13 Practices, Habits of Mind, Ways to Advance
Your Personal Evolution

1. Practice Aryan bearing.

Fulfillment and intention: That means let your word be your bond. Make or pledge only those commitments that you mean and can fulfill.

Patience and deferred gratification.: Practice deferred gratification; instant gratification is a tool used by the rulers to seduce and control the unwary.

Getting over "me": Whatever happens is your Ørlag, the ørlag of the planet, or the effects, toward you, or the ørlag of other people: do not take any of it personally. What is said about "me" cannot be one's focus.

Responsibility: Take personal responsibility for what happens in your life; do your best to improve your personal or collective circumstances and realize that a highly developed sense of personal and social responsibility is one of the most venerable hallmarks of White culture. You are connected to your nuclear family and have responsibility towards it, but you are also rooted in that extended mega-family that is your sub-race, and, ultimately your race. Therefore, to remain grounded in your place and context, defend and help to define your race and its meaning.

Be a Culture-Bearer: We are bombarded with messages about the importance of preserving "indigenous cultures" or "black culture" or other people's cultures, implying that we North Europeans do not have a culture or that, if we do, it is not worth preserving or transmitting. You are an important part of the chain of transmission, not just to your own children, White nieces and nephews, but also to White youth in general. We are 'indigenous' somewhere too, having lived in North America and Australia longer than the Bantu flooded into South Africa or the overseas Chinese lived in SE Asia. The fact is that all peoples migrated to where they were- look at all the different "diffusion" theories as to the routes of migration for the ancestors of Amerindians. The migration of the Huns, Tatars, and Mongols, whose descendents people the southern republics formerly in the USSR, or the migration of Japanese northward into islands where the Ainu, an independent race are indigenous, comes to mind. In recent times, these migrations are not challenged, yet none of these non-White peoples is "indigenous" to the areas in question. Neither are the "Jews" of today's Israel; they came from Europe after the Second World War and previously from Khazaria, not the Middle East.

Help preserve what you know, whether it's Appalachian folk songs, how to build a spring-pole lathe, a Vermont bee-hive kiln, or how to raise and home-can food. The wealth of information is not being passed on to most White children. Be a culture-bearer and change that- a very important part of Aryan bearing.

2. Engage in equal or at least reciprocal relationships based upon honor, interdependence, and mutual supportiveness and interest in the other's welfare. Look for the Aryan ideals in your friends and do not accept those who are lazy, corrupt, or mentally unstable.

3. Plan your entertainments in just proportion to the rest of your life, your time. Addiction to movies, TV, or music is a substitute for the life of planning, learning, self-advancement, or creativity. Activities toward self-elevation are ultimately far more 'entertaining' and engaging than the superficial pre-packaged entertainments of the mass media.

4. Exercise not just your mind, but your body daily, whether stretching, aerobics, weight training, or martial arts. You benefit by increased stamina, lower blood pressure, maintaining the appropriate weight for your height and frame, and much greater stress tolerance on the job.

Diet: For the same reason, increase the fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains in your diet. In addition to these above benefits, a higher energy level leaves you with more residual power to enjoy your free time.

5. Take part in your local community. Don't succumb to feeling passive or helpless about events or trends around you. When you see a public obscenity, like the observation of Martin Luther King Day, it is merely because so many Whites were word-conditioned to believe that, if they bothered to know or tell the truth about him, they would be "bigots" or "haters" that they did nothing.

And take part in the struggle one-on-one: Even in the days of hate crime laws, "free trade," and multiculturalism, you will occasionally meet people open to investigating the truth for themselves. If they have the character and integrity to want to know and to read, loan them some information. You can always contact libraries and try to get permission to donate a book, e.g., some of David Irving's revisionist histories, in order to make an alternate viewpoint available.

6. Be active in your children's education. Remember that a lot of what they will be taught in public schools will be brainwashing. What they are taught by those opposing this, including many "home-schooling" movement texts may be old-fashioned America-first jingoism mixed with Judaic mythology and pro-Capitalist assumptions. All of these ideologies (another form of brainwashing) have failed us. You must be vigilant over what your kids learn and correct, to them, inaccuracies from schools or texts. Be a teacher in the broader sense.

Practical Learning: Teach your children how to repair their bicycles, prepare muffins, mend their clothing, and a hundred other skills, which you may take for granted. Academic instruction is only a part of learning.

7. Help others of your Folk to evolve. Be kind and helpful to fellow North Europeans, and, more generally, to other Whites. Avoid senseless conflicts with other Whites, as these weaken us all. Help each of our own Folk, who will listen, learn to turn down or off the addictive rock music, extinguish their cigarettes, withdraw from other mass media or addictive chemicals, and start to work on developing themselves in their spare time, whether it's a hobby, taking special care to help evolve an Aryan child, or learning a trade that will be needed when the "post-industrial economy" crashes. Folk who do these things, and who respect the privacy, quiet, and space of fellow Aryans, can create an inner core of highly effective people, who can protect their people's interests in a complex, changing world.

