1. Nordic Economics

One of the most vexing problems in considering how to apply National Socialism to our current world situation is how to apply it as an economic system. There are some sound parallels between how it was done in the period a half century ago and today, yet there are some portions of the German economic model which probably do not carry over very well.

Below we shall explore some obvious areas where our economy could be improved and what the likely consequences of replacing oligarchic capitalism with a more folkish economy might be. Some points of improvement are as follows:

1. Workers have a right to share in the tools of production and its fruits because their sweat equity is part of the capital input. Work units would be accrued after a certain period on the job, perhaps after a year. Workers should have an incentive to remain at a place of employment long enough to build equity, but some sort of review mechanism would have to be in place to avoid giving management an incentive to discharge them at just under a year. Work units would include a progressive accrual of points in voting for issues within the workplace and the right to be an employee representative on management councils. Shop floor self-management by worker circles (as the Japanese owned plants are doing quite successfully) would replace the foreman.

2. Renters have a right to share in the ownership of the housing units whose equity, at present, their rental checks are building for absentee owners. Home equity units would not prevent capital investment in new housing. This system would, rather, mean that the renter of a house would accrue a portion of the equity for every month that she rented the house, as does the wealthy investor who placed the down payment. Thus, if it sold, the profit would be shared with the person who actually paid the mortgage. The latter would, of course, reflect the actual value of the property plus service costs and a fixed interest rate, reviewed by the central Folk Economic Policy Agency (FEPA). Thus, real estate costs from builders might not change much, but the amount paid by the average buyer would decline substantially, to roughly 30% of what they now pay.

3. Usury in all areas of life would be eliminated. Capital investment would continue to exist, of course, but it would, in an atmosphere which discouraged absentee ownerships, encourage investing real wealth only in enterprises in which one participates in some manner, thus resulting in a much more equitable division of the economic pie. There would be incentive to strive, to produce, as one who saves on one job may want to start up a small business and work only part time at it, while taking, say, 20% of its profits, the other 80% being accrued by the workers whose skills and sweat make it possible. There would thus be every incentive to invest. This is Capital Financing, as opposed to the present debt financing. The participant-investor can indeed get rich, as Capitalism provides. There is no draconian repression of incentives as in Communism. Yet by outlawing absentee/ non-participant ownership few could become super rich, resulting in a more equitable income distribution without punishing those with the exceptional drive to create and succeed.

4. Taxes are reduced in the Folk Economy because it is a monoracial society. Such societies, whether in Iceland, Ghana or Japan, are always far more productive. In monoracial societies in the West, there has been little illegitimacy (the major source of poverty) because there was no encouragement for less evolved peoples to become parasites on the more advanced. As the rules and agreed conventions arise from the folk-mind and folk interests of one people, their adherence is assured. Taxation would be based upon government as a partner to the Folk, providing necessary services which are more efficiently performed in the public sector, but never precluding privatization, where that is more efficient. Hence, if a private firm offers to drill for and supply water to a municipality, there would be no legal restriction against this venture. If a firm can deliver mail competitively to the post office, they are welcomed. Likewise, the Folkish state may well and carefully invest in real social goods, such as scientific research, preservation of rare or threatened folk wisdom, crafts, arts, or literature, not to support any particular agenda, but as artifact of the core cultural identity.

5. Smaller economic units would be encouraged. Even if they are not as efficient, they permit local participation and local capitalization. This, structurally, preempts many problems. When a participant-part owner lives near the plant's location and is involved on a daily basis with its operations, he can not consent to unsafe working conditions, nor to practices which endanger the environment in which his children are growing up. How might a neighbor have reacted had Love Canal's chemical industry been locally owned, locally operated? There would have been no surreptitious toxic waste dumping in the first place. Folk Economic Policy means local accountability as career workers own most of the tools of production. Neither could some distant, board-run corporation ignore worker or product safety. It also means quality consciousness on the part of every owner-worker, who must compete with other owner-workers within the Folk economy. As the non-parasitic model creates economic units that are viable competitors, it is adopted elsewhere and the global plantation-sweatshop is transformed.

6. A Folk Economic Policy Agency, similar to what MITA is in Japan, would provide overall direction, yet not interfere in the day to day workings of the economy. Some issues which it would consider would include localization, lowering transportation and energy costs. An example of this latter can be seen in the inefficiency of oligarchy. The sandy soil of the Piedmont and Sand Mountain regions of Georgia and Alabama is superbly suited to the growing of potatoes. Yet, in supermarkets in both states, most potatoes sold come from Washington, Colorado, Texas, or Idaho. Since the amount of land involved in production is not too dissimilar to, say, Idaho, this means that the Sand Mountain potatoes are being shipped elsewhere and the potatoes grown 2,000 miles away are being shipped in. This is extremely wasteful in energy. FEPA would research ways to localize distribution, help smaller economic entities to thrive, and minimize transportation and energy costs for society as a whole.

These six steps toward a Folk economy would be simple to implement. Software capabilities at present state-of-the-art would allow tracking of employee and tenant equities. Even if it initially involved funding private researchers to find a way to track the distribution profile of every product and develop tenant software, the long-term benefits, in efficiency, better maintained neighborhoods, lowered fuel imports, better consumer prices, would be well worth it. Such programs would not be approached through setting up a central bureaucracy, which then assumes a life of its own and is difficult to dismantle, but, rather, by subscription to university, corporate, or existing foundation resources for this kind of study.

Investors would have reason to invest within the Folkish economy and there would still be some people who will acquire more than others based upon talent and energy. Parasitism, once eliminated, would result in everyone's having more income. Moneys once wasted in paying a hidden surcharge of interest rates on everything which one buys would free up enormous capital reserves by ordinary people making capital, rather than debt, financing highly productive. Of course, fatherless non-Whites represent only one form of parasitism. Americans currently give equally heavy subsidies to the rich.

Let us illustrate. In cotton fields from California to Texas, to Alabama, there are at least three different annual sprays, first, a pre-emergence herbicide, next, insecticide, applied (sometimes twice) in the season, and, finally, a defoliant to make harvesting easier. All of the above are accomplished by crop-sprayer aircraft, which fumes carry to all the surrounding area. Hundreds of thousands of children within a mile radius of the fields suffer upper respiratory symptoms, often misdiagnosed (by doctors who may own some agribusiness themselves) as "allergies". Pregnant women in the areas have an astronomical miscarriage rate, and the cancer rate is overall higher. These health problems are a direct cost of high intensity cotton production by agribusiness (small family farms usually spray their own fields from tractors, and can't afford the defoliant). Who is subsidizing the producers? All the health costs borne by nearby residents are a very real form of subsidy. A parallel situation exists in processed foods, where spoiled or rancid product is bleached, colored, and treated with chemicals for preservation so that industry won't have to use just-in-time inventories or sanitary facilities. Bologna and potted meat in cans would be a good example of the latter. Some preservation would be necessary. Ancient Celts smoked and salted hams for the winter, but the level of chemicals today is unparalleled, with predictable health consequences.

Another bonus of Folk Economics would be shorter work days and work weeks. How much of your work year merely pays off wasteful state (provincial) and central governments? How much of your, and your company's earnings simply pays off debts, or interest on those debts? With no stock exchange, as a tool for debt-creation, no absentee ownership, less work would be required to meet one's needs. This would leave more time to read, to exercise, to work on self-improvement, in short, to evolve.

2. Economics within the White Survival Movement

Any social system economically rewards those who subscribe to it and starves those who do not. National Socialists and others concerned with White Survival must first create wealth in order to create change. We need folkish enterprises, which benefit employees, not just investors, and Aryan survival in general. Let's look at how economics is applied in the movement currently, through its only product, publications, and the 'contributions business' (and it definitely is a business) and the move toward purported folk communities.

