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Dear Honoured Guests,

Gambanreiði Statement acknowledges the advances in several fields brought about by the focused Folk Will during the brief days of German National Socialism. We neither deify Adolf Hitler nor endorse the German Nationalists and Anti-Semites who diverted NS from its original vision, as formulated by such as the Strasser brothers. The purpose of this site is not to pontificate, but simply to be of service, to provide an alternate context and interpretation of life for our readers.

For a society to be effective, it must have enough honest governmental control to discourage the criminal's natural tendency to rule by cartel, manipulation of markets, and strangling of competition. Look at the prices of fuel and you will quickly appreciate that free enterprise is very different from a system producing controlled, counter-competitive markets. When a social system works effectively, it is used to guarantee that each person has a job, that real health care is available to all. It assures that a medical monopoly does not go about shutting down alternative medical schools in order to reduce the number, and raise the payments for physicians and insurance brokering middlemen, as happened in America over the 20th Century, CE.
Such a system would also ensure that housing is available to all and fairly priced, by discouraging housing as speculation or as pseudo investment. For example, 46% of new housing units built in 2006 were built for sale to speculators, not home owners. Using any basic human need as a vehicle for speculation artificially inflates its costs to consumers. Shelter, medical care, or food are all susceptible to this.
If mechanisms are in place profiting the polluters (and their lawyers), how can we ensure safe products, fair warranties, honest labelling, and clean water or air without ever more regulation? If the regulators or insurers or mortgage houses are also increasingly profit driven, who is serving the individual, the people? If the system does not serve the people's best interests and their futures, why is it promoted and who sponsors the decades of voices intent on silencing ours?
Why we forced to live inside a system that attacks basic human needs and marginalizes its own people instead of protecting their interests?

These are realities. Still, a government that does no more than this bit of regulation need neither be large nor intrusive. This is the socialist part.

The nationalist part of National Socialism might as well be termed, Folk Socialism or Intergroup Socialism. It is simply the recognition of our human natures. Sweden was one of the best fed, clothed, and had one of the highest per capita incomes in the world for most of the decades after WWII. Its position as a Socialist powerhouse did not falter until it began to have a large number of non-Scandinavian, and non-European immigrants. Each people have an innate temperament. Some will work even harder to achieve success, to work on personal development, and to innocently, and without destruction of the wider society, simply enjoy their lives, given a strong social safety net. Other types of people, given this same safety net, would simply degenerate into nonproductive parasites, mindlessly breeding children to whose rearing, little attention or care is given, setting up a descending spiral where socially destructive, non-productive persons proliferate at a rate that outstrips their benefactors.
Therefore, Socialism, to be successful, must be a   selective   means of social organization only for like-minded people who want to work, who practice self-restraint, and choose good citizenship. Indigenous peoples of Northern Europe planned socialism as a safety net, something used only for necessity by that like-minded group. Through pseudo-humanitarian population replacement programs of the New World Order, Third World immigrantsí colonial expansion is being underwritten by these same programs. Humanitarian plans for healthcare, education, housing, and food assistance are misused to subsidize mindless breeding, or, in some cases, hostile alien ideologies like Islam that boast plans to take over the host nations.

Our ancestors were neither predators nor parasites. Even at Viking towns, such as York and Dublin , the major activity was trading, various creative crafts, and mercantile exchange. Their interest was in expanding trade routes and secure sea lanes. They did not seek to live off others, although they did eventually, after many Christian incursions into their lands, with Papal backing, money to bribe nobles, and papal troops, sometimes counterattack the parasites who demanded, and got 10% of a peasant's or fisherman's meager living to support a theocracy.

The journey back to our real identities can best be illuminated by studying our ancient sources, such as the Oera Linda Bok, the Seiðr, and practicing the Runes. To be creative, innovative, adaptive, flexible, cunning, vigorous and productive, to do it all with an underlying sense of fair play, and personal honor- that is the real legacy of Nordic, Baltic, and Atlantic peoples, the original fair inhabitants of Europe.

I am Carman, a student of the Runes, the sacred practices, music, and the Seiðr.
I work for the day when Vidar's primeval forests are secure and appreciated.

