Dialectical Management

Dialectical Management, Wrote Large

It's true that we are constantly bombarded with the need to scratch out a living in the ‘global marketplace'- read Global Plantation, as in slavery days. This is by design. The U.S. was still a prosperous nation with a thriving middle class in the 1960's. This situation left people too much time to contemplate, to figure out what the power elite are up to, or even to afford dissident books, or networking information. Worse, the Gods forbid, an empowered people might actually take classes and build professional credentials, entering the halls of the power brokers and changing outcomes and policies.

To the extent that we can find out what is happening in our external environment, the mega-events which register significant changes in each person's experience, we feel ourselves under siege. No matter how little of the day is left to evaluate external sea-changes, the embattled citizen of the post industrial West can't help being told that we are threatened by errant weather conditions, "terrorists," "militia-types," Y2K, and all manner of other impending crises.

We learn within the past two weeks at the end of the artificially designated Christian calendar's millennium that the universal flywheel is supposedly flying apart in a centrifugal explosion. That being the case, only the strong centripetal force of mass oppression or martial law can ‘save us.' That is the conclusion toward which we are being deliberately marched.

False Opposition

Art Bell and Chuck Harder and other talking heads are filtered enough and useful enough to the System to be allowed to develop a mass audience. These prophets use very similar syntax, phraseology, and even tones of voice. They use a similar gruff, sincere warm, man-in-the-street tone that the masses will trust. They are the phony opposition, whose role is to serve as a surrogate for real opposition and as a safety valve to let off steam from the dispossessed majority.

Other artificial opposition comes from the many "White leaders" set up by the System itself. An example would be a man convicted of federal crimes such as armed robbery and bank robbery and confined to a federal psychiatric institution. While in prison for an indefinite stay, he nonetheless is allowed to openly advocate the violent overthrow of the government which holds him. It should be obvious to any of us that if what you said or wrote was truly disturbing to the government which held you, at no prison in the world would you be permitted to say it, write it, or spread this information! The only reason that it is encouraged or allowed is because this benefits the System. How so? The line which is offered may have tenets, such as that Odinic priests were actually Masonic initiates, or that all knowledge came from the Levant (gee, where have we heard that before?), combined with a steady encouragement to angry White youth to go and commit senseless, useless crimes against non-Whites and end up incarcerated themselves! Who benefits? - the System!

The System also sponsors dozens of pseudo-Constitutionalist ‘militia' groups. Many of these men have the notion that simply forcing more of the same Hebrew "God" on the public as the one which watched over our loss of numbers, territory, and influence thus far, would ‘save' our way of life. A group near Pulaski, Tennessee has stockpiles of weapons, such as RPG's and heavy machine guns, to which the ordinary person does not have access. Governments, however, especially the military intelligence outfits who sponsor these covert operations, do.

The plan is this: in the first example, a White youth is encouraged by the federal prisoner to attack a mixed-race couple. He does and, like a nail waiting for a hammer, the corporate media and every Jewish hate group start calling for ‘tougher sentencing' for crimes in which the victim was anything but White and the perpetrator was White. In the second example, this plan is kept in reserve against the time of an economic downturn or general instability: the militia units, which include a number of carefully recruited sociopaths, including Cubans, former Nicaraguan Contras, and Mexicans, takes territory and sets up its own mini-government. IT commits atrocities, predictably enough, and this nail invites the federal hammer of martial law, or, if the situation is sufficiently out of control, the introduction of U.N. or NATO troops. By this time, the subject population will welcome their liberation by the very force which installs martial law.

Flies in the Rice, or Quinine in the Wine

This tactic is applied by creating an artificial linkage between a valid idea, movement, or philosophy and one guaranteed to repel the same people who are attracted to the first. It would take a lot of convincing to get most Americans to vote for outlawing neo-Pagan faiths or their practitioners. The master controllers of the Committee of 300, most of them devout Christians, instead send their own operatives or mercenary operatives in to infiltrate and subvert doctrines and religious practices.