A Wisconsin-based movement at one time asked 'contributions' to cover the 'cost' of pamphlets. Since we were publishing also, we thought it interesting to research just how non-profit the contribution was. Copying, done in bulk by a local copier, was 3.5 cents per copy page. Paper, in bulk from nearby paper wholesalers and odd lots from printers, was running near 4 cents a sheet, and, if one distributes the cost of computer paper, toner for its printer, and even distributes the cost of the computer itself over several tens of thousands of copies sold per year, this then adds only another 21 cents. Add in some gasoline to run the paper to the bulk copier, pick up finished product, and 29 cents for postage (less for bulk mail), and the 8˝" X 11" stock, folded into thirds, plus the 4.5 cents envelope means a cost of $.66 per pamphlet, delivered. I took no offense that the "contribution" of $2 meant a profit, covering the word-smith's labor of $1.44 per pamphlet, under the pretext that it also helped some poor person or prisoner to receive a copy for free.

What distressed members of this kindred who made contributions with that goal in mind, was to then learn from two very poor prisoners that they were asked for "stamps or art work" to cover costs. To be honest with each other, we never escape the need for profit, [considered here in the limited sense of sales price above materials and processing costs- in the stricter sense, labor is a cost also, here we consider mostly voluntary community-based efforts] if only to cover the labor of those involved in production. National Socialist economics was for free enterprise, where this did not harm the Folk. It was just as much opposed to the absentee ownership of capitalism as it was to communism. Thus profit is not a dirty word, but rather a principle of economics which needs not be disguised. Now, we're not pointing any fingers at anyone in the movement- these practices are almost universal, as is the ubiquitous return envelope. Our purpose is, rather, to suggest an honorable alternative. One correspondent to whom an advanced draft of this paper was sent suggested that the movement has done things this way, asking for contributions or donations, rather than doing outright sales because the latter require business licenses. He further added that it was to avoid RICO-type actions. Well, folks, we shouldn't be doing anything illegal in the first place, nor 'conspiring' to do so, and, of course, businesses do require business licenses. The Indians who run casinos on their lands often pay a good tax base to the host states, but their communities still benefit from the income.

Due to the bad taste that this contribution business left in a lot of people's mouths, we at GS have had to rethink the whole idea. If I stress to you, in Almena, Nebraska, to build your own local power bases and recruit locally, then that is where your energy, money, and idealism belongs. To receive from you, especially cash or money orders taken at sacrifice from one Aryan family to give to what is not an autonomous community, but merely a few nearby individuals and three core families, as in our Asavanorn Kindred, is to make royalty of the one and tribute-payers of the other. For that reason, the three money orders were returned. We are in the publishing business, and will hopefully operate it in an ethical, folkish manner.

When a subscriber wishes to contribute a subscription, we have a simple procedure. First, we ask around on staff for a poor family who needs it (someone always knows one) and add them as a subscriber. We then send a personal thank-you letter to the contributor, telling him or her to what sort of circumstances the subscription was made, and next we send a note with the gift subscription giving the name and address of the donor, that the recipient may wish to send a note of appreciation.

We are not interested in one group of hard-pressed families' being benefitted by the generosity of another equally or more hard-pressed group of families. If there may be something folkish to be preserved here, a social good, say, re-publishing Viktor Rydberg's works (which any should read, to get the sackcloth and ashes out of their mouths before publishing about Odinism), this is worthwhile but it should be offered for sale, just as Nordland Verlag, the SS publishing house did with many other works.

3. Building a Folk Community

Sometimes, as pointed out above, a tiny nucleus in a pristine setting can consider themselves a "folk community," and it may be a start toward one. What should not happen is for hundreds of others, supporters, to struggle to pay rent in apartments, while sending whatever pitiful amount they can to any model few. To deny one's own family in order to support another would simply be unnatural and not consistent with Aryan Economics. The only real communities are the ones where we are now. Such prototype communities are just a ticket for a few people to escape. Save your money and put it to work in your own backyard helping your own friends and family escape, locally. To think of a remote school with five students as a seed of change for the whole world, or a few families who are raising their children away from tv and with mental and physical disciplined learning as an answer to the whole degenerate System is just wishful thinking, however appropriate and admirable the effort. The only real economics is that which addresses how that apartment dweller, living from pay check to pay check can empower himself now. Once empowered, each of us can attempt to cultivate Aryan awareness in whatever way possible, within our own apartment building, neighborhood, or small town. The only schools which matter are the ones where your children attend presently. The question should not be that of helping or looking to four or five other children in a distant area for how to educate, but applying Hitler Youth type methods to your own children and /or those of your cell or kindred in setting up training additional to the meager and indoctrinating offering of public schools; no one can do that for each conscious White family.

It is to this end, that of building the economic bases which will allow each of us to support local change that our Sources section carries a notice for the Whole Work Catalogue and other data and sources aimed at self-empowerment and economic independence. Isolated and distinct communities are not feasible without this in the first place, as can be readily seen by the small number of 'hippy farms' remaining and the even smaller number of the founding inhabitants.

Building an economic base will be a lot of small steps. We can't rely on System capital (nor would we want the accompanying usury), but we can develop interdependence with each other. Within our NS- Odinist kindred, two ladies make some delightful incense and one of the men makes ceramic incense burners. A retired engineer designed a tool for pressing out cones, and a master tool and die maker in another kindred is building the machine. Another markets the products in her beauty shop. We've spoken to a few folks about Aryan economics and try, below, to assemble some salient points to consider for setting up enterprises:

> Look for basic goods and services to offer. Plumbing, roofing, and car repair are the kinds of services which will always be in demand even if the System goes belly-up insolvent tomorrow. Few folks will be buying incense when that happens. Greenhouses, fruit trees in the back yard, are investments that cannot fail. New trucks will not be bought and people who can fix old ones will have a ready market. The same can be said of houses and roofs.

> Folk enterprises should demonstrate the Order which we would create, not a miniature of the Levantine economics of the present. Employee ownership, worker safety, fair dealing, consistent high standards in services or products, environmental benevolence, and quality treatment of customers must characterize our enterprises.

> Offer excellent product or service at fair rate of exchange.

> Base the economic activity on its overall impact on the world, as consistent with Pagan morality. Even if we meet the above conditions and our packages biodegrade in a week after disposal, would we want to sell ice-cream bars with the sugar and high fat content of dairy products? Is it the right choice to offer a product which makes kids obese and carious? Low fat, high fiber cookies using organic grains would be a better choice in that same market.

Jews, Arab-Americans, Armenians, and Greeks have all built power bases in this country. All have profited wildly from White cultural environment of freedom, ingenuity, technology, and the skilled White work force. Their several millennia in the Levant trading, dealing, storing, hoarding, haggling, and shipping, prepared the Semitic, Hammitic, and Mediterranean to exploit North European type societies. Not only the Jews, but the Italians also have an anti-defamation league. All the aforementioned have major stakes in the entertainment industry, including Arab bankers, like Adnan Kashoggi, who finance some of it. They operate powerful Political Action Committees, industry lobbies, and exert enormous influence on social, economic, and political policies of host countries. Despite all their power, one will find no intentional communities among them. (Israeli settlements on Arab land are state-subsidized, a pressure tactic and bargaining chip, rather than real intentional communities, although this point can be argued.)

