Ostara: In the Year of Our Leader 106

Spring 95

Gambanreiði Statement

An Odinist-National Socialist Perspective on Life, Faith, and Events

Winston Smith: "Everything fades into mist. The past is erased: the erasure forgotten. The lie becomes truth and then becomes lie again."

Winston: "It's not so much staying alive as staying human that's important. What counts is that we don't betray each other."

Julia: "If you mean confessing, we're bound to do that. Everybody does. You can't help it."

Winston: "I don't mean confessing. Confessing isn't betrayal. I mean feelings. I they can make me change my feelings, if they can stop me from loving you- that would be real betrayal."

Julia: "They can't do that. It's the one thing they can't do. They can torture you- make you say anything. They can't make you believe it. They can't get inside you. They can't get to your heart."

O'Brien: "There are thought criminals who maintain that the Resistance is not real. Believe me, Winston, it is very real. . . . Perhaps you're not familiar with how it operates."

Winston: "I'm attentive to the news."

O'Brien: Indeed, then perhaps you envision a vast network of conspirators, prepared to do anything to demoralize and weaken the order of our society?

The reality is infinitely more subtle. If Goldstein himself fell into the hands of the Thought Police, he could not give them a list of his agents. Such a list does not exist. The Brotherhood cannot be wiped out because it is not an organization in the ordinary sense. Nothing holds it together except an idea which is indestructible. You will never have anything to sustain you, except the idea. You will get no comradeship and no encouragement.

You will have to get used to living without results and without hope. You will work for a while, you will be caught, you will confess, and then you will die. Those are the only results that you will ever see. There is no possibility that any percep-tible change will happen within our own lifetime. We are the dead. Our only true life is in the future. We shall take part in it as handfuls of dust and splinters of bone. But how far away that future may be, there is no knowing. It might be a thousand years. At present nothing is possible except to extend the area of sanity little by little. We cannot act collectively. We can only spread our knowledge outwards from individual to individual, generation after generation."

Winston (reading from Principles of Hierarchical Socialism): "In accordance with the principle of doublethink, it does not matter if the war is not real, or, if it is, victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous. The essential act of modern warfare is the destruction of the produce of human labour. A hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance."

"In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not victory over Eurasia or Eastasia but to keep the very structure of society intact." [from the film, starring John Hurt, and the book, 1984 by George Orwell]

Short Topics

A similar thought on the subject of long-term change- came from the pen of talented WAR cartoonist Wyatt Kaldenberg. In a newsletter, he states, "Let's face it; we'll not reach the masses anytime soon. Our best way to build a Revival is to do it like the early Christians did. They built an underground sub-culture that went out of its way to be outside the norm of Roman logic, morals, and world view." "The masses of old Rome were never attracted to Christianity. They were forced by sword and flame to accept the Jew Jesus as their savior. The new paganism must walk in the same footsteps as the early Christian church. The more removed from the modern world we become, the better the odds we have of re-taking our own land. The sheep will be laughing at us every step of the way, but let's see how much they laugh 1,000 years from now." "There are too many people in the White movement who get burnt out because they don't feel we'll get into power in their life time. These people are weak; we're better off without them. We need people who see the bigger picture, who can see 100, 500, 2,000 years down the road." It seems to echo O'Brien's statement about the importance of working toward a time which one cannot see and can only vaguely imagine. Lack of anything to show for our efforts does not render our cause the less valid, nor our concerns less critical to the very survival of human civilization. He adds a final note in his newsletter which summarizes this foresight well, "The thing that separates Whites from other races is we have the power of vision. We can see things that don't exist yet and make them happen."

If you have struggled with Eastern spirituality and found it alien or impossible- the following discussion, excerpted from Gnosis Issue #10, Winter 1989, will speak to you. One of the a priori assumptions in Eastern mystical traditions is that one must first unload the "ego", as if it were a negative force, in order to progress. As you read the Eddas and sagas, as you work through the Seiðr meditations, you will find none of it. The heroes and seers did act as Folk members who cared for their communities, but they did not renounce the world, nor did they renounce the ego, but simply refined it, nurturing a higher sense of self. When you read, those of you who have flirted with ego, such a work as Autobiography of a Yoga you will read of incredible mentalist performances. You will see many of the same in the Toltec traditions of Mesoamerica in The Teachings of Don Juan and other works by Carlos Castaneda. In either case, put it into perspective by realizing that the India in which Yogananda studied, and saw his beloved guru perform all manner of miracles, was rotting around them. Who was trying to institute birth control? Not the author, a brown Bengali, nor his teacher. Who was trying to improve food production, institute basic, modern sanitation, rather than streets being open sewers with rivers of animal excrement? Not the yogins, no, the only people rolling up their sleeves to help the common folk of India were Whites from a variety of relief efforts and agencies. Even Norway, quite depleted after WWII, sent several fishery experts and equipped a fleet of fishermen off the Western coast to improve catches and provide a better livelihood. Where was the Hindi establishment? In most cases selling holy favors and blessings to the wealthy and seeking sponsors for temples and missions. It came as no surprise that in a 1991 visit to India, Hindi leaders complained of Catholic inroads in millions of converts- the latter were at least trying to do something about human misery (although missing the central concern of population control.) Obviously, if there are any "transformations of human society" through the meditative practices of Kriya Yoga, Zen, Tibetan Llamism, or whatever sect, let them first show the folkish value of it back home, in the running sores of their own streets, the polluted harbors of Southern Japan, or the Chinese domination of their landmass. Fact is, the record of the Eastern faiths in acheiving aught but an elite group of world transcenders who left their own Folk behind and out of concern, is dismal and shows little improvement over the West.

Now, to return to the concern over that old Asian bugaboo, the Ego. Janis Toussulis writes in "On Having an Ego", of his own experiences, trying Vedanta and Zen, then when his self-awareness was still present, trying to dissolve it through therapeutically-clinically administered hallucinogens, "In two weeks of highly potent psychedelic therapy, I encountered a Hadean underworld, vividly lit. " Reflecting on the ultimate effect of trying to banish the ego with psychedelics and sensory deprivation, "At the center, again, I encountered that still point, the Self. This time, however, it stood against a vast emptiness, the Void, ecstatically ejaculating multiple realities in a form of cosmic play."

Then the supplicant does the ultimate Hippy-Do: he finally sells his goats and moves to India for 'authentic' instruction from a 'real' master. But the same ugly old reality keeps rearing itself: "In India I discovered that my personal conflicts were based upon deeper, cultural splits such as those between body and mind, spirit and nature. But more important, in an effort to stay true to my historically placed sense of self, I rediscovered the imperative of the West- individuation.

"Prior to discovering Jung, I had been driven to divest myself of an ego by the lust for spiritual purity. This had been done over and against the natural need to have an ego to begin with. The facile insertion of Eastern philosophies into a Western milieu had caused fundamental confusion. (and he quotes from Jung [a real wise man] in Collected Works)

'The fact that the East can dispose so easily of the ego seems to point to a mind that is not to be identified with our "mind." Certainly the ego does not play the same role in Eastern thought as it does with us. It seems as if the Eastern mind were less egocentric, as if greater stress were laid on mental states which include a depotentiated ego.' (Vol. 11 Psychology and Religion Princeton N.J.; Princeton U. Press 1958 p.773)

"I discovered through personal ex-perience that the Western concept of ego is fundamentally different from that of the East. The ego, as conceptualized in Western psychology, is not a simple appendage to consciousness, but rather the very means by which consciousness becomes focused and expressed in a particular time and place. Simply put, the Self needs a particularized ego as much as the ego needs a Self: it can't, therefore, be simply eliminated."

