boat-people and flew them back to await the tender mercies of that country. They do not ask how, allowing over 12 million to flee an adjacent nation, which will not control its population growth and has destroyed its natural environment, is going to help that nation solve its own problems. Which part of the problem doesn't concern the New Agers, the status of Mexican women? Or is it the dwindling and imperiled Mexican forests and national parks and endangered species? What they won't address is the lack of political will and societal change to live in proportion with the environment, rather than exporting the result. By allowing mass immigration from failed societies, which export people, and to which we export formerly American factory jobs, the West simply props up regimes where political terrorism, oppression of women, and pyramidal class structures are a way of life. In places like Mexico, the bones of labor leaders litter the deserts and our New Age movement speaks only of the hardships immigrants encounter. If it were that hard to make a go of it here, they would not immigrate in the first place; they came because any place is better than the mess they made of their home. When they have transported the same quality of life to Los Angeles, many of these same immigrants just continue, carrying the same 7-children- per-family average and its resulting street gangs further north, to other states. One can only imagine the day, if current trends are projected, that native Aleuts and Athabascans in Alaska are elbowed out of the way by a herd of pregnant Mexican 'economic refugees' from the Northwest! If New Agers deal with this at all, it is with further euphemisms, like 'development is the best birth control,' or 'we were all immigrants once.' Yes, but the 'melting pot' was one of Europeans, with similar mores, when this country was a viable one.

All of this destruction is supposed to be accepted in a spirit of 'love.' The fraud of this purported universal love is evident, when it is realized that there are no tears shed by this movement for the displaced workers of the West, into which category many of them will soon enough fall. The most privileged of this privileged caste are those who inherit fortunes from Capitalist parents and workers who do not own their family enterprise and who can then go to 'study the truth' in India or Peru.

For every destructive trend, of course, the New Age has a euphemism. Back in the '70's Gordon Michael Scallion coined the term 'children of the blue light' to describe 'tomorrow's children' who would grow up without mom and dad present, raised to full, ripe sociopathy by TV. Now, another author has coined a phrase to make White Americans and Europeans feel passive, if not good, about their coming extermination, 'indigo children.' To be sure, there's a euphemism for every situation! We are told that these children of White mothers, abandoned by their non-White fathers, while the castrated and soon to be imprisoned in one on the 72 military bases prepared as concentration camps White male becomes gay.

No one looks at the CIA funding of such 'research' or who was paying G. M. Scallion before he was 'called to the Light,' and began writing about distant geological events as if they were imminent. Art Bell played the same flute and survival supplies were a hot item for an invented 'Y2K' crisis. The New Age crowd just queues up and passes a quiet 'moo' of bovine contentment as they're told what to believe. The lack of critical reasoning skills is everywhere apparent. It is obvious in the double standards, too. The same idea, of permeable borders, lack of definition in a society, and multi-ethnicity, is heartily rejected for anywhere else. For every Third World nation, 'preserving ethnic integrity' or 'keeping its indigenous culture intact' are phrases as shop-worn as the other euphemisms. The implication is, of course, that Whites are nowhere 'indigenous.'

When the rights (and needs) of 'indigenous peoples' are rattled off, it is assumed that we are not native to anywhere and have no rights. They ignore how few generations have passed since Zulu immigrants exterminated the Hottentot bushmen or how many dozens of generations the same families have occupied the coast of Norway. Thus the New Age assumption would be that it would be 'bad' for a Norwegian investment group to set up corporate farming and install thousands of settlers. Yet, they would support the reverse, if thousands of Zulu men married Norwegian women and settled there, would be 'good,' this despite the fact that Nordics are almost extinct and all the Negroid populations continue to rise. There will never be a mass immigration of others into Africa, and if there was, the threat to native cultures and ways of life would be vigorously stated, yet extermination of Western peoples and cultures is coded as 'diversity.' Obviously, it's whose extinction is imminent that matters, and whose lands are sacred. To the New World Order and those who further its aims by assumption, all is not equal.