Sure, there are the occasional immigrant areas, neighborhoods, etc. But Semitic-Mediterranean power comes from one hell of a lot of entrepreneurs who collaborate tribally to establish their goals. Some, like the New Jersey Italian leader, Anthony Imperiale, who fought for segregation in housing, are not opposed to our interests. The above is offered merely to show what Folk power is and is not. When and if any of these groups wanted to move to an agrarian economy, their Folk Economic bases would put all the capital at their disposal for any kind of rural intentional communities. The capital pools thus created allow them to then buy the best technologies for high-intensity land use. Israel's thriving desert farms would be a good example of the latter, although much of it is on lands of other peoples.

The only real communities are the ones where we are now. Such prototype communities are just a ticket for a few people to escape. Save your money and put it to work in your own backyard helping your own friends and family escape, locally.

We need to put the 'Aryan' into Aryan economics. Race will not define itself, and people will not always select themselves into or out of a community based on race. I don't know about where you are, but here there are many Renaissance men and women of exceptional talent who are classical Mongoloids, usually Chinese. Without formal exclusionary laws, such as existed in National Socialist Europe, there might be non-White immigrations and mixings. Folkish racial idealism, selecting by specification for the best, most Aryan, most evolved as members must accompany any attempt at community building.

With or without detached intentional communities, there is much that we can accomplish simply by building the economic bases. Why, just think, we might be able to publish NS-oriented history books for use in Aryan-heritage schools, not to benefit some isolated elite, but for a number of folk-conscious Aryans in dozens of communities! This will not be achieved by soaking our already tapped-out small movement base for donations, but by building economic units which will create real wealth from constructive trade with the wider society.

How do we know that this would work? Because the Scientologists, the Unification Church, and other cults have already effectively done it. Black Muslims have done it. Unification operated a fleet of fishing boats in New England in addition to the familiar flower kiosks. Scientologists own all manner of businesses and actually infiltrated the U.S. Justice Department several years ago to quash a justified investigation. They have even been able to keep Anti-Defamation League's front group, Cult Awareness Network (which condemns anything that is not Xian or Kosher) at bay- now that's power!

4. Usury-Free Mortgages

Will mean a Habitat for an oppressed minority-Whites

"...With Usura hath no man a house of good stone, each block square-cut

and smooth fitting.." Ezra Pound, in Cantos

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit foundation begun as a Christian outreach project for the poor who live in sub-standard housing. Since its founding in Americus, Georgia, in the early 1970's, it has helped mostly black welfare mothers with multiple offspring into their own homes. Its purpose is to deliver housing at cost.

Everywhere, we hear the cry for White Enclaves (a term we used in an article which treated the feasibility and logistics of setting up separatist communities in GS '87) and communal development of contiguous land areas in regions which already have few non-Whites. It is generally discussed with a plan for a cluster of families and homesteads in a central community and supporters, other community members to live in the surrounding area. This makes sense because too much isolation allows any government agency to spin fanciful stories about the purpose and activities of the group. A core group of families, whose members, young and old, have ties to, friends amongst, and reciprocal visits with members of the surrounding populace, are less susceptible to a campaign of lies which always leads a campaign of terror, as it did in Waco.

Such a community, or, perhaps we should say, 'concentration' is desirable, but there's not a clear path, for today's racialists, facing a worsening economy in the '90s, to achieve it.

Techniques used by Habitat may carry over into our concerns. Just as they help what the System defines a 'underprivileged' into home ownership, we could help one racially aware White family at a time into homes in order to build communities. Volunteers and the intended occupants, assemble every Vidar's Day (Saturday) and work until the home is completed. Of the latter, 400 hours of labor - sweat equity - is required. Where a year of Vidar's Days is not needed on their own house, the occupants satisfy the requirement by working on other peoples' houses. Along the way, the new home owner learns, by building, how to maintain and repair a house. Volunteers contribute materials and the completed house is sold in an interest-free mortgage and at cost of land and materials.

This is a powerful technique for establishing freedom from international banking and the usury industry. I compared houses of nearly 1400 square feet on half-acre lots. The Habitat house cost just over $28,000 and the land another $12,000. The conventional house by a private builder was $59,900 and the land (only a slightly better neighborhood) $14,000. Both were on 30 year mortgages. The Habitat house will be paid off at a monthly payment of around $240 and the conventional mortgage costs over $650 (interest rates were comparable). The difference between the two, $147,600, is how much lifeblood capitalism will suck for the term of the mortgage!

It is exciting to imagine small groups of families in proximity, even if in the same suburb, where a sense of community can be experienced and self-reliant, interdependent community can be re-established. Practical skills are best taught as the grandfather shares with the grandchild a story of avoiding crime victimization, an aunt teaches the child how to fix a leaky faucet, or a cousin takes him hunting. Since the kin community seldom dwell nearby, we can gradually, slowly, make it the work of our movement to create such proximity, perhaps in existing small towns. Eventually, other groups will emerge, and lead, hopefully, to regional communities.

Another self-sufficiency issue before the Folkish agenda should be freeing those who currently have System mortgages. Think of the enormous financial power that would be freed up if the monthly payments were 30-40% of their current amounts. An investment club type of format could be established to create capital reserves. Why invest in things-as-they-are if one can invest in Folk ? If a reserve bought up the Jonsson's mortgage (and since early purchase negates the interest payments in most contracts- payoff is when the principal- actual cost, a much smaller amount is paid to the mortgage holder) of $635 a month on a 30 year note at 10.8% interest, that same note, for a $63,000 [for simplicity, assume that 63 is the actual equity at the time the club buys out the mortgage] house+land, now divides out to $175 a month for the balance of the mortgage.

Now since the White Financial Freedom Foundation must cover its expenses, too, and have the strength to buy other racially conscious Whites out of interest slavery, it must charge the Jonssons more. Thus, the family pay $350 per month to the Foundation for the first four years, and the amount declines by $25 per year until the actual cost, 175, remains as their monthly payment from the 11th year onward. The balance helps run the Foundation and keeps the capital flowing so that other families can be bought out of debt-slavery. The same 'circle' technique- buying out mortgages in turn, could be used by any small group of families who want to bolster their standard of living and get the compounded-interest parasites of capitalism off their backs. Best of all, the practice would spread to other ethnicities, striking a mighty blow against the bankers.

5. Building the Infrastructure of Aryan Culture

We often take for granted the process of acculturation, that process in non-material culture, that is the residue of human action, thought, and assumptions about the world and how this pattern is taught to youth. It is, truly, a complex process and at present is entirely in the hands of those at enmity with Aryan survival or any kind of White folkdom. In the various aspects of the White Survival Movement (this seems a correct term for our unassuming and modest goals) we are about the difficult business of teaching adults counter to their acculturation.

There is no specific textual authority for delineating this process by stages. Rather is sought the authority of sound common sense and empirical observation. The five stages are roughly shaped by the chronology of a lifetime, but, as you may well imagine, do overlap. They are as follows:

1. The Legendary-Legends, myths, fairy-tales, and such works of the imagination are the first intellectual properties of early childhood. During this stage, the child in a healthy society acquires the collective unconscious of his own Folk. If an Aryan, the feats of Siegfried and the wonder-workings of Wotan are part of his grounding in a mystical tradition. If a Mediterranean, it would be the feats of Heracles and the wisdom of Zeus. During this stage also, the cognitive gifts of culture, shape, form, language, problem-solving, and the like are being learned. Since what is true and useful is so at many levels, the sacred core, that inner knowledge behind "Liisa and the Prince" or "Snow White" is there both now and when understood more fully at a later stage of development. When an Aryan studies for the role of an ancient Jewess in a church play, or dresses up as an American Indian princess in a scouting program for youth, then we have culture substitution, in which the individual is being torn from the net of meaning endemic to her own hereditary-acquired knowledge, or Folksoul. The same process is at work when one attends an Althing and sees two short, dark guys, one clearly Alpine-Mediterranean and the other Armenoid-Mediterranean speaking Old Norse, wearing rune-embroidered jackets, and preferring Odinism to learning their own native faiths. Although more benign, it is the same displacement. Likewise when what should be a serious rediscovery of Folksoul becomes child-like play acting for adults and one hears a person named Bill Smith calling himself 'Thor Gunderson' and the promiscuous use of spells, curses, and other magic work in dubious or marginal purposes, then the problem with reeducating adults is all too evident- such a movement is enlisting only the fantasy-players and flakes.