He ends the article assessing strengths of the Western mystical traditions and, of particular interest to White Pagans, stressing the richness of polytheistic perspectives: "Each spiritual practice requires a paradigm which adequately reflects its cultural context. Having realized the futility of attempting to become deeply acculturated to the East, I turned to the study of Western spiritual practices. Returning to San Francisco in 1973, it was Jung who helped me to realize the importance of Western gnosis. What, according to Jung, might be the outlines of a distinctly Western way?

(1) The importance of the spiritual seeker's strengthening himself with modern psychological insight;

(2) the importance of preserving and purifying the ego;

(3) the importance of balancing one-sided Judeo-Christian monotheism with the multiple perspectives of the polytheistic soul, experienced in the depths of one's unconscious."

Well, that's a laudable journey from LSD to yoga to sanity. Toussulis emerges as a psychothera-pist with an in-depth appreciation of Jung, who left his hippiness behind to emerge whole.

Perhaps it's just infantilism, then, when those who push Eastern values under the guise of "Wotanism" get into name-calling and personal attacks. Rather difficult to reconcile with this perfected, ego-less, all-loving being, eh? Well, it just shows the bankruptcy of such concepts. The West does have a more powerful spirituality, one which can empower the human spirit to rise beyond the feudal ant-heap societies of the East (yeah, that's why they are lined up to immigrate to the U.S. and England, not the other way around). It is a concept which the little-Feuhrer set have difficulty in applying. It is so important that we'll print it in bold- The marketplace of ideas. Certainly, any who become so self-enamored with their own piety and need to be "leader" will have difficulty grasping this, but GS is all about exploring the marketplace. We encourage any who would submit an article to attack an idea if it is a bad one for the Folk or racial survival, but not to engage in the sort of broadsides against individuals, which have become the trademarks of some self-promoting publications (the practice is far from new). Likewise, in the marketplace of ideas, if a concept, strategy, or practice has validity, let anyone defend it accordingly. That is a powerful Western concept, objectivity, not the ego-driven (lower ego) subjectivity of those whose intellects lack the ammunition, and so hurl only mud or slime. A good example would be a writer who is trying to suggest that Kl�ma, a very rare martial art from Scandinavia, must not exist, because he, the bizarro author, had not heard of it. It is discussed in War With Empty Hands by Lenox Cramer (Alpha Press). Cramer is a deco-rated Special Forces veteran of two tours of S.E. Asia and a martial arts expert. The style is part of our non-commercial culture, unlike the profitable ashrams and dojos, and is not promoted nor openly touted.

This is a small example. Any of our readers who has been affiliated with the White Survival Movement for any time knows the phenomena well. We must learn to differ with each other's ideas, without taking ax to the person, this being a far more Aryan (not to mention mature) way to disagree. Creating a Marketplace of Ideas is a real necessity, as the way we do business now runs a lot of prospective converts the other way. Thanks to Jack Wikoff for sending Remarks P. O. Box 234 (20 page newsletter) Aurora, N.Y. 13026-0234. Here are several issues debated in a reasoned and scholarly manner, exposing different opinions in Revisionist history. Likewise, within National Socialist circles, Plexus has presented a spectrum of thinking.

Examining other reasons for the Movement's failure to reach and motivate any sizeable number of Whites, it is possible to locate other proximate factors, tendencies. Sniping is already shown as a cause, but along with that often comes double-talk. A good example is the writer who constantly spoke of universal love, as if Adolph Hitler were a German version of Barney (the children's show about a cuddly purple dinosaur) and not an avowed racialist. Then he discreetly promoted a pamphlet laying everything that ever happened in the West onto the Jews.

If there really is or was a "final secret" to the Soviet Union, it was that millions of ordinary Russians, and other peoples of the region acted as the mechanics of the Communist Party elite. It is that Western governments permitted the Kuhns, the Simmons, the Baruchs, all the wealthy capital caste of the 1920's to transfer money in the billions to the East Block to keep the regime afloat, right down to the mid-1980's, when Soviet defense efforts to keep up with the Reagan gambit of a (largely fictional and far from deployable) Strategic Defense Initiative combined with disastrous Third World loans of the '70's to restrict credits, loans, causing Soviet economic collapse. The final secret of the Soviet Union is that Communism was but a bastard child of international capitalism / international finance and that David Rockefeller (a third generation Protestant - grandfather John D. Rockefeller, the dynast, was a lifelong First Baptist, not a Jew) and most members of his Trilateral Commission aren't Jews either. Does the kind of sloppy, knee-jerk anti-Semitism often found in the racialist Right prevent our recruiting Joe Public? You bet it does! It hits our people where they are most conditioned by Judeochristianity and countless images of "hateful" anti-Semites and lurid persecuters.

Oddly enough, one of the greatest masters of double-speak prefaced remarks with how it is impossible to change society unless you first change yourself. Now Taco Bell, a division of Pepsico, in a community development front advised and blueprinted by ADL, is using the same slogan, which they got directly from the Talmud. It might not be wise to write the "Do Something Fund" which quotes 4th Century Jewish history as its source for the anecdote about changing yourself as a precondition to changing society, but the literature is being offered right now at any Taco Bell restaurant, and Blockbuster entertainment. Undoubtedly, it is another attempt by the ADL to identify and catalogue all manner of potential rabble-rousers against the coming economic decline.

Qualifications- which brings up the topic of what one "has" to be or do in order to create societal change. The idea that you have to fulfill someone's very narrow idea about what qualifies as changing yourself in order to change society, is fundamentally faulted. For better or worse, the slovenly, the corrupt, the wicked, the stupid, and the infantile have changed society profoundly. Certainly, it was not Martin Luther King's sterling character, with his fondness for White pro-stitutes and fast parties, which allowed him to weld together an effective Black movement. Nor was it Juan and Evita Peron's "democratic" leanings which made them effective as populists, nor did Fidel Castro (that he has ever communicated to any one) spend the years in esoteric studies some hold are required in order to lead. No, you don't have to become perfect or impeccable as an individual in order to become a White leader.

It really only requires being able to identify needs, have the energy and willingness to act on them. Almost makes you wonder who benefits if a lot of capable people, rather than going out and getting information around to their communities, withdraw from that to "change them-selves" first. Joe Slovo, a Lithuanian Jew (we never said a disproportionate number of them aren't involved in Communism) was probably the most singularly effective individual in bringing down White South Africa. He was trained not in the Himalayas, but in Moscow, by the KGB.

If anything, the Movement often misses opportunities, important opportunities to be on the right side of issues. Look at California Proposition 187 to deny state benefits to illegal aliens, making continued infiltration into the state less attractive. Many of us in the National Socialist movement have become prisoners of our own rhetoric with the assumption that, "let the System destruct- the harder it falls, the more we'll be there to pick up the pieces," or some such illogic. While it was subsequently ruled illegal in federal court, such a measure is potentially very important and was a great rallying point. Even if the political system must collapse for us to be heard, is it not preferable to have more Whites and fewer non-White immigrants in each area to hear us? Who pushed the measure? The nationalist, religious Right did, the John Bircher types. Who will hard-pressed Whites remember as having delivered the organization, the votes, and the ultimate victory (even if it was more symbolic and psychological)? The Right, not us. It seems that this kind of issue, where the controlled media are going to slam the measure anyway, racialists have naught to lose and everything to gain by making a visible presence.

