What Promotes a Healthy Society
Overcoming Victim Mentality to Recover Racial Health

This site does not encourage hatred toward any individual nor group. We recognize, however, that every group and members thereof, tend to support and promote members of their larger “family”, the people whose genetic and/or cultural traits they share. To accept this tendency is to accept diversity: to try to stomp it out with “hate crime” laws is to enforce uniformity.

We think of the person wrongly accused or incarcerated as a victim, yet others, working two jobs to survive, may be seen as victims of economic forces over which they have little more control. Those at the top of the pyramid are taught manipulation instead of real production, and to take from others by paying only a fraction of the value which the employees create. An underlying assumption, sometimes by both parties, is that life is strictly for material accumulation, debt management, or class struggles. The resultant shift in emphasis is unhealthy for both the individual and the society.

Black columnist Thomas Sowell refers to the process of teaching “Victimology” where certain groups are designated worth preservation and “victims”. To create false victim identification while simultaneously targeting other groups for population replacement, as Mexican President Vicente Fox advocated the replacement of American middle class persons by Mexican immigrants at the La Raza Unida convention in Chicago in 2004, creates internal disequilibrium. Managing one group against another is one of the earliest forms of social engineering, used by a capital elite. Meanwhile the U.S. Presidents still support these invasive policies, further burdening our citizens, while vigorously diverting attention into overseas aggressions. This confusion feeds the national guilt complex which is pseudo-placated by abandoning normal national interests of the citizens at home.

A Los Angeles Tribune principal wrote his board recently to protest how the mass American media have treated the actions and intentions of the recent wave of young Hispanic immigrants. Rather than "victims", taking jobs nobody else would have (How were those jobs being staffed before the Hispanic replacement population was invited in? The jobs were always worked by legal, documented, tax-paying American workers.), the Hispanic immigrants advocate ethnic cleansing of all non-Hispanics. They write and speak of EuroAmericans in terms that can only be described as "hate-speech". For more on the racist, genocidal Hispanic immigration, read http://tribuneco.tripod.com/

Victims of trauma tend to suffer PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Often, these victims, whether of battlefield experiences, or of violent crimes, do not retain a clear memory of the trauma. While the person’s mind appears to lock away or wall off the event, psychiatrists who specialize in treating PTSD survivors know that hiding the injury behind of wall of amnesia or denial prevents the patient’s recovery. In the macrocosmic sense, a society that only selectively remembers in its group memory, that is its literature, history, and journalism, the travails of a few designated “victim” groups is far from health, as it thereby devalues the human experiences of the others, not thus designated.

Releasing, even reliving and altering one’s perception of deeply disturbing experience seems to allow life force to return to the individual. Reclaimed awareness is like buried treasure. Finding it, one reclaims the innate and natural wholeness. For a society, we must remember the travails of the “Okies” and “Arkies” who travelled West to pick fruit or get any other job available and slept in hobo jungles during the Dust Bowl days of the Great Depression just as vividly as we remember the scattered instances of “Jim Crow” treatment for Blacks in the South. Rather than creating another legend of victimization and another claim for reimbursement or retroactive compensatory privilege, we should listen to such stories for the Nietzschean virtue of “overcoming”.

Some religions recognize that unlocking the physical body's energy centers (known in the old Norse as orðr and, with only partial overlap of understandings, in Yoga and New Age religions as chakras) opens the way to spiritual advancement. In a collective sense, acknowledging hardship, collectively or individually, can give us the pretext to affirm the resourcefulness and vigor of spirit that overcame difficult conditions. Such acknowledgement is at once inspiring and instructive.

As we look out for the rational self-interest of our own tribal entity, community, or race, we need not do this by planning to exploit, enslave, or oppress another. By recognizing that all persons belong to a family-writ-large, which needs what any specie of animal needs: a secure range, resources, to mate within its own subspecies, and security from predation and parasitism, it is possible to harmoniously recognize that we all have similar needs and concerns. We can, and should, strive to reach agreements with other groups that stress mutual respect and laissez-faîre.

We should take our identity seriously, as it is the accumulated wealth of psychobiological evolution. One’s temperament is the cumulative experiences of one’s ancestors. One must also respect that others have similar adaptations, and, those experiences, and the milieu in which they occurred, being quite different, will differ from our own.

If we recognize this, we can avoid becoming victims, or tending to create victimhood in any other people. While we can never really walk in another’s shoes, contrary to the New Age axiom, we can read another literature’s record of that group’s experiences and pay attention in our dealings with others to how their customs and mores may be adaptive to their environments.

In the healthiest society, each group, due to its very unique adaptations, will eventually opt for self-rule, local self-determination, and there will need to be no more repressed memories of maltreatment by other groups. As nation-states, held together with centralized bureaucracies, taxation, codification, and law enforcement, fail, local governance will emerge. The Tofflers, authors of Future Shock and recent best seller Revolutionary Wealth, have recently advanced the theory that one after another, institutions will be failing, that the failed Federal response to Hurricane Katrina's devastation of New Orleans was just the first such event of its type. Friendly working relationships and true harmony between different groups happens best when each group has what is innate in man, secure territory and self-determination. Given that, we can meet to trade, to work on mutually-beneficial projects, or in the workplace, but each can be grounded in communities based upon genetic similarity and therefore the resultant similarity of temperament. As the “melting pot” artificial centralized tyrannies fail, we will need to reach out to each other, understanding the dynamics, and respecting the autonomy and self-determination of the Other. We can move toward a world where good fences, as Robert Frost's neighbor commented, make good neighbors, a world peopled with neither victims nor victimizers. We can move beyond the group dynamic taught by New World Order “education” mass media, and saturation brainwashing, disguised as entertainment and respect the nature that is within us, where diversity can flourish.

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Note: this site does not encourage hatred toward any individual nor group.

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