In a rootless world, where modern life leaves people spiritually hungry, there is a predictable turning back to faith and spiritual practice of one sort or another. Committee operatives, many selected from military intelligence units, set up their own decoy operations in the span of 1968-1980. Instead of real Druids, of which the Roman conquest and exterminations in Britain and Gaul left very little record, they offer instead a version where persons of different races cavort around in the nude, hippie-style, amongst other activities. The practices of many groups were then catalogued by another operative, Margot Adler, now with National Public Radio (grand-daughter of early psychoanalyst, Austrian Jew Alfred Adler.)

In place of a real religion, which admits to mysteries which cannot, like life itself, be completely explained or analyzed away, its operatives put forth a pseudo-scientific and hyper-rationalized study. They called it a ‘mythology' and in their journals discuss "Norse myth," or "Germanic myth." No one, of course, ever launched a crusade, or even fought to defend his or her Folk over a "myth." Meanwhile the Christian Right consistently fulfill the rootless cosmopolitan's needs by appealing to "scriptural authority," no matter how spurious. To them, there is the appeal of being a ‘real religion.' By making Odinism something between a hobby of the SCA / Dungeons and Dragons type and a debate club on mythology, the controllers made certain, very early, that the faith would not spread.

Other efforts in undermining Odinism included sending a prominent Jewish scion off to Germany to get a doctorate in Germanic Studies, with heavy emphasis on early German sacred lore. Dr. Stephen Flowers, son of late Alabama Attorney General Richmond Flowers, saw his family, early on, push an anti-White agenda in the Deep South. Flowers, under the pen-name Edred Thorsson, does some good scholarship, but mixes in his own deliberate deceptions, such as the postulation that the Gods practice homosexuality (He was an active member in the Temple of Set, a satanic group, while publishing several of his "authoritative" books). This, like the "mythology" flavor of many groups, repels the very people, alienated North European White youth, to which the religion should appeal.

In a similar vein, genuine Constitutionalists form a movement to which many of this web-site's readers could identify. A true Constitutionalist holds for very little central government, complete separation of church and state, and freedom of any citizen to do whatever he or she would as long as it doesn't infringe another's liberty to do the same. Enter the well-backed agents, who try to tie together "God and Country." They try to set the U.S. up as a Midwestern-style theocracy. They expect their Jewish Mythology (which history and teachings can be well enough proven to have been appropriated from a variety of earlier sources) to be taught in every classroom and to form the basis of the republic. In truth, the American Revolution occurred as a backlash against church-state whoredom, which was common all over 18th Century Europe. All the early documents were based on the humanistic writings of contemporaries, such as Fichte, Voltaire, Hume, and Rousseau. Most of the founding father's writings, where they describe a ‘God' at all, describe "Nature's God", more referent to Zeus or Oðin, than temper-tantrumming Jahwé. Again, by creating an artificial linkage between an authoritarian religion and a belief, founded by Humanists in the late 18th Century, and vigorously opposed by the Christians of the day, in the innate rights and freedom of the individual, those who are concerned about the erosion of privacy and rights by a daily more tyrannical government look no further.

Straw Dogs-Artificially Created & Useful "Enemies"

American corporate media regularly depict Arabs in particular, and Muslims in general, as potential terrorists. The story line is that these people would willingly attack the West, especially the U.S. on the thinnest pretexts or from ideological zeal. This assures that Americans always side with Israel in any Middle Eastern dispute. It is also, as with all manufactured crises, to teach us that we must turn to a strong centralized government for salvation from a threatening and chaotic world, like insecure children clinging to a kindergarten teacher when a stranger appears in the schoolyard.

The depiction omits important facts. To appear a decisive "world leader," President Clinton ordered U.S. warships and submarines to fire Tomahawk cruise missiles into the Al Sharif manufacturing plant in Khartoum, Sudan in late 1998. This was allegedly in response to the bombing of a U.S. embassy in Africa. Supposedly, the U.S. was attacking a chemical weapons production facility.

The week after the attack, the Sudanese government, whose only ‘crime' had been to call the U.S. government to and its surrogate, Israel, to task for their actions and policies in the region, asked the U.N. to send in a team of scientists from neutral nations to investigate U.S. claims. It turns out that Al Sharif was not and never had been involved in producing chemical weapons. It had, in fact, been a pharmaceutical plant, built by a German contractor and started up by a British firm. Several American subcontractors had participated in all phases of the project. Sudan had formerly imported over 97% of its pharmaceuticals, not just for the people, but for the large herds of goats and sheep upon which they depend. After the building of Al Sharif, this plant was producing just over half its own medicines.

