The Commemoration and               Observation of Days    

Haven't we all been exposed to the contemporary "Twelve Days of Christmas"? The Twelve Days of Yule originally began in Pagan times as the days of Yule, each of which commemorated a particular month of the year. To Nordic Pagans, it all begins on Winter Solstice, also called Winter Sunstead, which falls on the 21st or 22nd of Juul, or Julmond (Dec.) and constitutes the first of these buffer days between the old and new years. Below we shall discuss each month and the God or Goddess who may be thought to rule that particular time.

1.     Snowing (Snow Moon, or Snaelling)    As the coldest and often most overcast month, the processes of life are in suspension. A new year has begun, a new cycle in time, as marked out by social convention and the length of days. As life in the Temperate and Sub-Arctic Zones, the natural habitat of Aryankind, is held back by the cold and dark of Winter, we honor the High One, Who, pierced by the Spear of Knowledge, Gugnir, hung for nine days and nights upon the World Tree. From this earliest numinous event were all other religious notions of a godly sacrifice diffused. Unfortunately, they were used by a darker priesthood to win their flocks' allegiance to alien mythology, turning the noble quest for insight into an atonement for "sin."

Urdr, the principal Goddess of Fate, also presides over this month. She recapitulates into each life the past set of circumstances and conditions and its effect on the present. She is the Goddess of cycles, cause and effect, and sits at Ošin's side at the Thingstead, where each newly departed person is brought for judgement and we shall all someday stand before Her.

For Teutons to Observe: On the first day, take down the Yule tree in your home. Hopefully, you bought, or raised, a potted live fir, spruce, yew, or cedar of modest size, which will love the cold as do people of the North. Be silent for a while and meditate on death, winter, and culling, for it was the extreme hardship of the North which was the catalyst for that higher evolution which elevated Aryankind from the rest of humanity. Purify yourself with sauna or exercise to work off the gustatory excesses of the season.

Historical: The 18th- the Second Reich (Realm) was founded in 1871. On the 30th in 1933, Our Leader ascended to become Reichskanzler. One of his earliest programs was making Germany the first nation to come out of the Great Depression, which had been caused in 1929 by co-conspirators Bernard Baruch, Joseph Kennedy, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., and Winston Churchill, among others, deliberately selling short in order to precipitate a crash so that they could buy newly devalued stocks at fire-sale prices. One of his first moves was to take Germany off the gold standard, curtail (eventually close) the stock markets, and to declare null and void all national debts to international finance. During this first harsh winter the German people became again a Folk, an example of a healthy White national village, which beckons to us even now.

    Horning     Days begin to lengthen, presaging Spring. Winter has its own bleak beauty and even its wetness and harshness are that. The gray skies blur distinctions. The panorama of life presents in pastels- people of the North do see in shades of gray. To us is not Truth, as in the shabby absolutism of the arid regions with their ecclesiastical police or school prayer, but Truths.

The light of a good fire creates a sense of wholeness, the mystical gestalt. Heimdall bore the hearth fire to humanity. As Rig, He also brought the torch of culture. As Rast, He bore into the cistern where was stored the mead of inspiration, helping All-Father liberate it for man. He is the eternal opponent of Loki, and He warns the Sons of Heaven at Ragnarók's approach. In the end He will slay the god of wanton, destructive fire, Loki. He, like Thor, is the force of righteousness, or Folk defense.

Renewing Will is like that too. Forged in the hardship, scarcity, and death. Winter is our teacher, but also our defender, screening out the insects and tropical diseases so endemic to the tropics. Not allowing teeming masses of rapidly breeding undermen to survive it, as in the tropics, Winter selected only the clever, the fit, those who could plan ahead. For several millenia, it proved as impenetrable to aliens as was the heat of India to its infrequent White overlords, whether the original Danube Aryans, Moguls, or British.

Watchman God, He, with His brothers, Ullr, the Silent Stalker, and Thor, is patron God of the SS (Elite Guards), the very prototype for the elite warrior in modern times. He was there, standing behind the Wolf Shirts as they tore the guts from the advancing Mongol columns and He marched and rode silently beside the Varangians, making a last long defense of Europe from the Turks. Winter, and the elite few, who dared and dare to act have stood, as does Heimdall, on a bridge, separating the higher realm of the Aryan world, even with its anaesthetized masses, from the lower realm, the dark hosts of the less evolved.

For Teutons to Observe: At the month's beginning, have a Vala (seeress) cast runes or read the Nordic tarot- plan your course and set goals for the coming year. On the 14th, honor Vali and, if eligible and a prospective mate is in view, initiate courting. Meditate on vigilance, how, in the lives of kindred members and their families, one must rigorously keep out alien influences, which are so often subliminal, through an act of the warrior's will.

Historical: On the 26th, in 1924, the Leader and other National Socialists were tried for treason, as a result of the Munich putsch of the prior autumn. Meditate on the fact that if no one took chances, if no one stood up, fell in battle, or was chained away in darkness, the present order would continue. Comfort and stability are greater enemies to the forces of regeneration than all the forces of repression. As you think of destructive fire, review the fire-bombing of Dresden, an Open City, free of strategic value and possessing no war industries. It was carried out on the 13th of this month in 1945 and involved the murder of 150,000 civilians.

Reflect on how the U.S. has always been in the business of genocide, whether the deliberate starvation of over a million Axis P.O.W.'s and Displaced Persons, (most of the latter German orphans, whose parents were incinerated by "strategic bombing" of residential areas) or the forcible relocation of American Indians, in violation of its own treaties. That the nation was founded and expanded upon genocide and imperialism is supposed to be hidden by cries of "Holocaust!" against the valiant few who stood in its way. The anti-German epic mythologies of Hollywood are used to draw attention away from U. S. real involvement in more than 54 'brush-fire wars' since 1945: among them are covert and or overt actions in Lebanon, Chile, Angola, Panama, Grenada, Iran, Guatemala, Iraq, Laos, and Vietnam. The real agents of imperialism and genocide sit in the halls of Congress, pass laws to flood the White world with non-White immigrants, and do not wear monocles nor bark orders in ersatz gutteral German. Instead they do Loki's work in the names of "Democracy" and "Freedom."

    Lencten    (Lenting)    During this month, the days lengthen, hence the name. When days and nights are of equal length, the first cross-quarter day, the Vernal Equinox, has arrived. The powers of light wax full now until Mid-Summer's Day. Who better represents the renewal of dormant life than Išunn, Goddess of Spring, and Višar, God of Primeval Forests? She harbors the new birth of the natural world; He shall rule the Nine Worlds at Gimle, the New Order which shall emerge beyond Ragnarók.

In His reign, under Aryan leadership, man's exploitation of nature shall cease and the primeval forests will spread, actualizing the seed of balance, as echoed in the Sun-Wheel, and the Equinoxes, which form two of the points on it. At Ostara is time to fly kites, picnic, observe a sunrise, looking Eastward to the returning Sun. Ostara in Norse, Eastra in Old English, is the Goddess who maintains the Earth and is a distinct deity in Celtic Theology. She is another name for Frigga, the High Goddess in Nordic Theology. This Ostara, honor Her, Vióar, and Ióunn.

For Teutons to Observe: Gently sew the seeds of freedom from herd-religion with a worthwhile Christian friend, telling her the real nature of the Easter observance. Reflect on the fact that, in most of the world which they conquered, the judeochristians won not only with brute force, but with guile. They did not make observation of Ostara nor Yule illegal- no, they poisoned it with their own meanings, allowing the shadow of self-determination for the Slav or Celt, but changing the inner substance of the holidays to reflect their obsession with controlling the behaviours of others through theocratic tyranny (sin- for short). Order a copy of The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviours from Loompanics book service. The real religious life of the North was born of the Fire and Ice. Consider, on this day, that, whether in the Hebrides or the Kola Penninsula, your Nordic, Baltic, or Atlantic ancestors were blocked in by ice and killer seas, where a boat would capsize with ice on the riggings, if not struck by a floating iceberg until Spring. They forfeited light and mobility for the Winter months, both of which returned with Ostara.

