A Symptom of Alienation - Being Whom we are Not

A Symptom of Alienation - Being Whom we are Not


He is tall, perhaps 6 foot 5 inches, very thin, and wears his hair back in a black pony tail. Years ago, when he was working for a friend of mine in the trucking business, he fretted about ever finding his dad, who had been a Turkish soldier at a nearby U.S. Army base, here for training under the NATO alliance. I ran across him recently. Now he's "Comanche". He practices Eagle Claw Kung Fu.

It wasn't fashionable to be half-Turkish - after all they're mostly Muslim, and that's the enemy-du-jour of this particular Administration. Before getting his name and remembering where I'd met him before, I asked this young man why, if he was a Comanche, he was not practicing the martial arts that emerged from his own people. His reply was that all martial arts had originated in China. I asked how this would square against the early accounts of the Hyperboreans, living in the North Sea region practicing what the Greeks called "boxing". I reminded him that, in Solon's account, the "boxing" to which they referred was an all-out form of combat, Pankration, which is still practiced today after first appearing in their early  Olympic Games in the 7th Century B.C.E. That predates what is recorded of the origins of Kung Fu or Kempo. These facts did not matter - Chinese was authentic and anything European was too mundane to be valid.

 The thirty-something man is nothing unique. His alienation takes the form of escapism. In extreme instances, such as the teenager, who spends excessive time on computer MUD (multiple user domain) games, the escapist even creates an on-line persona that in no way mirrors reality. A young college student names his email "Shindan" and imagines himself to be Japanese. He has no home culture to act as ballast, as a cultural home base.

The Pow Wows are cluttered with Caucasians, and even Latinas or Latinos trying to pass themselves off as American Indians because it is cool to be Indian. Just as Hollow-Wood and American "Western" genre novels of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries depicted  Amerindians as "savages", so the New Ager has, with equal lack of realism, turned them into "guardians of Mother Earth" or "wise elders". Such people evince innumeracy. They do not realize that, even before European settlement began, Amerindian over-hunting condemned several species of megafauna to extinction. Paleontologists estimate that only 20% of species once living in the Americas survived the onslaught of these anatomically modern humans. Their hunting parties were as deadly to the once-varied animal life as any European with a bulldozer. By the time anatomically modern humans had lived in Australia for 50 millenia, they had wiped out 95% of the fauna. Still, a metaphysician friend tried to tell me in all seriousness that species loss was due to "bwanna" (Negro term for White trophy-hunters in colonial Africa.) In addition to everyone's trying to be whom they are not, there is the accompanying tendency to make the Evil White Male guilty of every execrable condition on the planet. This persists despite the fact that Bwanna is nowhere to be seen in the species extinctions as modern Africans hunt "bush meat-" rare species now extinct in just the past two decades as military rifles are turned on nature for easy meals.

It's not only the petite, blonde lady with ruddy skin and fine features, who gets up to speak on herbal healing and tell the "traditions of her Cherokee elders" (she might have had a great-great-grandfather who was a Cherokee), it also works in reverse. At a conference on energetic healing, several participants voiced appreciation to the founder, who has a Gaelic surname, and spoke of him as "Scots-Irish". The man has dark skin, hair, and eyes, features that bespeak some Negroid or Amerindian admixture, barrel chest, short limbs, wide nose, and almost epicanthic eyes. Even if the ancestor, who bore the name, had been Scots-Irish, many other branches of his genetic family tree were not.

We might ask ourselves this: what happened to the organic, to the real, to the actual identify of each person that would have flowed, naturally through ancestors and community, as each actor in the multicultural parade assumes is a "healthy" or "indigenous" transmission of culture as long as this is applied to any Third World culture or non-Western people? It all may get back to the very mechanics of mass mind-control from which induced alienation springs- the saturation-bombing of propaganda that teaches the alienated or rootless that his own people are, intrinsically, guilty of every possible infraction of natural law against both nature and every other people. Only when this poison has been swallowed by those who follow an anti-Western and anti-White racist view of history can the alienation become this severe.

The individual's need to feel part of a larger process is natural enough. Only those who have been artificially deprived of the organic process of their own people's tribal experience and wisdom through artificial imposition of a biased and double-standard based pseudo-history will fail to the learn the transmission of culture where it should begin- at home- and then to appreciate that of others from a distance grounded upon his or her own.


I was born a refugee, she said

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