And, to back up a bit, looking at the big picture of delineating East and West, what are the Western wisdom traditions? Actually there are many as historian and educator Richard Covey identifies a strong self-help tradition going back 150 years in America, with books and courses on improving the character, kind of a secular religion of its own. If we look to more recent times, the Human Potential Movement has probably accomplished some greater understanding of group dynamics, human behavior, and interaction, although it has turned out a lot of silliness and New Age hucksterism also. Probably the most enduring and uniquely Western wisdom tradition, and the one that undergrids the above, is simply Science. Even though the ancient Arabic world had Algebra and Calculus, they made little practical use of, like the Hindi mathematicians, using it mainly as a kind of mental masturbation. In the West, the utilitarian drive to improve society, a uniquely Western ethic, spawned a whole class of rich tinkerers who applied the pure sciences to create practical inventions. The Chinese invented eyeglasses, but could never apply the principle of serial lenses to create microscopes or telescopes. Even when other peoples did (and it would be unfair to deny the non-White creativity) invent something, it was seldom applied to make life better for the masses. The ant-like view of human life disregarded the importance of invention to create broad benefits, or the desireability even creating, for example, a better plow to make farming easier. It is this wisdom tradition, Western Science, which stands like a beacon and has inspired so many Chinese and Indians to import our technologies in order to make material progress. We should use it as well, its empirical, parsimo-nious, results-oriented method of measurement to guage other traditions. It might spare us a lot of time and foolishness to do so.

[Andy, thanks for calling Taco Bell for their sources. Roskva, thanks for the Gnosis, a fine magazine, very interesting. Submissions to Short Topics are welcomed.]

De-mythologizing Hitler- Neither Satanic, nor angelic, but a power-driven, yet idealisitc leader and visionary. At times his military insights were profound, at other times, näive, as a massive army charged East into the Russian autumn in lightweight uniforms. He played to German jingo-ism-nationalism. Lebensraum (Living Room) policy would have won back some German terri-tory lost at the Versailles treaty, but also categorized all Poles (themselves at least as Nordic a people, racially, as Germans, so it was that childless German couples adopted more Polish orphans than any other nationality through Lebensborn) as "squatters" on the greatest part of their land. Less clear is what lands should have been, by fairness, restored to Germany to redress the injustices of Versailles. The Eastern Corridor had, in parts, a German majority, as did Danzig, but one simply can't make the same claim for areas where there were only a sprinkling of German merchants, but a native majority.

At the Night of the Long Knives, the SS killed off hundreds of SA leadership, an example of power politics. Had Hitler not killed Ernst Roehm, undoubtedly, the reverse would have occurred. Likewise the SS took over propulsion programs and anti-gravity research, often dismissing the early contributors (well documented in sources from the period offerred by German Research Service). They became a government within a government, rather as the ADL has become the de facto government of the U.S. One could easily project the day that Heinrich Himmler would have been strong enough to make a bid for top power.

Back to our complex founder of National Socialism, Hitler made public announcements supporting Christianity early in his oratory. Then he openly voiced plans to scrap it as it became clear that the churches would oppose the Realm eugenic measures. Maybe we have to separate Hitler the ideologue from the politician and practical leader of a modern state. His ideology was inspiring, the perfection of man into a higher being, the state as an instrument of racial improve-ment to promote, in several policies, reestablishment of the almost extinct Nordic race. Yet he had to be a pragmatist who followed whatever political course would succeed at times and who made grevious errors, like ordering the Sixth Army to hold Stalingrad, and allowing the British Expeditionary Force to withdraw from Dunkirk, when, had the roles been reversed, any withdrawing invasion force would have been annihilated. He delayed jet fighter production, shifting scarce resources toward producing bombers, long after German offensive strategic bombing had become no more than a fantasy. So, we have a very complex person, a pragmatist, which the times simply would have required that any leader of a modern state be, yet an idealist who, even during the draining years of war, encouraged the Ahnenerbe to send archeological expeditions to the far corners of the earth to identify traces of ancient cultures.

The captive historians of the democratic and communist victors in World War II will always have their Hitler, mythologized into a student of the black arts, a necromancer, or merely an ammoral tyrant. Just as these versions are far from reality, so is the semi-divine Hitler of some NS promotions. The two best sources for authentic material on Hitler will remain Leon Degrelle and David Irving, whose works are offered by Aryan Free Press (Sources section.)

Confusion on the Right- was all over the place in the Conservative sweep of the 1994 elections. The New Right, a coalition of State Christianity advocates, anti-abortionists, anti-federalists, and deregulators (advocating, for our foreign readers, that the U.S. government not regulate anything and leave private business to run rampant over environment, employees, and consumers), is now at its zenith. The rhetoric of the New Right is somewhat bizarre, as all transgressions of the Clintonistas are touted as evidences of a hidden "socialist" or "communist" agenda. In reality, the Clintons, Bill and Hillary, are premier capitalists, who made enormous returns on their capital, real passive income from absentee ownership, through Whitewater. The Clintons and their high-ranking Democrat administration have always held large investment portfolios. Clearly these people are capitalists, who, if we are to look at GATT and NAFTA, have gone out of their way to provide cheap labor for international capital. The Conservatives have misstated the problem, so it is unlikely that they will create any real solutions. They have the same world-view as their straw-man "liberal" opponents, a mixed race populace, living in cramped mill villages and trailer courts on polluted land, drinking foul water, and breathing polluted air, while once public lands are razed for over-development and old growth forests are logged. The New Right offers no idealism, just the old jingoism, U.S. interventionism, forced public Christianity, and compulsory race-mixing. It only differs from the "liberal establishment" by opposing federalism and promoting some return of power to the states, deregulating businesses, disempowering the already weak labor movement, and allowing limited private ownership of firearms.

Against the passive, New Age versions of NS which are sometimes proffered by ADL-front organizations, we read one of these which advocates that National Socialists or other racialists actually be polite and helpful to mixed couples and homosexuals. The premise given was that if we are not "nice" to them, it will make it hard for us to "deliver the message" to brain-washed Whites around us.

In reality, one of the few avenues of action that remains for us is to "vote" with our behavior against degeneracy and dysgenics. To appear to acquiesce to it only makes the other side stronger and is the action of a traitor. If anything, setting the example that you find it disgusting to see a White coworker hug his Phillipina bride actually sends the message, even if it is an action as subtle as turning away, that race mixing isn't alright and doesn't look good. This example may influence those who are neutral or don't have a strong opinion on the subject, whereas acquiecsence merely makes acceptance, and eventual participation in unnatural lifestyles that much more likely. To acquiesce legitimizes what should never have even our passive approval.

Revocation of Natural Law- is a central theme in New World Order legislation. It was a repeal of nature's law that each species and sub-species associate within its own natural, biological community when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 instituted integration. Man's 5,000 year useage of fermented beverages was repealed through the Volstead Act (18th Amendment) of 1920. So, such attempts at repealling nature can come from the Left and the Right, neither of which upholds liberty, and each of which uses repressive legislation to enforce its own agenda. In the same vein, the New Right is campaigning against public assistance to family planning clinics (they do love those little brown babies and future workers for their sweatshops!), as if they could legislate away puberty by withholding birth control and sex education. Likewise, 21% of the abortions performed in this country are on non-Whites, mostly single teen-agers. Quite a few of the others may represent the most underreported of crimes, White victims of rape by non-Whites. What will the New Right do with all these 'precious' mixed and dark children? Why, invite them the local love-in at their church, and, of course, hire them for the "service jobs" planned for their global sweatshop economy. The notion that man can revoke nature by executive decree or legislation is nothing but the worst man-centered self-aggrandizement, whether codiified as law or sanctified as religion.

Spotting Cult Behavior- Complete "loyalty" and disciplined, unquestioning adherence to whatever Baba Joe Bob says reality is, in other words completely wrapping what you think around the dictates of The Leader's lower, manipulative ego are trademarks of the cult. Scientologists have a procedure for telling all members of the herd to avoid "traitors" (those who ask too many un-comfortable questions, like where the money goes. It is the equivalent to Catholics' "excommuni-cation" in which the Pope can close off further dialogue by denying members access to certain heretics and their viewpoints. It is sad that some in psuedo-NS circles have, in fact, founded cults based on disciplined adherence to their leaders and that others emulate the herd animal in becoming quite comfortable as a member of the herd, not "tribe", but herd. Members aught to question the validity of any leader who, rather than answering questions about his operation, resorts to smear letters (is it a mark of the "highly evolved"- does one learn such after years of patient practice?)

