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Meditation on the Mind of Ođin

To cultivate peace of mind is to remove your real self from the ephemeral “noise” of thoughts, emotions and reactions.

It is to realize that there is no "within" within which to go, nor any "without" into which to release the consciousness, as your consciousness is already diffuse, even though conscious awareness and the daily operation of egoic necessities ensures that you do not normally feel the diffusion.

The "inner peace" is not getting what you want, but in ceasing to want and just relaxing into being, right here, wherever you are, right now, whenever you are doing this practice.

Your psychological brain is of one time and space, but all minds link in the Mind of Oðin and all experience merges at Mimir's Well. Of course, even though we learn to make a universal link, we are a warrior faith: therefore we do not mindlessly and without forethought, carelessly, link with nor affirm, and therefore energize "all that is," for all that is includes the forces that would destroy the very identity and space of our few surviving Folk, the biosphere, and are essentially parasitic or predatory.

Rather, in meditation, we seek to link not with the forces of Entropy, signified by the squirrel, Ratatosk, but with the force of Regeneration, which we can sense in the upwelling of Hvelgemer's Fountain.


If there are others around you, ask them to leave you undisturbed for a time period that will allow you to relax and explore without falling asleep. Take care of any pressing physical business and be in a comfortable chair or reclining seat, wearing loose clothing, before beginning meditation.

Some people find staring at a candle to be helpful. Others simply allow the gaxe to drift to a spot about 45-60 degrees below the level gaze. Another object can be used, too, such as a reflective metallic ball, a rune graph, or even the view out a window at a field of grasses, a body of water, or observing a fireplace.

Below are some simple steps and affirmations. We suggest that you print or hand-copy these and read them outloud to yourself just prior to sitting to meditate, as it sets the stage for the best absorption into the infinite and timeless.


The First Release:

I release my awareness of 'I' and affirm my unity with the life-affirming, diversity-affirming, upward-evolving forces of the Nine Worlds, the Multiverse.

The Second Release:

I release my cares, concerns and worries.

I trust that my mind is powerful, that my Hammingja and Fylgja are taking care of me and guiding me and I shall be reminded of all that I need to know when I return from meditation.

IF something emerges in this instant, I write it down, set it aside, and release it from my consciousness, knowing that it is not lost, only put aside for the present.

(At this point, many experienced meditators visualize a filing cabinet into which they “put up” their files to be reviewed and acted upon soon.)


I have lived many times before. I chose to be here in order to fulfill my destiny in the upward evolution of life and of humanity.

My mind is normally focused, but I relax now and release my consciousness into life-affirming, Light-seeking manifestations and forms of being.

I release the boundaries between my Self and the Mind of Oðin.

His Eye ever Sees all, just as the Goðanum carry forth all forms of experience.

I merge my Self with the Lifstrana of my people and the consciousness of the Gods, Goddesses, Fates, and Jotuns, opening myself to Their insights and inspirations.

I am all that is that upholds and affirms my Being in health, happiness and the ease of upward evolution.

I acknowledge the dark places in consciousness, in the ground of being, but I transmute these through the Transmuting Fire of Heimdall, through the insightful, penetrating insight of Oðin’s Spear, and through the valor, honor, and the force of Goodness that ever refines the raw energies of darkness into ever more Light.

I am in unity with Frigga's Green World. My consciousness unites with and encourages others who work to protect and extend the biosphere in its diverging evolution.


I feel the low hum of connectedness, moving through my orðr.

I am part of the process of upward evolution, the transforming rising sap of the Global Revision.

I am connected to Mundr Vegr, the Green Realm that is even now arising from the wasting away of the older order at Ragnarók.

I am connected with the Stream of Consciousness and am open to all inspirations or directions from the positive Higher Powers that guide myself and my Folk.


Thoughts shall emerge as I sit.

Feelings and impressions shall emerge as I sit.

I but sit and breathe. I know only of my breathing.

I watch what arises.

I watch it come and I know that it shall go.

All impressions fade away.

I watch all things emerge and recede.

I, myself, cease soon to watch, and am no longer there.

I allow myself to go where I am needed, where I can learn or serve, trusting that the Goodly Powers shall return me to my I-self when this is needed.


At this point, allow yourself to simply watch all emerge and allow it all to dissolve.

You have Set the visualizations and Agreements that permit inspiration and uplifting.

Trust that you shall return, refreshed, improved, and restored.

If you are very time-driven, and you need to set a kitchen timer with a soft chime to "come get you" at the end of a 15, 20, or 3 minute period, you may do this, but it is more satisfactory if you have a period of open time and just allow the consciousness to explore its apprenticeship as needed.

Wisdom Teaching from Paalo to Student:

"Your body is not a vehicle or shell for your hamr, Seat of Will, your conscious identity, or your other nonmaterial components. Rather, it is a medium through which we reflect back and forth our non-material being's interactions with materiality. The body has evolved such that you experience your essential nature through its changes over time and its interactions with itself and materiality. Despite this, it does not just happen on its own. Man needs to consciously, willfully, act to improve, refine, and clean the energies of the body in order to live in maximal effectiveness in his non-material being, as reflected from his material being. That is why we do the sacred exercises."

We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Our Folk traditions are older than you are and, unlike today's media, do not contain distortions to fit current alien beliefs. If they don't fit you, respect our Folk and our Gods enough to leave them alone and find another theology that is your own! These were our homes and our kinsmen who were burned, shot, frozen, villified and forced to flee for our lives. Millions of our diverse ancient peoples died and it is illegal even in our homelands today to let our old people speak to us truthfully of what they know and experienced during these bitter times.

Please remember that we are not universalists and do not believe that the principles contained herein would be of benefit to "all mankind."
We trust the ingenuity and resourcefulness of other peoples to come up with their own evolutionary strategies.

Ours assumes self-control, limiting one's consumption of natural resources and production of offspring, not overrunning and exhausting the earth, and other ethics of a distinctly North European flavor. This work should certainly be shared with other North Europeans.
All we ask is this: if you copy this work, have the honor to use it whole, as this is more representative of the greater body of spiritual writings from which it is excerpted and will avoid the taking of parts out of context.

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