Its destruction and resulting lack of medicines and vaccines has caused new outbreaks of animal diseases, resulting in new food shortages. The lack of human medicines has caused more deaths among the youth than Serbian atrocities against Bosnian Muslims. Where is the press coverage? This is a story which didn't make the news, but what does it have to do with dialectical management?

This is an example of the ‘straw dog' strategy; create a false enemy and then destroy it. The immediate purpose was, of course, to make President Clinton appear to be a strong, resolute international leader, combating "terrorism." An on-going dynamic in false battle is that suggested by George Orwell in his epic 1949 novel, 1984. War, whether against Iraq, North Vietnam, or Germany, was and is meant to destroy the fruits of human productivity, lest any people besides those self-designated by the Christian-Masonic elites as ‘worthy' attain a high standard of living or self-sufficiency.

Artificial Shortages and Rationing

This need to create an external enemy in order to consolidate the masses of one's own otherwise reluctant supporters is but one strategy in mass management. Another is that of artificial rationing. When jobs are plentiful and, as Orwell points out, the distinctions between the haves and have-nots seems to diminish, power and privilege start to lose their distinction. The elitist is threatened by nothing so much as the prospect of a unionized auto worker or heavy equipment operator who can buy a nice house and send his kids to college.

To restrict the worrisome spread of prosperity, the elitists made unnecessary wars, not just to smash other ways of life, while, in true doublespeak proclaiming universal love and tolerance, but also used war to burn up otherwise productive people and resources here. In 1948 a vast majority of White Americans in this bastion of ‘democracy' were not asked to vote on the matter as President Harry Truman signed an executive order in which he changed Immigration and Naturalization Service guidelines to permit the mass immigration of non-whites. An executive order is not at all dissimilar in function to the ‘royal decree' of a monarch. This pitted higher paid, skilled, or organized American workers against cheaper imported labor to lower the wage base.

The next assault on prosperity was to almost double the number of candidates in the workforce for many different jobs by launching a series of initiatives. First was the propaganda of the woman's movement and making it holy writ that a woman should have a career in order to be ‘fulfilled.' Next were the Civil Rights legislation packages to ensure that non-whites and women could erode further the economic base of White men. When you increase the supply of job candidates, of course, the demand is lowered and with it the wages. A corollary is, of course, that television behavioral management then induces the Western woman to blame the White male for failing to be a ‘good provider.' The final wave was the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) and NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) treaties. With these treaties in place those pesky textile workers in a South Carolina plant who start to unionize and demand more than a 20Ë per hour raise annually can be dealt with. The owners simply close the plant and moved it to, for example, Guatemala, where they could pay 20Ë per hour with no raises, while selling the products at the same prices. If workers in a given field, say, computer systems analysts, begin to demand too high a wage, the high tech industries simply lobby to State Department for hundreds of thousands of permanent resident visas and hire Indian, Pakistani, or Persian specialists who can be hired for $400 a month on a labor contract and import them to work here for less.

This mechanism of rationing is nothing new. Throughout the 19th Century, American industry recruited Hungarians to replace Swedes who'd organized a steel mill, or Italians to replace Irish who had organized the labor force in a coal mine. In the military mass conditioning has always been a normal practice. Before recruitment, a young man stops to tale a smoke whenever he wishes (and this is not to condone the practice of smoking). As a recruit, the drill sergeant "allows" the same right, withheld and fed back to the recruit as a "privilege" at select times of the day. In civilian life, he arises every day and decides what to wear for the day's business. As a soldier, this normal practice is rationed back to him only at times of ‘leave.' This is typical of creating artificial shortage and then rationing back to a person or group that which the previously took for granted as a control mechanism.

Deliberate Misstatement of the Problem

The U.S. enjoys a fine school system until the introduction of widespread school integration in the decade from the late 1950's to late 1960's. Where schools are separate for the different races because they are neighborhood schools they work better for that reason. A Chinese parent in San Francisco is far more likely to be an effective partner with faculty in his son's high school education if the school is nearby and within the same culture. An Irish district in Boston produced a high quality of education when it, too, was locally run. Where there was a very large population of unassimiable aliens, as in the South, there were laws which separated the schools.