2. Formal and Cognitive- In this stage the youth is within some sort of formal academic institution, a stage which continues to adulthood. The cultural icons, history classes, observances of holidays, and so forth, form the framework which quite overlaps the on-going familial structure of the first stage. Here, of course, the National Socialist-Indigenous Religionist is a family doubly at odds with the environment. While learning is best that is concrete and experiential, we are least able to deliver on that. If you are a mixed- White American of predominately Mediterranean characteristics, you may want to tell your child that the term 'cereal' and 'ceremony' both came from your rich spiritual heritage, honoring the Goddess, Ceres. Her Christian friends are surrounded by reminders of their belief system, but, unless you can fly her to the ancient ruins of a temple, making your culture concrete and experiential will be quite a feat. We all experienced the same environmental culture distortion during the first TV age. When we didn't see cowboys killing phony Indians, we saw good GI's blasting savage Nazis. Even if we were lucky enough to have an older friend, or even a parent or grandparent who corrected the lies and distortions in TV or movies, the formal teaching in schools and all environmental cues confirmed the party line. Nothing done by the person(s) giving you what you now recognize as truth could make it concrete or experiential, as does a Memorial Day parade or Christmas play. The formal and cognitive damage to a child's mind exposed to Black History Month or M.L. King's birthday as a holiday is incalculable. Structures of acculturative agency do overlap and these observances and teachings affect parents, teachers, even the workers who are off on those days.

3. Informal, Contextual-We first see this acculturative agency in pre-teens as peer group influence. Simultaneously, the emerging individual is venturing out more into the world beyond family and school. Here, all the environmental cues confirm the formal training on how the world is and 'things are supposed to be', i.e., each youth's burgeoning cognitive map. If you have exposed the child to Mozart and Shostakovich, he experiences a real sense of unease at a culture which he cannot share and is at a loss when peers invite him to a rap concert. Cues are also in actions of peers. If they have non-White 'best- friends', as modeled on family shows to indoctrinate all races, the teen or precocious pre-teen has a fight to explain her stance on separation of races to peers and not to get drawn into the same disease. Internationalist business owns the media, the stores, even deciding what kind of tee shirts will be acceptable and who should be packaged as role models for our kids. Messages encapsulating system assumptions such as U.S. interventionism (GI Joe), and Capitalist-Christian cultural and religious imperialism (Christian Childrens' Fund) are everywhere.

Mind control is total, pervasive, and affects all White generations exposed to it. Role models of dysfunctional behavior (that is, behavior which is functional in the context of a dysfunctional society) are taught to all ages as entertainment. Even appropriate reactions to Nazis, gun-nuts, and White (would they show any other type?) racists are carefully modeled by sympathetic characters. This behavioural control by environmental icon must be far more effective for the master class than sending out legions of KGB or Mossad agents to monitor everyone for ideological deviationism. Given proper saturation brainwashing, people become self-policing and report deviations to the liberal power structure quite voluntarily (for slaves or automatons).

4. Contributory / Voluntary- marks the stage where the Aryan lawyer takes his son and daughters to his school's fantasy pageants about Black History or the Holocaust. It is mistaking symptoms for causes to (as many racially aware journals do) continually bemoan the flakes and misfits which are sometimes found in the movement. This guy's action gives him a shot at becoming a judge. To attend National Alliance or NSWPP meetings guarantees limits to one's career. This is the stage where the family deliberately reenforce, through ritual participations, the world views of the sur-rounding culture.

We should not wonder that people in the movement are powerless, didn't fit in, or might be classified as 'failures' economically. Only if they had either carefully led a schizoid life, concealing their true affiliations or if they had been in bed with the federal whore and its kosher beneficiaries could they be successful, respectable, and (closet) racially aware. Yes, and if they couldn't live double, constant ostracism probably does create some of the character disorders we've seen. In this stage, the person, usually an adult, is a culture creator or perpetuator, holding up their corner of the System or being starved out for not so doing. It is in this stage also that one enters role of parenting, crossing forever from the domain of self to that of civic society.

5. Uniting Ideals-These are the central themes in ideal culture. In post-revolutionary French society, it was the slogan, 'liberty, equality, fraternity'. In the U.S. it includes obsessive fawning over failed Third World cultures, apotheosis of performers, whether Jamaican rap 'artists' or rock Euro-trash, empowerment of any non-Whites in the West, and the progressive concentration of wealth in the manipulator-speculator-broker-professional caste. Other uniting ideals are the pervasive state religion (if you don't believe it's invasive, look at the billboards and listen to the background music when you shop at Yule), and elevation to the sacerdotal of any activity which creates profits (and, incidentally, taxes).

In abbreviated form the above illustrates acculturation as it now takes place in the current infrastructure of knowledge. Only those in total withdrawal from contemporary society will totally escape from this culture. Since complete withdrawal is seldom a reality, the bases of Folk power which we create, and which give us economic power will support the communities, even if not isolated from this society, from which will come our future leaders. Severing the economic ties to government and internationalist corporate America would only permit a small nucleus of our Folk to be raised in Aryan culture. From scattered Folk power bases, set up with neighborhoods, businesses, and community centers, we can cultivate such leaders as will lead creation of this new infrastructure.

Assuming such leaders emerged, where will their supporters be found? Our quest must be to make certain that when that nucleus are ready, there are those receptive to them and ready to cooperate, at present highly unlikely. How, then, do those of us who lack the means to secede, to buy 200 acres of forest, farmland, and pasture, set up our own water, utilities and such- how do we start from where we are to create a new infrastructure of culture? As stated previously, only by setting up in our own businesses, services, or professions, and pooling resources, can we hope to have the strength to gain limited autonomy.

The disease is so far advanced and the enemy so entrenched that only a collapse of their current order would make way for a new one. We've no assurance, should such a collapse occur, that a White Separatist regime would follow. Doubtless, some sort of disciplined society shall follow the dissipated style of the present disorder. The most likely replacement, should it happen in this 107th year of Our Leader, is a Third World fascism, like a military junta in Ecuador, Brazil, or Peru. Mixed race militias would probably curb the rampant non-White gangs that infest American cities and corrupt (perhaps more corrupt?) police departments would form death squads to attack homeless and squatters. It would be a far cry from any kind of Aryan state when the punitive father of Judaic myth returns to confront the mess left by his prodigal, democratic sons, such as Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. Whether the latter is another profligate son or the punitive father, the mythic structure is so ingrained into the collective consciousness that some sort of Papa-Doc type strongman must emerge from the chaos if the lights went out tomorrow.

We can all feel it, as can many of the enemy, that Western culture is doing what Spengler predicted, approaching a cataclysmic or entropic end. The proliferation of apocalyptic religious cults and apocalyptic xian prophecies (truly self-fulfilling ones, since they are running the show) in recent decades lends credence to this feeling. We know that the end of Western liberal internationalist economic and political order approaches, but not how soon. The remaining task is to do whatever we can to empower ourselves and those even marginally useful as allies or sympathizers so that we can have an impact during and after the collapse.

