Evolution, a Truer Introduction to and Explanation of
Norse Racial Evolution
Evolution is Folk Survival

Continuous Building for a better Folk, a healthy world, and a better Folk Future

What is Evolution?

Evolution for the National Socialist involves not only the evolved consciousness of our own race, but also preserving and producing the physical platform (including our bodies) on which advanced consciousness must ride and from which it will continue to spring.

The New World Order's Mass Media brainwashing America and the world continues to pommelgrate "one size fits all". Instead of respecting individual's right to grow up inside their culture which includes:

the profound, inborn temperaments, from the very cerebral to the innately very sensate,

all peoples are encouraged to blend superficially. As if tossing all humanity into one human cauldron, mass media engineers society to everyone's harm by barraging children and adults incessantly with images and embedded messages favoring, disparaging and even threatening only selected tendencies, beats, language or appearances. Actively foisting on humanity this shallow blurring over with mostly incorrect mixed-up stereotypes taught, all peoples, races with their unique cultural distinctions and rich personal histories, are insulted.

Identity theft is nothing new. It is only being cheapened. Individuals for the past several generations have been encouraged to dress like someone else, wear someone else's name on their shirts, mince around on high tiny shoes that harm the spinal cord, and lose their sacred core identity with folk, family and race. If someone not you is mimicking you, superficially and incorrectly, of course! that is just as insulting as being told to dress with platform shoes if you're short or slump to look shorter if you are tall. Enjoying who and what one is, self-acceptance, is part of good health.

Today we hear examples of some of our own adult Norse women, on pushing through all the stereotypes to bravely recover their pride of our distinct race and thereby regain their self-acceptance, growing taller again. Who said all people have to stop growing at certain ages! Diminishing their abilities and intelligence for years, in response to social harm since tallness in a woman was not encouraged by the public schools around the country, with our strong wills (naturally to our unique race we can even alter our own physical properties, even our   litr  ), many of our women even stunted their own growth. This means they shrank their spinal columns, developed forward head syndrome and, by physically altering themselves thusly, intentionally diminished their high intelligence (withholding its certain benefits from all of us).

Not only are individuals insulted, children of all races are encouraged by advertisers to alter themselves, fear and obtain many products to mood alter themselves. Anyone growing up not fully themself becomes deformed, less than healthy. It would appear we have many valid potential class-action suits from individuals harmed over the past decades. Even better than harbouring anger over the past, this site encourages individuals to recover and insist on their right to not hear messages against their race in the media. Find ways to assure each of our children can be themselves and grow naturally to their full best potentials.

Causing each race of people to devalue itself using weapons like fashions, labelling, words that do harm, it seems the mass media has worked especially to assure the mass consciousness fears and does not want the finest goodness of the tall strong Norse individual's body to develop beyond, or even accurately hold, its beautiful physical properties. Weakened thusly, as NWO-intended, many people of all races no longer think or observe carefully for themselves, favoring instead the mass media's instructions in movies, product promotions and other entrainment methods. To control all humans, people are influenced to ignore or forget that the unique language and expressed goodness of a people is, by design, different from one race to another.

For the Norse people, our identity is not just individuality (or the New World Order's set of assigned cataloging people numbers). Our identity is our Folk consciousness. Even though that identity has been attacked violently in the past decades, scapegoated, and intentionally misrepresented through decades of Hollywood movies and the mass media, almost all unique racial groups, by this bigotry and punishment of our group, have also been undermined. For example, while comparing any people to one another is taboo in the melted pot culture, it is clearly modelled to each individual (now largely separated from their grandparent's identities) which group's characteristics are in favor and which group's are not. Disregarding, instead of cherishing distinction, puts in harm's way all racial groups, all individual peoples and, by each decline into a collective, the core consciousness of all human life on this planet. With core consciousness so undermined, much of humanity has been thrust into survival mode at odds with their environment. Therefore, all life is threatened.