Historical: In 1938, on the 12th, Österreich, the Eastern Realm, Austria to most of our readers, voluntarily reunited with Germany, the Anschluß. Consider the fact that millions of Europeans voluntarily joined in the NS way of life, not only here, but in White Russia, France, and elsewhere. They saw in National Socialism a path for personal ennoblement, not the parasitic nobility of Europe's past, but a way to enhance and accelerate personal and eugenic development. They saw a National Socialist Germany pull itself up from the ashes of a disastrous war and the worst economy of the Depression, creating an economic and social miracle. They wanted that miracle for their own nations and peoples.

They saw the Third World flotsam, the Caribbean drug dealers and pimps in Paris, the Arab drug dealers of Marseille, the Jews of Berlin who ran homosexual nightclubs, all of these fled the coming of a White Nation, like rats fleeing a granary fire. This degeneracy, documented in Hemingway's Moveable Feast and Somerset Maugham's The Razor's Edge, represented the force of entropy, of de-evolution. At least half the French population voluntarily joined the Reich as the Vichy government, to take back their national community, as did Bulgarians, Romanians, and Croatians. These Europeans sought a new Springtime of the spirit, and saw it in the German miracle. Within the Reich several occult societies were behind the NS movement and had aims far beyond the restoration of lost German territory. They, and their membership, which included many of the leading lights of the SS and Party, sought nothing less than to establish a new Golden Age, to lead the world out of democratic chaos and degeneracy and into a new Golden Age. Amongst these, the Vril Society and Black Sun Formation of the SS actually sought out other intelligent life in the multiverse through transmedial contact and space travel.

Ostara (Eastre) The light has returned, and, in the Temperate Zone regions, the first blossoms of Spring come with it. Fruits from these blossoms, the Golden Apples of Išunn, keep the Gods and Goddesses ever youthful. Truth can exist at several levels simultaneously. Reflect that, in a society which depended heavily of dairy and meat products far more than in modern diets, the gift of fresh fruit was viewed as important to health. All Fool's Day began the month in Celtic Britain with the election of a King of Fools. In the French survival of this ancient Pagan custom is Le Jour du Poisson d'Avril (Day of the April Fish), similar to America's April Fools' Day.

Consider the interfunctionality of nurture. Išunn cares for the grove, and anyone who raises fruit trees knows that it is a demanding task. Her fruits nurture the Gošanum. The people are nurtured by the orchard, fruits, nuts, beauty, and shade. We in turn, in our plane of existance, nurture them through drought, disease, or poor soil. It is Above as Below for we nurture the Gošanum from our dimension with tidings, prayers, meditations, rituals, and offerings of effort. They in turn strengthen, inspire, teach, and challenge us.

At its highest evolution, a Folk create a state which enshrines the transcendent truths of natural laws, truths of the Gošanum. They nurture that state, putting aside self-interest consumerism, and the acceptance of their peers. They strive, instead, creating from ideals, public service, and doing without the frivolous while creating the great. The reborn Fatherland, in turn, nurtures the highest human potential in each individual, encouraging personal evolution.

For Teutons to Observe: Arbor Day is on the 27th in most states. Do your Pagan duty for the Earth and plant, prune, fertilize, or water a tree. On Walpurgis Night, also known as May Eve, for it is the last of this month, consider Nanna and Balder, He who represents Nordic fairness, what little remains of it in a world hostile to Aryans. Meditate on Their love and tragedy, but also know that He is not dead, but that Balder the Bold went instead to that fortress of the Įsmegyr, the home prepared for Him amongst the good men and women selected by the Gods over several millenia to repopulate the Earth after Ragnarók. That they have been spirited away, we have clear record, as when the "Fairie Queen" took Conn of the Hundred Battles, an Irish Nordic hero, and spirited him from this plane of existence. The Celts referred to his captor thus, where we know that the Nornir, the same Sisters of Fate, high Goddesses co-equal with the Aesir and Vanir, send Their messengers, the Valkyries, on more than one kind of mission. As His death is tragic and linked to the loss of the life-affirming solar warmth in the higher latitudes, so is His return triumphant, as Balder shall, with Višar, and Thor's sons, Magni and Moli, rule Gimle, the new earth arisen from the ashes of this one.

Historical: On May Eve, the mortal hero, who tried to actualize Pagan values in Middle Earth, and his wife, and many of their comrades remained in an embattled city as 50,000 exhausted and ill-supplied starving troops tried to hold off a Russian advance of nearly 2 million men (who suffered 600,000 casualties, we now know from declassified Soviet documents). He and they offered themselves up as a sacrifice to a future that they knew they would never live to see.
Put the matter into a personal perspective.
It would have been easy to escape in the last months of the war, to take a submarine out of a Baltic port to some distant, anonymous existence. How many of us, today, would have the courage and inner guidance to choose death in order to set an example for all time? Contemplate also the tenacity of the brave men, most of them Eastern front veterans from elite units like the Reich Special Forces and the Brandenbergers, who were chosen to form the Last Battalion and who left aboard 100 submarines in the last weeks of the war to continue the battle by any means.

On the 7th, Luftwaffe Memorial Day, celebrate heroes of the air, those who challenged not only an enemy with vastly greater numbers, but the limits of science itself, like the pioneers who flew the ME-163 Komet, the world's first rocket plane. One can hear the sonic booms even in the training flights recorded on Discovery Channel's "Wings of the Luftwaffe" series- where is the credit for breaking the sound barrier? Read a passage from Stuka Pilot or The First and the Last. Ask yourself if you could have, like Leo Hein, who flew an ME-190 most of the war, but served as a test pilot on early jet trials, and, in the last year, flew an ME-262 jet fighter, taken off with a happy heart, knowing that you were short of fuel and ammunition and would face anywhere from 8-to-1 to 27-to-1 odds at various stages of the war.

    Shearing    (Merrymoon)    The name refers to shearing the sheep and some goats, raised for their hair, of the luxurious winter coats, as wool was a major fiber in the agrarian and animal husbandry economies of the traditional Aryan village. Those who want to link traditional Aryan values to a vegetarian regimen would do well to remind themselves that the Celts of Gaul and Britain were smoking hams and bacons when the Romans destroyed their civilizations. Domestication of animals has always been a major part of the Aryan lifestyle. It is not for no purpose that man has sharp teeth, for rending flesh, as well as molars for grinding grains and vegetables. It is not by accident that we have intermediate length digestive systems, not super-short like carnivores, nor with two or more stomachs like ruminants.

If anything, our actual, physical makeup suggests that we are omnivores, like racoons, badgers, or foxes, evolved to eat that which does not eat us first. Nature's designs cannot be revoked by hippy emulation of the East. The word "paradise", coined by ancient Aryans in what is now Iran, means "a place of good hunting" and the hunt has always been a primal Aryan experience. During the hippy movement of the Sixties, California (ever the epicenter of the bizarre) obstetricians were struck by the fact that babies born to hippy mothers who followed the "macrobiotic" diet (whose originator, a chain-smoking Jap named Michio Kushi, died in his mid-sixties from heart disease) were underweight and sickly. Animal husbandry has always been a part of how we lived on the land.

Surviving folk customs remind us of this month's connection with courtship and love. The May Pole celebrates courtship, just as May Day celebrates martial vigour. Freyja and Tyr are the rulers of this month. He is the citizen-warrior, God of folk juridical matters, and she is both Goddess of Love and battles, who takes with Her half the heroes to Folksvangr. There, part of the Twilight Army of the Gods, the Eiherriar, they drill, practice, and sharpen their skills, often being called to battles in other dimensions, which happen just as we battle here.