How does allowing any regime which is repressive to export its dissidents help the cause of social justice, even by their definition anywhere in the world? If every Iranian who questions state Islam is here, who is going to oppose the regime there? Is it 'social justice' for every black male to have a harem of white mistresses, when he became a father at 14, and again at 16? Does the New Age criticize the rampant street gangs in what were once livable cities, where membership requires 'make a life: take a life?' What about the black male's female counterpart, reduced to welfare-mother status, while he pursues the Hollywood-promoted union with a suburban white girl? How does this promote 'social justice' for the children (over 85% of black births are without a father in the house) whom he will not support or nurture?

As you peel the onion of rhetoric around the 'New Age' movement, a high ratio of puffery to substance becomes visible. The same is true for religion. New Age pretensions are toward a new spirituality unbounded by dogma or the past, as embodied in organized religions. Yet in most literature, you can find 'Christ', 'God', and other mythic beings as frequently as in a Baptist sermon. These beings are being resurrected as First Century Sephardic hippies. The advantage of mythical beings is that they, like Mickey Mouse or Paul Bunyan, being our own folklore creations, are infinitely plastic- they can become whatever we are made to make them for our purposes of the moment.

So, Christ and God of the New Agers are custom-made. These are not the biblical voices, which commanded mass killings by their favored people in the Old Testament. Neither are they the 'loving' Jesus who in Matthew tells his followers to turn away from their own family members should these not accept 'Him.' Forgotten is the tyrant, who states in the 'parable of the talents' in Luke 27, of the man who did not invest his shekels (talents), 'bring him and kill him before me.' The New Ager wants a kinder, gentler archetype, so he simply ignores the parts of the Bible, which prove otherwise, and invents one.

As if the Christianity, of which New Age is but one of many masks, were found wanting, the adherents look elsewhere. Not finding Yoga, kundalini, or other Vedic practices therein, these people simply merge polytheistic Hindi, Tibetan, or other Buddhist thought with enough fearful calling of 'His' name to keep the fire insurance in effect.

It is to the New Agers credit that they realized that there was much of value, including centering, chanting (like rune chanting or mantras), watching the breathing, and a cyclic view of history to be had in other religions than Christian. It is unfortunate that they did not have the moral courage to see that there was no need to transport Jesus to Tibet, so that they could have the benefits of both practices. 'Oh boy! Enlightenment and getting saved from the lake of fire, two for the price of one!' With intellectual honesty, they could have done the hard work, maybe even read a few detailed, difficult books about what the Levant was really about in the 'First Century' and found out that the history was nothing but a fantasy.

Had they read The Christ Conspiracy by Acharya S., published Adventures Unlimited Press, 1999, and available at, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores, they'd have been able to dump all that ballast of fear, guilt, and the death cult. This epic work builds on earlier heresies, like T. W. Doane's The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors before Christ, and David Fideler's brilliant scholarship in proving the solar cult connection in Jesus Christ, Sun of God. Fortunately, she goes further and shows that the whole area where the 'miracles' were alleged to have occurred was misreported in the New Testament fictions. They didn't get the places on the correct side of lakes or other topographic features and reported events in places like Bethlehem and Nazareth, which were ghost towns. The Romans, in response to the first Jewish zealot uprising, had burned all dwellings, filled in wells, razed walls, salted fields, and otherwise rendered the region uninhabitable. It was two hundred years after the 'birth' that the region began to host a trickle of settlers. Who was behind this deliberate myth making, and why? It's worth reading to find out for yourself. The proofs are exhaustive and inescapable. Maybe even the righteous legions of the New Age will listen. Instead, New Agers are as afraid of learning the facts of the 'First Century' as are Baptists.