It is hoped that you shift toward making your own evaluations of the cultural products and real history of our genetic community, rather than believing the racist stereotypes seen especially on TV and movies that present blond men as weak, evil, and cruel, and blonde women as trophies for any non-White male. The forces behind saturation brainwashing are the same that planted water-hungry corn in dry sub-Saharan Africa, to profit Monsanto and other agribusinesses, who bribed State Department and US AID to promote their seeds, fertilizers, and herbicides, ensuring famine, instead of using improved versions better-adapted local crops, such as sorghum.

These same people as urge the passage of   hate crime  laws (really laws that racially hate) white folks ... accusing only whites of racial hate to silence! them and then use this guilt to turn them upon themselves, take their money and breeding youths while still enforcing racially imbalanced programs and EEOC rules that force whites to pay disproportionately for the offspring of other races. Our children learn racially biased history as they sit in schools studying together in racially mixed settings while later in the job market, EEOC ensures that practices favouring non-whites in job hiring remain in effect. Today's children also live in neighborhoods that forcibly break down the congeniality we once routinely enjoyed in our homelands. The surging sales of security and protection schemes is a clear indication of the results of breaking neighborhoods to the point where today few trust one another anymore. Meanwhile child support is extracted from white fathers differently -- more harshly to the point of marginalizing them -- than those of the many higher breeding race fathers. Does anyone not see that rascism is alive and actively enforced?

If we had our own nations intact, we would instead work collectively to preserve our race and would encourage white men and women of good genetic stock to bear children for our future. But instead of helping us, the state-and-religion protected races and mixed-races are encouraged to breed rapidly and have become in most developed countries the majority population groups and always are still falsely labelled minorities. It becomes obvious that this double standard is to continue to garner extra monies away from whites for any non-white racist program.

Meanwhile, these same rich business leaders intentionally ignore anti-White racist lyrics in Rap and Hip-Hop music that promote killing white people. These racist policies, as seen in Africa, are of benefit to no white person but the elite few who live mainly by investments and can as easily bet for personal profit on a crop's, industry's, or even a whole society's failing (as on its success) through futures trading. Many of these elites shown look similarly white, but they are not of us. Color alone is not race! Each racial group has a number of uniquely distinguishing characteristics. For centuries, certain groups have harmed and preyed upon the Norse Northern Europeans purposely distorting and falsely recording history as an act of ongoing racial warfare.

War distorts the memory of precedent causal issues. The record is always penned by the victors. For example, after the post-WWII era, for the first time in history, it became illegal in most of Europe and the British Commonwealth to even read, hear, see, or speak the other side of the issue. While the Fates (the Nornir) always show the man or woman who really wants to know, the real truth, few of the public are brave enough or passionate enough about life's truth to dig for it in this hostile repressive anti-white environment.

This Website exists to help our Folk recall the personal and collective racial conscious of North Europeans who are concerned with preserving our genetic and intellectual heritage. Recognizing the failure of the heavily indebted, crime-ridden, multi-racial states of this epoch we constructively recover Aryan culture and its implications for a healthier world. We hope to provide a forum for those of our readers who can add something to the discussion of alternative societies.

We discuss the natural and native sacred traditions of Europe and their implications for us today. We explore not only the sacred past, but the sacred present, visions and inspirations of Aryan priests, priestesses, and seers in our time. Together, we shall explore what it is like to practice our ancestral faiths in daily life.

We take a look at the business of living, how we can each be more functional, more in command of our time and other resources and therefore able to make a greater contribution to the survival of our greater genetic community. Rather than vague generalities, encouraging all toward raising personal capabilities and consciousness, GS tries to give the nuts and bolts practical methods.

We want you to reach your highest potential and effectiveness. Areas explored will range from survival skills to esoteric and spiritual practices.

We will host detailed discussions of economic strategies and political issues as they affect Folk. In the very necessary criticism of Western Civilization in this, its entropic phase, we seek real, working alternatives which we, as a Folk, must define if they are ever to be realized.

We shall focus not so much on other races, but on our race, its origins, and what it should aspire towards eugenically. Unfortunately we also all must tackle the ultimate taboo in the "racialist" movement and its corruptions: wherein any White, no matter how much the other genetic communities' incursions into Europe are in evidence in his features and coloring is encouraged to mis-breed with a rare natural Nordic.

The Gambanreiði Statement will always search for ways to report on lost Aryan knowledge, teachings and scholarship, to rebuild true understanding our North European past, the faiths and folkways of our ancestors.

Webmaster Carman Guiseppi

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