To search for models of infrastructure-creation within a larger society, one need look no further than Jewry. Elements of their infrastructure include building economic bases, especially setting up small businesses, creating readily available capital pools, and setting up, even while living within Gentile societies, their own educational systems. These institutions are, of course, interfunctional. The capital pools empower their own entrepreneurs, who in turn invest in their own educational resources and in finding and promoting more of their number to the professional caste through scholarships, endowments, and the like. They also have their own state for inspiration, modeling, as it does, in microcosm, the Plan, dominating a larger Arab-Palestinian population and area stripping the former of rights, using them for a cheap labor resource, etc. Finally, Jews are bound together by a THEOLOGICAL NETWORK, an international cabal of yeshivas and synagogues. To cooperate effectively across international lines and maintain a world-wide control, they are also bound by a common language, Hebrew.

If we took the above quite directly to analogy, there was a time when the White world of N. Europe used some similar devices and we were empowered by it. We had such trading and explorative ventures as the East India Company, the Hanseatic League, and Hudson's Bay Company. We spoke to each other across all boundaries in Latin. There were many defects in the White infrastructure of the Renaissance, the worst being the churches, which piggy-backed the Jews into power. One can only wonder what could be accomplished with German as the lingua franca, German universities and prep-schools in all Western countries, and large scale, non-parasitic, non-exploitative economic ventures in place. Perhaps in such a White Society, existing even within pockets of interracial chaos and filth, we would rediscover comradeship, tribal values, neighborliness, civic duty, and the evolutionary duty to produce from our best genetic resources the Folk of the future.

That we can do much of this now is highly doubtful. We could however try to save, preserve, and spread as much literature about how it can be done as possible. We can create the structure of thought, the societal blueprint that may make it accessible. We can begin economic empowerment on however small a scale. As we begin to accumulate capital, White movements can preserve human treasures, almost lost to the crude productive standards of capitalism, like the Tennessee stoneware potter who now has to work as a store clerk just to make ends meet. The Japanese have been astute in setting up a national 'human treasures' program to save those aspects of their culture which may not have sufficient commercial value to otherwise assure their continuance. We might create separate libraries to translate, preserve, and / or republish such increasingly rare works as those on eugenic science, pre-multiculturalist ethnology, pre-Liberal anthropology, and the true history of the Third Reich.

We can study successful self-sufficient communities, such as the Amish and, yes, the Mormons, the latter having lived within the larger society, yet creating their own educational and economic bases. We can draw parallels and blueprints even for things which it may be to early to implement wholly, and we can implement incrementally.

One hurdle which we might face is our tendency to use symbols and outward representations which the enemy has thoroughly charged with negative association. At a Kindred meeting last year some key and highly recruitable people simply drove off after reading bumper stickers when about to park. I differ with (although I greatly respect them) those who say it is easier to change someone's mind about a subject with which they are already familiar (e.g., Hitler) than to educate them from scratch. Our experience is that the response, which the System has conditioned into our people so universally, is activated by Third Reich memorabilia, and it runs off people who otherwise have voiced almost identical values and concerns to the White movement, preempting the very dialogue which might have brought them from sympathizer to supporter or member.

I believe that the more normal that we appear, the more difficult we are to target for persecution. We set an example by not consuming Third World cultural products, not race-mixing, and generally living exemplary lives, remaining functional while living in a hostile milieu. We are the more credible if our appearances do not activate the recruiting targets' programmed defenses. Why assure our continued inability to deliver the message? It is difficult enough to correct misinformation on everything from the hollyhoax to racial differences without deliberately distancing the audience.

Creating an infrastructure of culture requires the best of us, not the masquerade parties of yesteryear's racialist meetings, nor the over-the-hill-hippy conventions and jaded-Wiccan parties of recent Odinic gatherings. (There are solid people in the Odinic movements- one just finds too many of the others to imagine that this will ever be a real force in White society). It mandates a measured, adult approach. For those of us who lack a benefactor to buy the wooded redoubt for an alternate society, we can all help create the infrastructure by building our own local folk communities. Maybe soon a new Germany will be our beacon but we can even now start to create that constellation of resources which will allow every White Separatist to be part of a great undertaking from any location. While much of the work may at present remain out of reach, our visualizing and dreaming it now will enable it later. The future dawns into the present and vision is soon enough born into concretion.

6. White, Together, and with a Future

My friends came unexpectedly, even so, it was a pleasure to see them. They seemed troubled by the System repression which ZOG has been wreaking on their Odinic Kindred recently. Their experience included FBI zealots who ran around to area merchants, leaving calling cards and sternly warning that "40 or 50 extremely violent Skinheads are expected in your area soon." It was another proof that the System is intent, by any methods, legal or illegal, truth or outright lie, to destroy the credibility of any White survival advocate or organization. They want North Europeans bred out of existence, to their mind the sooner the better. We spoke of tactics, turning one person against another, collaborators, even a young man in prison, playing for a sentence reduction by spinning truly fantastic tales about his former friends which occasioned the federal hysterics that scared people in the small town. Clearly the White movement cannot go on as it has been; the disciples of "democracy" and "brotherhood" will murder us all.

While we met, I thought of how we can form, meet, and be productive in a format which is effective, which will produce results, and will have a future. One word comes to mind- education- were our people to understand their history, the true nature and implication of races as an inner and outer biology, and how important North Europeans are to the Planet's survival and mankind's continued upward evolution, they would reject any vestiges of race-mixing, drug abuse, economic dis-empowerment, homosexuality, non-White immigration into White societies, and other dysfunctional trends. With this political education must be bound two other legs of the three- legged platform on which our Movement is built: personal evolution and empowerment, and, of course, meeting needs.

The need for political-spiritual-cultural education is obvious. When a White group meet, some of the fine Vanguard or Instauration articles exposing the fraud of 'black history' or revealing the amoral or illegal actions of Jews in the Bible should be covered. The truth about our culture, whether a reading of excerpts from some of Jack London's lesser known works, an heroic German saga, or a true account of the institutions and activities of the Third Reich, must take place. Our people simply won't get it anywhere else- we are as prone to being TV brainwashed couch potatoes as the next folk- and if we don't teach them, they'll never know it.

The next two legs of our platform require a bit more thought. We should meet as groups to exercise, to share and trade skills and knowledge, to do group meditations, readings, shared research projects on the above. We must work to become more effective as parents, learners, employees, managers of our own experiences in life. We can help each other, even if it is as simple as each member's taking a few minutes to explain his/her research into a particular self-help or self-improvement article. It is a process, not a destination. By prioritizing personal evolution, whether learning how to meditate instead of drinking a beer to relieve stress, or how to negotiate effectively with family members or children rather than argue or punish, we open ourselves up to heightened awareness and personal growth and tend to attract to our company others who share similar objectives. These effectively living persons, given the political awareness, will do wonders with it.