That may be too optimistic. Human history is seldom about enlightenment away from leaning on 'parents in the sky' and far too often about merely changing their faces a bit. Probably the history of the future will record a Saint Bill (cigar stains removed from fingers and Chinese cash from back pocket) along with a new Virgin Mary type, like Princess Di. One would hope that metaphysical types would catch on, but that's unlikely, as they are often as afraid of the facts as are 'established' religions. When making arrangements for Acharya to come and speak about her discoveries, the same leader who was spending thousands for down payments as a landlord 'couldn't afford' to fly the author up for what would easily be a well-attended speaking engagement.

Surely the New Age has a solution for all this skepticism. It works something like this: all you have to do is use your imagination and focus on these images with Light, Love, and Purpose. Reach over and touch your neighbor (appropriately, please!) with Love and cleanse your heart of the 'hate' which makes you question what we tell you to believe. Why, we wouldn't let think tanks sponsored by the NSA set up 'holistic' retreats if it weren't good for you, would we? If anyone has the courage to check out the truth, from a former insider, about how and why the New Age movement was set up (including the 'Beatles'), read Dr. John Coleman's Committee of 300 and Diplomacy by Deception, available from WIN Magazine at 1-800-942-0821.

While the U.S. launched a cruise missile attack against the Al Sharif Pharmaceutical Works in Khartoum, Sudan, in 1998; it was justified as a 'response' to the bombing of the U.S. Embassy elsewhere in Africa. The premise was that this was a 'secret chemical weapons factory.' What the U.S. controlled corporate news media didn't reveal is that the Sudanese government asked the UN's World Health Organization to investigate. The plant had manufactured over 50% of the vaccines for the human and herd populations of that nation. A German construction company built it and American consultants set up the pharmaceutical manufacturing. The WHO investigation found that the plant had never manufactured anything but vaccines and medicines. The health consequences for the Sudan were catastrophic.

Real reasons that it was bombed were as follows:

' Clinton, that marvel of Higher Life, was embroiled in controversy over his many perjuries, such as are now causing his law license in Arkansas to be jeopardized- classic 'wag the dog' politics- but at what cost?

' Sudan is a fundamentalist Muslim state, and, as such, has constantly criticized Israeli settlements in former Palestinian lands (the subject of countless UN resolutions, too)

' Sudan has opposed turning its culture Western and becoming another hamburger, TV, and beer society. It wants to be what it is, although its women's rights are strictly Third World, what did that have to do with Al Sharif?

Now, the only relevance of mentioning Al Sharif here is that it made the news on the Right, with articles in Spotlight and elsewhere. Yet, with their concern for every precious Third World child in Africa, there was a surprising silence about this act of genocide, probably calculated to ensure enemies for the West to unite against in classical Hegelian dialectic. With a fractured, non-cohesive zoo of a nation, external enemies must be found. When the USSR so inconveniently disintegrated, new ones had to be cultivated.

Strangely, the New Age held no prayer vigils for the several hundred thousand children of Iraq, whose water supply and sewer systems, both totally non-military targets, were bombed out by U.S. and British warplanes, so that there have been mass deaths due to dysentery and other water-borne diseases. They laid no euphemisms on Al Sharif, or the herdsmen who have lost their children and their livelihood; their journals failed to bathe these transactions in 'the Light.'

Some of the ignorance which bedevils New Agers is simple innumeracy. Why, they reason, would there be anything wrong with any Euroamerican's selecting a non-White mate? Isn't race just an obsolete concept? They reckon that everyone would benefit from being cookie-mold blended into just one race. In reality, all other races would continue to exist, should current trends continue. Only whites would become extinct.

If a N. European marries an Oriental, African, or Oriental, the latter really don't lose, especially when the mixing occurs in a mainly White area. Non-whites are at least 92% of the world's population. I say 'at least' because census figures count Iranians, Afghans, a random number of Latinos of mixed descent, Russians of mixed Mongol or Tatar heredity, and other marginals or mixed persons as 'White,' when, in fact, they have epicanthic eyes, round skulls, and brown skin and, often, a non-Western culture, such as Islam. Whites are at most 8% of the world's population. Does anyone believe in 'minority rights?' Do we suddenly abandon that concept? Are minority rights meaningless when the disempowered are from a White minority?