The need for cults is like the need to deify Hitler or to try to adopt, without question, the entire trappings and practices of the Third Reich. It is the mark of the weak, looking for simplicity in a complex world. Note how in our last edition, Ernst Zündel, one of the most sincere of National Socialists, and one who paid for his convictions with a seven year legal struggle, questioned and refuted some practices of NS Germany, believing, as we do, that the economic and racial policies of NS could and would prove themselves in the marketplace of ideas. GS is about providing journalism, reporting from an NS-Pagan perspective. None of us has any desire to set up a disciplined cult, to get into the contributions racket, etc. If we sometimes offend Big Heads, ex-hippie, ex-biker self-appointed gurus, so be it; our reporting will still probably give far more offense to the Clintonista crowd and their Kosher Konservative opponents. One thing that won't be done is to try to set up some sort of cult. GS should be a forum through which concepts and theories are weighed and their usefulness to Folk considered. If others rule by fiat and the weak-willed, the sychophants, need elevated figures for hero-worship, it is an unfortunate side-effect of Judeochristian conditioning that should be outside the scope of NS activity.

Defining "Hate Crimes"

In a given month over a hundred Whites will be killed by non-white gang violence in New York City alone. As was discussed recently by Resistance publisher Hawthorne and Kevin A. Strom on National Alliance's "American Dissident Voices," there have been no more than 25 victims of "skinhead" or other White radical youth violence in the past decade. Yet the government confines its study to "hate crimes." Just in case you were wondering, a "hate crime" will be prosecuted that way by the federal government and described that way by their cronies in the media only when a protected minority, a homosexual or non-White is a victim.

Here are two definitions of a "hate crime," showing the political philosophy of the ruling elite, as laws to abridge and negate basic, constitutional freedoms. A state-level document un-veils the federal policy. It is entitled White Supremacist Activity in Montana and is dated 7/94 and was a report by the Montana Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

"While offensive, not all white supremacist behavior is a violation of State or Federal laws, and it has been difficult to establish a clear definition of 'hate crimes.' The Hate Crimes Statistics Act of 1990 defines 'hate crimes as:

'crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, including, where appropriate, the crimes of murder, non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape; aggravated assault, simple assault, intimidation; arson; and destruction, damage, or vandalism of property.'

Building on this definition, and drawing together common elements of competing definitions, the Southwest Regional Laboratory (SWRL) developed the following definition, which seeks to identify the full range of hate crime behavior potentially contributing to tension and hate:

'any act, or attempted act, to cause physical injury, emotional suffering, or property damage through intimidation, harassment, racial or ethnic slurs and bigotted epithets, vandalism, force, or the threat of force, motivated all or in part by hostility to the victim's real or perceived race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.'

The discussion provides an interesting window into how the other side views us. The chapter from which this is quoted begins on page 8 of the document and is titled, "Characteristics of White Supremacism and Hate." An effort is being made to equate the two, as if being for your own people somehow, per se, constituted hatred of some other people. The capitalist foundations in charge of levelling everyone into one gray mass through their 'research' go on to explain, for their own constituents, how they perceive separatists:

"The SWRL attributes bigotry that results in such behavior to social, economic, or political unease. Lack of understanding or sensitivity to other cultures and lifestyles result in the reliance on stereotypes for interaction with 'suspect' individuals. Difficult economic conditions may be perceived to result from unfair competition with minorities for jobs and opportunities, or blamed on what are perceived to be unfair or suspect foreign market practices. As a result, recent immigrants may be scapegoated. Controversial political issues may make members of the 'wrong' racial, ethnic, religious, or social groups seem an appropriate target for righteous anger, punitive vandalism, and violence."

Their attempt to explain away our concerns with racial identity, protecting White economic and physical security interests as "bigotry" is a trump card which we should not let the other side play. The message of Odinism and any other folk religion (Odinism more than most due to the Rigsþula and its clear doctrine of racial differences) and the message of National Socialism can have naught to do with hatred. Our concerns, as we articulate them to neutrals, those not committed to the issue, or those nominally in the other camp and waivering, is that the world which we advocate, with each people free to pursue its own destiny and lifestyle in its own living space in the appropriate climactic zone, would be beneficial to all people. We oppose the New World Order because, outside what Dr. Batra (see last edition) terms the "manipulator-acquisitor caste," the present order serves no one's interests, theirs nor ours. This is not to say that we might not oppose the often-encountered non-White racism and we certainly must be clearly in support of the Second Amendment and other traces of protection for law-abiding White majority here and elsewhere in the White world. As to who does practice and is allowed to perpetrate hate crimes and ethnic intimidation, read below. (thanks to Tom Cool for submitting the research paper on which this article was based)

The Strangling of Dissent-

What Happened to the Jim Floyd Show

The Meeting

It was a working office on Wednesday, 8th February, 1995. The owner's window overlooked the junkyard, renamed a "recycling center," a vantage which could oversee employees of this part of the New World Order's global plantation economy just as efficiently as a sugar planter in Jamaica in the 1790's could look out over his field hands. The large man with silver hair and the Bronzini tie wore a monagrammed shirt under his custom tailored shirt. He rose menacingly behind the unpretentious desk. The Jewish multimillionaire gestured, clenched his fist and bared the teeth. His son, Joel, in casual shirt and slacks, joined in, but ocassionally tried to restrain him. The recent wife, a bleached blonde former bail bondswoman, was there to hear the meeting too.

Station owner Gene Newman of WAJF in Decatur, Alabama, had run across Morley Denbo in a bank lobby and, Newman related to an employee, called him an s.o.b. Newman asked for, and got, a meeting, to which he took program manager, Jim Ness. This was just days after the February 3rd broadcast of the Jim Floyd Show, in which a frequent program guest, revisionist researcher Robert Countess, said that Denbo was taping every word on the program. As a Jewish leader in the Southeast, Denbo ran for the mayor of Decatur, Al. and solicits funds for the American Jewish Congress. Knowing this, and seeing an autographed thank you photograph of the Denbos with former House of Representatives Speaker Tom Foley, lent all the more weight to the invectives which hissed from this pillar of the community.

"We have a 100,000 fund to destroy the station. We have contacted the J.D.L. and we have the money to come down and 'talk to' Countess and Floyd, but we told them, 'no, we will hold out for one week."

"Morris Dees is very 'interested'in Mr. Floyd. Floyd is like a roach or a boil; he must be destroyed." He was referring to multimillionaire director of Southern "Po-verty" Law Center, which enterprise sends out scare letters to solicit "donations" from poor Black people and liberal Whites by implying that SPLC are fighting "extremists". The venom continued to drip, "Your station must be burned down or blown up if Floyd stays on. Floyd must go."

An accomodating station owner, Gene Newman offered Mr. Denbo equal time to present his own views. He had previously donated air time to Denbo during the latter's political campaign for mayor. Denbo stated that a business partner of Newman's, a Mr. Berkshire, has a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise. Pepsico Corp., the franchisor, would not allow him to keep it were it known that he "supported an anti-Semite like Floyd." Most chillingly, after refusing to debate or speak counter to Floyd, "We have purchased weapons with laser sights and night vision scopes to kill anyone who threatens us."

What was it all about? Certainly, Jim Floyd, a former metal fabricator, an earthy, self-educated man who had started the show in March of '94 was no anti-Semite. He did read overtly anti-White, xenophobic, or racist passages from the Talmud. He also stated that Jews, per se, were not his, nor White America's enemy, while even-handedly pointing out the collusion of gentiles Tom Bragg and Joe Kennedy in Dall's exposition of the financial manipulators who deliberately engineered the 1929 stock market crash. Floyd's enemy was not the Jews, and he never threatened anyone. His enemy was those who usurp constitutional rights, like the infamous BATF, or human rights, like the KGB, and those who plundered U.S. taxpayers by backing up private investors' losses on Mexican currency speculations. Like any crusader, his battle was with corruption, in the largest sense. Eventually, of course, it extended into Zionist terrorism against Palestinians and the extortion-by-guilt business of extermination claims against Germany. What may have tipped the scales toward Jewish reaction was the Countess claim the prior week that Mr. Denbo was connected with the secret, terrorist organization, the Jewish Defense League, was taping every show, and was broadcasting interference signals on WAJF's frequency.