She is the Goddess of Love, and Her amber tears that fell to earth became the Baltic's treasure, as they sparkle, golden, like the Spring sunshine. She is also Goddess of Magical Arts- as with all the Gošanum, Their very complexity is a richness in itself. These many facets of Her life call us, as does Tyr's heroic sacrifice to bind the Wolf, to greatness. The warrior, even in the metaphysical sense of someone who lives warrior values, efficiency, endurance of hardship, stoicism, intentionality, self-responsibility, is one who can love most fully, so there is really no contradiction. The most powerful magic is that of the disciplined mind which generates an image, holds fast to it and actualizes it into material reality for a great or noble purpose. With a mate of equal racial value and personal evolution, interdependent personal growth can be one of these purposes.

For Teutons to Observe: Hold sparring matches and demonstrations of skill to celebrate May Day. Have indigenous European martial artists demonstrate Pankration or Savate. Hold a demonstration of epee, falchione, or broadsword technique. Entertain family and kindred members and let the kids practice archery, snare making, or camouflage, showing them the importance of survival skills.

Since mint, sage, thyme, basil, and rosemary by now already have fragrant leaves, pick a few, dry them. On the coals of a small fire lit for the purpose, or the disc-type charcoals for incense, sprinkle the powdered leaves at May's full moon. As the fragrant oils burst from the smoking leaves make a transpersonal prayer of heart to the Gošanum; this year it was a prayer for the return to its natural geographic community of each family of sentient being and that the world again become Green. To seal this prayer, chant out loud the ancient closing ritual as the herbs smoke on the coals,
"May the smoke from this sacred fire of remembrance smell sweet upon the hearth fires of Asgard, Vanaheim, and Nornheim. May it like be sweet within the halls of Folksvangr and Valhalla."

Historical: The 10th, 1941, Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess flies to England in an effort to stave off total war and to make peace with the British. He does not know that, secretly, negotiations had been underway during the "Sietzkrieg" (sitting down war) between the British government and traitor factions in Germany to end the war and call off the dogs if Germany would only return to the Gold Standard and become a client state of the Bank of England. There is no interest in peace on the British part. It has often been speculated, and we may never know the whole story, that the Leader sent him, believing as he did that war between White nations was counterproductive. After all, Hitler did halt the Luftwaffe attacks and permit the British to withdraw most of their army from Dunkirk- had he planned a protracted and total war, why let an enemy withdraw in order to fight again? Clearly, he planned some sort of peace process and perhaps Hess's trip was a final, desparate gambit.

Ironically, when, four years later, Berlin fell on the second of this month, the last troops to withdraw were those valiant SS volunteers, Charlemagne's Legion, French SS. In the years of the Reich, other Europeans grew to realize the importance of the NS way of life and that the commissars of the East and the stockbrokers and jazz-age race mixing White youth of the West, who even then had appeared as a liberal leadership on America's campuses, represented no less than the end of Western civilization. They came from all European countries, not to defend a Germany bled dry by six years of constant, unwanted war, but an emerging way of life which offered hope for a White Europe, an end to theocracy, and economic justice. Of all the divisions of the SS, more than half were not from Germany. Point this out to a friend on the 2nd and lend him a book by Leon De Grelle, a Belgian who led one of the volunteer divisions.

    Fallow    The term, "Fallow" is meaningful in the village economy.     After the ground is broken and seeds have germinated, yet before the young crops require weeding, was known in the rural American South of youth as the time of "laying by." School was out and, for those of us in rural areas, it was a brief time of relative leisure, for cookouts, fishing, or camping. The world is warm and green, it is the time of Sif, Goddess of green and growing things, when life is in profusion. She is wife of He who brings the life-sustaining waters, yet she begets Ullr, Winter-Father.

This month is punctuated by one of the two poles around which turns the Teutonic wheel-year, Mid-Summer's Day, also called Summer Sunstead or Solstice. From Scotland to Ukraine, the festival concluded with rolling down hill a wooden wheel bedecked with cloth, soaked in oil, a flaming celebration of the Solar Hero, who declines from this time forth until Winter Solstice, whence His gradual return.

The length of days is envigorating and in the agrarian-hunting-fishing-husbandry economies which characterized our Folk for 10 millenia, was a time when fences were mended, traps and nets repaired, boats freshly replanked and repitched. The days give way to energetic pursuits, yet they also lead to the balmy reverie so fertile to creativity. The wisteria are prolific and pungent and one feels gratitude to the many Forces behind the multiverse, Thor for the rains, Frigga for the fertile earth, Sif for profligate green growth.

For Teutons to Observe: Many kindreds have their own ways to observe Sunstead. In the Asavanorn, our children turn the sod in meadows near the Sacred Grove in the shape of the Sun-Wheel and then put different cereal grains into the turned mould. Nordic warriors perform knife or sword sciamachy, some dating back 13 centuries, one to a battle with Bulgars (a Mongol tribe who settled in S.E. Europe). The wheel is a way of symbolically giving back to the area, and the earth. Also, many members save pits over the year of species which are likely to germinate when strewn about the empty pastures, cherry pits, apple seeds, plum pits, things saved over winter. These we offer to the lands around the Grove in appreciation for its occasional use. Traditionally, on the evening before Solstice, couples paired off and spent the night in the woods. Mistletoe could be cut at midnight, after all, it was the one plant which could injure Balder. The community bonfire was a place for sumbel, toasting, storytelling and other entertainment.

Celebrate the warrior way, the need for hard-minded, logical pursuit of facts as a necessary precursor to truth. A recent "new ager" type Odinist publication stated that Sunna, a minor dis, or fairy, the inanimate spirit behind a natural phenomena, was the "real" ruler of Solstice. In fact, so much is Balder the prevailing Deity of the season, that His synonym is Raudbrikar Roekar- "the promoter of the red target." Resist attempts by many to disguise other agendas as Odinism, whether Satanic, Hindi, or New Age, or judeo-feminist and attempts to render it politically correct.

Historical: Celebrate Lindisfarne Day on the 8th. Toast the Viking freedom fighters and learn the truth, kept in oral transmission through several centuries of Dark Age repression, not the officially approved "history." The latter holds that the Christian monks were attacked in 793, C.E. for treasure and portrays Vikings as plunderers. In fact, the monks levied a "church tax" on nearby peasants of 25% and requisitioned their labor on monastic fields and buildings whenever possible, with royal backing. They were slavers, but also perverts, who lured boys into work at the monestary and feigned benevolence in adopting young orphaned boys.

They were the spearhead of a plan to subvert and conquer the North, as a monk would go out to a region, recruit one youth, bring him back for training with the instruction that he, the recruit, was then to recruit 12 more, to be trained here and at other monestaries, a lethal and exponential way to spread the virus which, over the next 1200 years would remove the immune systems of several Folk. Where a healthy society teaches what is alien, who is not of your tribe, what physical traits are not acceptable in a potential spouse, and that your lands are yours and not to be shared with those not of your own biological community, this new creed taught that all people were equal, and its own legendary leader recruited all manner of people from the melting pot of Palestine. Had the Vikings sought plunder, the jewelers and armorers of any city, manor, or baronial estate would have brought more, so this conventional explanation is not plausible.

Contemplate not the momentary victory, as Viking freedom fighters executed those who perverted their youth and worked to undermine the Nordic way of life, but the fact that we lost it. The Viking Age, like other Pagan societies, ended not with a bang but with a whimper, as the North was seduced by a creed which simply promised more for submission and threatened worse for disobedience. The historical truism is something like, "The ___ [fill in the blank] People converted to Christianity because their priesthood had become corrupt and parasitic..." Poppycock! The same argument has been made about almost every culture which gets rolled over by the Christian juggernaut. All of those religious systems from Greece to Ireland, from the Crimea to Finland can't have been in the same state of disrepair. A more obvious explanation is that it is the very corrupt nature of the judeotoxin of Christianity that, with guile, it cöopts, gives its own Semitic meanings to the sacred observances and beliefs of other peoples, and wrecks the indigenous cultures, preparing the subject, newly converted people for alien domination, economic exploitation, and national subjugation to powerful institutions outside the Folk, like the U.N., international banking, and the judeo-masonic cryptocracy who wrote the King James Bible. Conversion is a very necessary first step in which, whether the remainder can be accomplished in 4 generations or 12, all ideological obstacles to domination are removed and universalism becomes an accepted tenet of society.

