The Gođin of the Old Norse are alive and well.
It is Their Wish that Teutonic men and women work together to keep alive in themselves and the world around them
the fresh streams that have always run under the world tree.
For this reason, we solicit what is true and treue.
We reclaim our noble standing.

As the Crimes against humanity grow       . . .          fewer care anymore . . .
    . . . killing nations off   by stealth    silently    softly  

GMO's (genetically modified organisms) were originally developed, principally, by chemical giant Monsanto and probably the largest agricultural products company, Archer Daniel Midlands (ADM) to create crops which were more drought-tolerant or which produced in their tissues certain toxins that would dscourage crop pests. The latest research is showing that nature has outsmarted the latter plan, as pests go through several generations often in a single season and so the few of each generation not repelled by or able to digest the now-toxic corn, wheat, or soybeans, live to breed again, or lay eggs for the next year. Entymologists are already tracking this evolution.

There have been studies showing that often GMO foods are not as digestible or as healthy as their original, natural seed predecessors. Another disturbing drawback for GMO foods is that they support oligopoly, rather than the diversity of individual farming enterprises. The corporation offering a GMO crop then owns the seed production. Farmers MUST purchase seed from ADM or whoever offers it for sale. Worse, there are cases where GMO crops got into natural cropland and Monsanto sued the farmer for infringement. This is the worst kind of 19th Century "robber baron" mentality in the most vital human enterprise- food production.

Willingness of the public to accept GMO products and unwillingness of the public to investigate and use their "vote" as an educated consumer to leave such products unsold creates the climate in which coporations can get away with this. Ignoring the whole GMO issue because reading it might interfere with time set aside to watch an NBA game or Hollywood Sqares is the posture of willful ignorance by consumers and citizens. When it comes to rejecting dangerous or ineffective products, we are called upon to be both citizens and consumers.

The tendency to ignore the issue and the continued proliferation of GMO foods reveal a larger underlying pattern, that of consumers who are overwhelmed by more information every day than most of us have evolved to process. With the proliferation of interactive media and entertainment media at every turn, right down to streaming TV shows on the I Phone to commuters with earplugs enjoying the aforementtioned shows during their commute to the legions of youth, driving around with blaring music, the downside of media immersion is twofold.

  • Firstly, it is passive. You do not have to read. You can just listen or watch. You do not have to engage in critical thinking- you just swallow it whole.        Imagine giving away your right to choose by addictive unconscious choice while everyone pretends all is as it used to be!
  • Secondly, it voids self-determination. Prior generations read more. There were many more magazines. The public sought out information about how things worked and where we were headed and often considered and weighed it.
    Now, the content and conclusions are being externally chosen, often by network executives of spoiled scions of the powers that be, sons and daughters of precisely the corporate-military-government phalanx that is out to harvest all scarce resources and strip the planet for the comfort and amusement of their own caste.

    This passivity is certainly taught in schools and elsewhere, but can be mentioned in the context of understanding why there is not a public outcry against the replacement of genetically diverse seeds with proprietary GMO seeds in agriculture. So for the time being, all that an individual can do is to personally choose locally grown produce whenever possible and investigate how much GMO product any product you buy mighy contain so that you can minimize it. Finally, if you do grow even a small part of your own food, as many concerned citizens still do, most seed catalogues now will tell you when seeds are "heirloom" and definitely NOT GMO!

    TBD TBD "Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it." - Adolf Hitler    

    The Fluoride Conspiracy

    Currently the US government is continuing to introduce further fluoridation schemes throughout the country, including the Water Act passed in November 2003, which has made it impossible for water companies to undergo civil or criminal hearings as a result of adding fluoride to public water supplies. In a society where products containing asbestos, lead, beryllium and many other carcinogens have been recalled from the marketplace, it is surprising that fluoride is embraced so thoroughly and blindly. It seems absurd that we would consider paying the chemical industry to dispose of their toxic waste by adding it to our water supply. Hiding the hazards of fluoride pollution from the public is a capitalist-style con job of epic proportions that has occurred because a powerful lobby wishes to manipulate public opinion in order to protect it’s own financial interests. "Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country... our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of" (Bernays 1991).

    Protect your Ordrs - Teutonic Energy Centers . . .

    What can we do? Is there any Good News here? Yes! Frequent brief exposure to outdoor sunshine, 20 minutes or so at a time, will help stimulate a fluoride calcified pineal gland. …. This is more important than most realize. Use your eyes, your thought and your own memory to see clearly what, if anything, is happening to and around you.

    Recommended reading:
    Money: The 12th & Final Religion
    by R. Duane Willing

    March of the Titans: A History of the White Race Here it is: the complete and comprehensive history of the White race, spanning 500 centuries of tumultuous events from the steppes of Russia to the African continent, to Asia, the Americas and beyond. This is their inspirational story—of vast visions, empires, achievements, triumphs against staggering odds, reckless blunders, crushing defeats and stupendous struggles. Most importantly of all, revealed in this work is the one true cause of the rise and fall of the world’s greatest empires—that all civilizations rise and fall according to their racial homogeneity and nothing else—a nation can survive wars, defeats, natural catastrophes, but not racial dissolution. This is a revolutionary new view of history and of the causes of the crisis facing modern Western Civilization, which will permanently change your understanding of history, race and society. Covering every continent, every White country both ancient and modern, and then stepping back to take a global view of odern racial realities, this book not only identifies the cause of the collapse of ancient civilizations, but also applies these lessons to modern Western society. The author, Arthur Kemp, spent more than 25 years traveling over four continents, doing primary research to compile this unique book. There is no other book like it in existence—a book to pass on from generation to generation, so that all will know the true history of the White race.

    In Happier Contrast, see this article that describes our earlier roots: A Folk Religion is ...

    In the Old Norse, the term, Gambanreiđi, means, "The Gođin clad for battle".
    We work towards protecting Vidar's good Green World and rebuilding our communities
    without progroms that teach our women to undermine or falsely exploit their good men.
    Instead, together here we rebuild our lovely family lines carefully.
    We ask that Loki's alien suffering virus shall have no place in the realm enjoyed by our people in Middle Earth and that he remain permanently chained
    as we together with the Goodly Powers always intend.
    Here is a place where inhabitants will have learned well no longer to let Loki trick or manipulate them into suffering and servitude.

    Currents of change and renewal are surging through our noosphere.
    Watch and participate.
    Dare to dream of the world you would like to live in. Think ahead of the world you would wish to create for your children and their children if your heart's best desires could happen here. Imagine what changes, even the small ones, that you could do today to bring these best things into tomorrow.
    Visualize it.
    Ask the Gođin to show you the ancient ways and what it would be like, once again, to live here in Vidar's primeval forests again, Gimle !

    Also in happier contrast to the world which criminals have dominated, we recommend The Device,   a timely collection of stories of how a better world could be lived if ever we are able to live in our communities again. The Device is now easily accessible in several file formats.

    The Gambanreiđi Statement, printed since 1979, is offered as an on-line journal at

    We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Please remember that we are not universalists and do not believe that the principles contained herein would be of benefit to "all mankind." We trust the ingenuity and resourcefulness of other peoples to come up with their own evolutionary strategies. Ours assumes self-control, limiting one's consumption of natural resources and production of offspring, not overrunning and exhausting the earth, and other ethics of a distinctly North European flavor. This work should certainly be shared with other North Europeans. All we ask is this: if you copy this work, have the honor to use it whole, as this is more representative of the greater body of spiritual writings from which it is excerpted and will avoid the taking of parts out of context.