Other tribes of people: Don't imagine that you know what's best for another tribe; you don't. Only arrogant universalisms lead an adherent to believe that he/she knows what is good for the rest of the world. That's why Pagans didn't send out missionaries "into all the world." Humility and honesty are served by admitting that you do not know what works for others, that all solutions are specific to a locale and a particular people.

8. Realize that your education is never completed. While helping others of your Folk evolve, don't forget to take time out to focus on yourself.Odin says, "Men are everywhere by halves." It takes effort to make oneself whole, effort and conscious striving toward evolution. If you are an engineer by occupation, pick up and work through self-learning guides on writing, sketching, photography, or other subject that develops that right hemisphere of the brain. If you are a potter, push yourself to learn the 'hard logic' skills from working through a self-teaching guide to math. Take a chemistry, physics, or electronics class at a local community college or continuing education center. Life's an adventure for the mind that is always learning.

9. Ground yourself in the infinite and invisible realms of metaphysics by participating in any native, healthy religion. Contemplate eternity. Consider your place in the multiverse. Learn about paths of spirituality which do not require forcing kids to pray in schools, go to Sunday school, and for which people of other faiths did not have to be murdered in wars. Look deeply into traditions of your own people, not universalisms, which are imported from a Middle-Eastern desert by people on a spiritual power-trip. Be skeptical of any religion which requires you to apologize for having biological drives, which asks you to renounce 'the world' as evil, or requires that you be humiliated or broken down in order to be "reborn," or which requires you to bow before a corporal or mythic "master." Such teachings are about manipulating people through promised after-life insurance policies and scaring them through an after-life protection racket ("lakes of fire," etc.). They are manipulations and exercises in power, not spirituality. Real spirituality teaches you to dissolve the limiting power of petty ego, to merge with deeper dimensions of our world, and to discover your real master- within.

10. Meditate or contemplate daily. It lowers stress, often blood pressure, too, and improves health. Learn to defocus your eyes, watch your breathing. Watch yourself breathe in, deeply, into the abdomen, in through the nose and out through the mouth (mouth exhaling is optional). As you watch yourself breathing, observe thoughts arise in your mind, but do not react to these or take what arises personally. Just observe thoughts and emotions come and go and know, at a very deep level of assumption beyond conscious thinking, that these will pass. This practice increases your intuition and powers of discernment and observation. You may have been led to believe that such practices were unique to India or "the East," but ancient Western texts, like the Seir, contain the same practices. Ancient Pagan Greek philosophers and mystics practiced meditation. It is as Western as it is Eastern.

11. Organize yourself and your space. Just as those whom we select as friends should reflect what is higher in ourselves, so should our environment reflect back to us what is healthful to see. It is very easy to become overwhelmed. Times of moving, illness, or working excessive hours, all can cause us to neglect our dwelling and/or workspace. The way we maintain it, though, reflects back to us either a stressful jumble or a peaceful, purposeful, planned structure of space, which is there to serve our self-fulfillment and destiny.

12. Live purposefully. Decide what is important to yourself. Write goal statements, not just lists of tasks to accomplish. Watch yourself, not as a stern taskmaster, but in a nurturing manner, achieve and realize these goals. Work toward increasing your own capacity and knowledge, not just hoarding more things, more money, or more pleasures of the senses. If you don't plan it for yourself, it will be planned for you by the agendas of others and/or the imposed hidden agendas of those who steer all TV shows (if you drift into that) toward the same stereotypes and the same conclusions in every plot. There will be purpose and agenda, whether the one set by the workplace or the needs of a significant other. Better to consciously set some for yourself.

13. Use your time wisely. Spend it as carefully as you'd spend money. Choose friends who spend their time wisely, strategically, and respect your doing the same. "Hanging out" or posturing in one fantasy lifestyle or the other is a substitute for living, which nets you little but the acceptance of other undisciplined people who do the same. When you are somewhere, in some activity, really be present. Don't be mentally in one place and physically in another; that is not to be whole. Use your time wisely, securing your reputation and that for other Aryans connected with their culture, as effective, focused, purposeful. With the whole mind, you can be greatly more effective, whether as an employee, a student, or as a friend or relation listening, whole-mindedly to another. Your time can help you to evolve toward timelessness and your Folk evolve toward regaining homelands and tribal identities. What is done for a higher good is the more personally rewarding thereby.

This paper is offered as a public service by the editors of the Gambanreiði Statement, printed since 1979 and offered as an on-line journal at


We encourage you to benefit from and copy this work. Please remember that we are not universalists and do not believe that the principles contained herein would be of benefit to "all mankind." We trust the ingenuity and resourcefulness of other peoples to come up with their own evolutionary strategies. Ours assumes self-control, limiting one's consumption of natural resources and production of offspring, not overrunning and exhausting the earth, and other ethics of a distinctly North European flavor. This work should certainly be shared with other North Europeans. All we ask is this: if you copy this work, have the honor to use it whole, as this is more representative of the greater body of spiritual writings from which it is excerpted and will avoid the taking of parts out of context.