At Lindisfarne, the monks were executed. Murder in Teutonic society was settled not by the ritualized torture of electric chair, hanging, or gas chamber, as in Christian societies, but in a manly fashion, if needing to avenge a victim, the kinsman would challenge the perpetrator to a duel, hólmganga, or, if a manslaughter, the killer (and/ or his family) paid a stipend, wehrgild, war-gold, to the surviving children, parents, or spouse. If the perpetrator was harmful to society and the killing was not justified or questionable, he was banished with a fortnight's provisions, never to return to the village. The crimes for which capital punishment was meeted out in Teutonic society included sodomy, rape, and pederasty, crimes against Nature.

Contemplate with your kinsmen how Gauls and Britons failed to adhere for the common good, losing forever Celtic civilization beneath the Mediterranean universalist defiler and occupier. Consider how prior cultures succumbed, how the Romans, even before Christianity, successfully extinguished forever the native, Druidic faith of the Atlantic peoples. Review the steps which the Leader had planned to wrest control of the German peoples from judeochristianity with appropriate readings from Hitler's Table Talk. Raise a horn or glass and honor those who fight against degeneracy today and count yourself among them.

Historical: A German invasion force occupies Norway on the 10th in 1940, just eight hours ahead of the British invasion force. German policies towards fellow Teutons were such that thousands of Norwegians joined in as volunteers, giving excellent account of themselves in the SS Wiking Division. More Danes, 55,000, served in the SS or Wehrmacht as volunteers than in Danish armed forces or police. Contemplate why this was so. While German response to partisan terrorists was harsh, it involved only a few hundred reprisals whereas at least, to put it into perspective, 50,000 Palestinians have been informally executed in Jewish occupied areas. Compare German occupation also to the French occupation of Algeria or the British repression of Kenyan, Indian, or other colonial national movements in the years following WWII and the distinctions between "democracy" and any other system become mute.

The Reich always respected the natural communities of man, based as they are on biological race, culture, and shared ethnicity. Therefore, Germany recognized Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia. It recognized Ukraine, Ruthenia, and Beylorus and the importance of separate Baltic states. The League of Nations created "Yugoslavia" out of these disparate peoples with, as we are seeing, dire consequences. It's successor, the U.N. did the same in the Middle East, creating U.A.R., composed of Egypt and Syria, and creating Israel out of what the League had earlier created as Palestine. Both bodies were in many ways extensions of the Empire days of England, when, staggering beneath the twin self-righteous intoxicants of Capitalist-nationalism and Christianity, it played havoc with the map of Africa, putting tribes with long historical enmity into the same "nation." By contrast, the German policy was not to 'play God' with the map or ethnic divisions, but to respect them as the manifestation of natural law.

In addition to Lindisfarne, the 8th of Fallow was also a day of infamy when, in 1967, Israel deliberately launched a bomb and missile attack on an American ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, an electronic picket ship, monitoring the Six Day War from international waters. The Egyptians, whose flotilla had only a few large torpedo boats, had no vessel in that size and an American flag was clearly in view. It appears later that the real reason for the Israeli strike was that the Arab forces were gaining ground early in the war and Israel was preparing to lauch biological and chemical weapons against Arab population centers, Damascus, Amman, Beirut, and Cairo. The Liberty tracked the radio and air traffic which indicated imminent attack. Israeli Defense Ministry ordered her disabled so that there would be no "leak" in their plans, which would be relayed to ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) and U.S. policy makers. They reasoned that if they could penetrate the U.S. defense and intelligence communities so thoroughly, perhaps another nation, like the Soviet Union's KGB might quickly get wind of the plans and relay them to its Arab allies. The same plan, code named Operation Armageddon, was loaded again in 10/73 during the first days of the Yom Kippur War, when Arab forces had recaptured the Suez, much of the Sinai Peninsula, and were holding their own on the Golan Heights. The Liberty incident brought little response from the occupied nation, whose state religion proclaims the perpetrators 'chosen,' only a few anemic protests.

    Haying    In the fields, the grain ripens and dries. Hay matures to be cut and bundled for fodder. Balder, God of the Sun, of Nordic fairness, rules this time. Teutonic theology is multi-stratified, truth at many levels. Balder is slain by the blind Hodur, who has been tricked into throwing the mistletoe by the Deceiver. If there is a message in this it is that Balder's gift of being the highest, most evolved, is not to be jested with, as the Gods and Goddesses were throwing all manner of things at Him because Frigga had declared that nothing could harm Him- the only plant which She did not proscribe was mistletoe, which Loki gave Hodur to hurl. Loki does not commit the act himself, but incites someone blinded to do it for him. When the Folk-state was formed, the Jews did not attack it directly, but manipulated Western leadership, blinded by greed and belief in their religion, with its jingoistic Jewish claims, to do it for them. Clearly, too, Balder's being the fairest and brightest, He was not seen as the treasure that He is, or They would not have made sport of hurling otherwise harmful objects.

There are four messages in the record of Balder.
1] Loki only gets power from deceiving others and lacks the power to do harm in and of himself- evil is not absolute, but requires deceit of and complicity with powers otherwise benifiscent to be effective ;
2] preservation of the original Aryan element of the White races can't be taken for granted nor left to chance, but must be promoted by state and folk policies;
3] it is blindness, Hodur's malady, which lets Him be used as a tool, but it is Heimdall, the Watchman God, whose vision is the most perfect, who sleeps less than a bird, who slays Loki in the end- our keenly honed awareness and promulgation of the facts, the truth of racial differences and Aryan history is the best weapon against the Deceiver's legions in the entertainment and "news" media;
4] at the funeral pyre, Ošin whispers into Balder's ear one word, which is telling and which shall be explored below, "Regeneration."

This last is key to understanding Balder's destiny and the events of His life. Degeneration allowed His senseless demise through sport. In a degenerate time, a racial leader spends $5,000 of money solicited for other purposes from members to mail order himself a bride, while the leader of a major national "White" organizations marries a very dark woman who is really border-line Semitic. Yet another skillfully writes of a "community" in order to solicit support for his own family, makes grand generalizations about what is wrong in the world and then holds up a "solution" his own meditative practice and a school with 4 or 5 children.

It may be reprehensible, but it is what we would expect in degenerate times. In such times, supporters, blindly following leaders, looking to worship heroes, rather than doing the difficult, inner work, of becoming their own heroes, when confronted with the undeniable facts, will say, "If getting mail order brides from Russia will bring in women who work for next to nothing, that's okay with me," ignoring the deception and fraud involved, then points out that the leader, living in a vast wooded retreat for which his followers have paid, drives old cars, as if this excuses the misappropriation. Blind followership, like the less-than-principled leadership, is also a relic of degeneracy, but Nature must have a restoration of order, and so He whispers, "regeneration," knowing that fair Balder will return to a world no longer hostile to Him when real leaders emerge, ubiquitous as the grass, not in remote retreats for which their shepple have paid, but in every community.

Here, then, is some of what we know of that world. At Gimle, the reborn Earth, Balder, with Višar, Magni, and Moli, and Freyja, become the ruling pantheon. When, in His death on one plane, He departs life in Asgard, he journey to Ošainsacre, the Acre of the Not Dead, where a great feast is prepared for Him by the Įsmegyir, select men and women, chosen from the best of humanity to inhabit the new Earth and taken into another dimension to await the end-time. Of such abductions, we know that the Celtic peoples spoke of faeries as did the Nordic of Valkyries, messengers, carriers, bearers not just of heroes, but also of those needed, taken for Higher purposes. Of Their nature, and that They do far more than seek the heroes slain in battle, we know that they are also called, Shield Maids, and that, like the Einherriar, the warriors whom They select, they do battle in the spiritual planes with the forces of darkness. Thus Whitley Streiber reminds us in Communion and Transformation that the Irish prince, who had the exceptonal destiny to leave the world not in death but for a higher mission. In his many encounters and recounting of other's experiences with "aliens", he fails to make the obvious connection with Nordic theology. Yes, we knew and know of the dark and light "aliens" and call them the dokkaralfar and ljussalfar, dark elves and light elves.

