Early Ideals: How a Movement was Derailed

What was early Northern European NS and why did the movement fall apart?
If there was good to the original NS movement, why is only the worst about it discussed?
What else could be commonly known about early NS Germany and the Volkish ideals of Northern Europe?
What benefit, if any, is worth understanding from that failed movement? Labels aside, what underlying practices from the movement could still benefit our families and folk today?


Well, this is not any grand conspiracy. This is just the fact that the great mass of people, including many of our readers, have only the media versions of what NS Germany was all about.

-->   That it achieved awesome scientific explorations is seldom discussed.

-->  That its original goals, certainly in evidence in the early days, in 1936, when the last quote from Jung is taken, were what anyone might consider wholesome and life-affirming is obvious.

-->  That it later was taken over by xenophobes, extreme German nationalists, and Jew-haters was tragic.

Had it swelled as a pan-Teutonic movement, and had AH not listened to the voices in his head, and actually learned external reality better, Communism would have joined the dustbin of history decades sooner and several NS type states would now dot Europe.

A useless alliance with Imperialist Japan, a "crusade", launched on Christian principles, and sold with Christian rhetoric, and sold to the Vatican, as such, so that they would not condemn the push Eastwards, and the falling into the trap of war with England and France, all condemned the experiment. It flowered only briefly. Its true manifestation was not prison camps, nor crude genetic experiments conducted by the Gypsy quack, Mengele.

It was the Deutsche Madchen, teaching young women good nutrition, how to conserve soil, several useful trades, and improving the education of youth neglected previously and undereducated under Germany's capitalist society. It was universal healthcare, public oversight of corporations, growing worker stock participation, and strong trade unions, creating a growing middle class of well-educated, progressive people.

Always seeking to improve oneself, evolution is a core tenant which has been obscured by distorted debates which do not promote understanding of its benefits. Click here to learn what is: Evolution from a Norse Viewpoint

“None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”   — Goethe

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