Dividing people based on color into racial groups also trivializes the rich distinctions of any folk. Bussing people (across the world regions through induced or artificially instigated wars or other means), often destroying and removing them from their homelands and planting them inside the regions of others is used to eliminate the essence of all involved unique cultures (both the exported decimated cultural remnants and the receiving people's former culture). Replacing smaller folk groups and pounding them together into increasingly larger geographically defined governance units is intended to obliterate the distinctions of each folk as well as sever them from their earth roots.

Like a few colored marbles (not even enough for the primary 8 colors) or interbred cattle herds, individuals are asked repeatedly on forms that feed into government-rewarded-or-punished-control-counting-programs (GRPCCPs) if we're white, black, Asian, Indian, etc. This insults all people, not just ours. There are many white people we are glad are not of our race. We wish everyone knew they were not of our race. Surely also all Indians or Asians (even if they appreciate the funding not accorded most Northern European whites by our own programs) are not pleased to identify with everyone lumped into their artificially melted racial blocks. A schizophrenically controlling society tells everyone strongly not to consider or talk about color (or creed), yet corporate and other special funding of the programs are based on color discrimination quotas with selective rewards or punishments. Creed certainly takes increasingly large chunks of the funding, moving it from one group to another. At one level people in NWO nations are melted and also, simultaneously, selectively harmed or rewarded.

Evolution as the Norse people understand it relates to our species. None of our ancient Theology relates to other Folk. We are not evangelicals who wish the disenfranchised or converted to join ours. Our Theology is uniquely designed for our unique consciousness which according to our Theology depends on the physical genetic preservation of our Folk. Unlike the propaganda designed since the last acknowledge world war to silence us, those who understand our way know we do not wish to control the evolution of other groups, but insist on the right to preserve, upgrade, and develop our own -- ideally without having to qualify for some special interests program in order to survive. Right now that still is not possible for us, despite having our homelands overrun by fast breeding races in countries like the US white are not considered a minority by EEOC and other anti-white discriminating publicly tax funded agencies.

What if a cosmic farmer found growing in his orchard (earth) a beautiful flowering tree, in this case a pure Nordic tree? He would know he has also found one that was self-pruning, self-selecting and constantly evolving through intelligent creative choice?

What if our bioengineers today created a tree that self-corrected? It found its flaws itself, defined its own improvements, and drew naturally without forced instruction on millions of years of its folk soul. Continually it refined ever better ways to adapt to its terrain as well as journey the heavens. It not only thought of itself, but also found ways to return life to the air, soil, water and the other life affirming creatures when possible. Integrally connected to earth and sky, the folk soul developed and evolved. Who would want to extinguish or malign such a people if ever there were such beings? Who would not want to encourage them or allow them to grow as they knew best for their well-being if it did not harm benevolent others?

Or who would deny a father or mother's right to wish their daughter would marry well?

What daughter wouldn't be grateful her father had found her fiancee had a heart of stone before she married him or, even worse, bore his children?

Who wouldn't wish the grandchildren were healthy, intelligent and themselves able to contribute to an overall good quality of life?

In the NWO societies, none of these qualities or personal rights are encouraged of our regional branches of North European white folk, but are discouraged, suppressed and undermined with intentional cultural brainwashing and discrimination. Our men are purposely insulted. Scapegoated our (not all white races of) people were actively trained to devalue themselves, feel mass shame or deny their own cultures. For example, for years our most intelligent blonds (characteristics we, too, prize) were publicly misrepresented in Universal movie stereo typed memory. Prized for stupidity, modelled as sex slaves or wives primarily only good to pleasure other folk groups, at least two generations of women particularly America, like most of today's public, followed the media's implied instructions, adjusting and diminishing their identities for acceptance instead of accepting themselves, finding those who prized them truly (their own breed), and continuing their natural evolotion as individuals.

Why shouldn't a small homogeneous society have been allowed to wish to put its effort towards the best of its breed instead of being, as remnants scattered and sloshing into an increasingly large melted pot of social funding, required to encourage every other group including nonnationals or those with the most health issues to benefit most?

