Six Trojan Horses in our Corral

We are told that the Bilderbergers "leaked" their plans ...

Actions of the public are governed by the consensus, the aggregation of mass thought, much as a rocket was governed by its gyroscope in pre-computer days. What they buy, where they buy it, which politicians and which national policies they vote for, all are determined, like a marionette’s moves, by the strings from which it depends.

In our era, with constant communications and entertainment media all around us, it may be easier to express dissent, but it is also much easier for a ruling, secretive elite, the cryptocracy, to condition the mass mind to produce a compliant public who feel that they are democratically represented and “free”.

The cryptocrats of the New World Order, to create a useful public awareness, promulgate small deceptions all the time, like the notion that alternative energy sources are “too expensive” to develop, or that owning newer, more fashionable products will produce your happiness.

They also create grand deceptions, some of them so cleverly that they even appear to oppose the very view that they are trying to create as consensus. They want us to take on the idea, to think it our own, when, all along they designed it to serve them. They give us Trojan Horses and we put them into our corral.

Some dissemination is done by context association. The blonde housewife in the ad serves a lunch to her smiling children. The olive-complected, black-eyed children, imply that the husband is Latin or Asian.

Another tool for dissemination is by implied association. A newsbunny announces, in very serious tone of voice, that Iran is known to be “developing nuclear power”. She then interviews a “retired” general officer or admiral (often still on the Defense Department payroll as a consultant) who sternly states that it is confirmed by satellite photos or other means. The immediate assumption is that, if a Muslim nation is developing nuclear power, it must be for weapons. The newsbunny then wrinkles her brow and in the gravest tone of voice asks, “What should the U.S. do about Iran’s nuclear program,” conditioning the public for military action, while ignoring the fact that another regional power, Israel, owns hundreds of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, and has refused any sort of international supervision or monitoring.

The means through which New World Order propaganda organs introduce memes varies, but, as with the trance-inducing 4-4 beat of Rock music, the underlying mechanism is always that it is set up to bypass conscious reflection or critical thinking. The assumptions that they want us to make are always presented as facts and then the only discussion is limited to a range of preapproved options on reactions to these “facts.”

As we study the process of meme insertion, though, the important point for us to understand is not just this mechanism, but what purpose the meme serves in underpinning the NWO. Given this overview, let us examine several major Trojan Horses that support the NWO or further its agenda.

Trojan Horse #1:   2012 is coming!

They have given us the year of 2012 as when, supposedly, due to astronomical alignments, the world, as we know it, will end. Adding to this doomsday scenario is the alleged fly-by, or near-miss, of Planet X, Nibiru, which is supposed to wipe out civilization. A similar scenario was put forth by Hal Lindsey in his The Late Great Planet Earth, which supposed, on its publication in 1970, “proved” using “scripture” (only the Christian ones) that the world would end in 1988. It was a best-seller and fundamentalists used it to “prove” that the Bible was “right.”

What use is it to the Cryptocracy for the public to believe in an imminent apocalypse?

Well, in 1988, it helped Ronald Reagan put James Watt forth as his Secretary of the Interior from 1981-3. Watt opened natural parks and public lands to private exploitation, with huge taxpayer subsidies. The underlying theme of believers was reflected in Watt’s response when asked about the destruction of forests, when he remarked that Jesus would return after the last tree was felled. The sense of a looming apocalypse is paralyzing. Why bother fighting overpopulation, destruction of the biosphere, or global warming, if larger events are looming. It inculcates the attitude of “wait it out: it’s all going to end anyway.”

Trojan Horse #2:   Global Warming is not really happening.

How convenient for the super-rich and all the minions who follow them to the tune of unlimited growth! Supposedly, the Bilderbergers “leaked” a memo to investigative journalists, showing that they are drumming up Global Warming as a shibbobleth. In reality, ignoring the overdevelopment and conservation measures that might eventually slow down global warming would cost the elites lots of money. All those pesky environmental impact statements to fill out!

By appearing to leak a document wherein they sponsor the growing awareness of Global Warming, they undercut support for it amongst independent intellectuals, especially those who grasp conspiracy theories as being in most cases realities. Good, hard science overwhelmingly proves that Global Warming is happening. To the elites, it is just an inconvenience. They will not have to live with the interior continent drought, the rising sea levels, or other consequences. They can move to wherever they need to move in order to escape such consequences.