There is not only regeneration, but the binding of evil. Just as Tyr does not offer His hand in vain, but that Fenrir is bound, so is the wolf's father, Loki, bound by chains on a great rock, with a serpent's venom dripping onto his head until Ragnarók. In the grotto, where he is imprisoned, his hair becomes matted and pointed as if in horns. It is easy to seen where the Semitic mythologists borrowed yet another construct of another people's theology, then mis-applied it to impart their own meanings, as Satan becomes a far more sinister and potent figure than Loki, who has power only in the twilight of the world, when degeneracy is most advanced.

Another level is Balder as the Solar Hero. Haying's sun will soon be obscured by the mists and clouds of autumn, banished to just a few hours a day in the Aryan homelands, then reborn annually. So the smaller cycles echo the grander one. Balder is the life-affirming visage of Temperate and Sub-Arctic sunlight, in regions where its fragility makes it apotheothetic. He reminds us that the world's extremes produced the most evolved, who can make a barren island like Iceland hospitable, even raising fruit in greenhouses heated by geothermal vents. In a region of harsh winters, there should be grave seasonal nutritional deficiencies, yet these peoples, whether in Scotland, creating steam power, or Sweden, unravelling the genetic code, first in plants, invented almost all the technologies on which this world depends. Balder reminds us always of the rarity of this special treasure, the Aryan peoples, who are the Whitest of the 8% of the world that is White, and our charge to protect it.

For Teutons to Observe: On July 4th, think about nationalism. Originally, nation was race, language, custom and kinship, several extended clans. In colonial America, a caste of wealthy masonic planters and merchants wished to take over from a distant imperial government. They incorporated into their new state slavery and indenture (White slavery), usury, burgeoning textile mills based upon extreme exploitation of labor, and even the pyramid and all-seeing Eye of Judah on their national seal, and later currency.

Shoot fireworks for the fun of it and use the day off work to gather with other Pagan National Socialists, but remember the dark side of nationalism, that is has caused more deaths of Aryans and other Whites, like in the trenches of World War I, the terror bombing of WWII, and the countless ingnoble wars launched by corrupt nobility than any other cause. The second most common cause for disastrous inter-White warfare has been Semitic Mythology, leading as it has to the Crusades, the Thirty Years War, which decimated Germany, and the Inquisition. Consider, with your comrades, what we can do to abolish nationalism in favor of a transnational bruderbond concerned with White survival, a force to be reckoned with, just as Zionists have worked as a people scattered across the borders of several nations.

Historical: The degenerate art exhibit opens in Munich in the early days of the Realm. Even in the '30's was value inversion, in which the good, the true, and the beautiful are put aside so that the base, the crude, the ugly and sick can be elevated as tasteful in aesthetics. Berlin was, before the Reich, the party city of Europe. Paris crawled with Third World refuse, homosexuals, and the likes of the untalented, pretending at art and literature, such as Gertrude Stein. The Western art became led by those same Jewish, homosexual, universalist, liberal elements who lead it today. The Reich, significantly, put on the exhibit to educate the German people away from such art.. This is a different tactic than that of a non-Folkish totalitarian regime, like those in place in many Western nations today which confiscate NS literature or ban pro-White speech and press.

The tactic of the Reich was to launch mass value-education. One of the obvious reasons for the bombing of Dresden was that it was the sculpture center of Germany and housed a fine assortment of Hellenic classical art. It was from the Dresden sculptures that Hans Gunther drew much of his information on who the early leaders of Greek and Roman societies were, Nordics, and how these societies declined as the Nordic element was bred out of existence by, as always, the darker and more prolific.

In a larger sense, the NS and Fascist movements in Europe in the '20's through '40's represent a restoration of good taste, a return to classical values. They represent a return to order and progressive consciousness, a turn away from consumerism, materialism, and that lower consciousness upon which the present rulers of society so depend.

    Lammas (Harvest)    Frey, Lord of Harvests, and Verdandi, Goddess of the Present, rule this month, and so the celebration at Harvest 1st or the first full moon in this month is Freyfaxi. What we planted at Ostara and Shearing germinated to young shoots in Fallow. In Haying, we cultivated around it and, now, at Lammas, come forth the first fruits of the harvest. The last gathering will be at Octoberfest or Samhain, depending on the climate. There is a parallel in the fates of men. In understanding Ųrlag, we know that Verdandi creates the synthesis wherein past conditions, forces, intentionalities, and actions meet to become the present. In an individual life, one is defined by region, culture, and family, growing, expanding, but much of the potential still dormant in youth, life's early winter. As adolescents, we begin to assert the Will, in Lencten and Ostara, we plow the deeds, preferences, and binding choices. In Shearing and Fallow, we muddle through the complex of demands and challenges, parenthood, business, profession, or trade, cultivating our interests and defining our further direction. At Lammas, we reach independent adulthood, children out in the world on their own and time, in traditional Teutonic society, for the cultivation of the spirit, developing a craft or fine art, spiritual exploration, the pure pursuit of knowledge for its own sake apart from money -- all were the harvest of this time. Samhain, then, is life's second harvest, developing satisfying and nurturing relationships with grandchildren. Then there is the culling of Winter, extinguishing the fire of this life's Sun, and its rebirth into another form, place, and body in life's next year.

For Teutons to Observe: Bake honey-sweetened whole-grain cookies and breads in the shapes of runes and the primal symbols, othals, swastikas, sun-wheels, and so forth. Gather with other Pagans and have a Thing-Speaker address the concept of Harvest. Share ideas on strategic living, purposiveness, and intentionality. It is a good occasion to direct the energies of the kindred toward healing, not just in the sense of illness, but, also, where a member's life situation or experiences seems to require it. Pray together for the increase of the material harvest to the Vanir, and to the Aesir for the folk-mindedness and idealism to use it wisely.

Historical: Both George Lincoln Rockwell and Joseph Charles Tomassi, leaders of the post-war NS movement in the U.S., were assassinated during this month. Thank the Gods that there are the Few with the vision to lead. Most will cower in the shadows, grumbling about conditions. As they whisper their beliefs to themselves and the few they know to be "safe," they wonder why no one else around them sees the same realities. To succeed in preserving the fragments of the Aryan race, we must work both in sun and shadow and like Rockwell, we must risk, for change is never free. Always it is bought with the stooped frame of the worker in the shadows, the furowed brow, and the warrior's blood. That the System had them destroyed attests their effectiveness. Most "leaders" today would not be threat enough to warrant such treatment and the flakier can even boast in pamphlets that they've never experienced government harrassment.

Harvest also saw revealing events in the early history of the Reich. In Holland in the summer of 33, the World Jewish Economic Council declared war on Germany. This was reported in the New York Times 7th Harvest that year. They called for this war, at first, to be conducted by economic means, boycotts of German products, subversion, and sabotage. Later, the shadow rulers of the West detailed how they would destroy a Germany that dared break the economic chains of the international finance. In 6/3/38 the American Hebrew detailed how Jewry would use its influence and the control of major political parties in most nations, to incide Britain, France, and the Soviet Union, ". .a combination of Britain, France, and Russia will. . bar the triumphant march of Hitler. Either by accident or design, the Jew has come to a position of foremost importance in each of these nations. In France the Jew of prominence is Leon Blum . . .Maxim Litvinoff, Soviet super salesman, is the Jew who sits at the right hand of Stalin. . .The English Jew of prominence is Leslie Hore-Belisha, Tommy Atkins' [ed. the prime minister] new boss."

    Shedding    The agrarian cycle, tied to Frigga's good earth, has turned fully. The farm animals are shedding their summer coats. readying for the cold months. Autumnal Equinox (Fall Even-night) comes this month. In an Aryan climate, this is a month to make serious preparation for winter. The stores of food are to be prepared. Hogs and other meat animals are slaughtered, the meat is smoked, salted, and cured in the sun on platforms or the extended poles of dwellings. The same is done with fish in the last suitable sunshine. Herbs, dried fruits on a string, dried leaves, cheeses, and other stores are hung from the rafters for winter, as the smokehouse rafters are laden with meat and /or fish. In a basement or root cellar, turnips, sugar beets, and other tubers are stored and the grain is in crocks on the floor.