Why should a nation of parents, of they are able to specially rewarded, now send their children to special schools since "no child left behind" robs all but the most ill-behaved or weakest child of their best possible learning experience? Why should tax payers continue to fund systems that no longer serve them and are increasingly splintered into more specially assigned programs?

Why can't one group use more its own hard earned resources wisely for its own folk and let the others develop differently as they believe?

Aeons before the first of many religions killed off the local inhabitants or the Mongol hords swept through the steppes, certain groups of indigenous white people cherished their right to help their children do better than themselves. They didn't use or know the word "right" back then as they also did not have outsiders defining their "values" nor reducing, correcting and misrepresenting the folk expressions of languages for them. A separate peoples, they found no cause to impose their views on ones who were not of their folk except their right to remain self-governing on healthy lands and separate by trying to keep their daughters from breeding with the waves of invaders or their strong men from being killed in wars.

Years before humanity was sacrificed or enslaved, the Völuspá, sacred prophecy in our Norse Theology, outlined Evolution as this core life principal:

All of Life
Evolves OR
Reverts to . . . Entrophy and Chaos.

Life, by its very nature of being alive, is not static and is constantly changing, responding to choice. Subject to constant choice in the daily details, a living being is always Evolving or subjected to Entropy and Chaos.

In our Norse view, an individual member of our Folk is either Evolving through active choice, eventually over many lifetimes, becoming one of our Gods or Goddesses OR through Entrophy (poor choice, neglect, etc.) becoming a Frost Giant. Conversely, as one watches the NWO society at large, it seems to be collecting and mass shoving humanity rapidly towards and promoting human entrophy including mass induced sufferings through: wars, polluting overworked lifestyles, apocalptic-wishing end scenarios, monetary enslavement lures and schemes, fictional drama distractions, and countless other unnatural human weakening assaults.

Probably this surrounding climate of active entrophy used to enslave other humans is the underlying reason our views of Evolution are so aggressively system-suppressed, discouraged, publicly misstated and villified. Carefully ignored is the fact that our views effect those of our own Folk who choose this lifestyle and, unlike overstamping universalist mêmes, were never designed for export to any other Folk. Clearly, in a mass mind controlled environment, even individuals who question commonly held limiting assumptions is perceived as a threat.

Radically different from other racial mega religious views, the Völuspá; prophecy of the Völva clearly demonstrates that our Gods themselves evolve. Alive, they are not static and seek to better themselves, too. All of life evolves.

This era 21st century <CE, after many wars of conquest by groups who narrowly refuse to permit diversity, the amalgamated society seeks to impose its accepted assumption of "lockstep thinking" on all groups including indigenous Northern European peoples whose ancient culture it does not understand nor should it since universalist thinking is used to obliterate all cultures. Particularly, this means that if our group even dares discuss a topic like Evolution, our core tenant, it is victimized and attacked with rhetoric accusing promotion of genocide and racial warfare. Rather than understanding when a group wishes to protect its own species and evolve, inflammatory takeover rhetoric is burned over and over into one folk's brains against the merest consideration of our ancient honourable folk-specific principles. Thereby intentionally victim and conqueror are shifted and blurred, with the scapegoated victims turning against themselves, just as the society around them has also been galvanized to turn against them en masse for decades, a true form of dishonest involuted racial warfare.

Another technique used to entrain our people from understanding our own Theology regarding Evolution is to divert into a shifting, continually redefined, emotional, complex bipolar dialectics any discussion of Evolution. Creation vs. Evolution is a framed unnaturally defined debate. Mass forcing people to defend questions few but the highest intellectuals of our species have evolved to See clearly is designed to make pseudo self-styled experts of everyone while ignoring the question of a single group's right to better itself in health, apart from sufferings or their mass marketed solutions imposed.

No one needs to ask another group if it is permitted to better itself. But shouldn't one wonder why some groups find it so offensive that we hold our own improved development as our sacred right? If evolution believed by some groups challenges the assertion that humans are worse than dust, why not leave the ones alone who for aeons knew and practiced otherwise? What is an indigenous group when society declares some favored and other ancient ones still banned, masked over with certain stories repeated only to distort and harm?

