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The Gambanreiði Statement from time-to-time reviews books that our readers recommend to Elevate Consciousness.
Books we currently feature for our readers are Contact and Cosmology and   Money: The 12th & Final Religion.

Join the growing intelligent, health-seeking, trustworthy and courageous public who, for their own survival, have turned off the full-immersion propaganda broadcast feeds. As our media cultivates the dumbing down of the youths (so everyone is left behind), a growing awareness is also welling up. Individuals across many nations and ethnicities are wising up to the fact that they've been lied to for decades. The books selected study better solutions than a world view designed only to undermine and destabilize healthy societies, embroil them in perpetual engineered conflicts, and offer even more destructive crisis solutions.

Note: The world will be a better place
when the greed and racial hate programming are
dismantled and refused by all peoples.
Only when honest diversity is restored, will the races of many peoples know their true health again.

It will be a happy day when humanity returns to tending the beautiful Earth
and its once many diverse inhabitants, caring for one another again
kindly, thoughtfully, personally and respectfully.

Money: The 12th & Final Religion
by R. Duane Willing
I just read a hard copy of this book and couldn‘t put it down. It shows how money, beginning with Semitic priesthoods' controlling seed distribution in the late Bronze Age, has always been inseparable from Semitic Mythology.

By understanding this, we preserve our integrity and the better aspects of our faith. The ancient Gnostics warned of the coming of a new religion, set up by the "Archons" (today, ufologists would call them "Reptilians") in which the Demiurgos, a false God the Greeks recognized as pretending to be a single Creator / Ruler of our world, would come to rule humanity. As the book unveils the mystery of the religion of money, this new religion emerged naturally from the secret worship of Moloch, which is basically the ancient Hebrew name for the high Draconian ruler of the planet whom the Greeks called the Demiurgos.

The "economic spirit" that the author establishes is neither benign nor egalitarian. Its market forces lead even then to the concentration of wealth and the disempowerment of the individual. The author details how the Bible gives many examples wherein free people were enslaved by debt and a monetary system. He shows, for example, how ancient established cultures like the Egyptians went from being landowners to becoming tenant farmers, renting their own lands back from Jewish overlords, and how this led to impoverishment.

R. Duane Willing demonstrates detailed Biblical scholarship and historical interpretation in showing how the Semitic worldview, disseminated through its banking, lending, and monetary systems, leads to the enslavement of mankind and the exhaustion of the resources bases of the natural world, leading to ecosystem collapse. We can understand central banks as the Biblical Temple Milcom created for the worship of the god Moloch of the mystery religion of money.

Our politicians should be prevented from throwing good taxpayer money after bad. The people of this country have not been invested in. Our jobs have been exported and our small businesses dismantled steadily since the 1960‘s. What remains in the public coffers (if there‘s anything that‘s not debt obligated still available), should not fund big business or their toxic debt practices. Instead the money should be for the people and return to the people of the land without partiality designed towards population replacement programs.

If big businesses are not efficient, honest, nor profitable, let us apply to them the same line that their leaders apply when speaking to small businesses and home owners, "Let them fail!" instead of further siphoning from the people. Let their assets be bought up by persons with more acumen, integrity, and capability, with more vision. That would be the working of a "free market," which, when it serves them, the politicians claim to support. Already largely dismantled, the healthy infrastructure of our nation's people needs rebuilding / conserving, not further weakening.

Let the people, without Moloch, rise again and thrive again and share with their own families and friends. The money belongs to the people as do the leaders whose job it is to serve U.S. fairly, honestly, and without the theatre of media distractions.

Additionally for the North Europeans, this book is particularly important. Disturbing our people‘s ability to evolve and keep racial purity, they work against any goodness that promotes the Folk Soul Evolution of any peoples and accuse the Norse people of the behaviors that reflect the accuser‘s own values. If one ignores propaganda and observes actual behavior -- not just over the past 65 years, but over centuries, it becomes clear that since WWII, the Norse people have been caught in irrational lockstep supporting guilt-driven suicidal frenzy. Singling out the civilized refined Norse groups, damages our Folk Soul, and continues to widely without restraint permit malicious hate which is only used to deflect attention from the real ongoing crimes to many peoples' FolkSouls throughout the world. The Folk whipping and the crimes have not stopped since the "historical" end of the war nor have the underlying alien motivations of domination, taking, blood-lust and money.