Now that the homestead is provisioned, the fruits of the earth and sea are taken to market to trade for items made in warmer climes. Chill, misty mornings will see the last journeys before ice claims the straits and harbors and the Northern world becomes unnavigable. Njorth and Ran rule this month. He is High God of the Vanir, Gods of harvest, man's relation to materiality, love, fertility, and plenty. She, Ran, Goddess, of the Seas, dwells in that first highway of trade, surplus, and plenty known to Northern Man. From Her, as from Frigga's domain do we harvest. Her husband, Aegr, brews the mead of the Gods at social gatherings and also brews the stormy seas of winter. It was on these highways that the Atlantean kingdoms became prosperous with the trade in amber, found in abundance near the Baltic Sea. In Atlantis of the North, Jurgen Spannuth relates that amber built great and wealthy kingdoms, of which Homer, Solon, and other oral and written historians of the Hellenic world spoke. These were civilized peoples, highly so. But, you ask, why did they leave no records?

The truth is that the North could be subdued by the Christian juggernaut only with the murder of priestesses and wise men and the destruction of all that they knew, the burning of books. In the Greco-Roman world, the liars merely coopted the theology of the peoples whom they would subjugate, thus Jezeus, the Light Bearer of Zeus, became the new name for Yeshua and Saturnalia became "Christmas." In these regions the doctrines of the Old Religion, including Mithra, who died for the sins of man, and Hades, a sad abode below, did not so nearly threaten the hegemony of the New Religion which the Jews and corrupt, homosexual, and criminal elements of the indigenous people were promulgating among the interracial rabble of Roman cities. Thus, these classical writings, following a conversion period of only two centuries until the new faith became an official one, were no threat. In the Teutonic world, the last peoples did not surrender their faith in their ancestors until the forced conversion of the Wends after defeat by the Danes in the 15th century.

Some social misfits of the late '70's and early '80's, being irresponsible and lawless themselves, bought into the System's notion of Vikings as savage, bloodthirsty barbarians. The earliest such inferences in the historical record were from Christian monks, like Adam of Bremen, who were not exactly noted for their objectivity. To put the era into perspective, let us realize that the Viking Age was just a moment of time in Nordic history. Even the expansion of Nordic settlement owed far more to trade than to war. In fact, most rune writing that survives has been in the form of wooden strips used for tally and sale. Let us take a fresh look at our man and woman of Viking times.

She could weave, sew, skin and prepare hides, often make shoes and run a farm and homestead as well. He might double up as smitty, with a small forge on his lot, yet also hunt for meat and sail on fishing craft during the peak schooling season. Both could and did barter, keep detailed records, and often were multilingual, for wide was the path of commerce.

For every war raider there were several deep-hulled ocean-going ships of commerce. Cities like Dublin and Kiev owed their founding, and older cities like Jorvik (now York) their vitality to this intelligent, productive race of tradesmen, craftsmen, and warriors. In September, one thinks of all of this. The air is cool and forms a thickness at the horizon at dusk. It is easy to sense the coming of fall, like all autumns past of which Shedding was the harbinger. The wines have been crocked, the fish sun-dried, and the granaries and root-cellars filled. The mind turns to the sea-ways beneath these clear skies for it is time that Folk take to ship and star.

For Teutons to Observe: At Fall Evennight (Autumnal Equinox), swap home-made goods, bake breads, sample mead and discuss self-sufficiency. Celebrate folk-communities and imagine how much richer life would be without the parasites of international finance and the large corporate businesses which control most production and distribution in this economy. Plan a family or kindred trip or camp-out. Contemplate how modern folk-communities and individual families can survive winter when the lights go out and Western Civilization plunges into the inevitable chaos which will result from Third World immigration and the plundering of treasuries by stock market barons and money lenders.

Historical: In 9 C.E., Arminius, a German tribal leader who had once served as a mercenary in an auxiliary Roman unit, launches a series of harrassing raids against Roman legions which have invaded Germany. He feints and withdraws, luring his pursuers, several thousand crack troops, into the Teutoburg forest. In a well-laid ambush, he annihilates the legions. Modern archeolo-gists have found additionally a Roman fort which the Germans sacked at the same time. A victory by guerilla warfare against the race-mixing universalist empire was the most severe defeat that Rome had experienced since early Carthaginian successes in the Punic Wars.

The Roman Will shall wait less than a millenia to complete its conquest of the Germans, though. What could not be won on the battlefield shall be taken by guile, deceit, and the interference in that region's affairs. The Jews, to forge the force which conquered Rome by creed, as they predicted in the code of Revelations, borrowed several Greco-Roman theological constructs, such as the crucified saviors, Mithra and Prometheus. They rewrote the tale of the leper, cured by touching the hem of the robe of Appollonius, priest of Appollo, of whose miracles Strabo, the Greek historian, wrote long before the 2nd Century forging of the new religion. The Romans had already practiced the most ruthless hegemonism, such as their genocide against the Druids in 65 C.E. in which they murdered the last of the Celtic priestly caste who had fled to Angelsly Isle. To the Jews, with their own history of mass murder preserved in the tales of Joshua and elsewhere, this was a perfect vehicle for the expansion of power. This evil empire, far from its early Patrician Nordic-Mediterranean noble caste, had degenerated into the sort of genetic soup which one finds described as "Coarse Mediterranean" or Semitic. With Christianity, Rome completed this conquest by conversion, ruling a world with Papal troops, mercenaries, and the selective Latinization of the ruling classes. Another German, Martin Luther, would throw a monkey wrench into the machinery several hundred years later.

Rome set the stage for how France and Britain would later practice imperial economics and global politics. In the British Empire, it was common to recruit Scottish troops to keep the peace in Uganda, black Rhodesians to keep the natives down in Calcutta, and Ghurkas to check Boer ambitions in South Africa. The practice meant that the occupation troops did not speak the same language nor share the customs of the subject people and had little reservation about using any available method to prevent revolt. Meanwhile, the military-age males in an economy decimated by imperial money lenders or their native middle-men (the Zamindars in India) take careers in the imperial army in order to send a few farthings home, thus removing any threat of their role in revolt until they are past their prime. Thus, in occupied Britain, the Romans did station Vercingians (Belgians) along the border with Scotland, but elsewhere, they stationed Sarmatians (Persians) and Nubians (blacks from the Upper Nile). At the expiration of the 20 year enlistment, such men were welcome, in the Roman scheme of things, to settle into the occupied nation and take a native wife. Ringo Starr's Semitic looks are no accident. The Britons of whose Nordic beauty Caesar wrote were few after three centuries of Roman rule. Meanwhile Gallic mercenary cavalry units occupied Persia.

The Roman vehicle was thus a perfect sociological and eugenic match for the Jewish element who became a real force in the late empire, just as they did in the late English empire (Hans Gunther, writing in 1923 referred to them then as the "black-haired aristocracy.") Already the stage was set and precedent created for the great gray global monoculture of today, but here, for a moment a group of valiant men stopped the universalist juggernaut. Raise a glass of mead and ponder that universalisms can be halted and that those whose lives are dedicated to parasitism and the exploitation of others are not invincible.

    Hunting    Autumn has arrived and with it the general sense of well-being which returns after the langours of Summer. In the Aryan climactic zones, snow will fall this month. Plants will become dormant, and warriors shall hunt for meat. Ullr, God of Hunting, Stalking, and Winter, is also known as Ondurass, He Who hunts on Snowshoes. His Finnish Pagan equivalent is Tappio and we know Him as God of the knife, bow and the silent kill, of the arrow's song through frosted air. He is patron God of the Klķmakjeri and was called upon as Patron by many in SS units. He, like a true Aryan, is at home in the bleak beauty of winter.