The ;luspá is for the people of the Norse. It is ours, not a New Age muddled superficial self-serving mis-ideology. (It was not written for the Jewish person, not the Muslim, not the Hindu, not the many nonNorse whites, etc. Their sacred texts were also written for their own people just as ours were for our people. Each true peoples, under attack from the NWO, have lost their roots.) Each folk or mass group of people have their own tradition and here is what the Völuspá speaks about in a world perhaps like the one the NWO tried to create, one that barely lives (Reverting to Entrophy) and is not naturally Evolving:

"This was the first of aeons, when Ymer built.
There was no soil, no sea, no waves;
Earth was not, nor heaven;
Gaping abyss alone: no growth."

We people of the North love the green natural world, the one with sunshine, moonlight, stars, soil, sea, waves, earth and sky. Unlike many groups, our people are also taught not to fear the Void, but encouraged to actively explore it, facing squarely the challenges from the Void within as well as without. As part of one's personal and Folk Evolution, our people of old understood the value of- and knew how to- travel through the Void to the stars. This naturally was ours to know and fully experience the realms of consciousness, contrary to the disinformer's popular mythinformation, without dependence on entheogens for travel. In such travels, our Folk also learned first-hand to experience more than what one currently knows inside this small lovely sphere, Earth. We evolve to learn clearly we are not alone and develop our consciousness to be able to meet other beings who shared our love of the green world, our sacred language, and our sacred Theology.

Evolving further, many of our pure raced and evolved individuals naturally take journeys of their own hammingja's and the Gods own choosing for that individual. Individual journeys across the multiverse to other worlds may include a trip to Asgard perhaps, experiencing inside or perhaps beyond the rainbow bridge, or viewing aspects of our sacred grid, or seated with Huginn perched nearby on front of Oðin's steed racing upon the skies, experiencing the whirlwind, hearing the sounds of the wheels in motion travelled over the ancient planks seen underpinning our world, listening to the loom clack, experiencing Wyrd directly and altered time, hearing the Gjallarhorn (not sounded in attack, but in a different era) floating peacefully over the forest valley as a new simpler green age once again dawns, working with the elements, travelling the worlds and associating directly with the Gods of our Folk, viewing holographically experienced times past and times future.

Living. Our living history is experienced directly by our Folk.
Alive. Alive, it may never be bound nor its truth obscured nor doled out by a few state or self-appointed expert gatekeepers except the Gods themselves. As the individual's consciousness builds, so also does his ability to experience directly our own Folk true reality shown. Never may anything or anyone alive ever successfully be overlaid by other-culture's-alien-shallow-misinterpretations of our Theology. Our history is writing itself just as the world itself lives despite attempts to interpret through NWO cultural filters our few remaining publicly communicated ancient texts. Such journeys are coupled with deep reflection as the learnings grow depending on the consciousness and ability of the individual to perceive. Such benefits are to be shared, to create Evolutionary individual soul change, and are not only unforgettable experiences. In a culture dominated by monotheism with doled out teachings, anyone who experiences directly is at risk of the jealous wounding of people severed from their own cultures, also largely obliterated today.

Evolving, the individual person freely chooses what he or she needs to study directly for his own growth in her own time. Different from the learned apprenticeship programs to master our ancient trade skills, the gyothi or gydja, study and learn to work directly with source to correct past paths and prepare better future ones. This individual's life, quite naturally, is different, far removed from today's monoculture. It is uniquely ours as is our Evolution as individuals and as a Folk soul.

Only false reporting sponsored by the NWO is used to associate in the mass mind destructive malicious interpretations of our ancient culture and Theology. Our path does not involve satanism (another culture's dialectic opposite of a one-god), blood rituals, drugs to get high, sexual mutilation, vampirism, etc. All of those are myths stemming from other cultures whose practices we gladly shun. Body building is also part of our discipline and our evolution. We require the physical as well as intellectual and emotional advancements in our unique human suits for these travels. Our travels are not just for entertainment or psychadellic adventures as understood by our detractors, the mythmakers. The heroes journey is not for the feint of heart, but for Evolution of our Folk.