Denbo added that Jim Floyd, who lives near a lake in Cullman County, Al., "should go back to Smith Lake and stay there, or to the bottom of it." He then boasted having "the absolute cooperation of the Sheriff's Department."

Real or Imaginary Threat?

Sitting in that office, it was hard for station owner Newman and program manager Jim Ness to believe the venom which they heard. The show, which aired weekday mornings for an hour at 8 AM, had a loyal, and rapidly growing audience. Perhaps Denbo missed Floyd's even-handed journalism, his frequent denouncement of censorship and appeal to Renaissance values in, "The only cure for free speech is more free speech," and similar observations. As a broad format talk show, Floyd hosted victim of Zionist hatred, Canadian publisher Ernst Z�ndel. At the same time, Jim repeatedly offered for any exterminationist theorist to get on the program and debate Countess or Z�ndel. He often said that there were courageous and moral Jewish people of conscience, such as David Cole and Israel Shahak. He allowed callers to name Black illegi-timacy as a primary cause of poverty and other callers to suggest that the best thing for all races would be to dismantle the 'Melting Pot,' and let each work out its own solutions as separate communities. Yet he would not make a categorical negative statement about any race.

In six months there was never once heard a note of hatred, so the very real hatred and intimidation voiced by a prominent Zionist that afternoon was out of character with the program.

It came as a real surprise to listeners in the eleventh month of the show when Newman came on the air in the show's time slot on Monday February 13th, to announce that he was discontinuing it "due to threats." If Floyd was guilty of anything, it was not the act of being anti-Semitic, for he is not. It was not the act of being a "hater" of things and peoples of different colors: his concern over how the Global Plantation economy would exploit the Mexican worker came across with the same compassion as his very moving, and personal accounts of friends who had lost their jobs as Alabama businesses relocated to the Third World for of higher profits.

It was not an advocacy of anything but a Jeffersonian ideal, a Libertarian view of a Constitutional republic that carried over in every broadcast. This was a far cry from Denbo's assertion,"We know who is funding him- the KKK and the Nazis," at which point his son, Joel, admonished him to quit. In fact, the program was barely hanging on, and despite constant appeals for contributions, the host nor the program manager ever earned a dime from it.

Such a reaction from Denbo might seem out of character with a successful business and civic leader, but to research the story is to recapitulate an old pattern in the exercise of Jewish power. To present and expose hatred, one could fill volumes with the machinations of a Bernard Baruch, a Kuhn or Simmons, each wealthy capitalists who used their money through direct grants and world banking institutions, to prop us the Leninist-Stalinist r�gime responsible for the 1929 holocaust in which 8,000,000 Ukranians were murdered. One could write endlessly of the 3,500,000 ethnic Germans from east of the Oder-Niese line after 1945, or the 1,700,000 Displaced Persons and Axis P.O.W.'s systematically starved to death in American "Rhine Meadow" death camps 1945-46. It could well be rated in the same league the raising of a whole generation of American youth in the throes of a Great Depression, brought up scarce of hope, food, water, or lodging, gaunt faces around campfires in hobo jungles and roadsides throughout the U.S. of the 1930's, not one of them knowing that their malnutrition and denial of a proper family life were instigated by a group who held a "Crasher's Party" at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City the day of the stock market collapse. No, we have the space only to remind ourselves of real hatred, and to arm ourselves against it. That was not the substance and it was not the content of the Jim Floyd Show.

Inside the Jewish Mindset

While not as dramatic, real hatred is also the attempt to distort, to suppress dissent, and to buy and own public opinion. It is the hatred of Sunlight, for that is what Jim opened the blinds of the (usually controlled) media to invite inside- the sunlight of the marketplace of ideas. What happened to his show would not have seemed so odd to Ness and Newman had they but known of a similar incident three decades earlier.

In The California Jewish Voice published Friday, 11th Novemvber, 1965, even as Jewish "radicals" lauched the "Free Speech Movement" (to permit the open and written use of expletives by students of the University of California) on the Berkely campus, a different approach to free speech was being taken elsewhere:

"Radio station KTYM, in Inglewood, was this week charged with 'broadcasting blatant anti-Semitism' in a complaint filed with the Federal Communications Commission by the Pacific-Southwest Office of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. The commission was asked to consider whether a renewal of KTYM's license would be consistent with the public interest.

The complaint was filed by David Goldman, regional League president. It alleges that on Oct. 7, 1964, KYTM carried a taped broadcast entitled 'Richard Cotten's Conservative Viewpoint,' described by ADL as 'a calculated appeal to anti-Semitic prejudice.'"

In an incredible parallel the application of raw power to throttle dissent was the same then, as reported on 11/4/65 by yet another Jewish publication, Heritage Southwest Jewish Press:

"Goldman asserted that following the Oct. 7 broadcast, ADL representatives met with KTYM's owner, A.J. Williams, to call his attention to and protest its contents."

"Williams' offer of time to answer Cotten's attacks was rejected..."

And, just in case you still don't see patterns, even a generation later, remember how Denbo called Floyd a "boil?" Well, a headline in the paper just quoted labels anti-Semitism, "a simmering sore."

The sad irony of this case and its repetition in countless other places and times is that the very authors of appeals to "tolerance" and "multiculturalism" show none of it when a ruling elite among their own people are criticized. A further irony, which any person of depth would reflect about the broadcast, is that Southern Whites are probably the least anti-Semitic people on earth. All that they believe, the bibical legends on which they raise their children, the belief in absolute, literal authority for the writings of prominent Jews such as Saul of Tarsus (Paul of the New Testament), is Semitic in origin. The patriarchal family, the absolute authority of school, state, and nation are ingrained into the Southern character. It is anomaly to suggest that a sout-herner even has the wherewithal to be anti-Semitic- the callers only wish that they could be the Jews of bibical myth and legend. The offense which Denbo took was only an imagined anti-Semitism. The dream of every retired Southern Christian is to visit "the Holy Land."

It could be suggested that what he really took exception to was Floyd's readings from the darker passages of the Talmud standing, as it does, in such remarked contrast to our modern standards of racial and religious tolerance- it is easy to imagine the embarrassment of the Jewish community over this series of documents, yet where, from these advocates of multiculturalism, is the refutation? More likely, it was Floyd's discussion of how much each American taxpayer will spend (estimated at $1400 per person) in additional taxes to bail out wealthy speculators in the Mexican currency scheme, or the revelation of U.S. arms trading to both sides in the Iran-Iraq War, where Israel resold American arms to Iran while the U.S. sold directly to Iraq. You see, what happens here is that a Constitutionalist, an advocate of the rights of man as discussed in the U.N. charter and the U.S. founding document doesn't deliberately or maliciously try to step on Jewish toes- he simply trips over their feet every time he opens the closet where these transactions occur.

To really understand the Jewish mentality of intolerance, xenophobia, and the advocacy of violence to silence the recalcitrant, questioners or dissenters, perhaps it is necessary to look no farther than their own best known works, their testaments, old and new. While the Jim Floyd Show actually posed no threat, there is a palpable history of attacking imagined threats with equal vigor. Thus Samuel launches an all-out, genocidal war against the Amalekites on the premise that Israel had lost a war to them some four centuries earlier and he tells Saul (I Samuel 15:3, "Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass."