Our final leg is that of outreach, helping the planet and fellow Whites, and by so doing helping to reestablish the very Folk communities upon whose destruction the Global Plantation Economy is predicated. We need to help isolated elderly Whites to paint their houses, shop, fill out insurance claims, garden, plan a diet, or fix a leaky roof. We need to help our own kids 12-18, who are tempted into a minority-Hollywood-inspired self-destructive lifestyle, to stay in school, to learn life skills, like handling frustration or anger, planning for the future, and goal-setting. The System no longer meets anyone's needs, except the corrupt elite's. We must help people to learn self-sufficiency, self-empowerment, and White community solidarity so that we can do for each other and for the Earth what the forces of evil are loathe to do. This could be a simple as helping lower income White couples to plan family budgets, balance checkbooks, and find (we must first find it ourselves and then teach the tribal wisdom; Xianity destroyed the tribe) wholesome ways for families and friends to entertain themselves without the TV. When we do these things, wear Kindred tee-shirts, or have a placard on the shoulder of the road next to the stream which your Kindred are cleaning up. (and we mean only informative placards or tee-shirts, naming the kindred, not swastikas on them) Members of the public who have been told that we are zanies or "hate-groups" will soon realize that they have been misled.

As our groups make these three activities their focus and stop using ethnic pejoratives or discussing ways to vent anger (never a good idea in any police state including the USSA), the media will have to invent new lies. The people to whom we reach out will indelibly be stamped with a different first hand, experiential impression of us. We must never do Hollywood the honor of acting like hate groups. Our racial separation must be to set up cells of positive-acting, effective Whites working for progressive goals, like a literacy project to help our poor achievers graduate high school, while reading from Mein Kampf or the "Voice of Our Ancestors" (Wolf Sorrenson). We can also teach the truth about races, including ours, by popularizing Hans Gunther's Racial Elements of European History. Many of our people marry or breed with impure types simply out of ignorance. Make it the work of the Movement to teach in sustainable specifics. Have a collection box and have people who attend a meeting pay 50˘ for a 10-page handout on the different measurements / characteristics which mark a pure North European, so that they can choose to date or marry one. On any stapled hand-out, have a list of sources for further study and, optimally, where and how to order these. Such notations make the individual's search for truth and higher evolution independently sustainable.

These three bases work together. Evolve yourself, becoming a resource. Learn the truths which the System suppresses using your personal resources to, for instance, do library research to disprove the common notion that ancient North Europeans were savages. Then, teach these truths to others in a way that makes them sustainable. Next, having evolved yourself, help other North Europeans to survive and reach higher evolutionary development.

One concrete way to use this concept in long-term community building is what I shall term building an educational bank. It is just good sense to take whatever government money and assistance can be had to attend colleges or trade schools. However, in the U.S., this is heavily weighted to favor non-Whites, so what grants we get (if any) are usually partial and leave much of the higher education expenses, from books to lab fees, unpaid. A kindred or cell could create the educational 'bank' by everyone's contributing, as each is able, to put through a good, high-paid technical program, like a two-year degree as an electrician or HVAC technician someone in the kindred who has the most potential for it. Even those who are little able to donate money can certainly provide transportation to or from school, possibly networking with other Whites to help on certain days or times of the day. Note that donated money is only available after all public aid has been secured. This person, let's call him Alf, then, upon graduation, helps Betty get through a program to become a managing cosmetologist. Betty and Alf together then, with everyone else in the cell, contribute to help Corcoran become a dental technician.

Naturally, when a person in the group is already near a profitable college degree and has only the same two years to become a C.P.A. apprentice, then this could be considered instead of a technical school certificate. As a rule, knowing what we do about the probable course of Western civilization during the next two to three decades, paper-shuffling careers will become less relevant or necessary than people who offer basic services, and the skilled trades which support these. The bank could consider that the graduates pay into the program for another's training at least what they have consumed in their own, and the 'interest' would be a surcharge of, say, an additional 10% to help gradually expand the number served. With this method of Folk Enterprise, within a decade an entire group of youth could elevate themselves financially and, very importantly, learn skills which will help to run the folk communities of tomorrow.

It's not risk-free, our formula. ZOG is based upon extreme evil and ultimate hatred. This path does, however, have a future. It is sustainable, replicable, and requires no resource but the meager shared contributions and shared hours of effort of dedicated, sincere people. A bonus is that beer-Nazis, psychopaths, gurus with no specifics to offer anyone except "send me your contributions and I'll call it 'idealism'" will all wash themselves out in a self-selection process. What you are doing is creating a sustainable White community on however small a scale. Be secure. Have rules against non-productive behavior, which each member signs and is stored in an attorney's office. Tape every minute of the formal meeting so that the truth is on file against any liar or provocateur who'd set you up for the 'gang' or 'RICO' statutes.

These, too, are in the lawyer's office. Have a credo which sets aside your objectives, and rules. [The line between paranoia and security consciousness can seem thin at times, but it will never hinder a racialist group to be on the side of caution.] Any visitor signs this, agreeing to abide by them in front of a designated visitor briefer, before he/she steps into the meeting. The sincere won't mind and the nefarious or flaky will find reason to depart. We can still suffer at the hands of evil, but it is not as likely. The above is the true path which Uncle Adli would have had us follow. Let our group behaviors help us win a place for ourselves and a future for White children.

7. Further Considerations on Nordic Economic Policy

Since the original publication of these essays in 1994, we have received several inquiries by well-intentioned persons regarding National Socialist economic policy. The final essay is an effort at answering some of the recurrent questions. Misconceptions have arisen about NS economics for several reasons. The term "socialist" tends to frighten off many of the nationalists or racialists with whom we share many concerns and interests- it does not mean confiscation, merely that economic policy is based upon the welfare of the whole social unit, the community or nation, not just the elite in whose hands all power is concentrated in the "democracies." What is the status of private property in an NS society and how does that differ from communism?- was another common question. Without writing a detailed book of economics, the following should answer those questions which our readers have raised and which were not properly detailed in the foregoing.

1. Capitalism and Communism share a common goal and assumption, that all wealth must be re-distributed. In both systems, the fruits of the producer's labor are taken;

(a) by the professional parasite/ service provider- doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc. protected by powerful lobbies, i.e., 'professional associations' from real competition based upon results, not just certification or formal training (in a free market, Abe Lincoln earned his law degree and set up a successful practice from correspondence courses)

(b) by regulators / official parasites- tax collectors, bureaucrats who enforce various government regulations, whether Conservative laws to force a White woman raped by an idiot-level non-white, to bear his child, allowing abortion only if birth threatens her life, such as Colorado has, in place or Liberal laws to choke a small business with odious and unnecessary "equality police" regulations, at which California exceeds even federal standards, police fines for matters which shouldn't be anyone else's business and offend or injure no one, like "speeding" on a lonely road

or unearned, taking the individual intelligence into the coroporation, always taking an individual's invention via © by managerial parasites within companies, those who earn sometimes dozens of times what the producers do, yet work fewer hours at far less demanding or structured pursuits

(d) by absentee owners/ stockholders, who "own" a share of your productivity in perpetuity through a one-time outlay to buy stock (Capitalist redistribution)

(e) by assignment an unnatural and artificial entity, a collective farm, "work unit," or production cadre (Communist redistribution- with the same twerps getting paid more to plan and count the bushels of the harvest than to grow it)

(f) by entrepreneurs / owners, who solely own the fruits of your labor by owning the business, such that you, as the skilled producer, can never realize a share of the profits (fits both systems, whether the owner is a collective or corporation)

(g) by excessive and unnecessary personal income taxation by progressively centralized national governments, from which the rich, the apparatchika and the investor caste (parasites) and the welfare-unskilled labor breeder caste are all either exempt outright or through loopholes, but is levied on the producers

(h) by debt and instruments of debt, which serve as a capitalist tax on every provider of goods and services at every stage of extracting, refining, growing, distributing, manufacturing, or adding value to a product or service- an insidious and omnipresent "tax" on all of mankind. Debt represented the supreme control of the Capital elite of the Committee of 300, whose tentacles reached into both systems, communist and capitalist nations alike through member corporations of the World Bank. These large banks, mostly in London, Switzerland, and New York, would lend to regional or local banks, factoring, or finance companies, who then loaned to corporations, entrepreneurs, or collective enterprises. Through both the printing of fiat money, through "treasury bills", "municipal bonds", and outright loans to central governments, a large portion of the world's productivity has been siphoned off and increasingly centralized into the elite of the speculator/ investor caste