Unlike the mythmakers lies about our Folk (and their own behavior practiced or falsely inserted through trickery as if it truly were our true Folk's normal history!), our particular group's ancient natural ways are not ones of "one collective nation, one world all one conquest", but individual choice, individual evolution. We value a conscious journey shared when possible, and also travelled alone as energeticly each awakens to his full nature, connectingalso to the Folk soul. Then facing and overcoming many fears, trials, and unique tests, continues the heroes journey. Anything less and our individual Folk are not Evolving.

Clearly those at war with the individual or the once many indigenous ancient folk groups these past bloodthirsty eras have demonstrated their preference for herding humanity as one cattle group into the all consuming collective. Those who hated humanity wish people to view and exchange their worth as human beings into dust, blood or dollar signs engaging them in perpetual resource robbing conflicts instead of providing those able to connect to their energy centers, the peace and quiet required to evolve, sustain, and grow as a folk soul. The forced dilution of our people and distraction by the mythmakers harms all people of Earth, diminishing our people's unique contributions. This has been done to many groups, forcing many individuals around the world in greed or fear to turn against their own folk groups, their very natures.

A Father's Duty to Protect

Long before the current takeover world religions exerted themselves, the Allvismal, sacred text of the Norse people, depicts the right of the father to protect his child, assuring a suitable union. What is forgotten in today's loudly repeated overpainting rhetoric and what the Norse knew clearly ages ago, is that not everyone wearing a human suit is the same species. Today we also are taught to forget that not all white people spring from the same well. Just as mating a butterfly with a bluejay would not produce a suitable union from either the bird or the butterfly family standpoints, father Thor knew that not every man who could answer intelligently his many questions about life (fit into the form of qualifying) could also withstand the light of day.

Who would want to marry his daughter to one who turned to stone when what gives her life essence and energy, Sunna's smile, shone upon him? Clearly if what is life to one folk or group of people is death to another, any mating between these groups creates an unsuitable union. Today we have the expression a "heart of stone". Earlier this understanding was deeper among certain groups of blue or green eyed white people.

In the Alvismal, Allvis is a knowledgeable dwarf who demands union with the daughter of the God Thor. Metaphorically, Alvis is well-informed but unenlightened. In our Theology, THOR speaks thusly in the Allvismal on seeing that the dwarf cannot stand the sun:

"Og natta ho gjekk
Og svar han fekk
Og Tor sa:
Mektig har eg sveke deg, haha, dverg
Her skinner sol i salen!"

" And the night had passed
And answers he got
And Thor said:
"Greatly have I deceived you, ha ha, dwarf
Here shines the sun in the hall!"

Despite his intellectual achievement, his "dwarf" nature is still immature and unless inspired and receptive to the solar radiance may not gain union with divinity.

The Christian and Jewish texts when considering themselves discuss being unequally yoked. But why is such discussion by the Norse people always slapped down with inflammatory rhetoric of burning bodies, suffering, mayhem and bigotry? Why are some people permitted unlimited homelands yet able to require others to remain still or coerced (through repeated forced example) to blend with those whose natures are different and whose essence is not the same? Why are whites, especially blond female, suitable mating material for other groups children, but not permitted to keep their sacred gene pools intact?

Is this not the daily onslaught of Hollywood and the elite news media promoting one group or another, instead of respecting our Evolution as sacred and core to the ancient beliefs of our Folk, a form of denigration and continued warlike conquest. Our values and beliefs existed here and elsewhere long before the first TV set emerged. A class action suit on behalf of all white males and a homeland, self-governed here or off world has always been appropriate to replace ours that was shrunk and hacked in pieces, now the conquest of politicians, big multinational interests and forced social programs including more dilution with more forced immigration.