That this way of doing business had not changed can be seen in Luke 15-27, where Jesus calls in followers and praises one of them for making a 5-to-1 profit by usurious investment on the labors of others, and calls another follower who merely saved his pound (King James' translation for the Shekel) in a napkin, "thou wicked servant." The man is condemned for not making profit on the labors of others the sternest warning is issued for, again, not any real threat to the latter-day Jewish leader, but mere disobedience by failure to invest, the mentality that 'if you're not with me, you're against me,' "24 And he said unto them that stood by, Take from him (ed.-stripping from this poor fellow who was too moral to participate in usury) the pound, and give it to him that hath ten pounds. 25 (And they said unto him, Lord, he hath ten pounds.) 26 For which I say unto you, That unto every one which hath shall be given (ed- the "haves" shall strip ever more from the "have nots"): and from him that hath not, even that he hath shall be taken away from him. (ed.-note the tone of caring, love, and compassion) 27 But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither and slay them before me."

How you respond to such passages depends on whether you are Christian, freethinker, or of another religion, but that the sheer malice toward imaginary threats survives intact from Old Testament to New cannot be doubted. Since most Jews, while taking the Qumran Codices and Nag Hammadi Codex records of a less-than-divine messianic leader as historical, do nonetheless accept Jeshua as a prophet, this latter examination is relevant to our look inside the Jewish mindset. Vindictive action against imagined threats and the seige mentality are nothing new. One would have to agree with Jewish anthropologist, Dr. Howard Stein, that this very behavior creates enemies, where there would otherwise be none.

Where to go from here?

Like a patriotic, law-abiding American, Jim Floyd did the right thing in response to the threat. Since it involved a terrorist organization (JDL), the threatened bombing of a broadcast facility, the movement of persons across state lines to commit a criminal act, and ethnic intimi-dation ("Hate Crimes"), most of the violations were federal in nature. He went to the FBI office in Huntsville, AL, as did Newman and Ness, all of whom rendered full statements there. Even as the closure of the show was being announced, Floyd was on his way to the FBI office, meeting with SAIC Lee Leggette that same Monday 13th February.

He has driven to and from his home, as has his wife, Sylvia, visitors, including a son, daughter, and infant granddaughter, under death threat since the 8th of February. No law enforcement agency stepped forward to offer to guard their home, watch the road to the lake or the lake itself, or to in any way protect a man threatened with harm. In an America where "equal protection" has been relegated to mere slogan, this is not surprising. This is a middle-aged White, family man. Had a gay, Black, or Jewish talk-show host been so threatened, no expense would have been spared to offer protection. Saving 100,000 dollars to do a man harm is not trivial, nor is it an unintentional act. Can anyone in what vestiges remain of a "Western democracy" imagine or tolerate this double standard? Could it be that the ancient Hebrew statement of justifiable, ethnically-based homicide is still believed? "The best of the goyim should be killed." Talmud: Abhodzah Zarah (26b)T.

That it is federal in jurisdiction cannot be disputed, that it has become a more serious offense with recent legislation, the following shall make clear;

H.R. 4092- Schumer / Brooks pursuant to Section 994 of Title 26 U.S. Code "Amend existing guidelines to provide not less than three offense levels for offenses that are hate crimes."

Windom - Ellis, S-2 State of Alabama, "It is the right of every person to be secure and protected from threats of reasonable fear, intimidation, harassment, and physical harm caused by activities of groups and indi-viduals."

While federal law enforcement has paid unrestrained attention to White nationalists, no matter how peaceful and non-revolutionary their tactics, they may not have even the ability to act on a case such as this. The tackling of non-White terrorist groups such as the Black Liberation Army is almost nil; Muslims have a large, armed contingent. The only group besides White Constitutionalists to receive even a similar amount of attention has been Arab American groups due to their potential conflict of interests with Israel. It is doubtful that the FBI has the files or intelligence, such as that gained from promiscuous wiretapping of the Socialist Worker's Party in the '60's and '70's and the extensive agent provocateur operations among klan groups. The inability to act in this case will be a direct result of this double standard, selective and politically determined enforcement. To make a nation's premier law enforcement agency into a partisan enforcement cadre forfeits objectivity and the ability to detect breaches of the law by its own "clientele."

A Record of Selective Enforcement

Vanessa Redgrave, like many prominent actresses, maintains a part-time career as an activist too. Most thespians receive kudos from the media for their actions in a cause of preventing or alleviating human suffering, but not Ms. Redgrave. Rather, the CBS series Sixty Minutes directed a scurrulous attack on her. The attempt was made to brand her a 'terrorist sym-pathizer,' because she launched humanitarian relief for the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children living in exile in crowded, filthy refugee camps. In 1980 a group of Zionists burned her in effigy. Snipers fired shots into a studio in Hollywood and one in Philadelphia. Bomb threats were voiced against her. The most brazen advocacy of terrorism was when a wealthy Jew, at a meeting in L.A., waved a fistful of money in the air and shouted, "Who is willing to rid the world of a Jew-baiter?"

Victor Ostrovsky has written his second book, following By Way of Deception. It is an expos� of Israeli practices and policies. Immediately, the call went up, publically, openly in the U.S. Jewish community for a "warm Jew" to kill him. In either case, there were no arrests.

Retired Cleveland auto worker, Ukranian immigrant, John Demjanjuk, who won his freedom from Israeli courts, proving that he was not a labor camp guard in World War II, spent seven years under trial for death or awaiting a death sentence in that country. As he boarded a plane from Tel Aviv to New York, a Jew openly stated on the 5:30 national news, "He will be killed before he leaves the New York airport." If the speaker was Israeli, a government concerned with justice for an innocent man who had proven himself even in the stacked juridical deck of a renegade state would have demanded extradition of the speaker. If the speaker was American, an arrest of the conspirator should have been forthcoming. The Demjanjuk family repeatedly called in vain for FBI protection.

Nor were these guardians of justice to be seen as Demjanjuk and his friends were spat on by Jewish bigots at the airport, the plane, and the boarding gate. This quiet, hard-working octogenarian, family man and grandfather, model citizen, proven innocent by mistaken identity and proving the perjury of professional witnesses used in several "death camp" cases, remains without protection. One can only imagine the amount of federal manpower which would have been used to protect a black community leader or a rabbi under similar circumstances. Clearly, in the day of "everyone is equal," some are still a lot more equal than others and some lives must be measurably more worthy of preserving.

In Mr. Floyd's case, perhaps they even, in a perverse sort of way want the publicity, by way of demonstrating what happens to those who challenge Zionist power. Let us hope, at least, that since the case gained the status of UPI news item, no harm will come to him. More insidious is where that leaves us.

Owners of broadcast or publishing outlets, like most businessmen in the West, finance expansions or operational shortfalls with instruments of debt. In most cases that debt will be owned by subsidiaries of international finance. They all depend upon the good will with other businesses which permits the sale of advertising time or space. The extensive holdings of an ADL with its 35 million dollar slush fund or the Southern Poverty Law Center, with its 22 million dollar war chest, mean that such organizations, and the powerful business interests who are their constituents, can put enormous economic pressure on, or actually carry out economic warfare against any publisher or electronic outlet whose views present a perceived threat to their interests. They can to an even greater degree usurp for themselves the role of censors, who would decide what news and opinion it is safe or fit for the American public to hear.

While the increasing public flap over this may protect the Floyds, and let's pray that it does, what has been murdered is the voice. What has been extinguished is the sunlight in which such a broadcast examines the important issues of our day, not within the narrow spectrum of 'approved opposition,' such as a Rush Limbaugh, nor the official indignation of a Mike Wallace (even the old Soviet Union had its official muckraker, Michael Posner, to create appearance of open debate). Floyd's show had the rough-and-tumble of a good debate. He took great care to not only entertain, but educate his audience, explaining the mechanations of GATT, NAFTA, and international finance so that truck drivers and brick-layers began to discuss it. Perhaps it was that, the making public and understandable of information on topics normally reserved for foundation researchers and legislative staffers that they resented. It was this examination which the weathy elite have proven once again that they will not tolerate. North Alabama sorely misses the show- it had possibilities- and they knew it.


