Short Topics: Anti-Blonde Racism has no place in American Society

AntiBlond Racism has no place in any modern society. If anyone loves diversity, then let them take a torch to all that hates or demeans any race including the many white races.    
Blond jokes?    Where is your compassion for the human being who is the brunt of decades of demeaning humor?    If you have had blond friends, youíll find they have either turned this hatred in on themselves or donít find these jokes funny.    Some of our readers have hinted that it's time for swarms of hungry lawyers to make millions from easily proven class action suits against the many advertisers and movie makers who brazenly profit at the human expense of removing and shaming the fairest of our peoples.

Here's some background about how the excess began with good intentions. It became part of the re-examination of media images that occurred during the 1960's to review how, over the decades, Hollywood had portrayed Blacks and American Indians, and even Asians, as in "Charlie Chan."   The emphasis of this collective introspection was to root out institutional racism, embedded in stereotypes.   These stereotypes were supposedly simplifications of what one racial group thought of another: i.e. that Mexicans were lazy and corrupt, or Blacks were lazy and stupid. Surely enough, hints of these notions can be seen in Hollywood productions of its first few decades.

We need to ask, as North Europeans, that the process not stop and that the racial stereotyping not simply find other victims, if, as the academics purport, we are entering a 'colorblind' new era, a "global village."   What we find, instead, is that there is brazen racist rant by Black stand-up comedians, jokes about rural Whites as "inbred hicks," stereotyping by image so clear that, any time one sees a blond male in a TV show or movie, one can assume right away that he will be revealed, and rather soon, to be a villain, so much so that it becomes an immediate visual link.   This has risen to the level of training, of a visual cue, of memotic cuing.

I make the latter statement because, however skewed the cultural fabric was in the 1940's, for example, the Western public spent very little time at the movies, and so was very seldom exposed to it.  Today, the conditioning is non-stop, as Western youth spend an average of 6 hours a day interacting with computers, video games, or wallowing in TV.   They usually present the same worldview, often sponsored by the same corporations and, more importantly, for this is where decisions are really made, funded by the same financing powers.

When the trend to curb racism began the black man was portrayed as the criminal, the sexual predator. Today he is the muscled, the rich sports star who every white family must watch getting the blond women. Instead of fixing the problem in society, it's been shifted. The villian stereotyping was exchanged and the beleagured white male, especially if he's blond gets to watch himself portrayed over and over again as always the villian in the movies. Psychologists were concerned back in the early 60's about how this made the black men feel and how it held them down. This problem was solved, but at what expense!?! Not only is the Nordic man the stereotyped villian, white families must constantly watch how also the blonde woman is supposed to raise children for other races today. This means tomorrow there will be ever fewer of our fair people remaining. To call this social genocide is accurate especially since the memotic cuing is both a powerful social teacher and is more prevalent than in the 1960's when the media stereotyping problem was first recognized. Since our blonds are rare, few of us even know how they have been effected and feel after growing up with decades of media abuse.

So today's deliberately manufactured stereotypes carry a lot more power over the collective consciousness than did those of yesteryear.   One good example of this is the very popular series, Hunger Games, which features a post-apocalyptic world in which attractive young people have to flee from hunter-killer trackers. Guess who the pursuers are? You guessed it- Nordic people. Guess who the sympathetically-portrayed characters are? The usual "mix," everybody but us, the bad guys. Can you say, "racism", Please!?
  This New World Order is full of it.

Vote with your wallet and point to this as a prime example of Hollywood racism!

From one of our readers in Belgium:
"Please take a moment to notice how the big-budget movies out of your American Hollywood typecast the blonds always as the villians or sex objects.
Manfred and me would hate for our children to grow up blond in America these days. We'll do our best to not even send our children to study your strange country!"

And another reader wrote:
"I am not a blond.
But I am sick of watching racism in our livingrooms.
So are my friends.
Racist America keeps selling this shit to everyone."

And from a nonpagan reader:
"Itís time for America to practice what it preaches and love all its people Ė not just some of them. In earlier times and places, blonds were prized not as whores or booty, but viewed as worthwhile individuals i.e. appreciated."

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