What if all sides (except those super wealthy who funded the wars earlier this century) are victims and the crime is the illusion of the propaganda spun and reframed to all sides over the last 63 years? All of our emotions played with losses suffered by many families. One set of victims told to scream loudly; the other set forced to keep silent. One set with unlimited recourse for their grief; the other set forced to pay for others while they themselves went homeless also with most family members brutalized and killed? "The crime is the illusion." Jean Baudrillard, Stanford University http://www.egs.edu/faculty/baudrillard/baudrillard-the-perfect-crime.html

Modus operandi: In world of advertising and centralized media, by the time the illusions are discovered, we risk that the perfect crimes were already done, concealing themselves behind appearances. What if, by the time the crime is acknowledge, another species, this time, another people had been wiped out? Who has been trained to hate and told they have the justified motive to get other people at large to wipe our race off the earth and why? Why are other people told to fear resource shortages so they hate other races by the same people who dominate grabbing the resources or polluting them, making them unusable or for sale by them to almost all people? Why do these people like to have humans distracted in endless conflicts instead of evolving and making their world more abundantly available to all?

Perhaps if such elites have no interest in evolving themselves, instead taking the fruits of others, these elite controllers drive others to suppress a people whose bedrock involves evolution of their gene pool and themselves individually and as a folk. This also sends a control message to all peoples that if you're not careful to court our favor, this scapegoating treatment (by example taught) will happen to you.

Despite rhetoric of peace the past 63 years, a quote from 84 years ago still holds truth if one looks carefully. The following quote from Mein Kampf, Vol. 1, 1925 (p. 345 in the 1934 edition) was also then discussing the need for völkisch emergence of a self-ruled quiet people. Today this reference seems equally true about the hidden groups who run the agendas of our politicians and institutions from behind closed doors, still working to prevent the free society of individuals at large:
instead of allowing völkisch emergence there still seem to those who "controlled ... for their own carefully-camouflaged political ends" and who through waging mind war while disseminating pacifist propaganda in the ... "controlled press and thus weakened the national will for self-preservation."

Considers the excitement about 2012 (another artificial number) or how the various end-of-the-world or now weather disaster dramas, repeated year after year, with increasing excitement weaken the national will for self-preservation. People with a weakened will, overworked, stressed, repeatedly at war for their survival, ill fed or over medicated, and with fluoridated drinking water to dumb them down are each examples of a people with a weakened national will for self-preservation. One wonders where this leads to. One should also wonder to whom and why it's so important to keep the disinformation flowing about the ancient Northern European groups, most of whom would like to preserve themselves quietly. Why is it so important to keep us from our heritage and from naturally evolving?

Why for a society who has to be told if it's raining outside is it so threatening for our people to evolve within our own group and develop positively apart from this dependency and social programming? Understandably, people at large who believe the big 4 world religions, are told they are monsterous sinners and what they need or want. But why must every ethnic group be brought under this hideous veil of suffering and not left alone to develop, especially if they have an ancient tradition that works for them?

For more about the prophecies in the Völuspá , reference the Rydberg Prophecies article coming soon. For example, centuries earlier, who would have through northern Europe's boundaries would be overrun with other races? The Völuspá has many prophesies regarding these and other topics:

Muspell's Sons-- Muslims
Myrkwood- The East
Loki's Sons- Semites, especially, The Controlling Tribe
Vigrid's Plains-- Europe

What is Evolution?

Evolution involves building and being better.
Evolution is a core belief and principal of our theology.  It relates directly to what an individual does, who he is, and how he chooses.
Evolution involves creating children who are better than their parents.
Evolution always working for a better long range future.
Evolution involves caring for the world around us so it is healthier, not sicker than when we first remember living in it.
It involves creating or finding the best that we know and promoting solutions that create improvements or solve problems.

In recent decades the dialectic, this time using the labels creationalist vs. darwinist constructs, have sword dualed with ever complicating revisions and various labels to their exhaustingly constructed positions.