It must be noted that, since this report was compiled, there has been a government reaction to the Floyd case. Mail being delivered to his home is slit opened or crudely taped shut. Ironically, just as the Russian upper class cursed Napoleon's attack on Moscow in French, letters from our occupied people often end with prayers to the same Hebrew god as the JDL worships. When Jim again called for action or protection, the prosecutor slammed down the phone. A letter with no address appeared at the Floyd home while his daughter and infant granddaughter were visiting. Opening it at the kitchen table, Mr. Floyd blanched at the obvious implications as he read the words printed there, "Tick, Tick, Tick."

Rydberg Speaks-

Common Misconceptions on North European Origins

Here will follow several interesting quotes for those of our readers who have not yet purchased Teutonic Theology by Viktor Rydberg. It is available from Reprints & Rares (sources section). Some of these add to our knowledge of Nordic or Germanic history or cosmology and others quite revise the standard lines which have often found their way from the pens of Medieval Christian monks, who often penned 'legends' of those whom they conquered, to the current writings of Neo-Pagan Odinists. We shall note the significance of each section just before it is excerpted. All quotes are from the first volume.

pp. 70-73 On the influence of the great number of Jews and other Hither Asiatics, who were already in the Appian Peninsula by the First Century B.C.E., and the origins of the Roman and Germanic systems for observing time:

Originally the Romans did not divide time into weeks of seven days. Instead, they had weeks of eight days, and the farmer worked the seven days and went on the eighth to market. But the week of seven days had been in existence for a very long time among certain Semitic peoples, and already in the time of the Roman republic many Jews lived in Rome and in Italy. Through them the week of seven days became generally known. The Jewish custom of observing the sacredness of the Sabbath, the first day of the week, by abstaining from all labour, could not fail to be noticed by the strangers among whom they dwelt. The Jews had, however, no special name for each day of the week. But the Oriental, Egyptian, and Greek astrologers and astronomers, who in large numbers sought their fortune in Rome, did more than the Jews to introduce the week of seven days among all classes of the metropolis, and the astrologers had special names for each of the seven days of the week. Saturday was the planet's and the planet-God Saturnus' day; Sunday, the sun's; Monday, the moon's; Tuesday, Mars'; Wednesday, Mercury's; Thursday, Jupiter's; Friday, Venus' day. Already in the beginning of the empire these names of the days were quite common in Italy. The astrological almanacs, which were circulated in the name of the Egyptian Petosiris among all families who had the means to buy them contributed much to bring this about. From Italy both the taste for astrology and the adoption of the week of seven days, with the above-mentioned names, spread not only into Spain and Gaul, but also into those parts of Germany that were incorporated with the Roman Empire, Germania superior and inferior, where the Romanising of the people, with Cologne (Civitas Ubiorum) as the centre, made great progress. Teutons who had served as officers and soldiers in the Roman armies, and were familiar with the everyday customs of the Romans, were to be found in various parts of the independent Teutonic territory, and it is therefore not strange if the week of seven days, with a separate name given to each day, was known and in use more or less extensively throughout Teutondom even before Christianity had taken root east of the Rhine, and long before Rome itself was converted to Christianity. But from this introduction of the seven-day week did not follow the adoption of the Roman names of the days. The Teutons translated the names into their own language, and in so doing chose among their own divinities those which most nearly corresponded to the Roman. The translation of the names is made with a discrimination which seems to show that it was made in the Teutonic border country, governed by the Romans, by people who were as familiar with the Roman Gods as their own. In that border land there must have persons of Teutonic birth who officiated as priests before Roman altars. The days of the sun and moon were permitted to retain their names. They were called Sunday and Monday. The day of the war-God Mars became the day of the war-God Tyr, Tuesday. The day of Mercury became Odin's day, Wednesday. The day of the lightning-armed Jupiter became the day of the thundering Thor, Thursday. The day of the Goddess of love, Venus became that of the Goddess of love, Freyja, Friday. Saturnus, who in astrology is a watery star, and has his house in the sign of the waterman, was among the Romans, and before them among the Greeks and Chaldeans, the lord of the seventh day. Among the North Teutons, or at least, among a part of them, his day got its name from laug (Saturday is in the North called L�verdag, L�rdag- that is, Laugardag = bathday- note from Rasmus Anderson, the translator), which means a bath, and it is worthy of notice in this connection that the author of the Prose Edda's Foreword identifies Saturnus with the sea-God Njord.

Throughout the above passage and adjacent work, Rydberg postulates a similarity between O�in and Mercury, a postulation which has been repeated in many modern neo-Pagan works from Steven Mc Nallen to Stephen Flowers.

pp. 82-84 Passages were written into the Eddas and mindlessly repeated by quasi-Odinists, one of which wrote in The Frothing Vat in '87 that, "When my ancestors moved from Asia, they were already brewing beer and mead." That every other people on earth could have a homeland, but Teutonic people must have come from Asia was a deliberate fabrication by monastic and convent scholars which was grafted onto the authentic Pagan material:

"I think I have now pointed out the chief threads of the web of that scholastic romance woven out of Latin convent learning concerning a Teutonic emigration from Troy and Asia, a web which extends from Fredegar's Frankish chronicle, through the following chronicles of the middle age, down into Heimskringla and the Foreward of the Younger Edda. According to the Frankish chronicle, Gesta regum Francorum, the emigration of the Franks from the Trojan colony near the Tanais was thought to have occurred very late; that is, in the time of Valentinianus I., or in other words between 364 and 375 after Christ. The Icelandic authors very well knew that Teutonic tribes had been far into Europe long before that time, and the reigns they had constructed in regard to the North indicated that they must have emigrated from the Tanais colony long before the Franks. As the Roman attack was the cause of the Frankish emigration, it seemed probable that these world-conquerors had also caused the earlier emigration from Tanais; and as Pompey's expedition to Asia was the most celebrated of all the expeditions made by the Romans in the East- Pompey even entered Jerusalem and visited its temple- it was found most convenient to let the Asas emigrate in the time of Pompey, but they left a remnant of Teutons near the Tanais, under the rule of Odin's younger brothers Vile and Ve, in order that this colony might continue to exist until the emigra-tion of the Franks took place.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the Trojan migration saga, as born and developed in antiquity, does not indicate by a single word that Europe was peopled later than Asia, or that it received its population from Asia. The immigration of the Trojans to Europe was looked upon as a return to their original homes. Dardanus, the founder of Troy, was regarded as the leader of an emigration from Etruria to Asia (�neid, iii. 165 ff., Serv. Comm.). As a rule the European peoples regarded themselves in antiquity as autochthones if they did not look upon themselves as immigrants from regions within Europe to the territories they inhabited in historic times.

We trust the facts presented above have convinced the reader that the saga concerning the immigration of Odin and the Asas to Europe is throughout the product of the convent learning of the middle ages. That it was born and developed independently of the traditions of the Teutonic heathendom shall be made still more apparent by the the additional proofs that are accessible in regard to this subject. It may, however, be of some interest to first dwell on some of the details in the Heimskringla and in the Younger Edda and point out their source.