2. NS economic policy recognizes no income without participation and labor.

3. While one may not own the fruits of another's labor through stock or other instruments of debt, one may pass on one's share of ownership of an enterprise through inheritance to heirs, as a right to be an owner-participator, subject, of course, to approval of the other co-owners. Thus, workers in a machine shop whose founder/ major stockholder died might reject the claims of an unskilled, undisciplined playboy (or playgirl) heir and offer fair market payment for his/her shares of the company. Under capitalism, the heir would be allowed to ruin the company, milk it dry for self-indulgence, regardless the potential of hurting hundreds of people. Under communism, no one or even group of persons could own the shop in the first place. Who would decide such cases as the above? In the Reich there were Economic Courts, who protected both the rights of workers and those of owner/ operators of businesses. Reich economic policy and law was such that anyone could pass on to his or her heirs the fruits of his own labor, whether a house, an object of art, or, as above, a working, producing, value-adding share of a business.

4. NS economics encourages invention and inspired work as the highest good, since creativity is the especial activity of the highly evolved, long-high skulled races of mankind. Whenever an employee invents or creates, he or she should be a co-owner of that patent and its subsequent royalties. Much creativity in the U.S. has been suppressed by Capitalist redistribution, wherein employees have to sign a waiver of all rights to patent profits for inventions made on premises, with tools of, or from work product of their employers. Under Communism, likewise, the individual's genius benefits the group and he has no right to intellectual property. Safeguarding intellectual property rights should also be the work of the National Socialist state. There should be no favored trade agreements, nor relaxation of tariffs or duties with any trading partner which refuses to enforce mutually agreed patent and copyright laws and allows its corporations and scientists to "pirate" inventions of more evolved peoples. This practice is widespread among the Pacific Rim nations, where Japanese and Chinese tool designers have meticulously copied the inventions of White Americans and West Europeans, especially in machine tools and process equipment. Invention benefits all mankind. The theft of invention and consequent suppression of creativity by both internationalist systems impoverishes everyone.

5. Both Capitalism and Communism evince the ethic of extraction and exhaustion, industrial versions of the slash-and-burn mentality which ecologists so deplore in rain forests. These phenomena are often direct products of greed. Ranchers who threaten to shoot any red wolves reintroduced into the wolves' original natural range explain that even a 3% loss of lambs or ewes could make the difference between success and failure. Is ranching, then, inherently unprofitable? Cotton farmers patiently explain that not to spray carcinogenic herbicides would cost them the ability to make a profit needed to stay in business. Is cotton production, then, an inherently unprofitable enterprise? In both cases, the push to "optimize production" or to "maximize profits" has the same cause and source- the precarious position of owners who are trying to repay debt stacked upon old debt, ad nauseam. This and excessive governmental support of large producers, agribusiness, or loans to smaller branches ('infrapreneurship') of mega-corporations by the "Small Business Administration", artificially imperils the small producer or even the medium sized business. Small businesses and farmers/ ranchers have the same problem as non-rich wage-earners also- the smaller the scale the more tax must be paid. Were the activity more profitable and the producers able to retain more of their earnings without the excessive taxes and de facto taxation of interest and dividend payments, farmers and ranchers could think more environmentally, from the perspective of a less precarious economic position.

NS economics is based upon productivity within the greater good of society- who decides? In America Inc. the decisions are made by the privileged elite. In Japan, which trades wisely and protects its industries and workers from job loss and unfair competition, there is a central planning board, MITA, which forces business to consider its impact upon society in major decisions. To replace the 'ethic' of exhaustion and extraction of Capitalism, National Socialists offer the ethical framework of co-ownership and cooperation in accord with natural law. To an NS rancher, wolf predation on 3% of his ewes and lambs would be a 'tax' which the rangeland itself imposed, since he is a co-owner with his employees and the 'people' of fur, claw, fang, feather, and bark, who lived there first on that land. A cattle rancher would not have to graze so densely that all cottonwoods forming natural windbreaks and beaver dams on small Western rivers would be destroyed because his trucks would have been purchased by real earned capital from pooling resources of employees, or even an association with other ranchers. Thus he would not be paying effective 71% interest due to repeated refinancing of farm loans or restructuring of debt. He would also not need to bring in alien stoop labor, as agricultural careers would attract a White labor force to work as worker-owners, rather than essentially slaves.

The environmental ethic would result naturally from the economic ethic of NS. An orchardist would not condone spraying apples with substances which could injure his grandchildren and their school friends if they picked the fruit. A mine operator would not make an unsafe exploratory shaft were his workers fully involved worker-owners. Nor would they leave tailings to leach out and pollute the watershed in which they live, as can absentee owners. NS economics would solve a lot of problems which modern societies face, not in a band-aid fashion, or by rulebook regulation as does an unwieldy bureaucracy like EPA or OSHA, but by getting to the root causes of greed, concentration of wealth, confiscation of wealth from producers, and absentee ownership. With its land ethic and eugenic policy of seeking the best, that is quality and not quantity, in human population, and by merely leaving Nature, our beloved Goddess, Frigga, to deal with those who lack self-restraint through flood, drought, and high infant mortality. Therefore, NS policies in the industrialized nations would allow human population levels to return to what the Earth can greenly, and comfortably support. This would deal a blow to a driving force behind the exhaustion ethic- overpopulation, as would closing all borders in the West or advanced nations to "economic refugees" from the Third World. This safety valve on their population encourages and subsidizes in yet another way the overpopulation which exhausts the Earth and causes rainforests to be burned.

Again, let us consider the question of private property. Part of the ethic of retention, the concept that the producer should keep the fruits of his labor, is that the property, which is also a fruit of that labor, should be respected and, while it has no rights, per se, that its owner retains certain rights in regard to it. The property owner should have the right to do whatever she wants with the property such that it does not adversely affect another person. It could not be a source for pollution, nor a fire hazard which could cause spread onto the lands of others, nor could a person hog a water resource, which must be property of the greater community. At its root, our relation to property rights is a question of what kind of sense of community exists or can be generated. A homogeneous White (or, in warmer regions of the world, non-white) community can decide on access to property. One of the most evolved peoples, the Swedes, with one of the world's highest per capita income and educational levels, view the beauty of nature as a community resource and do not recognize 'trespassing' in the sense in which it is understood here:

". . . the Vaxholm stops at tiny landings to disembark and take on passengers. . . It pulls alongside clusters of modest flower-bedecked cottages near the dock, crosses choppy straits etched by the wakes of heeled-over sailboats, then passes grander houses, perched high on rocky shores, with sunrooms and lacy white porches.

As the scenery changes, the steady gentle pace of the voyage affords time to absorb the Swedes' passion for, on the one hand, order, geometry, and strong color, and, on the other, the wildness and subtlety of nature. Sweden is one of the few countries in the world whose law guarantees public access to private land, even allowing visitors to pick berries, mushrooms, and wildflowers (but not to break branches)." p. 141 Travel & Leisure magazine May 1996 issue

This relationship to property, and reserving rights to the community, assumes a certain standard of public behavior, that your visitors will not harass you, disturb your fences, or leave cattle gates open, that they will not litter. Again, it gets back to race, to common genetic family of which a true nation is composed. The Swedish custom was based upon being a Nordic and Alpine community. Now that non-White and non-Nordic immigration is rampant, the level of civilized behavior will predictably fall, and the amenity of this public access policy is certain to be short lived.

