Fouling the Nest of Humans

Fouled Nest Marketing comes direct from the NWO's Suffering Engines
More Evidences of this Bad Alien Agenda

Currently we are promoting a selection of four recent documentary reports and one expose of the leaks to intentionally mislead and create misdirection by some of the good reporters. These five pieces are:

*   Documentary 1  Is Codex Alimentarius: Controlled Food Supplies for Population Reduction through Starvation and Toxicity?

*   Documentary 2  Citizens worry again that big government with little or no warning launches programs to fly planes over their neighborhoods with toxic sprays.

*   Documentary 3  What if New Orleans was more than a disaster? What if turning aide away, it served as a practice exercise or controlled experiment for planned crisis people management?

*   Documentary 4  NWO Esoteric Origins and Codex Alimentarius

*   Exposť of the NWO Esoteric Agenda  6 Trojan Horses in our Corral.

Current Event Documentary #1: To protect your life need for healthy foods and nutrients after 2009, keep yourself regularly informed about Codex Alimentarius. This documentary reports "imminent plans to take out many of the people on this planet through starvation and induced malnutrition related illnesses. Unless revised, Codex means Population Reduction through starvation and toxicity in service to the coalition of big pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, biotech and agribusiness." These industries now own our political process and also the livelihoods (jugular allegiance) of many households. This conflict of interest riddles through national and global politics, cutting through our society and into our all households.

Codex plans to extend and enforce their monopoly, dominating food access world-wide using trade sanctions to punish (through group block boycott) immediately nations not in compliance. If two countries go into the WTO in a dispute resolution process, it is currently mandated that the one that is Codex compliant already wins irregardless of the merits of the case.

"Unless the current Codex wording is altered or affiliations changed, Food Regulations, presently scheduled in 2009, could become the Legalization of Mandated Toxicity and Under Nutruition used to enforce human population reductions." Furthermore, just like we saw in the New Orleans lock-down, trade agreements would ensure that it will be illegal if there is a famine in one area for anyone to both ship nonCodex-approved high nutruient density biscuits to that country or distribute them. This draconian monopoly scheme has been carefully constructed since the 1960's and world-wide launch date is scheduled for 2009.

"Note: Bill Clinton fast tracked the US into this agreement." Do you want his wife or any other politician to continue these allegiances? One wonders if our manipulatively sponsored "choice" (the two-party dialectic which now consumes more funding than any ordinary individual could honestly assemble and a media that assures only approved candidates have audience) has become runaway government, no longer of service to humans. Since apparently a nation's people are increasingly fast tracked into odd mega programs with both political sides serving external masters who have bought, complexified, managed and worked our system ever increasing their controls here for decades. With politicians: watch what they do and not what they say. But also don't make the mistake of watching too long or agreeing to more studies when you know something is wrong. Time slips by as their agendas and wars on humanity march forward.

Current Event Documentary #2: This one is shocking! Constituents are meeting with their leader in Marin County California as here in the US these citizens ask for help and express their outrage that big government launches otherwise unstoppable programs to drop toxic sprays on them.   States find their populations here in harm's way from their own growing super powerful central government. Of course, it's big business to keep humans ill or fearful. Therefore the many illnesses untraced, but resulting from the increasing combination of pesticides in water, foods, and air create irresistible business opportunities for too many rich and powerful controlling groups. Realize if one group makes you sick, the one coming with the solution is also often just another arm of the same money-compromised uncaring human betrayers.

When will we see replacement of the New World Order's money driven slave systems and their love of suffering? For our Folk's well-being and survival, we look forward instead to responsible evolution of unique species in congenial communities with smaller local unaffiliated leadership.