None of the other main racial groups is facing extinction; all others have high birthrates. All others have inviolable territory. Where is our belief in 'biodiversity?' If one subspecies is on the verge of extinction, due to its habitat being overrun by a competitor, as the red wolf's is by the coyote, is this any different than the plight of the White rancher in Arizona or the White resident of Southern California, being invaded and overrun by an alien people and their culture? When a belt of cities from Los Angeles to Miami look like, and consequently have the political, economic, and, eventually, legal institutions of Rio de Janiero, where is the 'diversity?'

New Agers do not put pressure on other nations to be 'diverse.' This New World Order standard is only applied to the 'First World.' Non-native immigration will never be enforced on Kenya, Japan, nor Indonesia, despite the fact that all three erect barriers of law, custom, and trade against non-native participation in economic or political life or immigration. The double standard is just another lie, another Orwellian lie by the cryptocracy, which moves through the 'New Age' movement, which is merely another part of its machinery.

New Age propagandists influence policy makers in training at colleges and universities. Future school administrators learn about the 1954 Brown decision and subsequent desegregation. They are not exposed to the fact that, while the U.S. Warren Supreme Court had the effects of segregation on black children studied, there was no concomitant study on the effects of integration on White children. As anti-White racists, the federal meritocracy and its sponsoring cryptocracy institutions did not consider this issue: was this oversight 'equal protection under law?' Future policy makers in urban planning, public health, or education curricula are not even allowed to examine these issues. The cannon of political correctness is all that they will ever know. Part of that doctrine is that any challenge to this dogma is 'hatred' or 'hate speech.' The real hatred is the visceral hatred of Whites being inculcated in these policy makers and perpetuated by the New Age movement. This hatred is even found in the mirrors of those who look into their mirrors and dislike what they see. The Pavlovian conditioning of these people is such that they are determined that their children should not look like themselves, a virulent self-hatred, which, in true Orwellian double-speak is described as 'love,' 'diversity,' or the sameness of 'all colors of the rainbow.' (If that were so, again, why does only one band of that spectrum have to relinquish its ancestral lands, culture, and genetic composition?)

Ever since the term, 'New Age' was invented in 1921 as the title of an obscure Dutch journal; it has been imagined that the end of the Piscean Age would result in a New World of greater possibilities. Instead, we inhabit an era of massive surveillance, continued overpopulation, and every effort to destroy Western Civilization in favor of a coming global gray monoculture, ruled by hidden elites through laws, duplicating interests of the same power brokers from nation to nation.

These interests are, in turn, defined by banking and financial institutions, whom none elected; yet they govern. The New Age movement is but one of their tools, in a most Orwellian sense, disguising hatred of the West and its peoples as 'love.' The perception of the self as unworthy and needing 'redemption' is a tenet of Judeo-Christianity, so it is no surprise that this carries over into the meta-message of collective unworthiness. 'We do not deserve a homeland or a culture, because we have sinned and been more technologically advanced than they have been.' The movement became just another mask of Semitic thought-control and mass mind manipulation.

New Age movements has thusfar been the worst sort of Piscean relic, serving the purposes of, and often funded and set up by, these hidden masters. If there is a path to 'within,' it is not through euphemism, clich', or following the globalist dictates of those for whom destroying nationality is no more than a pretext for acquiring cheaper labor and greater profits. If there is a greater 'Truth,' it is that there are several 'truths' and that a movement, which pushes 'unity' can only do so by stamping out, usually at UN or NATO gunpoint, real diversity. If there is to be rumination on truth and finding it as the bases of a movement, it is requisite to begin, humbly, with simply finding the facts. Truth, whatever it is, must start here, built upon the pylons of hard logic and accurate thinking about our world: this the New Age movement has not done.

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