What of the Third World? Again, attack Capitalist greed with a national racial policy and you would return to India its capital and educated class, most of whom reside in the U.S. or Great Britain. With the return of her engineers, physicians, physicists, economists, and business professionals, India, China, and Pakistan, just to mention a few, would elevate themselves within two generations- a goal any National Socialist would welcome- self-sufficient, self-contained advanced cultures in the non-White world. It is selfishness on the part of the educated caste from these nations and the ever operant "country club conspiracy" of the capital elite in the West, searching for cheaper professionals to staff, for instance, a hospital, which is even now resulting in a Mexican brain-drain of nurses and physicians from that blighted nation(GATT further facilitated this by allowing alien nurses and physicians to practice for years before becoming licensed in the U.S.). Any notion that race-mixing Internationalists or liberals "care" for the darker peoples or the Third World is surely belied by the insidious effects of their misguided policies there. They never even question the fact that the corporate newspapers, magazines, and corporate-supported university departments which crank out the "love-everyone" propaganda about the world as one big happy family are the same folks who, through the U.N., destroyed native sorghum production in drought-prone Africa and induced India's scientific elite to their shores, retarding that nation's development. Slogans and phrases are not humanitarianism: policies which respect the natural boundaries of human subspecies, the limits of growth, and the needs of the land and seas, are.

Whereas Capitalism and Communism are both collectivist, literally collecting the wealth created by the labors of producers into the coffers of fewer and fewer organizations, whether central banks, ministries, or the global banks which lend to all, National Socialism is based upon the premise that the earner should keep the maximum amount of the fruits of labor. The premise is, further, that Nature is not ours to exhaust or deplete and planning, production, and distribution must account for minimal depletion of resources and renewal or recycling whenever possible.

Another reason that NS economics is right is that a national socialist state creates a secure economy with real jobs, doing productive work with worker-owners and local direction. Aryans, the most evolved tiny sliver of the world's population who are most productive and inventive, are also the most sensitive to economic conditions. Foresight is one of their salient characteristics and is tied to the long skull and greater crainial capacity. Especially on such important matters as procreation, Aryans are more sensitive to whether there is a future living for their children to earn and consider this when deciding whether to have additional children. Just as with animal species, there are special habitat needs and preservation of viable habitat is critical to survival the higher up the evolutionary ladder one looks. Roaches and flies are abundant in almost all temperate and tropical environments: raptors must have viable habitat for their progeny or the eggs fail to hatch and egg-laying itself declines.

Thus a New York Times article in mid-Hunting noted that in Eastern Europe, "insecurity has led not only to a sharp decline in the birth rate but also to a drop in the marriage rate and a more than tenfold increase in sterilizations. According to demographers, such precipitous de-clines have never before been seen except in times of war, plague, or famine." To prevent a similar event in their respective nations, the governments of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Poland have for years been offering financial incentives to have babies. The government of the German province of Brandenburg offers $650 for every newborn. How has it affected White Americans' birthrate that it can cost $3,000-4,000 per routine prenatal care and delivery in the face of declining employee insurance benefits? Compare this to free Medicaid coverage for fatherless lower primate populations or illegal Hispanic aliens- obviously Uncle Saul believes in cash incentives for favored populations and disincentives for those less favored- classical examples of genocide and racism.

Meanwhile, in Western Europe our White cousins back in the mother countries, are not faring much better than we are in the New World Order. In "The Future of Europe" by Daniel Bell, from Dissent (Fall, 1994) and "Europe and the Underclass" from The Economist (7/30/94), we learn that manufacturing jobs in Western Europe are fast disappearing and few new jobs have been created to absorb the long-term unemployed. Over 40 percent of the 17 million jobless in the European Union have been out of work for more than 12 months and one-third of them have never worked at all. Almost all of those counted are native Whites.

Four sociologists took a sample of long-term unemployed in three Dutch cities and found that 55% of these had stopped looking for work. More than half of these involved themselves in "other activities to give meaning to their lives: hobbies, volunteer work, studying, or working in the informal economy." Since Holland has an elaborate social safety net, the social scientists concluded that it has produced "a group of enterprising and calculating unemployed people. . .the strategically operating welfare client." In the Dutch economy there are four full-time workers for every three nonworkers who receive benefits. In Europe in general, Bell writes, social welfare spending is now 25% of the GDP (gross domestic product). In the healthier Japanese economy, by contrast, it is 10%, and in the U.S. 15%.

Bell states that excessive social spending is not the only reason for long-term unemployment, where it may be more rewarding not to work than to move or change careers in order to find a new job. Another reason is that Europe, even Germany, is failing to make the transition to a "postindustrial economy", propping up an inefficient smokestack economy with steel and autos. Looking at newer areas of manufacturing such as microchips or computer software, he writes "there are no major players in Europe." The latter argument seems specious: somewhere trucks will roll off an assembly line. Why not in a safe, well-ventilated, well-lighted and automated plant in a White nation? If Ruhr ore can be smelted into steel and then fashioned into body parts for a Mercedes, why would it be more "efficient" to ship it to Indonesia or Thailand to be produced at slave wages? The only people for whom this is "efficient" are the idle rich or highly paid speculators of the absentee investor caste looking for better "returns" on the "bottom line" of their balance sheets while their neighbors subsist by bagging groceries or flipping hamburgers. For a writer in the socialist periodical Dissent, this is a major omission- just whose side are the "socialists" on?

Our Leader and his economic planners, such as Speer and Darré created a separate economic ethic, one of renewal, a system which, contrasted to the degeneracy of modern economies, was regenerative. This applied not only to natural resources, but also the human factors. NS economics realizes the need to protect and regenerate workers, a far cry from the ethic of exhaustion and depletion being applied today, when the average American worker (and please consider how part-time employees lower this average- full timers are essentially slaves now) puts in a 49 hour work week. The part timer is counted only once in such surveys, not acknowledging that most part-time employees (a scheme management uses to avoid paying benefits) work more than one job. It is this application of the NS spiritual principle of regeneracy that would dictate protection of industries which enshrine folk genius, indigenous crafts (like the Japanese who designate the sword smith, who makes laminated-steel samurai swords, a 'national treasure' with full government stipend), and ensure that community life, health, and regeneration of the earth and its keepers be considered in all activity and economic decision.

Thus we would not see the meadows befouled with filthy housing projects to shelter and protect those whose indiscriminate breeding and lack of human family structure place excessive demands upon the earth. Nor would we extract and poison large tracts of land, made excessively productive so that a large caste of non-working investor-banker-manipulator parasites would be supported by the excessive extraction, which leaves too little margin for reclamation. Such natural economic order will become possible only in Folk-states where persons are of like enough genetic traits to live within natural laws. In the meantime, Nature will strike many times by 2011, reducing most of the planet's population to a state in which further extractive-exhaustive activity is impossible, in which most inhabitants lead a stone-age type of subsistence. Then and only then will small pockets of White survivors begin to implement these NS economic and social policies, as will a few other highly evolved peoples in scattered enclaves.

About these essays; some are new and others are taken from past and recent issues of Gambanreiði Statement for those who have realized that it is not enough to change ourselves, that a coherent and specific set of policies must be offered in order to change a corrupt and failing world order, restoring civility, decency, and creating functional economic and political systems geared to our present time. However gratifying it may be to pursue our own, personal development, we must do the hard, detailed work in order to present an effective programme for saving the Earth's greatest resource- White humanity.

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