If you haven't heard enough, then review:   Current Event Documentary #3: which explores and questions if New Orleans was a controlled practice experiment for planned crisis people management. If so, it signals a clear end to most of what was good for humanity in this country. In a peaceful civilized land where the natural communities of people choose freely without outside stimulation, lies or group management, none of the situations in these documentaries would occur. Honestly, one wonders:

?  How did conformity become so deeply embedded in individuals until the masses of people chose to become heavily sedated (managed like herds) and dare not speak?
?  Is it that people are simultaneously exhausted and distracted through excess stimulations that, instead of thinking, they now only respond as catalyzed by others (i.e. mass handlers)?
?  How externally programmed are people? If you listen to the man on the street, do you hear people today consider the benefits of a gentle soaking rain to the beings around them OR are they immediately focusing on and worrying over their own personal safety, thinking of some weather trauma across the world as, by proxy, they blend their minds and experience instead the daily disaster group reporting?
?  How much cognitive disconnect do you observe between what people say and do around you? For example, why are the sprinkler systems, still on auto-pilot in some southern cities, buffet the soaked scalped yards while people simultaneously repeat to one another the warnings of water shortages while still dumping lawn chemicals that drain into the water supplies throughout the country?
?  Who considers that the many yard and house poisons really weaken to prematurely sicken or kill always-indoors humanity who are perhaps purposely conditioned to avoid and fear the outside world?
?  Could it be that humanity after years of being told and dumbed down in many assaults on the individual's health have been trained to also pay for and self-administer their own poisons?
?  Could it be the concept of sanitation used to kill was blamed on one folk in order to introduce killing to widespread acceptance of all peoples commercially?
?   Or could it be that a diet of violent video games makes New Orleans too easy to accept?
?   Or with extended overloading overstimulus, despair programming, hectic schedules, meals on the run, and money to grab ... with decades of fluoridation of the city water supplies to make generations of people docile, almost stupid ... like having an increasingly compromised floating attention span that makes following any one thought difficult ... too easy to forget as the new bytes barrage with fear? Is this why a society turning against itself en mass is no longer easily capable of choice, as if gone mad ... tranced, wearied and frenzied with autopilot on?

Despite these real life horrors, benevolent ones are working on behalf of and with humanity to restore health and better solutions than those promoting greed coupled with suffering.

Current Event Documentary #4: Know the ancient Goðin Wish you to detach from the Apparatus. The ancient Gods and Goddesses of many a Folk wish your liberation from the Apparatus, also known as The Device in our Aryana collection. Arm yourself with knowledge of its plans, so you can avert their realization and hold over you. Instead of group HARMonizing with what is not beneficial, think through every choice you make and choose your own path to promote and participate in better outcomes. For example, this site's research does not coincide with the fixed date timing of the most popular Apparatus-promoted Doomsday Suffering Wish Prophecies . Miscalculated on the 12 month based calendar, most dating is increasingly flawed. We do, however, highly recommend much of the information from the extensive research organized in this movie: NWO Esoteric Origins and Codex Alimentarius

Some drawbacks to this documentary's overall excellent presentation and the reasons it contradicted its own lines of argument on occasion are highlighted in the expose article below. We saw brilliance and goodness in the reporting, but it did not consider in sufficient detail what humanity does daily to participate in their harm of this place, one another, and the once many other creatures who share this place.

It did not discuss how humans have been driven to increasing self-extinguish.
Nor that the new world order leaders have purposely promoted the rapidly increasing populations.
Nor did it defend the right of other creatures to thrive and survive here on their own terms.
Or that after years of extinguishing other species and teaching humans to adopt life patterns of warfare, overconsumption, abuse and neglect -- overbreeding humans still dominated by malevolent control interests may be purposely overextending their natural reasonable footprint on this planet.

6 Trojan Horses in our Corral is an important expose unmasking the underlying confusion surrounding the concerned, ambitious and helpful Documentary #4 presentation. We have it on good information that the leaky leak, supposedly from the Bilderberger insiders, intentionally fed misleading information to these good reporters. Consequently, some of their conclusions and recommendations presented feed right into the alien agendas against humanity.

Dismantling the Hate   For the many brave and true men, women, and children who went before.
The world will be a better place when the NWO's hate programming is dismantled and refused! by all peoples.

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