Those who present Global Warming as if it were a manufactured event point out that, every several thousand years, a colossal volcano may toss a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, along with millions of tons of ash. This, too, upsets the environment, but the warming is somewhat offset by the global freeze right after the event, as the ash blocks sunlight.

The reason that the argument against Global Warming is so seductive is that, in our instant-gratification society, everybody wants something for nothing. Americans, in particular, want to keep consuming at the rate to which they are accustomed. They want to believe, magically, that there are no consequences to burning fossil fuels and exracting natural resources at an ever higher rate. As the developing world tries to achieve its own version of the "American Dream," the Chinese, Indian, or Malyasian consumer is evolving into just as much a threat to the biosphere as her American counterpart.

Bottom line: there is not something for nothing, not in economics, and not in resource management nor ecology. Global Warming is a direct consequence of fossil fuel consumption, slash and burn agriculture (Brazil, Phillipines, New Guineau, Malaysia, etc.) and other forms of environmental mismanagement. It is a symptom of a wider group of causes, and, properly understood could lead us to be better consumers and better producers. Obviously, this would take some profits off the table for the elites, so they simply pretend it isn't so. Let's take care not to help them by buying into this one.

All they have to do is appear, deliberately, to be behind a position to make it suspect.

Trojan Horse #3:   Overpopulation is a false fear:  the elite are really planning global extermination.

This is another ‘leaked’ item supposedly from the Bilderberger agenda. As support, some conspiracy researchers offer up the Georgia Guidestones, which propose that the Earth would be better off with a population of one-half billion, one-twelfth the present size. No one knows who wrote the Guidestones, or is behind them. There is not one shred of evidence tying this monument, rising up on a hill in Elbert County, Georgia, to the Bilderbergers.

Let us, instead, look at the behavior of the elites over the past 60 years. Have they acted to reduce the world’s population or increase it? I suggest that their behavior is a far better indicator of their policies than allegedly leaked plans.

Over the past 6 decades, they have pursued the following steps or policies:

-->  set up feeding programs in high birthrate areas, preventing die-offs due to famine

-->  used the latest technology to attack infant mortality rates in the developing world

-->  lowered barriers to immigration from the Third World to the First World nations, ensuring that high-birthrate peoples continue to overpopulate their own original ranges, then take over other peoples’ ranges, too

-->   set up worldwide childhood vaccination programs, ensuring the survival of hundreds of millions more people in the most densely populated areas where previously, epidemics curbed population overgrowth

-->   assisted with agricultural technology, fertilizer subsidies, improved crop species, and other measures in order to underwrite population levels in high birthrate areas

-->   Never, ever, tied any of their assistance to birth control or any form of self-control on the part of high birthrate peoples.

Yet, by pretending that they leaked their alleged plans for worldwide population reduction, we are supposed to believe that they plan a world very different from the one that their politicians, elected with funds from World Bank member donors, voted for, and that their U.N. agencies oversee.

In fact, the elite want a human ant-heap. They can afford gated communities, protected by mercenaries. The more numerous and miserable the masses, the greater the power, by contrast, of the few.

Trojan Horse #4:   Unity, “Oneness” is the greatest good, while separate development is evil . . .

Mass media equate regionalists, nationalists, or racial separatists as barbaric and violent. Regional autonomy is portrayed as a threat, and super-states are touted as a panacea.

We are offered the North American Union, which treaty President Bush signed in 2007 and the European Union, but the global elite divide the world up into a few regional blocks, super-states, all of which will, in their plans, form a One World Government. If decisions are being made at a super-state level by the ultra-powerful, this is an end to even the appearance of electoral democracy. Uniformity of laws, from global implementation of Codex Alimentarius to confiscation of privately-owned firearms from every citizen of the globe, to the eradication of any trade barriers are all policies that will remove any local autonomy.

It is not just driven by political programming, though. The political level may be steered by the larger weltanschauung, which is the realm of religion.

The monotheist overview, then, is a necessary strategic precursor to the One World Government. If one God rules the Universe, it would stand to reason that a group of “enlightened” men, who serve “Him”, of course, could best direct the course of human events. The Pagan worldview, that there are several Gods and Goddesses, each emerging from the folk-soul of different peoples, and that our universe is just our limited view, one universe out of many in a Multiverse, this view does not lead to a consolidated, centralized global government.