If we trust any to spend our money, they should look for the best places to grow this nation on our behalf — not ways to repay their large campaign donors by propping up their billions in deficits."

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Contact and Cosmology
by Georg Breckmann

Rarely does one find a book as packed with detailed up-close personal investigations of intelligent life from other worlds as Contact and Cosmology, formerly known as Channeling the Visitors. Narrow minded, some may keep trying to close minds to the truth of intelligent life including our own, but Breckmann uses a variety of techniques to probe the true, the taboo, the rumored, and the interesting!

Contact and Cosmology   is a serious and scholarly work based on real life experienced by different individuals. Not favoring any single agenda, this book explores the multiverse providing real and practical views of life in which different groups of Extra-Terrestrials participate.

Those who do not mean humans well nor want each to develop healthy potential won't want you to read this book. Life, by its very nature, IS intelligent, creative and non-conforming -- taboo even to its enemies and users. If you read this book, you just might reach the same conclusion we did: that there are highly evolved beings connected directly to the heart of the multiverse who Wish us Well. This book isn't about complicated labels nor selective withholding of truth. It is also not just another piece of pulp fictionlike well-worn scare story of another new apocalypse date like 2012 -- just straight stuff from different angles of historical research, scientific and metaphysical exploration. In short, it's not selling anything or promoting any one central cause.

Here Channelers and ETs tell how ETs groups worked with Aryans and the other races long before hateful myths were recently shoved in everyone's consciousness to harm, block, demean, absorb and discredit our beautiful intelligent race. Evidently the different races have different offworld sponsors. Fortunately, some ET groups, are no longer permitted to harm here, we're told. They worked to mass enslave humanity. It turns out all along we've witnessed and participated in a battle for consciousness -- our consciousness, our precious life commodity required to awaken and develop. These bad ETs have already caused humans here to enter into agreements, misunderstandings and practices which seal off and redirect much of the natural individual consciousness here.

In each chapter, author Georg Breckmann interviews different experiencers and field experts. Go with him on the journeys to experience the unusual which resonates as true, told directly from several completely different perspectives. Even though each chapter could be developed into its own book, an overall picture and new understanding emerges with appreciation for some (not all!) of the Visitors.

Uniquely this book also takes an unexpected turn into a rarely seen  Norse Shaman Ošinism instruction  and then moves into more about our own White Folk history. Unlike the enemies of our Folk, this book never resorts to the shallow and sensational nor does it attempt to coerce understanding. (These techniques are not our way and always signal enemy alien dishonest influence.) It merely presents.

The Gambanreiši site usually does not feature books on aliens and UFOs. However, this unrelenting quest with honest expert investigations into the subconscious, unlike most writings, touches directly on our own Norse history and cosmology. Cutting across cultural barriers and taboos, we liked its fresh renewed exploration of Ošinism. It was at first surprising to find our theology in the middle of a series of discussions of aliens. But the book's focus on direct experience demonstrates accurately our Folk's ancient mystic traditions and Theology which has always involved working with beings from other realms.

Alien-inspired theologies pretend to place sinfull man at the pinnacle of creation. This cloak of egoic flattery: both seals and prevents awareness while intentionally makes our people vulnerable and indifferent or afraid of Frigga's world around. Over recent centuries, this thought virus has rapidly been part of a series of onslaughts designed to shut down and diminish humanity's unique potential to explore, learn, grow, experience, and evolve as a welcome participatant with the Many other beings in the multiverse and here on Terra.

Working with some of these beings, we find they, too, wish we would overcome the challenges and harm instigated by other alien types. In the Ošin-inspired tutoring chapters we were pleased to read how our Gods and Goddesses work directly with our Folk today. This book also explains through the lens of channeled information some aspects of our Folk history that is rarely discussed. It is refreshing to read a timely and timeless book that does not offer pat answers, but provides a realistic larger context of human history. Rarely discussed in the limiting mass media, our earth history is a cosmic process of humans working together with many beings,   Awakening our Folk Potential. This books takes us beyond known borders and is both positive and encouraging.

Coming soon in eBook. Explore this wild and wonderful universe with author Georg Breckmann.   To order your copy, email the author or learn more, visit Mr. Breckmann's website at

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