It should be borne in mind that, according to the Younger Edda, it was Zoroaster who first thought of building the Tower of Babel, and that in this undertaking he was assisted by seventy-two master-masons. Zoro-aster is, as is well known, another form for the Bactrian or Iranian name Zarathustra, the name of the prophet and religious reformer who is praised on every page of Avesta's holy books, and who in a prehistoric age founded the religion which far down in our own era has been confessed by the Persians, and is still confessed by their descendants in India, and is marked by a most serious and moral view of the world. In the Persian and in the classical literatures this Zoroaster has naught to do with Babel, still less with the Tower of Babel. But already in the first century of Christianity, if not earlier, traditions became current which made Zoroaster the founder of all sorcery, magic, and astrology (Plinius, Hist. Nat., XXX. 2); and as astrology particularly was sup-posed to have had its centre and base in Babylon, it was natural to assume that Babel had been the scene of Zoroaster's activity. The Greek-Roman chronicler Ammianus Marcellinus, who lived in the fourth century...still knows that Zoroaster was a man from Bactria, not from Babylon, but he already has formed the opinion that Zoroaster had gotten much of his wisdom from the writings of the Babylonians. In the church fathers the saga is developed in this direction, and from the church fathers it got into the Latin chronicles. "

Rydberg offers further proof of how christian translators bastardized our sacred texts with Latin conventions. Here, he discusses how an early euhemerism was attempted by monastic chroniclers, trying, as do contemporary Temple of Set and Hindi front groups who use the guise of Odinism without the inner content, to demote our deities to easily explainable psychological states or mere memories of leaders. The same who bastardize our faith then call those who take the Gods and Goddesses of the North seriously, "orthodox." Well, perhaps orthodoxy is a neces-sary defense against bastardization! Here, then, is Rydberg's unravelling of a much earlier re-construction of Odin (92-93):

The character of the anthropomorphosed Odin, who is lawgiver and king, as represented in Heimskringla and the Prose Edda, is only in part based on native northern traditions concerning the heathen god Odin, the ruler of heaven. This younger Odin, constructed by Christian authors, has received his chief features from documents found in convent libraries. When the Prose Edda tells that the chief who proceeded from Asgard to Saxland and Scandinavia did not really bear the name Odin, but had assumed this name after the elder and deified Odin-Priam of Troy, to make people believe that he was a god, then this was no new idea. Virgil's commentator, Servius, remarks that ancient kings very frequently assumed names which by right belonged only to the gods, and he blames Virgil for making Saturnus come from the heavenly Olympus to found a golden age in Italy. This Saturnus, says Servius, was not a god from above, but a mortal king from Crete who had taken the god Saturnus' name. The manner in which Saturnus, on his arrival in Italy and the vicinity of Rome, was received by Janus, the king ruling there, reminds us of the manner in which Odin, on his arrival in Svithiod, was received by king Gylfe. Janus is unpretentious enough to leave a portion of his territory and his royal power to Saturnus, and Gylfe makes the same concession to Odin. Saturnus thereupon introduces a higher culture among the people of Latium, and Odin brings a higher culture to the inhabitants of Scandinavia. The church father Lactantius, like Servius, speaks of kings who tried to appropriate the name and worship of the gods, and condemns them as foes of truth...

For all his clarity on xian distortions introduced into the Eddas, Rydberg fails to know, in his 19th Century framework of learning,(p.93) which creed came first when obvious parallels exist. That Judeochristianity appropriated a great many practices and beliefs from the heathen was explained away, even as modern judeochristians do, not wanting to admit that theirs is a creed carefully cobbled together from the faiths of others creating a dias on which to elevate the Jews:

"In regard to one of them, the Persian Mithra, who in the middle age, was confounded with Zoroaster, Tertulianus relates that he (Mithra), who knew in advance that Christianity would come, resolved to anticipate the true faith by introducing some of its customs. Thus, for example, Mithra, according to Tertulianus, introduced the custom of blessing by laying the hands on the head or the brow of those to whom he wished to insure prosperity, and he also adopted among his mysteries a practice resembling the breaking of the bread in the Eucharist. So far as the blessing by the laying on of hands is concerned, Mithra especially used it in giving courage to thee men whom he sent out as soldiers to war."

On pages 113 to 115, he recounts the works of Jordanes, a Goth who became a Roman historian and wrote in the 6th Century, Common Era. Jordanes added a great deal to historical accounts of the Gothic people by doing what today would be called field research, "He first tells us what the Greek and Roman authors Claudius Ptolemy and Pomponius Mela have written about it, but he also reports a great many things which never before were known in literature, unless they were found in the lost Historia Gothorum by Cassiodorus- things which either Jordanes himself or Cassiodorus had learned from Northmen who were members of the large Teutonic armies then in Italy."

From the Gothic culture area, which left in modern place name Gotland Island off Sweden, Nordic warriors and settlers added fairer genes to areas which had been heavily mixed with Hither Asiatic, Dinaric, and Hammitic immigrants during the corrupt phase of the Roman empire. Of the Goths, he writes that they, "carried victorious weapons over all eastern and southern Europe and Asia Minor, and founded kingdoms between the Don in the East and the Atlantic ocean and the Pillars of Hercules in the West and South. The traditions of the Goths also referred the cradle of the race to Scandinavia. Jordanes. . wrote. .(that) in the North there is a great ocean, and in this ocean there is a large island called Scandza, out of whose loins our race burst forth like a swarm of bees and spread over Europe."

That Scandinavia and not Asia, was the origin of the White races he gives further proof by showing how the areas of origin claimed by the Gothic settlers and warriors corresponded to contemporary place names. He then concludes his discussion with a further point which anyone familiar with the excellent ethnography of National Socialist anthropologist Dr. Hans G�nther, will recognize forthwith, "The fact that so many tribes inhabited. . Scandza, he says, has been officina gentium, vagina nationum- the source of races, the mother of nations."

In pages 120-122, Rydberg outlines Tacitus' theory that non-Teutonic races never settled in Germany, drawing heavily on Germania, 2. He concludes, "Tacitus thus doubts that non-Teutonic races ever settled in Germany, still he has heard that people who desired to exchange their old homes for new ones have come there to live. But these settlements did not, in his opinion, result in any mixing of the race. Those early immigrants did not come by land, but in fleets over the sea; and as this sea was the boundless ocean which lies beyond the Teutonic con tinent and was seldom visited by people living in the countries embraced in the Roman empire, those immigrants must themselves have been Teutons."

He continues with Tacitus' description of this land, quoting chapter 44, "where he relates that in the very midst of this ocean lies a land inhabited by Teutonic tribes, rich not only in men and arms, but also in fleets (praeter viros armaque classibus valent), and having a stronger and better organization than the other Teutons. These people formed several communities (civitates). He calls them Sviones, and describes their ships. The conclusion to be drawn from his words is, in short, that those immigrants were Northmen belonging to the same race as the continental Teutons."

What he could not have known in 1888 when writing his monumental work was the actual identity of this land to which his researches repeatedly point, the originating island of accounts in classical antiquity and the middle ages. Rydberg worked within the framework of knowledge at his time in assuming that the ancients referred to Scandinavia as an island, since travel in tireme or other ocean-going vessel at that point would not have permitted the circumnavigation needed to establish to the ancients that it was, in fact, a peninsula. That there was an island from which the Teutonic nations emigrated would later be established, in our century, by Jurgen Spannuth in his Atlantis of the North. It would be corroborated by a quite separate account in the translation by Franklin Pierce, from the ancient Frisian, of Thet Oera Linda Bók. Although the versions differ somewhat as to when it happened, both point to an island, Basileia, or Atland, which sank about 1200 B.C.E. off the Frisian coast. It was the origin of the Atlantis legends and the center of a large Teutonic empire. When it sank, a process which may have taken decades, the emigrating Teutons moved South and established themselves in the Peleponnissis and even Asia Minor, which invasion is described in the Medinet Habu of Egypt. The existence of this Frisian empire ties in the many classical accounts of this Teutonic island empire. Among other proofs, Spannuth reported a modern mariner's tracing the sea-routes of Solon and Homer and arriving at the same coast and post WWII marine expeditions by the Royal Geographic Society which have dredged up massive paving stones from the North Sea in the Helgoland location. Rydberg could not have known this, and it all supports the advanced Teutonic civilization regarded as an equal culture by Greek and Roman historians.

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