Think also of the Goddess Skaši, Goddess of the Hunt, who, like Artemis of the Greek Pagans, is also a skilled archer. Wife of Njorth, She reminds us that there have always been a few exceptional women who answered the warrior's call. Modern feminists miss the point. Evolutionary biologists have found in many species, from wolves to man, that only about 5% of males are "alphas"- leaders who contest for top position and other places in the hierarchy. From fewer than 1% of females will emerge the pack's alpha of that gender.

In Aryan societies before the disaster of Roman rule and later semitico-Christian conversion, there were no artificial barriers to the rare, aggressive, acquisitive woman, such as the ancient Briton, Boedacia, nor should there be. Lacking testosterone, however, few such women shall arise, a situation that neither anti-male legislation not revision of history may alter.

For Teutons to Observe: Celebrate the last fruits of the harvest at Octoberfest. Go to a German-fest or the equivalent and network. Learn a traditional European dance and use the occasion to practice it.

At Samhain, which represents the death of the Sun until its rebirth at Yule, study the Celtic God, Cernounos and Goddess Carnayna. This divine pair, like Frey and Freyja, rule the harvest, fertility, and prosperity, although in what remains of the Celtic Pagan system, They are the prinicpal deities. Look up and read for your children family incidents of your parents, anecdotes that become a kinship oral history. Write this down somewhere. If you don't, who will?

Create intergenerational continuity as the children hear from grandparents and the histories which they remember. This night in the Celtic tradition, that of the Atlantic peoples, who once, before the mixed race and Mediterranean occupations of France, Britain, and Spain, occupied a large area of Europe, is given to bonfire and sumbl, to honoring the departed. Pray to the ruling pantheons of both Celtic and Nordic that the Atlantic peoples, the fair-skinned, tall, slender red or light-brown haired people who once lived here shall regain their homelands someday.

Kindred should observe a moment of silence for the leaders of the Reich murdered on the Jewish feast of purim in a ritual hanging by a jewish American army sergeant. Think also of the Germans from Eastern territories murdered by the Soviets (as many as 3 million) and the million more Axis prisoners and D.P.'s (Displaced Persons, usually German orphans) who were systematically starved to death in American concentrations camps 1945-47. Pray to All-Father and the Goddesses of Fate that our martyrs, those who died to free mankind from the slavery of gold and dysgenics, be reborn into Aryan families in our era and in their own lives recover the memory of their great work left undone in the last life.

Historical: On the 3rd, four years ago, the Soviet empire relinquished the East and Germany was reunited. On the 6th in 1939, Hitler approached both French and British with a peace proposal in a last-ditch effort to prevent WWII. On the 8th in his second year, 1934, the Leader launched Winter Aid. During the Depression, which due to Versailles-mandated war reparations, was worse in Germany than the rest of the Western world, a great underclass lacking the basics of food, shelter, clothing, or rudimentary furniture came into being. This winter saw SA and SS men loading donated furniture onto trucks and well-heeled Germans' eating a poor peoples' fare at restaurants, paying full price, the surplus to be donated to feed the poor. The German people, in this effort, became an Aryan Folk. On the 9th, Leif Erikson Day celebrates the Norse discovery of North America in 1000 C.E. Use the occasion to check out or buy a copy of America B.C. or Saga America and discover earlier exploits by Thorfinn Karlsefni and Bjarni Herjulfsson. Learn that King Woden Lithi (the Stone of Ošin) had, approximately 1500 B.C.E. set up a trading colony on the St. Laurence waterway. His record of this in pictographs, the writing of the time, confirms Sturlesson's (over two millenia) later recording of events in the Voluspa, proving that Odinism is very ancient indeed.

    Ember (Fogmoon)     Think of the glow of embers on the hearth, warming the North European homestead as the days grow ever shorter, the nights longer and darker. Behold how the fog settles in low places and often appears as a halo about the moon. As the chill settles in and agrarian- husbandry duties subside, the focus is on the home. The mother sits by the fire or by lamplight and does decorative stitching, perhaps placing a rune bind in raised embroidery onto the husband's or a son's tunic. The daughter watches and learns also. The father, using tools fashioned in his or a neighbor's forge, carves a wooden statuette of a Goddess for the family altar, in a whole room of the house, if large enough, if not, in a prominent corner of the main room.

Before bedtime, the family gather to speak of Sagas. Each takes a turn from night to night, reading from Eddaic lore. Through a north-facing window, smokehole, or skylight, the Northern Lights and several familiar stars are visible. After chanting the runes and doing stadha to keep the joints flexible and the muscles toned over the less active months, it will be a pleasure to fix the gaze at a celestial point and feel the Power of the Gods. At such times, in the hard North, did Folk gather. The Pagan Age gave us really all the games we know today, chess, nine men's morris, draughts, hnefatafl and so forth. (Secret Games of the Gods by Nigel Pennick, Rider Books, Century Hutchinson, dist. Random House, 1989 is an excellent, encyclopedic source.)

On the way to tavern or meetings, to a craftsman's shop in the village, fog appears to 'boil' up from a creek. Folk turn inward. The spirits of place, of earth reside within Her now and shall not leave Her breast until spring. It is the month of Frigga, Goddess of family, hearth, and earth.

For Teutons to Observe: Many kindreds celebrate the Feast of the Einherrjar on the 9th. Many feel that this should not be made to coincide with U.S. Vetreran's Day on the 11th. American warriors, however much one may say for an individual's bravery or endurance of hardship, were used, the fact remains, to suppress Aryan self-determination, whether the invasion of Germany or the forced integration of Little Rock, Arkansas schools in 1959. Many other forced mixings used National Guard troops, just as the standard military have been used to impose indebted, internationalist governments everywhere from Haiti to Grenada. Many of us who were ever associated with U.S. imperialism simply regret that we helped make the world safe for business. The U.S. military also serves as the iron fist of Israel, crushing any real threat to Israeli super-power status in the region, as in the Gulf War. Let us think, rather, of the Teutonic ideal of the warrior and honor the co-ruler of this month, Tyr, ideal of the citizen-soldier. He is more than God of War. He is also the God of civic responsibility, justice, and order. At the observance honor not only those who perished in epic battles for Aryan survival in the past, but those who take the high ground, step across the line in the sand and shoulder the battle today. Honor those who are slandered, framed, incarcerated on contrived evidence, or assassinated by terrorists on the federal payroll because they stood for the survival and separate evolution of their Folk. Just as Valhalla and Folksvangr surely await the Nordic heroes, surely Olympus gives forth the heroes' crown of laurel leaves to Mediterraneans, like Joseph Tomassi, and surely a happy hunting ground awaits the American Indian activists murdered by federal agents as they worked for self-determination in the '70's. It is the same battle against the same foe. We Whites must speakt to separatists- the real warriors of other tribes. There is no hatred amongst us, despite the contivance of an alien press, only common interest in seeking a just, humane separation of the races that each may fulfill itself. At kindred meeting, do as was suggested at the Turner family homestead a few years ago. Hold a roll call, beat a drum, a simple tatoo, at the calling of each hero's name. Take turns answering, "Hier!"

Historical: On the 4th, 1921, 46 brown shirts defeat a mob of several hundred Marxists in a battle at the Munich Hofbraehaus. On the 9th in 1925, the Elite Guard, SS was established. It began as a military force, but soon became a government within a government. The SS eventually included research departments in archeology and space travel, lauched expeditions of discovery to remote corners of the world, and set up an agency to re-establish the Nordic gene pool. It was sparked by German nationalism but eventually grew to a pan-European force of Aryans and darker Whites alike, with as many divisions made up of non-Germans, all devoted to fighting the forces of debt-slavery and Marxism which threatened to overwhelm the continent.