Most black students under segregation, where formal separation was imposed because pockets of Whites and others were randomly distributed, graduated high school without a drug problem, pregnancy, gang membership, or teen parenthood. SAT (Scholastic Achievement Test) scores for Southern Whites were 200-300 points above what they are in today's mixed schools.

Integrationist laws forced mixing of the schools, while ‘open housing' laws destroyed most of the neighborhoods which created incidental segregation. Where this was too slow a process, school busing was used to achieve racial mixture. Recreational drug use had always been a part of Latin, African, and Caribbean cultures. Since Truman's executive order, Ronald Reagan's executive order granting clemency to illegal Mexican immigrants, and other moves to increase the non-White presence in the U.S. and dispossess the Whites, mixture with these peoples increased the presence and availability of recreational drugs.

Rather than blame their own policies of open borders, reduced trade barriers (which ease shipment of drugs), and mixture with non-Whites, the System's managing elites trump up yet another tenet of social control: religion. The reasons that schools are not performing, they contend, is not that we have gone against every design of human nature, but because our kids are no longer being forced to pray, salute the flag, or gaze at a plaque bearing the Ten Commandments on the classroom wall.

They quite ignore the obvious facts, that Jamaican schoolkids, 85% of whom are illegitimate, all participate in school prayer, and inhabit a nation with one of the highest rates of cannabis consumption in the world. The Mexican highway robbers and drug gang members, who regularly cause the unpublicized disappearance of thousands of Western tourists, all were brought up in schools which emphasized patriotism and Catholic piety. The same is true for our other Christian herbal trading partners, such as Colombia and Peru. State Christianity didn't make them good people, anymore than State Islam has magically caused the disappearance of heroin labs in Turkey.

This is deliberate misstatement of the issues. It is the frequent promotion of "increased food production" as a "high international priority," because it is too politically sensitive to tell the truth, that population growth drives both increasing poverty and environmental destruction. Providing a safety valve for the developing nations by allowing their more restless, educated, or motivated citizens to move to the West only destroys the West and cushions those societies from the catharsis of needed change, for which those very emigrants would have been the impetus. Thus it is a practice which is bad for both economic zones.

We, The Sheeple

We are a managed people. There is very little that we can do, individually, to change this. We can try to be enlightened citizens by comparing different accounts of reality. We can set up shortwave receivers or monitor foreign websites to get the other side of the story before deciding that we know what happened. For example, the truth about the Al Sharif matter was aired in broadcasts from the United Arab Emirates radio. We can refuse to participate in things which are phony or have no basis in reality, abstaining from false resistance.

We can resist dialectical management by trying to convey the other side of the story to others. We can strive for self-sufficiency, avoid debt, live simply, avoid excessive consumption, and invest in stockpiling literature with which to reestablish civilization, once that the present rulers succeed in wrecking this one.

Don't chuckle. It won't be Y2K. Onset of the Dark Ages didn't await the destruction of Rome. In 391C.E., the Christian bishop, Theophilus, called for closure of all Pagan temples and sources of learning. This included the Serapeum, the Museion, and all that had been the Library at Alexandria, as Christian mobs, incited by the bishop, tore into these and the Neoplatonic Academy with pickaxes and torches. Mathematics, geography, medicine, and the real origins of the Christians' own mythology all went up in smoke, and too few, it seems, had squirreled away a copy.

We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Under no circumstances should this ancient sacred work of oral tradition be altered, plagarized or with "expert" arrogance re-interpreted. Our Folk traditions are older than you are and, unlike today's media, do not contain distortions to fit current alien beliefs. If they don't fit you, respect our Folk and our Gods enough to leave them alone and find another theology that is your own!

Please remember that we are not universalists and do not believe that the principles contained herein would be of benefit to "all mankind."
We trust the ingenuity and resourcefulness of other peoples to come up with their own evolutionary strategies.
Ours assumes self-control, limiting one's consumption of natural resources and production of offspring, not overrunning and exhausting the earth, and other ethics of a distinctly North European flavor. This work should certainly be shared with other North Europeans.
All we ask is this: if you copy this work, have the honor to use it whole, as this is more representative of the greater body of spiritual writings from which it is excerpted and will avoid the taking of parts out of context.

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