We believe creating any two polar emotionally charged positions especially if laced with an underlying grim subtext detracts from any beneficial review of our understanding of this core tenant of our theology. Neither pole offered fits exactly with the original prewar Northern European view of Evolution, although there certainly are elements in common. Whenever surrounding an issue with inflammatory propaganda rhetoric, ability to review its substance is overshadowed. Additionally, distracting from anything positive that could be gleaned, within these intellectual constructs, rules and definitions premised by each side, the debate continues unresolvable. We should ask, who benefits when humanity does not consider how to improve itself?

Only with free thought, deconstructed from the ground up and with an eye to the future, can positions like the one held by this site be appreciated. For individuals interested in what this site views as evolution, if you have quiet time to meditate, consider these questions.

Evolutionary questions to consider:
Inside your own species, do you like all the changes you see in your children from your generation or your parents generation?
From your best knowing, are your children smarter and better than you?
When you leave this physical body are you yourself better in character and understanding than when you first came here?
Did you work through things that you needed to learn or do?
Was it good to be here or did your presence here not help others, your family or your people?
Are you doing things that promote health of the planet and those who reside here?
Did you extend qualities that are destructive or build ones that both promote sustainability and grow in ways you feel looking forward beyond you, beyond the next generation or two?
As you looked back at your parent's or grandparent's generations, what was there good about their lifestyles or wisdom that you would like to see preserved? Did you do anything to create, sustain and pass forward that awareness?
Are your great grandchildren likely to be better than you? This is for you to think through and decide. If you're not permitted to do this, then evolution will not be understandable as a concept nor a practice.
In all aspects of life, what did you help replicate and contribute to?
Were you wiser as a child before you were rigorously instructed or did you extend your own childlike wisdom beyond as you interacted with your challenges as a young person and adult?
Do you age gracefully? Is life interesting or does life mostly suck for you? Did you help others of your own species around you do better if you were permitted some opportunities?
Is the world a better place because you were here or would you not prefer to come in after one such as you lived here?

This tenant, Evolution, relates to our one Folk and one people. If other peoples find benefit in some of the ideals, doubtless they will reach different unique and, hopefully, positive solutions. The question is: do you join the masses of racially programmed humanity by buying into the NWO evolution debate's sinister subtexts twisted and used these past decades to still kill selected racial groups? Do you also buy into their rhetoric that either, as you are frequently commanded, everyone believes in and fights to expand your single Diety's domination over all other Creation?

AND Do You At the Same Time

also both believe in killing and harming to grab or control assets while simultaneously promoting the wish to exit this earth entirely in apocalyptic destruction, meanwhile extinguishing and victimizing all other viewpoints? Has humanity chosen to become nothing more than a hoard of locusts who have lost their wings to conscious evolution, i.e. conscious flight?

Note for future article: Evolution also involves Right Livelihood and finding the best in people to emulate those qualities. One does Right simply because it is Right, with no thought of reward. The fact that what we do to and for others conditions, ultimately, which others we tend to draw toward us, is simply an observation, not a bartering point. Principles are not a marketplace, but a rock to which one tether's one's craft and on whose promontory a beacon guides us, even in the most temptestuous and obscuring seas and squalls.

Related article from this site: If ever there is any one area where self-destructive behavior results in lasting, or permanent damage or goodness, it is mate selection. Viewed cognitively, behind most emotional decisions or states is a value system, goal-attainment or other forms of that map of reality which we construct. Mate selection mistakes or excellent choices have lasting consequences and potential benefits for many outside of our own lives or even family groups. To evolve as a Folk, we recommend reference to this article from our site Pitfalls in Mate Selection

The Gambanreiði Statement, printed since 1979, is offered as an on-line journal at www.GambanreidiStatement.com

We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Please remember that we are not universalists and do not believe that the principles contained herein would be of benefit to "all mankind." We trust the ingenuity and resourcefulness of other peoples to come up with their own evolutionary strategies. Ours assumes self-control, limiting one's consumption of natural resources and production of offspring, not overrunning and exhausting the earth, and other ethics of a distinctly North European flavor. This work should certainly be shared with other North Europeans. All we ask is this: if you copy this work, have the honor to use it whole, as this is more representative of the greater body of spiritual writings from which it is excerpted and will avoid the taking of parts out of context.