    Yule (Julmond or Wolves' Moon)    The wheel completes. Yule means "wheel", as in wheel of the year, the turning of the seasons. Thus it is that the Sun-Wheel is as ancient a symbol of North European spirituality as any. It is a circle, divided by intersecting lines through the center into four quarters for the four seasons. The earliest symbol of the alien oppressor was the fish. The cross was only adopted centuries later owing to its similarity to the sign of the Sun-Wheel. Thor, God of Rain and Thunder, but also God of Craftsmen, Artisans, and Conviviality rules this month. As Ruprecht, He gifts our Aryan youth, inspiring us to gift, write, and commune with kinsmen and comrades. There are many correct ways to celebrate the Holy Days of Yule. One of them is to read this narrative, one month per day on each of the days. It was tried in the Yule of '94 with a 12 year old girl. She looked forward to each night's bedtime story. With older children, they could take turns reading it also. She reads well enough but enjoyed having the break from studies during the holidays and someone else to do the reading. Reading the narrative means that your child may ask a lot of questions about the history, whose framework, it assumes, is known to some degree. This is good, a chance to impart Pagan and NS perspectives in a world where schools attempt to brainwash children with debt-capitalism, interracialism, and Christianity (interesting how the three are always found together).

A typical Pagan observation is difficult to describe, as there is so much variety. One way to spend Yule is to serve pork at dinner on Solstice Eve, our Pagan Jśl. A place is served to comemorate a hero who cannot be present. The prior year, a story was told of Otto Skorzeny and his battles with Marxists in the streets of Vienna, during which his excellent Klķma training was in evidence. It was elaborated his military genius in the face of insurmountable odds in recapturing the castle in Budapest and the rescue at Gran Sasso. This year the story of Hannah Reitsch was recounted, what an expert pilot she was, how she flew the ME-163 Komet rocket plane, and how she was the last Axis flight in to Berlin in the final days, reminding us that women can sometimes be heroes also. The purpose of the hero's observance is to remind us of survival, adaptability, ingenuity, courage, and steadfastness. The spirit essence of the food is taken by the spirits of the honored dead and the children, at the end of the supper, take the plate and solemnly place it at the fence at field's edge that the wild children of the night may sup also. The pork serves its purpose here also, reminding us of Frey's boar, Gulanbursti, Golden Bristles, as Frey is co-ruler of this season. Each family member or kindred member places the hand on the platter of pork as it is carried about the table by the host or hostess, and swears and oath of self-improvement for the coming year. This much, the Swearing by the Yule Hog, passed into tradition as "New Year's Resolutions." Forgotten is its binary polarity; at the same time one brags of things well done, tasks well-faced during the prior year. Although brief, it is an important reflection, looking forward and backward at the same observance from a divide of Time.

For the next twelve days, a long-burning large green, red, or white candle is inscribed with runes of Power, protection, and abundance. One is lit this night. When it burns down, at the last flickers, a new one is lit from the same wick and the old wax is used on the hearth or fed into the new flame in small bits. At Yule, the Yule Log is decorated also, and will be burned on this night. Whatever remains of it is set aside to be burned on New Year's Day. On New Year's Eve, jump over a small white candle. Beckon the return of the solar flame by your action, but by all means make a wish before you jump! The old rhyme "Jack be nimble..." was a secular remembrance of this. Again, the Pagan roots of our culture, where they could not be erased, were changed. At its North side, inscribe dagaz, rune of light and days, nine times, that the Light of the Gods may forever permeate all the Nine Worlds. As it nears complete consumption, the remnants shall join the fire kindled with the Yule Log which burns this night. Alternately, if you do not wish to swear by the hog (boar), and Odinism has been subjected to the most bizarre mixtures by some ageing hippies, among these elements, even practices of a vegetarian Hindi sect, then use the New Year's Eve to swear your plans for the coming year, but do remember the boast, for to beat the self down and foreswear pride is not Pagan, but another symptom of Semitic world-denial, which begins with self-denial.

For Pagans to Observe: Many kindreds put up a Yule tree on the 20th and light the Yule fire the night before to kick off the 12 day/ 13 night season. Some think of the 12 days as each honoring 12 High Gods and 13 High Goddesses. If you can assemble from your busy group of Folk, it is proper to have a Kindred meeting on the Solstice (Winter Sunstead). Others celebrate Ruprecht's Eve on the 6th of the Yule month and one can't imagines that Thor too much minds the journeying to Middle Earth twice to visit the faithful. If the above seems to describe a variety of practices from which you may choose, consider it so, for it is meet in a faith that once stretched from the birch forests of White Russia to the islands of Scotland. It shall again.

Historical: Robert Matthews, founder of the Bruder Schweigen (Silent Brother) resistance on the 8th entered Valhalla in 1984. More than one of the faithful had a powerful psychic impression of this. He was cornered by professional assassins of the FBI and fought to the death. They im-molated the wooden buildings in which he lay wounded, choked on gas. As is usually the case the fire was an "accident." Little do they know, for they dwell in the World and do the work of the Deceiver, whose very name refers to the destructive properties of fire, that every time a hero is immolated by the forces of Darkness, a unique destiny awaits. He is borne first to Valhalla or Folksvangr, and works there doing mortal combat in his njar, or soul-body, for what seem like years to him, but may be centuries here. During this time, Tyr, Freyja, and the Valkyries train him extensively in the arts of war in all dimensions. When the forces of darkness are most susceptible, he will be reborn to continue the battle anew. No mortal fully understands the workings of the Fates. Perhaps the Leader was reborn immediately and is amongst us yet, awaiting the Decline of the West so that he can again manifest.

On the 7th, the United States government, which has been preparing for war since 1939, declares war on the Axis powers. Had the Japanese not struck first, the Fifth Bomber Group, operating from secret bases in Southern China under the auspices of the OSS and Claire Chenault (of Flying Tiger fame) were prepared to firebomb Tokyo. The enemy simply struck first. There can be no excuses for Japanese imperialism. An irony not often considered in U.S. history is that the very lands they attacked, both the Phillipines and Hawaii, had already been occupied and held in colonial status precisely by American imperialism. Yes, there really were people and a civilization there before the guns and missionaries (the former Spanish before American) arrived. As always, the actions of the U.S. were urged by special interests, including Chinese billionaire Harry Lee, the Jewish lobby, and Communist infiltrators throughout the Departments of State and War, who would be ferretted out at Senate hearings by the McCarthy committee in the next decade.

The foregoing is an effort at recapping the microcosm of the year which is presented in the Twelve Days of Yule for both commemoration and observance. In the second part, we'll look at the Days of the Week, their significance, observances, and associated meditations.

The information, insights, and suggestions for ritual observance contained in it are not the work of any one person, and certainly not of the compiler. Our thanks to the Dallas-Forth-Worth Independent Kindred for publishing their fine yearly calendar from which much material was taken, and the same can be said for the Josef Turner, publishing as the NS Kindred. From his lovely calendars, most of the NS material was taken. Special thanks to the late Johannes Kintala, man of the Gods, warrior, keeper of the Nordic culture, for all that he shared in the above which was seen no where else.

If the Universalists succeed in limiting the world's systems of sacred observation to the Semitic Monotheisms, the sacred legacy of minority peoples will have vanished.   Diversity Training is pushed by Western governments at the workplace in order to confer special privileges on tropical origin peoples. It, like "affirmative action" quotas in contracts, hiring, and promotion, replaces advancement or employment based on merit as part of an industrial culture aimed at transferring to these same peoples the material legacy of European man: order, discipline, promptness, workmanship, and the fruit of these cultural traits - plenty.   This is part of their population replacement program.  

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Over many dark centuries the Vitkar have worked in the shadows to keep alive our knowledge in the face of theocracies and state terror.

The Gambanreiði Statement, printed since 1979, is offered here as an on-line journal.

We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Please remember that we are not universalists and do not believe that the principles contained herein would be of benefit to "all mankind." We trust the ingenuity and resourcefulness of other peoples to come up with their own evolutionary strategies. Ours assumes self-control, limiting one's consumption of natural resources and production of offspring, not overrunning and exhausting the earth, and other ethics of a distinctly North European flavor.

This work should certainly be shared with other North Europeans. All we ask is this: if you copy this work, have the honor to use it whole, as this is more representative of the greater body of spiritual writings from which it is excerpted and will avoid the taking of parts out of context.