This Trojan Horse of “Oneness” is offered by the very people who fancy themselves heralds of the New Age, bearers of Light, yet they are just repeating what they learned in Sunday School for the approval, or at least begging the tolerance of the monotheistic elites. Human liberty and diversity will only be served when we embrace the Many, that we are Many, that our ways are, and should remain Many, Several, and Divergent, lest we all get steamrollered into the pavement of the great gray global monoculture.

Trojan Horse #5:   The elites are following a Pagan agenda, based on love for Earth at the expense of man.

One very well-done film presentation made this statement. Critical thinking might make us say to ourselves in the search for truth, “maybe we should watch what they do rather than what they are alleged to have said,” when we consider the agenda of the elites. Many purported independent intellectuals or even intellectual guerillas, are saying that the Bilderbergers or Committee of 300 (or by whatever name the ruling elite organization meet at the highest levels) are “Pagans.”

This is a bizarre statement, and had to come from such groups themselves. In fact, the same researchers claim that the royal houses of Europe, especially the British Crown, are very high members of this global elite. Yet those same elites are all “defenders of the faith.” They almost all are closely tied, in various nations, to the Vatican, the Chruch of England, or other state-churches. The CFR members are almost all practicing Christians or Jews. John Rockefeller was a famously evangelical Christian, who loved to sing hymns with his public admirers or employees. The global elite have backed a theocracy, Israel, a state openly advocating a principal religion. The global elite include a great many Christian Zionists, such as George Bush, who laced his comments on the invasion of Iraq with statements coded for his Christian Zionist supporters, such as “shock and awe” (Shekhinah- the operation for creating a Zionist empire in the Levant) and references to an “angel” standing over his shoulder. The global elitists give tax exemptions to religious organizations in several nations and include Christian chaplains in the conduct of representative bodies of government. Pagans? Hardly. The purpose of this propaganda is obviously to sew distrust of Pagan (from “Paganos”- meaning “rural” or “out in the country,” as, just before Christianity destroyed the Roman Empire, the few Pagan holdouts were in the less populated areas) ideals, such as reverence for earth, and the notion that the world is alive and should be respected. To believe this is not to believe that people should be mistreated or destroyed, but rather to encourage their restraint in both numbers and consumption toward the finite world we occupy.

Trojan Horse #6:   The only way to have prosperity is through more and more “growth” . . .

Actually, more economic growth, as the trends for remote ownership of assets increases and local control in small economic units decreases, means that only those at the top benefit from that growth. Adding consumers only benefits those who profit from the sales that these consumers generate. To those at the lower economic levels, such growth in numbers means only more crowding, noise, traffic, crime, pollution, and lack of privacy.

A recent study tackled the myth of perpetual growth:
“The views of academics and commentators about the future are coloured by their beliefs about the degree to which human systems are the product of our innate “brilliance” that is independent from nature’s constraints, or alternatively, beholden to biophysical deterministic forces. Those with plans and actions to shape the future (especially current power elites) tend to focus on scenarios where they see options for effective influence.

Over the last 60 years we have seen substantial achievements as well as many dreams and promises towards the Techo Explosion future that might free us from the constraints of energetic laws or at least those of a finite planet. This belief in perpetual growth has survived the scorn of mathematicians explaining how constant exponential growth even at low rates leads to explosion, literally. The term “negative growth” used by economists to describe economic contraction shows that anything other than growth is unthinkable. The dream of infinite growth from free energy and colonising space have not been realised7 despite the novel and substantial contributions of computers and information technology towards this goal.” (Reference from Future Scenarios, an article by Holmgren Design Services, pulled from the World Wide Web on 7/3/08 at

The assumption behind a recent, very effective overview of the global elitist’s plans was that, somehow, they had “leaked” these to investigative reporters. I sense that the movie,, was well-intended. Its producers were simply duped on major points.

With the high-tech security apparati of subject governments at their disposal, it is hard to believe that the Bilderberg Group would “leak” anything. Any member or functionary even suspected of such a leak would face not only his own eradication but that of all of his or her loved ones as well. If, as many researchers purport, such groups are run by a satanic hierarchy at the highest levels, who use magical means to retain and expand their power over their fellow men, then it is even more difficult to imagine that a “leak” would not be detected, and brutally plugged. No, it was not a leak, but a “feed,” a deliberate release of information designed to appear leaked in order to discredit opposition to the real agenda of the NWO.

The bottom line is this: don’t watch what they say, or are reported to have said. Watch what they do.

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